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Allison's First Time


I had been married to my wife for a little more than two years when our marriage changed dramatically. Her name is Allison and she's an extremely attractive, well built woman who has always been a handful in the bedroom. I knew her for several years before we ever became romantically involved and I knew that she had gotten around. Before we started seeing each other, she slept with a few of my friends and it wasn't unusual to see her leaving the bar at closing time with someone new.

Allison and I began our relationship a few years before we were married and she was the perfect girlfriend in every way. Not only was she faithful, she never showed any interest in any other guys. I was well aware of her promiscuous past, but I couldn't help falling in love with her. It was as if she finally wanted to settle down and find a life partner after spending her younger days hopping from bed to bed.

We were both in our mid-thirties when we got married. I couldn't have been happier to enter into a lifelong commitment with Allison and she felt the same way. I was proud to have a faithful wife, but I often found myself thinking about her past. There was something terribly exciting about trying to picture her having sex with other men. Though I often fantasized about Allison getting involved in some extramarital activity, I never said a word about it to her. I had no reason to mention it to her because we had an incredible sex life and I was fulfilled in every way. She was open to anything and we tried just about everything.

Things changed on Halloween night, two months after our second anniversary. Friends of ours throw an annual costume party and this year we decided to check it out. My wife and I went shopping for costumes the day before the party. When I came across a very revealing devil costume, I half jokingly suggested that I had found the perfect costume for her. Her reaction wasn't quite what I had expected. "I would wear that if you'd let me," she said. My pulse immediately quickened because I had often fantasized about Allison showing off her body. I quickly assured her that I would love to see her in that costume and she ended up buying it.

Halloween night finally arrived and Allison and I were excited about attending our first costume party together as a devil and a priest. When she came out of the bedroom in her costume, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The costume was completely sheer and left very little to the imagination. The only parts that weren't see-thru were a thin strip between her legs and two tiny round pieces that covered her nipples. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. The view from behind was stunning; Allison's perfect ass was completely displayed. After I told her how good she looked, she asked if I thought the boys at the party would notice her. I told her that there wouldn't be a solitary man that saw her who wouldn't notice her.

From the minute we walked through the door, all eyes were on Allison. We knew many of the people at the party, but there were also some people we didn't know. Most everybody was drinking and it didn't take long for the party to get into full swing. There were plenty of outrageous costumes and plenty of outrageous conversation. For the most part it was old friends catching up with each other as well as new connections being made.

I couldn't help but notice all the attention my wife was getting from all the guys at the party. The deeper into the night the party got and the more everyone became intoxicated, the less that guys were concerned with trying to be subtle about staring at Allison. One guy in particular seemed to really be enjoying her company. His name was Neil and he looked to be in his mid twenties. For over an hour I watched from a distance while my wife and her new friend talked and got to know each other. Allison didn't seem to mind his interest; in fact she seemed to be having a great time. I was getting a little thrill from watching the two of them as their conversation progressed and their flirting became more apparent.

Around one o'clock in the morning, the party ran dry and all the alcohol had been consumed. Because I was one of the few people left at the party who was sober, I was voted to be the one to make the run to the liquor store. Before I left I kissed Allison and whispered in her ear that if she had sex with anyone while I was gone, I wanted to hear about. She flashed me quick smile and said not to worry.

I was only gone about fifteen minutes, but when I got back Allison was nowhere to be found. I also noticed that Neil was not there either. It was about five minutes after I got back that Allison and Neil came walking down the stairs. She walked straight up to me, took me by the hand, and led me out the back door where we were alone.

"I can't believe what I just did. I feel terrible about it, but I wanted to tell you about it right away," she said.

My heart thumped with anticipation and I said, "What happened."

She dropped her head and didn't say anything for a few seconds.

Then she looked up at me and said, "You know that Neil and I had been flirting all night. And when you made that comment about having sex with someone else, I knew you were joking, but it made me start thinking about Neil in a very sexual way."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Did you have sex with him while I was gone," I asked.

