tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 03

Allison's New Life Ch. 03


The evening before going to the club was torturous for Allison. Incredibly horny, for whatever reason her parents would just not leave her alone long enough for her to masturbate. They wanted to know all about Roger and how their relationship was going, and what she thought her plans for the school year might be... she wanted to scream. Really, she still had no idea what she wanted to do and she was going to be graduating this year with a rather useless degree in "General Studies", which basically meant that she didn't specialize in anything at all. All she wanted to do was go and get some of the edge off before going to the club... she really had to get out of their house and get a place of her own. They meant well, but her parents were driving her crazy.

Dressing carefully for the club, her brown curls tumbled just a little ways past her shoulders, resting on the top of the curve of her breast. The shirt was a slinky, satiny silver material, a halter top with thin straps that went down in a "V" over her stomach, the tip of the V ending at her belly button. With loose material hanging at the top of it and pooling between her breasts, it emphasized her perky 34D breasts, she was rather proud of the fact that a bra was completely unnecessary. The short black skirt hugged her hips and ass snugly, the hem fluttering just two inches below her firm cheeks, while black leather boots encased her legs all the way up to her thighs. She looked damn good.

Putting on a long black sleeveless jacket so that she wouldn't have to put up with rude comments from her parents, she skipped downstairs when Chad arrived to pick her up. Calling to her parents not to wait up, she skipped out the door with him, relieved and hopeful for the outcome of the night's events.

On their way to pick up Diana, Chad reached over a few times in the car and fondled her breasts through the thin fabric of her halter, pinching her nipples hard and making her bite her lip as her back arched. The pain seemed to go straight to her already wet and horny pussy, pain that she had been craving for a long time. Once the pretty Asian was in the car - looking sexy in a long skirt that was slit up almost to her hip on both sides and a lavender tube top which hugged her 32B boobs - Chad left Allison's body alone and concentrated on charming the pretty girl in the backseat. Which meant that Allison was left squirming and horny in the front seat, her thong already soaked in her pussy juices.

At the club there were plenty of guys willing to dance with both girls, although Chad monopolized most of Diana's dances - something which didn't seem to perturb the fun loving girl at all - and kept an eye on Allison and her dance partners as well. Still, most of the guy's dancing with her used the flashing lights and sexual dance moves to their own advantage, sliding their hands up her shirt to roughly squeeze her breasts before moving them back out before Chad could look over. They seemed to realize that she had a guy watching out for her, but all that meant for Allison was a lot of teasing as they rubbed their hard bodies against her and felt her up, squeezing her boobs and ass, without any chance of fulfillment. She began to resent Chad's watchful eye after awhile, as guy after guy eventually left to go in search of easier meat.

The most teasing part of the night was when she was dancing with a very cute guy with black hair, reminding her of Todd, and another guy came up behind her, grinding his pelvis against her ass. Being pressed between their two bodies just reminded her of the times when she'd been sandwiched on two thick shafts of meat, and she got even hornier as both guys ran their hands over her bouncing body. The music and the touching had her blood racing throughout the night as she bounced and moved to the pulsing lights and rhythms. One time, when Chad was busy with his tongue deep in Diana's mouth and his hands running over her slight body, a daring dance partner slid his fingers under her skirt and into her thong, sliding them along her wet slit as she clung to him. Licking the juices off his fingers, he didn't dare another feel as Chad suddenly looked up and noticed the slightly strange behavior going on near Allison.

It was a bit like having a guard dog along, and Allison resigned herself to another long night of self-pleasure when she got home. At least her pulse was racing and things were a lot more exciting than they had been with Roger; having her body handled roughly and by so many strangers was slowly beginning to make some perverse part of her feel a little bit more content.

Anxious to get home, the ride seemed to take forever as Chad and Diana talked and laughed in the front seats. In the total darkness of the back seat, Allison rubbed her clit through her thong, shuddering a little as the pleasure ran through her. She was more horny than eve, but some part of her was strangely fulfilled by the night so far... maybe it had just been the exposure in the club, or the fact that her nipples and breasts were a little sore from having been squeezed so roughly by a multitude of guys.

Diana surprised her as they pulled up to her house to drop off her friend, as they both got out of the car - Allison so that she could move to the front seat - Diana stopped her for a moment.

"Hey, I've been thinking about getting my own apartment and being a little more self-sufficient. My friend told me about this great place that's in the middle of town, but it's got two rooms, I was wondering if you might wanna join me." the shorter girl looked up at her with an encouraging smile on her cute face, slanted brown eyes eager and welcoming.

