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Allison's New Life


author's note: If you want to read more about Allison's previous adventures (although I do explain it some during this first story) check out the series "Poker Loser" in my bio, it's kind of a prologue to this novel/novella.


Allison sat looking in her mirror, waiting for Roger to pick her up. He would be her first real date since two months ago when she'd been pretty much blackmailed into "dates" with a guy named Todd who basically took the opportunity to use her body as his personal sex toy. After that, she hadn't really felt like going out with anyone for awhile, she'd been too confused about everything that had happened - especially her own passionate responses to some of the situations he'd put her in. Two months of summer spent mooning around the house, going shopping and to restaurants with her girlfriends... and not really having any desire to see a guy... well, to be honest with herself she hadn't had any real desire to see any guy except Todd. Considering what he'd put her through, she had struggled with those feelings, and had avidly avoided any circumstances where she might run into him again. She didn't know what she'd say to him, and she had a rather foreboding feeling that if he asked her to come home with him, she might not be able to make herself say no.

Unable to destroy the tape he'd made of the first time he'd taken her, she had it hidden under her bed and she still took it out from time to time to watch it and masturbate. Obviously, this wasn't healthy behavior, but sometimes it was all that really fulfilled her. A couple times over the summer, at parties, she'd made out with guys who normally would have disgusted her with their pushy, offensive behavior. Instead, she had found it almost a turn on as they'd slobbered over her, faint feelings of excitement stirring as they'd pushed their bodies onto hers, reminding her of the revulsion and anticipation that Todd had been capable of stirring her to. It was after those encounters that she desperately needed the fulfillment masturbating to that tape gave her... sometimes she even wished that he had videotaped everything he'd had her do - the exhibitionism at his office, the night he'd punished her, the group orgy, and especially their last night together when she'd been a willing and eager participant... she could probably do without the threesome between them and her cousin, but she even kinda missed that. Sick and wrong of her, perhaps, and she felt dirty and ashamed of herself when those thoughts ran through her head... but there it was. Nothing she'd tried had done anything about it.

Sighing, she tossed her brown curls around her head, looking critically at the way they fell about her shoulders. Todd had loved her curls. Gritting her teeth, she applied mascara to the heavy lashes that surrounded her hazel eyes, she wasn't going to think about Todd tonight. She was going on her second date with Roger, a guy her friends had set her up with when they started getting worried about her lack of male companionship. None of them knew anything about Todd of course, they wouldn't understand at all. Besides, probably none of them even knew who he was, Allison was the only one who had ever bothered going to frat parties and meeting people outside their social strata - not that she'd ever dated them. Her closest friends were more snobby than she had been, but she was starting to get some new friends now. Girls who walked a little bit more on the wild side, and who came from many different walks of life. One of them, Diane, was fast becoming Allison's closest friend, a couple times she'd almost confessed every one of her dirty little secrets to her. Diane was not only easy to talk to, she was very open about her own sexual preferences and explorations, and Allison felt that she might really be able to understand some of the urges that haunted her. And that Diane would accept Allison's urges and not think worse of her for them.

Finishing up her make-up, Allison stood and smoothed the little black dress she was wearing over her lithe body. It hugged her curves, but without being too tight, and the dipping neckline showed just a hint of her cleavage, when she walked the springy skirt would swirl around her thighs. Classy, elegant, and very sexy, she was determined to enjoy herself. Roger would be picking her up to go to dinner and then dancing at his father's country club. Definitely within her social strata, her and Roger's fathers worked together although they weren't exactly close friends or anything. According to her friends, Roger was the perfect guy for her... tall, handsome, strong, charming, perfect manners, with a very sweet and romantic side, he was everything she'd always thought she'd wanted. Hearing the doorbell, she walked downstairs as her father's voice drifted up, greeting Roger. His white, even smile beamed up at her as she descended the staircase, and in her head she mentally corrected herself: He was everything she'd always wanted.


Exactly 6 feet tall, her head was just at his shoulder as they walked through the restaurant, they made a handsome couple. Her brunette head to his dirty blonde, hazel eyes to green, and her curvy slim figure against his handsomely muscled one. Last week she'd found out that he had a personal trainer, which was what accounted for his impressive physique, when he'd been in prep school he'd played football and been on the track team but he didn't have time for that now. Working with his father, he was learning the ways of business, with a guaranteed spot in the company when he finished his degree in a year.

As he pulled out the chair for her, she smiled and thanked him as she sat; he had all the makings of a 1950's gentleman when it came to treating a lady right. No wonder her friends had thought he'd be perfect for her. Still, there was no flash, no excitement throughout the dinner... just chatting and casual jokes, his slight flirtations as he caressed her hand or said something just barely suggestive. All in all, she found him rather... well, dull. There was nothing interesting about his life really, it was the same one she had already led, with a secured future and money. Nothing wrong with that... just... firmly she told herself to keep her mind on where she was now and looked at him attentively as he told her all about his previous summer's trip to Greece.