"Not exactly, but ...," she replied before falling silent again.

It took all my self control to be patient and let her continue telling me what had happened. Eventually she went on.

"As soon as you left, he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs and smoke a joint with him. I hadn't been high in a long time and it sounded like fun, so I accepted his invitation. We went upstairs and there was no one else up there. We slipped into the guest bedroom and had a seat on the bed. Then he lit up the joint."

It was obvious that she was having a hard time with her account of what had happened. It seemed like she might burst into tears at any second.

"Take a deep breath. It's okay. Just tell me what happened. Everything's going to be alright," I told her.

My words helped a little, but she was still very uncomfortable.

"Well, after a few tokes, he put his hand on my thigh and began stroking. I didn't stop him because the combination of the pot and his touch felt so good," she said with voice cracking.

"Soon he was rubbing the inside of my thigh and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Before I knew what was happening, I was lying on the bed with my legs spread and Neil was gently stroking me," my wife said to me.

Again there were a few seconds where she was unable to continue, but I waited and did my best not to visibly react to what I was hearing.

Allison took a deep breath, looked me in the eye, and bit her bottom lip before quickly blurting out, "I let him eat me out."

She looked at my face for a minute to try gauge just how upset with her I was. I wasn't sure how to react. I had fantasized about such events hundreds of times but this was different. I felt a big twinge of jealously that I hadn't expected to feel, but I was also aroused. Arousal and jealously; there was no denying that I felt both to an extreme extent.

Tears began to run down Allison's face and I felt the need to reassure her that our relationship was going to survive this. I could never stand to see my little angel cry, so I lifted her face up and gave her a kiss on the lips. She smiled as she sniffled.

Then she continued her account, "When he reached down to unbutton his pants, I kind of came to my senses. We had been up there for awhile and I knew that you were probably back. I told him I was sorry but that I needed to go back downstairs. He said that he understood, gave me one final kiss between my legs, and then got up."

Allison wiped the tears from her eyes, kissed me deeply and then whispered, "I'll never do anything like that again."

The intenseness of my jealously dropped a little bit, but my arousal was as strong as ever. It was at this moment that I realized that I would be disappointed if my wife's fooling around never went any further than this.

"Did you like it," I asked.

She hesitated and bit her lip again before answering, "Kinda."

"Did you cum," I asked.

My wife hesitated longer this time before admitting that she did. At this point I was as hard as a rock. The excitement I felt must have been written all over my face because I could tell that Allison recognized it.

She smiled at me and said, "You're not mad at all, are you."

I told her that I was a little jealous, but that I wasn't mad. The relief that she felt was obvious. We kissed passionately for several minutes before we were interrupted by our host. He came out the back door and asked what we were doing with a laugh. I told him that we would be coming back in the house in a minute. He laughed again and went back inside.

I looked in Allison's eyes and said, "Did you want him to fuck you."

She thought about it briefly and replied, "At that moment I kind of did, but I quickly remembered how much I love you."

I was surprised at the words that came out of my mouth next, "Would you like it if he came home with us for the night."

My wife's eyes got big and she responded, "Baby, I don't think you really want that."

I thought about it for a moment and then told Allison that if she wanted to invite Neil to the house, we could see what would happen.

"Do you know what you're saying? He's gonna want to fuck me," my wife said calmly.

I told her to think about it and then we went back into the house. We were inside for about twenty minutes before I told Allison that it was time to go. I asked her if she had thought about what I had said and about what she wanted to do. She said that she had been thinking about it the whole time and that it was making her excited, but she wasn't sure if I was really serious.

"Let's ask him if he wants to go home with us," I said to her.

Allison looked surprised and just said, "Okay."