Allison almost gaped at her, here was the answer to all her problems with her parents!!! Diana definitely wouldn't mind if she asked for a little time to herself to masturbate... in fact, judging from the other day, maybe Diana would join her... she still wasn't sure how she felt about that, but she was sure how she felt about living with a roommate her age, especially one who understood her as well as Diana did.

"I'd LOVE to!" she grinned and hugged her friend, who laughed and hugged her back before trotting back up to her house. As Allison got in the car, she noticed that Chad was watching Diana's ass sway as she walked up the sidewalk. She smiled as she realized her cousin was definitely smitten with the exciting and sensual girl, she knew that Diana wouldn't mistreat him even if she did end up getting bored in the end. Still, it made her miss Todd, or even Roger... it was nice to be the center of a guy's attention every so often. As Chad started the car up again, he reached over and fondled her boob, pinching the nipple which was already a little sore. She shivered pleasantly at the touch, almost laughing as she realized that her wish had just been granted.

About five minutes away from her house Chad pulled off onto a side road that led to an abandoned, burned down farm house. Pulling long enough into it that they were well away from the street, he grinned at her as he opened the car door on his side,

"Come on," he said as he got out. Allison got out as well, her heart beating rapidly with anticipation as her pussy quivered with excitement. Coming around to her side of the car, he pressed his body against hers so that her backside was flat against the car, and his lips descended roughly against her own parted ones. She moaned as he roughly gripped her breasts under her halter, squeezing the firm globes hard. A fleeting flutter of guilt as she thought of Roger quickly passed as he lifted her shirt up and began biting her erect cherry nipples, sending waves of pleasure shuddering through her. It had been almost three months since anyone had put their mouth on her breasts, and the light gentle teasing that Roger had initiated earlier that day had made them hungry for rougher contact. His tongue rolled the little bud in his mouth as his teeth bit down, her other breast having in the firm grip of his palm.

Allison shuddered in excitement as he roughly shoved two fingers into her wet hole, panting as he raised his eyebrows at her, "Do you want it Allison?"

"Yes..." her voice hissed out as he slid a third finger into her ass, and she writhed in pleasure on his hand.

His voice was husky with desire as he leaned in close to her ear, "Beg for it little girl."

Arching her back as he thumbed her clit, pressing it hard she moaned, "Please... please Chad, fuck me hard... hurt me..."

Chad bit down again on her nipple as she panted and begged, turning her so that her back was to him, he pushed her upper body down so that she was bent over the car. Pulling her skirt up, he raised his hand and brought it down on her ass, spanking her over and over as she cried out. Far too soon for her, he'd stopped slapping her pink cheeks and was pressing the hard tip of his dick into her pussy... still it was good to be filled up with a dick again. She cried out in pleasure as he began fucking her hard from behind, his hips slamming into her ass and his balls slapping against her thighs and clit as he banged her body against the car. As she wriggled and moaned beneath him, he started bringing his hand down heavily on her ass as he pumped his cock in and out of her, filling her so wonderfully as the pain of his smacks rippled through her firm cheeks.

It felt so good to be fucked hard, to have a heavy hand spanking her ass... although she realized that it wasn't Chad she was picturing behind her, it was Todd. Trying to shake her fascination with him a little, she tried to picture Roger in that position... that was almost as good. Still, as Chad stopped spanking her ass and leaned over her body to roughly grip her breasts and use them for leverage to really start pounding her pussy, the man in her head slowly developed black hair and mischievous brown eyes with a malicious grin.

"OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!" her voice was crying out in absolute pleasure as her orgasm finally swept over her, making her body convulse as Chad continued to pump her full of cock. She was in ecstasy as her body finally got a good portion of what it had been desperately craving, a good fuck with a thick piece of meat. Shuddering, her orgasm slowly died down as he groaned behind her and pushed his dick fully into her pleasured pussy, dumping his load cum into her tight wet hole.

As she lay with her cheek against the cold metal of the hood of his car, she realized that she felt much much better... still horny, but the real edge of it was gone.

That night, for the first time in a long time, she went to sleep with her body feeling pretty good and content. There was still the hunger for something more, but it had been fed a little, it was satisfied to wait for now. Still, the rest of her dreams that night were haunted by a demanding and passionate man with jet black hair and amused brown eyes.

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