tagFetishAllison Scores First

Allison Scores First


Allison dialed Mark's cell phone and after listening to it ring several times hung up as it went to voice mail. Having already left two messages, one today and one yesterday she wouldn't leave another. Allison chased no one, not even her current lover Mark. As she leaned back in her chair Allison wondered if that was even the right word to use for the two of them, that was one of the rules they hadn't discussed yet.

"Fucking rules." She muttered. A dominant since her early twenties Allison was quite familiar with rules but usually from the standpoint of enforcing them not obeying them. Then again the same held true for Mark, so when the two of the, after two years of tap dancing around the subject had decided to try dating. Allison shook her head, the word even sounded odd in her thoughts; they both sat down and created rules for themselves.

The first of which, being they could not have sex during the week, only on Friday night through Sunday. In theory this rule protected them both from admitting weakness that they couldn't wait but Allison was thinking it was costing them more than anything else. Prior to their little experiment Allison and Mark had gotten together at least once a week to have a couple of beers maybe catch a Sox game, and of course swap deliciously nasty stories about their current pets. Since they had started seeing each other there were no more pets and the midweek get togethers were starting to become fraught with sexual tension as they both knew damn well they wanted to go home together rather than alone, but were both too stubborn to cave. This caused Allison to realize she missed how it used to be, and now that Mark had signed on with the state to prosecute a high profile rape case she hadn't seen him last weekend and was wondering about this one.

Bratty by nature Allison was trying to be good, god knew there were times she put in sixty to seventy hour weeks at her ad agency, but she did have needs, the only problem was to admit that would mean she was the first to break the no sex rule. Aside from that however she was a bit concerned about Mark who had sounded uncharacteristically exhausted last time she had spoken to him. Something told her that he may be thinking he needed a little something to but was as stubborn as she was. Earlier today however she had decided she was going to try to get away with one and see if she could coax him along.

Her intercom buzzed snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Yes Cindy?"

"Mark's on line one" About goddamn time Allison thought.

"Hey Mark"

"Hey Ally" He said "Everything ok?" Allison waited a moment before replying she couldn't stand being called Ally and she knew he did it to bait her.

"It's Allison, and yeah everything's good why?"

"You've left me messages the last 2 days."

"Well return your calls. I just wanted to see what was going on, I haven't talked to you since last week, I usually hear from you by now."

"Yeah sorry, things have been a little hectic." He actually sounded tired, to use the word sorry he had to be pretty out of it.

"How's the Trial going?" She asked already knowing the answer just from what the papers were saying.

"Trial?" Mark laughed without amusement "That's weeks away at best Allison."

"Oh," Shit she was hoping he would be able to be around this weekend but one thing at a time.

"Well anyway" She continued "Now that I have you, I was wondering if you'd want to stop by my office for a little while, you know catch up."

"I don't know Allison I really need to work"

"Mark its 6, you're not going to get much more done tonight anyway."

"I don't know..." He began.

"Besides" She pressed "You sound tired and knowing you you're not sleeping, so why not call it quits come on over here for a little while, I'll send for food and we'll chill. Maybe I'll put the game on and you can relax and start fresh tomorrow."

"Look Allison I just kind of need to be here right now." Allison decided to bite the bullet and keep asking, half expecting to get some type of "needy" remark from him she pushed on.

"C'mon Mark you've been coming by at least once a week for awhile now, come see Me." He was quiet for a moment. Taking a breath Allison took the plunge.


"Alright," He agreed "I'll swing by but foods on you this time." Don't I wish? Allison thought to herself.

"Great be here by 6:30" She hung up not giving him a chance to argue. Allison sent Cindy out to go pick up food finished a couple of things that were left over on her desk. After that she took a quick look in the mirror to fix her lipstick and decided to let her long black hair down, which is how Mark liked it, she was a little nervous, the rules were a tricky subject between them, but she was going to keep it light and try for a little fun but not push too hard. A few minutes later Mark arrived and the two of them sat at her desk eating and making small talk.