We put on our jackets, gave all of our friends hugs, and told them bye. They were disappointed that we were leaving but we promised to get together real soon. I walked out the door ahead of Allison, thinking that she would find Neil and drop our invitation on him. However, she just followed me out the door. When I asked her why she hadn't said anything to Neil, she said that she didn't have the nerve to ask. I told her that if she would go back in and ask him to step outside, I would do the rest. She didn't need be told twice. She quickly went back in and came back out with Neil. When he saw me standing there, he got pretty nervous.

"Relax," I said to him. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come with us to our house and hang out for a little while."

He was obviously shocked, but accepted my invitation without much thought. He went back in the house, got his jacket and reemerged in a matter of seconds. When he walked to his car, I told him that I didn't think he should be driving and that he was welcome to ride with me and Allison. Soon, the three of were in the car heading to the house. The ride was mostly quiet except for the music on the radio and I'm sure all three of us felt a great deal of tension and excitement. I couldn't believe that this was really happening. It had all transpired so quickly.

We arrived at the house and I told Neil to have a seat on the recliner while Allison and I went into the bedroom and changed out of our costumes. In the bedroom I asked my wife if she was ready for what might happen next. She answered that she wasn't sure if she was, but that she was excited anyway.

It didn't take long for me to get changed and get out of the bedroom, but Allison took a little longer. She was trying to decide what to wear and trying to work up the courage to proceed. When I came out of the bedroom, Neil was sitting on the recliner and rolling a joint. I went into the kitchen and fixed three screwdrivers. When I came back into the living room, there was still no sign of Allison. Just as I was about to go back to the bedroom and ask her if she was coming out, she came walking in.

Allison was wearing an untied short white robe that she held closed at her waist. When Neil saw that she had walked into the room, he lit the joint that he had just finished rolling. I turned it down when he offered it to me, but Allison walked over to him and took the joint. After she had taken a few tokes, she passed the joint back to Neil and went over to the couch where I was sitting. When she sat down next to me, she let her robe fall open and her matching pink bra and panties were uncovered. Neil's eyes were glued to my wife as he hit the joint a couple more times and then put it out. It seemed like several minutes passed as Allison and Neil stared at each other. Then she suddenly stood up and took off her robe. She looked spectacular. She sat back down and opened her legs slightly. Without a word she looked over at me and our eyes locked for a couple seconds.

I knew that this was the moment to stop this from going any further if that was what I wanted, but I just nodded slightly. She then looked at Neil as she reached around behind her and unclasped her bra. Her perfect C-cup titties with rock hard nipples sprang from their confinement and she flashed a nervous smile.

"You are so beautiful," Neil said to my wife as he stood up and walked over to the couch.

Allison stood up and they kissed deeply for a long moment. I couldn't believe that this was really happening. Watching them kiss brought back the feelings of jealousy that I had felt earlier in the night, but I was also turned on. I had never felt such intense jealousy at any time in my life, but I knew that it was too late to turn back. Besides, seeing my wife in the arms of another man was as erotic as anything I had ever seen.

After the kiss ended, Allison turned back toward me, bent down, and lovingly gave me a tender kiss. At that moment I knew that I had married the perfect woman. I still thought that there might be a small chance that she would still back out, but I knew that no matter what might happen, my wife loved me very much.

Allison then looked me in the eye and said, "Do you want to take off my panties for Neil."

"Would you like to see my wife's pussy... again," I asked Neil.

"I can't think of anything that I'd rather see," he answered.

Allison turned her back toward me and I reached up with both hands and put two fingers in each side of the waistband of her panties. Allison stared at Neil and he stared at what was revealed as I slowly pulled her panties down. When her panties had made it all the way to the floor, she stepped out of them, and sat back down beside me. Neil and I just watched as she laid back and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy was on display and she no longer seemed nervous. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the effect that her naked body was having on me and Neil.

She then turned to me and said, "I want you to hold me in your arms while Neil licks my pussy. Is that okay?"

