Allison's Ankle


"So you had to tell all your friends, all my friends, Christ, everyone in the neighborhood that I was a pervert?"

"Maybe I shouldn't have told everyone," she finally conceded. "But it was your fault."

Saturday, July 22nd

As we continued to talk the rest of Friday and into Saturday the walls between us crumbled lower and lower. The more we talked the more we realized just how much we liked each other, how much fun we had in each others presence. How physically attractive we found the other.

I washed her again Saturday. Allie made no protest when I arrived with the water and towels; in fact had her sheet thrown aside and had her gown undone by the time I arrived at her bedside.

We were both quiet as my hands fondled and caressed her slippery body. There was a palpable sexual tension between us as my hands worked her. We both knew this was far more than a simple bed bath.

She was silent until my finger found and pushed through her anus, then half whispered, "I don't like gentle Will."

"You have a perfect bum Allie," I whispered back as my other hand fondled her firm cheeks, my big finger still buried deep.

"I don't. Is it all clean yet?" she asked as she wriggled under my touch.

"Yes," I announced as I gave her a light slap on her pink butt.


"Other side...turn over," I ordered as I gently pushed on her hip.

"I can do it."

"Not as well as I," I answered as I spread her lips, opening up her labia and exposing her now unhooded clit.

"You're beautiful," I whispered reverentially as a finger gently brushed her little erection.

"I'm not...Willlll," she moaned as I slipped inside her.

"I'm just washing you," I assured even as I pushed a second long finger inside her slippery cave.

"You're not," Allie protested as my thumb lightly circled over her moist clit.

"Almost done."

"Hurry," she moaned as her insides tried to clench my fingers.


I was given Saturday evening off as three of Allie's friends had promised to come over for dinner and keep her amused in my absence.

I went barhopping, just hoping to find someone to help me release some of the sexual tension that had been building in my body.


"Is that you Will?"

"Yes, sorry," I mumbled as I bumped into the end of sis's bed.

"What time is it?"

"I don't know...Two, two-thirty, something like that."

"Are you drunk?" she asked as she clicked on the bedside lamp.

"No, no, I just had a couple of beers...Did you have fun with the girls?"

"Not as much fun as you look like you had," she said grinning at me. "Where'd you go?"

"Downtown... a student bar," I answered as I looked down at sis in the dim light.

"Who were you with? You smell like a perfume factory."

"I gotta go piss first," I mumbled as I undid my belt and headed towards the bathroom. I left the door open, knew she could hear my stream of thick piss as it arched through the air before splashing loudly in the bowl.

I knew she could see me in the dim light as I flicked my now semi hard cock, releasing the last yellow drops before slipping him back into my boxers.

"So?" she asked as she watched me as I let my jeans slip down my legs, stared as I stepped out of them as I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

"Let's talk tomorrow, okay? I'm really bushed," I answered as I stretched sinuously in front of her. "How's the leg tonight anyway?"

" pain, it just itches."

"You'll be running in days."

"Yeah right."

"Night sweetie," I said as I leaned over and gave her a quick, soft kiss on her lips.

"Ugh," she said teasingly, "you taste like a brewery."

"You taste like heaven," I laughed.

Fifteen minutes later, as I lay restlessly on the sofa bed, just an arms length away from her, unable to sleep, my hard cock in my hand, she whispered, "Are you still awake?"


"Thanks Will. You've become a pretty nice guy you know."

Yeah, except that I was ready to climb up on her bed and screw my married, broken legged sister until she screamed for mercy...

Sunday July 23rd

"So where'd you go last night anyway," Allie asked as I fed her the next morning.

"Hooligan's, they had a band...all sorts of students..."

"How did you get in? God, I never got into a bar when I was your age," sis complained.

"That's because you were Miss Goody Two Shoes," I answered smiling.

"I was not. Don't they ID you?"

"Don't I look twenty-one?" I asked as I pulled my wallet out and showed her my false ID.

Her, "Where'd you get that?" was only met by my smug smile.

"Did you meet anyone? You smelled like someone had sprayed you with perfume when you got in last night."

"Its called dancing that you're old and married maybe you don't remember..."

"Who was she?"

"Just a student. Janey something, just finished third year Civil, she's"

"Third year! Why's she dancing with an eighteen year old?"