Allison stayed away from the subject of work. Mark did look tired but still looked damn good. He was dressed down in a white short sleeve shirt that showed off his arms and shoulders and a pair of jeans that did little to conceal the bulge of his crotch. It didn't look like he had shaved in a couple of days either but that was fine with her. Allison preferred his bad ass look to his lawyer persona anyway, his normally bright eyes however seemed duller and although he was responding to her conversation he seemed a little distant. Allison could fix that.

"Hey come sit on the couch with me, the game's starting in a little while." He glanced at his phone to check the time.

"Maybe for a little bit but I can't stay to long I'm expecting a call around 8:30." Plenty of time she thought.

"That's fine but come sit" Allison made her way over to the couch she was wearing a simple short red sun dress and black heels both of which did great things for her legs and she knew red was Mark's favorite color on her. She sat down in the right corner at an angle and Mark sat down towards the other end.

"Isn't this a great couch?" She asked settling in.

"It's nice I guess" Mark said "Comfortable." He added leaning back.

"Tell you what's not comfortable these damn shoes." Allison kicked them off and flexed her toes. "My feet are killing me."

"Then why wear them?" he asked. His gaze was fixed on her feet, she was wearing deep red nail polish and a silver ring on the second toe of each foot. Allison was very familiar with his foot fetish and planned to take advantage.

"Cause they look good and they'll break in," She laughed "Kind of like a good slave." She looked at him then suddenly swung her legs up putting her feet across his lap.

"Wanna rub them for me?"

"You want me to rub your feet?" He asked

"Yup" She nodded.

"You invite me over to relax and I'm going to rub your feet?" He shook his head, "You really are a brat." But even as he protested the fingers of his left hand were starting to lightly caress the top of her right foot.

"Even just for a little while?" She smiled at him "They're sore and you have such great hands." Finally resorting to her best weapon when it came to Mark she put on the pout.

"Please sir? This little girl would be oh so grateful!" She batted her lashes before turning the full force of her bright green eyes on him.

"That is so not fair!" He told her as he took her right foot in both his hands and began squeezing it, starting at the heel.

"Oh that's nice" She sighed contentedly and slid down a little further into the couch as she did so her already short dress began to ride further up her hips. She laid back and let him massage for a few minutes making little happy noises here and there as Mark began to rub the base of each of her toes.

His strong hands felt damn good and his tanned skin was a sexy contrast to her alabaster complexion, Allison noticed Marks hands were going a little slower and he started getting a different look on his face. After another minute Allison lifted her left foot and placed it directly on his crotch, sure enough he was hard.

"Hey!" He said

"Oooh" She purred "Someone likes this more than me I think!" Momentarily at a loss for words Mark simply stared fixedly at her foot in his crotch then said;

"Well what can I say? You have sexy feet but I think I should..." He hesitated as she put her second foot on him and began to slide them back and forth on his crotch.

"Allison, don't." She looked at him.

"You don't like?"

"You know I do we just you know?" He left it hanging. Ignoring him she smiled and looking him in the eye said;

"Take your cock out"


"You heard me," She said "Take that gorgeous prick of yours out and let me rub my feet on it" He shook his head.

"Not in the rules." Mark said simply. Fuck the rules! Allison thought to herself but aloud;

"No sex, the rules say," She said "Besides you know what they say about rules."

"That's word play Allison." He pointed out. Allison shrugged and said;

"Word play, Foot Play, Foreplay who cares?" Allison put her hand up as if to say so what? "The rule is no sex." She stressed the word this time.

"Now Mistress," He began in a tone that she could tell was nowhere near as convincing as he wanted it to be.

"No Mark," She said looking him in the eye "No Master or Mistress they follow the rules. Just Allison and Mark and Allison would like to play." He hesitated she was rubbing her feet faster and she definitely noticed he had made no effort to move them.