I didn't answer her; I just moved in behind her and wrapped my arms around her. As Neil moved toward her, she spread her legs wide. Moving very slowly, he kneeled in front of her and put his hands on her thighs. It was obvious that Neil was savoring the moment. He moved his face to within a couple of inches of Allison's pussy and inhaled deeply.

In the most surreal moment of my life, Neil gently pulled my wife's soft folds apart and she gasped as he slid one and then two fingers inside her. After a couple of thrusts, he pulled his fingers out of the smooth pussy in front of him. He held up his hand and showed off a thick coating of Allison's creamy frosting. He gave her a lustful smile as he put his fingers in his mouth and licked the glaze from them.

"You taste so sweet," he said to Allison and she returned his smile.

Neil then ran his tongue the length of my wife's pussy. I held her in my arms as he explored her with his mouth. She was trembling the whole time, but also began to squirm as he sucked on her clit and fingered her cunt. It took only a minute for her to reach orgasm, but it lasted for several minutes. With each passing second, her climax became more intense and the thrusting of Neil's fingers became faster and more violent. I could hardly hold her as her body convulsed and she squealed.

When Allison's orgasm finally subsided, Neil stood up and unbuttoned his pants. It took her a few seconds to catch her breath and regain her composure, but then she eagerly helped him out of his pants. As she pulled down his underwear, his erect six inch cock came into view. I didn't know what Allison thought about it, but I felt a sense of relief that Neil wasn't any larger than me (we were almost exactly the same size).

The moment that Allison took Neil's cock in her hand and brought it to her mouth was as intense for me as the moment he parted her lips. She looked so beautiful, but for the first time, I wondered if the evening wasn't a mistake. She would be sucking another guy's dick in a matter of seconds. Part of me was dying to stop her, but I knew that the point of no return was way behind us.

With Neil's cock in her hand and only an inch from her face, Allison looked over at me and smiled. I'm not sure if I smiled back or not because I was completely overwhelmed by what was taking place. Then it was in her mouth. She started slowly but it didn't take long for her to get into it.

Let me say that Allison loves sucking dick, sometimes. Though it's always good, she gives me a super fantastic blowjob about one time out of every six or seven she gives. Well, Neil got one of her better efforts. I've only had one or maybe two blowjobs from my wife that came close to what Neil got. My little cupcake displayed her talent by turning out a slimy sloppy cock sucking masterpiece.

I was transfixed as I watch all six inches disappear over and over again. She was taking her new friend all the way down her throat and though she gagged a few times, she never lost her rhythm. Her eyes were watering and mascara was running down the side of her face, but nothing could break her focus. She was zoned in to the cock that repeatedly sunk into her throat.

For one brief moment, she looked at me with Neil's cock still in her mouth. Her face was a mess, but she still looked pretty to me. My jealousy was beginning to subside and I was starting to enjoy the experience more.

For awhile Allison was the one who was doing the work, but that changed. Neil reached down and held her head still while he began to thrust. It must have been at least five minutes that Allison let him fuck her face. This was when things got really messy. She was spitting up and gagging every few seconds. It was the roughest I'd ever seen anyone face fucked, but she didn't stop him. Several times Neil had to pull out of mouth to keep from cumming and each time, Allison waited with her mouth open for him to continue ramming his cock down her throat.

Eventually, Neil took a hold of Allison's hand and helped her to her feet. He started to bend her over the couch, but she stopped him and suggested that we all move to the bedroom.

Allison ran to bedroom and was spread out on the bed when Neil and I got there. She asked me to get behind her and hold her, which I did. There is nothing quite like holding your wife in your arms while she's penetrated by another man. Neil slowly slid his cock into Allison and she gasped. As he began to fuck her, he lowered his body onto her and kissed her. I watched without moving as they made out and his pace increased. After only a couple of minutes, Allison was again nearing orgasm. Neil raised his body and began to pound her hard. The look on his face when she started screaming and thrashing around was one of satisfaction.

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