"Some females find me attractive dear sister. In fact, I've been told more than once that I'm quite a man, a real stud, a"

"Did you sleep with her?"

"No my beautiful Allison. Even though my date did offer to cook me breakfast I had to poor sister sick, all helpless at could I"

"She must be a slut."

"Gosh, and you a female graduate of this fine school. You know there's no such thing as a Purdue slut...they're all lovely, sweet girls, just like you," I answered. "I wanted to though," I added with a grin.


"Sleep with her. She was nice, really nice...and she had beautiful tits," I said, laughing now.

"God, you men are pigs," she accused.

"It was your fault."

"My fault?"

"I got so horny washing you yesterday..."

"You did not."

"She wasn't as pretty as you Allie," I teased, "her breasts were nice but not as big, and her nipples"

"Shut up, leave my nipples alone," she ordered roughly, but I could see the excitement in her eyes.

"I'll let mom wash you next time then," I threatened.

"No, don't," she started before the blush of embarrassment flooded her face.

"So you like it when your little brother washes you, do you?" I chuckled.

"You're impossible."


Mom arrived that evening, driving down from home after a weekend of working overtime.

"It was okay, I get Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with you guys and I got paid double time for the weekend," she told us.


"I'm almost glad Allie got hurt," Mom told me as we sat talking Wednesday night after sis had gone to sleep.


"At least you two are talking again. In fact your sister told me today when you were out that you've turned into quite a man. That she'd forgotten how much she used to love you, how much she loves you now."

"We went through some of the old albums," I said blushing. "Pictures of her holding me when I was a baby, taking me to school, out on Halloween, Christmas...I'd forgotten"

"You used to follow her around everywhere," Mom said, remembering, a tear in the corner of her eye.

"She still shouldn't have told everyone in the world about me and her panties," I said with a smile.

"Thank you honey," Mom said smiling, "for everything. And you know, I think I agree with my daughter, you have become quite the man. I love you sweetie," she added as she pulled me into her arms and gave me a big hug.

"I love you too mom."

Thursday July 27th

Mom left at seven the next morning, just giving her enough time to get to her office in the city by nine.

"So you're stuck with me again," Allie welcomed me when I carried in her breakfast tray.

"Miss me?" I asked. We'd seen each other of course over the preceding three days but Mom had spelled me, both of them shooing me out, insisting I take a break after eight days of nonstop nursing.

"Hah! What'd you do anyway?"

"Nothing much... I saw Janey...I did see the Registrar for a few minutes yesterday," I said nonchalantly.

"YOU DID! Are you coming here?"

"Uh huh."

"Oh Will, that's great, I'm so happy."

"Well it is the family school..."

"It's because I'm such a nice sister. Because you love me. You could stay here with me."

"Huuh," I muttered noncommittally.


"So I guess mom washed you and everything," I asked after I'd fed Allie and cleaned the dishes.

"We didn't have time...I'm clean...I didn't need"

"You wanted your little brother to do it, didn't you," I smirked.

"No I didn't, it was just," she tried to explain as her cheeks turned a bright red.

"I don't mind wiping your pretty little rear end," I said laughing.

This was the third time I'd given Allie a complete body wash, the third time I'd let my hands slide caressingly over her wet body.

"Did you go out with Jane?" sis asked as my hands cupped and squeezed her firm tits.

"They're not as nice as yours Allie," I laughed as I tweaked each of her hard nipples in turn.

"Will," Allie squealed, but her protest sounded more like an invitation. She trembled the rest of the time I washed her, even arched her hips into my finger when it lightly ran up and down and into her pink slit.

"Where are you going?" she asked after I'd finished drying her and had started to head for the washroom.

"What?...No, you can't," she objected when I returned with my razor and a can of shaving cream. "Please Willy, no," she moaned as I slowly spread the thick cream over her mound. "I'm growing it back, I don't want," she pled as I ran the sharp blade through her short, light brown pubic curls.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," I told Allie as I stood back and observed the results of my barbering.

"You shouldn't have," she complained even as I held her hand mirror between her legs, letting her see her hairless mount. "I look like a little girl," she pouted.

"No you don't sis...nooo you don't!" I said as I spread her labia apart and she saw her pink insides reflected in the mirror.

"Give me my gown," she demanded.

"They're all in the wash...they won't be ready for an hour or so."