"C'mon Mark" She whispered "I thought you were a bad boy, show me how bad."


"Besides believe it or not I've never given a foot job before" She smiled "You want to break in my sexy little feet?" As Mark looked at her she smiled.

"C'mon lets have some fun!"

With that Allison raised her right foot and placed her toes directly at his lips. Mark stared and she could see the struggle in his eyes. As dominant as Allison could be she knew her best chance with him would always be to make it his choice. Of course Mark knew that she knew and the ball was in his court if he put her toes in his mouth he was done, the rule would be broken and he was the one who had caved. On the other hand Allison had given him the loop hole so technically he could save face.

Allison smiled to herself. This was becoming enjoyable so much so that as she watched him wage the classic battle of lust over pride, the same battle he and Allison herself had forced their pets to do on a daily basis, she could feel her pussy becoming moister by the minute. As all this went through her head she kept her foot exactly where it was, and made sure to keep a neutral look on her face, any sign of a smirk would send him the other way. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably not much more than a minute Mark reached up and taking her ankle in his left hand made to push her foot away.

Allison thought, damn! Mark had held off and now she was sure to hear some shit from him about her failed attempt to sway him. At that moment however, Mark sniffed catching the scent of the raspberry skin cream that she had rubbed in earlier, the one that he had bought for her because he loved it. Mark paused and Allison watched as with a look of resignation on his face that caused her pussy to all but gush brought her foot back to his lips and gently kissed the top of it. Deliberately avoiding her gaze Mark then brought her toes back to his lips and after slowly kissing each one began softly sucking on the first two.

"Ohhh!" She moaned softly as turned on by the fact that she had beaten him as she was at good it felt, never mind the turn on of one of if the most dominant men she had ever met sucking on her toes. Mark placed her right foot back into his lap and brought her left one up repeating the action for that one.

"Now go ahead take your cock out." Allison said more forcefully than she had last time, after all he had shifted the power to her. Mark looked at her and for a second she thought she may have gone too far and he was going to balk, but instead he smiled ruefully at her as if saying "You win." and nodded. Allison lifted her feet up and undoing his belt Mark pushed himself up and slid his pants down over his hips.

"Oh yes" Allison whispered as his huge cock sprang free, he was hard as a rock and had judging by how purple and swollen the head was had been for quite some time. Taking her feet and placing one on each side of that beautiful prick of his she realized it was longer than the length of her size six feet "Goddamn" she said as she began to slide them slowly up and down the length of him.

"Oh look at that." He said mesmerized by the sight of her feet wrapped around him, his breathing getting deeper. As she reached the head, Allison wrapped her toes around it and squeezed as she did his cock began to drip.

"No, look at that." She cooed rubbing her feet across the top until they were slick with his pre cum, she began sliding them up and down again.

"Am I doing okay sir?" She asked in her best sweet little voice showing him she still wanted to be playful, that she wasn't going to take control although by rights she could.

"Oh yeah" as her feet work him Allison reached up and sliding the straps of her sun dress from her shoulders pulled it along with her bra down causing her full milky white, tits to spring free.

"Mind if I have some fun too?" As she asked Allison reached down and hiked her dress up over her hips. She was wearing a black thong with a pink bow.

"Like my bow?"

"Yes Mistress." He answered, she could feel his cock throbbing between her feet, that amazing prick that she hadn't felt inside in well over a week, she wanted to just hop... Don't push it she told herself.

Allison slid her thong to the side with her right hand and held it there with her left she began to masturbate, first plunging her fingers into her pussy to get them wet then sliding them up to her clit which she began to massage in small circles. Mark looked over at her and down into her smooth dripping sex.

"Shall I my Mistress?" He asked reaching out with his left hand he stopped inches from her. Allison thought about how to play it, what comes around goes around she thought then


"If you would like to you may." Mark looked at her and once again flashing that shit eating grin told her;

"It's your game Mistress," This time Allison did smile. "It's your game" was their code for you win, he had officially admitted defeat. The trick now was not to be smug about it but maintain some control.