Dancing was better, when they got there, he couldn't talk. It wasn't that he was boring exactly, but she already knew everything he was saying. Most of the places he'd been to was places she'd already been or her friends had and told her about, his job was very similar to her father's and she heard about that every night at the dinner table, and his interests were the same as all his peers. In other words, the same golfing, social events and parties as every other guy she'd dated. But he was a good dancer, and as he flung her around the dance floor she found herself having a lot of fun, laughing as he mimicked a tango move. Breathless, she was pressed against him for a slower song, it was really supposed to be a waltz but he was holding her much too closely.

"You're so beautiful tonight," his low voice murmured in her ear, "I wish I could just sweep you away and keep you all night with me under the stars..."

Allison wished desperately that he would do just that, and many other things to her under the stars. Dancing had gotten her excitement up, and now being pressed close to his hard body was making her pussy leak a little. Shifting her position against him, she could feel that he was very hard, and she tried to rub against him a little to encourage the notion that they should go somewhere else where he could take her. To her intense disappointment, he pulled away instead, smiling at her with desire in his eyes.

"We've gotta be careful," smiling charmingly, "Otherwise I might just grab you and take you somewhere where we could be very bad."

With that, he pulled her away from the dance floor and over to the bar, ordering drinks to "cool them down" he said. Allison spent the rest of the night with a burning itch in her pussy as they spun around the dance floor, although he took care never to press her as close to him as he had that one dance, she could tell that he was still hard. Why wouldn't he do something about it? Reluctantly, she had to conclude that he was too much of a gentleman to try that kind of thing on a second date. Todd had her tied to his bed with his dick up her ass before they'd even gone out together, she thought wistfully. And then blushed horribly as she realized what she'd though, surely she didn't wish for that kind of thing again! Still... she did wish that Roger wouldn't be quite so much of a gentleman...


In front of her house, Roger leaned down to kiss her a polite goodbye. To both his and her surprise, Allison reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt, deepening the kiss and opening her mouth to invite in his tongue. Roughly, his arms went around her waist, pulling her in close to him and she shivered with pleasure as his body pressed hard against her.

Unfortunately he took her shiver as a negative, pulling away he released her from his arms, "Sorry... I'm sorry Allison, I hope I didn't scare you."

"No... oh no, Roger, it wasn't that at all! I was just... it was..."

He smiled at her, bashfully and ashamed still, "It's nice of you to pretend that I wasn't just being a bit of a brute," taking her hand he raised it to his lips, "I'd like to take you out again, if you aren't too afraid of me now."

"No... I mean yes, I'd love to go out with you again, but I'm not afraid of you," Allison desperately wanted to feel his body against hers, she was horny, incredibly horny after two months of not having a guy anywhere near her really. The whole evening had started to turn into one big tease, and she wished that he would kiss her again like that... more than kiss her...

Instead he took both of her hands in his own and lightly kissed her forehead, obviously not trusting himself to do more than that. She closed her eyes with disappointment as he smiled and walked away. Standing on the porch, she watched him pull away, until all hopes of him deciding to come back up and not be the gentleman were gone.

Running to her room, she pulled a brown box out from under her bed. Shoving the tape into the VCR, it was already to the place where Todd was massaging her breasts with his hands and then beginning to tit fuck her. Pinching her nipples, she watched as his massive dick slid between her breasts, his black hair flopping around his head while he pumped away at her chest. Sliding her hand down to her pussy, she started pinching and rubbing the wetness that was covering her lips as she watched his black head burrow itself in her pussy on the TV. She pushed two of her fingers into her pussy hole as Todd pushed the vibrator into her pussy, and another finger into her ass as his slid into hers on camera. Moaning, she could feel one of her most intense orgasms yet beginning to build as she watched her body be used.

Then she did something she hadn't done since the first week after their last "date", she pulled the small buttplug he'd left in her ass from the box; too desperate to even lube it, she shoved it in her mouth and covered it with her saliva. On hands and knees, on her bed, she slammed it into her asshole as Todd's huge dick stretched hers out in front of her, whimpering as she again felt the pain of her ass stretching. Pumping the plug in and out of her ass, she used her other hand to pinch her nipples hard, trying to crush the tender pink buds. Her ass burned and stretched as she fucked it brutally with the plug, but not nearly as much as it had when he'd actually been in her.


Her tinny sounding voice came out of the TV, and she pinched her clit hard as she shoved the buttplug in as deep as it would go, she started cumming as Todd's voice moaned her name and he dumped a load of cum into her ass. Shaking and spasming on her bed, she continued to pinch her clit until every ounce of the orgasm had been wrung from her body, watching as Todd continued to play with her unconscious body on the TV.

Moaning, she realized she was still unbearable horny.

Leaving the buttplug in her newly stretched ass, she began pinching her nipples again as she pictured in her head the image of Todd and the unknown black security guard watching as a blonde female head ate her out...

It was going to be a long night.


Feedback in the form of compliments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and suggestions are as, usual, very welcome =)

However, if you're just going to be like, "You suck, Poker Loser sucked and this sucks", then go away and stop reading if i'm so bad. get a life, or at least figure out WHY you dont like my stories and tell me.

*much love to the non-stupid people - golden

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Well written

It is so hard in todays modern climate for a girl like Allison. Men have been scared to death of the lopsided legal power women have to have them hauled off to jail on nothing more than accusation. Imore...

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