"Oh...maybe I should just put on a t-shirt."

"It's supposed to go to eighty-five're probably better like that for now."


"Just keep the sheet pulled up; you don't want to overly excite your baby brother," I said as I grabbed the edge of the sheet and slowly moved it up her body, running my hands over her breasts as I tucked it under her chin.

"Well maybe it's okay for is hot..."

I had no plans to replace the gown anytime soon.

Friday, July28th

"Are you a virgin still?" Sis, still naked under the sheet and not complaining about it, suddenly asked the next night as we sat watching a movie on TV. Seeing me shake my head she asked, "Who was it. That pretty girl at the wedding? Susie?...Are you still seeing her?"

"No, I gave her up the day after your wedding."


"The truth?"


"Well, I looked up when you two guys were talking...after the wedding dinner...I just looked at her and realized she wasn't even close to being as nice as you..."

"That's crazy, she's sweet," she said as a blush spread across her cheeks. "So you didn't sleep with her?"

"Oh, I slept with her alright. She wasn't my first but she is way hot..." I said, the memory of Susie's body coursing through me.

"Who was your first? How many girls have you slept with anyway?"

I pondered her question for second after second, pretending to count my conquests on my fingers, and then finally announced, "Seven."

"WHAT! That's more than I have..."

"Well how many have you slept with?"

"I'm married. I'm twenty-two. It's private."

"One of your friends was my first," I bragged.

"What? Who?"

"Who was your first," I countered but she settled back on the bed mute, clearly unwilling to continue the conversation.


"I'm grabbing a shower and then hitting the sack," I said with a yawn when the movie ended just after eleven. I took my time in the shower, knowing that with the bathroom door halfway open that sis would get tantalizing glimpses of me through the steamy, pebbled glass.

"Night sis," I said as walked across the room, my damp body just covered by a small bath towel that circled my waist.

"Well, give me a goodnight kiss," she ordered as she lifted her head off the pillow. "You've grown" she whispered, "I mean your chest, your shoulders..."

"Night honey, luv you," I said as I lowered my lips to hers.

We both felt the charge of electricity that seemed to jump between our locked lips as soon as they met, both of us jumped backwards from the liquid connection.

"Jesus, who taught you to kiss," I tried to joke as I stood up and turned towards the sofa.


"What?" I asked as I turned back to her.

"Can I see it?"


"Well, you've seen me naked."

"I don't want to scare you, give you nightmares," I said grinning as I walked back to the edge of her bed, my thick cock jumping up to attention.

"You're so funny," she said nervously as her fingers sought out the knot holding my towel on. "Oh Jesus," she moaned as my long cock sprang upward and stood proudly before her as my towel fell to the floor.

"It's big. Bigger than...How long is it?" she asked even as her soft hand tried to circle its fat girth.

"Oh gosh, I shouldn't have..." she said as she released my cock "I'm sorry Will...I'm going to sleep...goodnight."

"Night honey," I whispered as my prick waved in front of me.

Oh fuck, I thought ten minutes later as my prick spurted cum into my sheets...

Sunday, July 30th

"Danny Smithfield," sis said out of the blue on Sunday afternoon as I sat reading an introductory Quantum Physics text.

"What?" I asked looking up.

"Danny Smithfield...he was my first."

"He wasn't! That little prick," I groused. "How old were you? When?"

"Senior year. The night of the senior prom."

"But...shit, did you love him?"

"I was eighteen...a virgin...all my friends had done it...I was going away to university...I was horny."


"Yes," she smiled.

"Did you like it? He sorta disappeared after high school."

"He went east for university...and no, it wasn't that great," Allie said, smiling as she remembered. "We were both virgins...didn't have a clue. The first time we did it in his dad's car"

"His car?" I interrupted.

"And he ejaculated before he got it in was on my legs, the car seat...he was worried about getting the car stained...then the second time he tried it hurt...I was jammed against the head"

"Jesus," I muttered.

"It wasn't that bad. We did it three or four more other times before he left. We got a little better at it," she said, laughing now.

"Then who was your next?" I asked.

"Unh, uh, little brother. Now it's your turn."

"Gloria Clark," I blurted.

"Whaaaat? My friend Gloria? She's my age. How...when?"