"I would love it, but just your fingers, I'll decide when I cum."

"As you wish Mistress."

Mark leaned over slightly and without hesitation plunged two fingers into her steaming pussy and began to work them quickly in and out. He was not being gentle but that's exactly how she needed it and he knew it. So much better than the boys she thought. Now that his fingers were there Allison brought her hand up and began rolling her left nipple between her pussy soaked fingers. At this point she shifted her feet from lengthwise along his cock to around it so his shaft was nestled into her instep.

"Do you like my pretty little feet Mark?" She asked as she began to rapidly push her feet up and down jerking him off with them.

"Oh yes my Mistress," He said then added "But not as much as that pretty little pussy."

"I should hope not." Allison answered moving her fingers quicker "And what about my pretty little mouth?" She asked, and parting her lips slowly ran the tip of her tongue along the edges of them. She felt him shudder.

"All of it, I love all of it!" Mark was beginning to lose control of his voice, oh this was getting better and better!

"Then tell me." He paused to let out a low moan as she squeezed the tip between her feet causing it to squirt again. He shifted position so that his back was against the arm of the couch and her feet were right in the middle of his legs

"That's right baby," She breathed "Get comfortable now go ahead tell me what you like."

"Mistress..." He began

"Allison" She told him "Say my name." Fuck the game, she wanted him to moan her name not a title, he hesitated before breathing out;

"I love your hot little pussy Allison."

"This pretty little pussy?" She asked, her fingers moving even quicker now.

"That pussy, the one you're stroking."

"You wanna hear my pussy purr Mark?"

"I'd love to hear you cum Allison."

"Then cum with me! Go ahead Mark do it, fuck my feet just like you want to."

"Oh yeah!" Mark exclaimed as he grabbed her ankle and began helping her pump up and down he also began to fuck them himself, his hips coming off the couch.

"Yeah that's right baby," She panted, her fingers moving in a blur "Go ahead fuck them! Cum all over them I want to feel that hot fucking cum spraying all over my pretty little toes."

"Yes," Mark panted watching as Allison began to cum excited all the more by the fact he had told her numerous times that he loved how she came.

Allison started with a series of quick moans and twitches almost as if she were being shocked after several of these she gave out a long drawn out moan her eyes rolling tossed her head back showing off the smooth creamy skin of her throat. Just watching it was enough to push him over the edge, as Allison was finishing Mark pulled his cock out from between her feet, stroked it and pushed it down so every drop of cum shot across them.

Cum squirted all over her ankles and the tops of her feet. As he continued to jerk it Allison slid one of her feet underneath him and wiggled her toes under his balls, "oh damn" He moaned slumping back into the couch.

"Mmm" Allison said also laying back trying to catch her breath "Oh that was nice," She paused "Damn that cum feels good dripping down my feet."

"Looks damn good too I...." He began then let out another low moan as Allison wrung his cock once more and Mark groaned as a couple of more drops came out.

They lay there quietly for a moment waiting for their bodies to calm down. Then Allison looked at him and smiled.

"See Mark," She said "Rubbing my feet turned out to be pretty relaxing after all."

"That's an understatement." He told her looking over at her. He gave her a smile, a real one that actually touched his eyes. "Thanks Allison I needed that."

"That's okay just remember you owe me one." She told him.

"I'm sure you won't let me forget."

Allison nodded then unable to resist, after all she'd been so good up to this point she smirked and told him;

"Your right there, cause you know what Mark? This was fun but let's not forget its Allison one Mark zero."

He glared at her which caused her smile to get bigger. "Am I wrong my pet?" His gaze darkened even more as he answered,

"Of course not my Mistress you're quite right."

"Good that you know that!" She said then with a laugh said "Now be a good little boy and get your Mistress a towel you have some cleaning up to do."

The look on his face was worth whatever he would try to do to get even with her.

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