"Last fall. Just a week after my birthday. I met her in town one day. Just by chance. She asked about you. It was dinnertime...she'd just finished work...we talked...then somehow ended up at her place eating pizza and drinking beer."

"That slut. And she used to be my friend," sis fumed.

"She was nice. Said she'd give me a special present for my eighteenth birthday."

"She was?"

"She was gentle...told me to take my time...praised me...put me in her first blow job," I laughed, remembering the feel of Gloria's mouth as she swallowed me.

"She was able to get it all in...I mean, did she?"

"Yes. And then we made about six times...god we woke every neighbor in the building."

"You couldn't have done it six times...its impossible," sis argued.

"I counted. I came six times," I insisted, "but she came about twenty times. She was thrashing and yelling like a wild woman..."

"Did you and her ever do it again or"

"Christ, we were doing three or four times a week for three months," I boasted. "Then all of a sudden she met some rich guy at work, got engaged, then we couldn't do it as often."

"You still slept with her? After she got engaged?"

"Not that often."


"So who was your second? How many have you had anyway?" I asked.

"Not as many as you."

"How many?"


Monday, July 31st

For the rest of Sunday and most of Monday we talked about our love lives, traded sexual secrets like gossiping thirteen year old girls. Oh, we talked about other things, but invariably would return to our past partners.

"We shouldn't discuss this, its wrong," Allie giggled Monday morning.

"Maria Hume," I said.

"Who? I don't know"

"Mrs. Hume, the music teacher," I said with a smirk.

"You liar...she's forty."

"She turned thirty-six in March."

"But how?"

"Mrs. Hume's musical specialty is blowing horns you know," I said with a leer.

"She didn't. You're lying, aren't you?" she asked and in her excitement let the sheet slip down below her breasts, which just happened to be jiggling delightedly.

"She actually had a couple of areas of sexual expertise my dear Allison," I answered, "in fact there are quite a few things to be said in praise of older, more experienced women."

"Like what?"

I told detail...

"God, you are a pervert," she said when I'd finished.


"What about Johnny?" I asked, wondering if she'd talk about her husband.

"He's my husband. I can't"

"Is he good in bed?" Is he big?"

"You're bad," she answered, her shining eyes full of mischievous excitement.

"As big as me?"

"That's not fair. You're deformed."

"What?" I croaked.

"Well you're bigger than anyone I've been with...or're like those guys on porn're not normal..."

"No ones complained before," I said in mock anger.

"Stop bragging."

"Do you suck him?"

"No...well sometimes...he likes it when I"

"Do you lick a chocolate ice cream cone...or suck it in deep," I teased.


"Does he make you come?"

"What? mean"

"I mean an earth shattering orgasm...I mean does he make you thrash wildly as he fucks you, make your juices flow?"

"I don't have orgasms."


"I don't have"

"Jesus! Never?"

"Well, I think I did once...maybe...but not with Johnnie"

"You don't know?" Seeing her shake her head I went on, "What about when he goes down on you, eats know, cunnilingus?"

"No one's ever...Johnnie doesn't like it, says it dirty."


"I think I'm just one of those woman who don't have orgasms...I've know, in women's magazines...there're a lot of females who don't"

"Bullshit," I ejaculated.


"We'll see about that," I promised.

"We will?"

Tuesday, August 1st

"You gotta be clean for your doctor's appointment tomorrow," I announced the next afternoon to Allie. Wednesday was the big day; if Allie's x-rays were okay she'd be put into a much smaller walking cast.

"I'm starting to think you like washing your big sister," she teased as she threw aside the sheet, all modesty in front of her brother now gone.

"Once you're better I'm going to make you spend a whole morning washing and massaging my body dear sister," I teased back as I cupped her left tit and squeezed it possessively.

"You're bad. Remember, I'm married."

"To some small dicked guy who won't even eat pussy."

"I didn't say he was small."

"You implied it my dear."

"Just because you're," she started before I interrupted.

"Do you miss not doing it?"


"Sex! I mean it's been four months since Johnnie left. You haven't been fooling around on the side have you?"

"No, of course not. That's disgusting." But then after a moment's hesitation, added, "Sometimes...when I'm in bed I's none of your business," she finished, coming out of her momentary reverie. "Where's the water, the sponge anyway?"

"I'm using a new technique today."

"What technique?" she asked suspiciously as she watched my head dip towards her quivering and erect nipple.

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