tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 04

Allison's New Life Ch. 04


Finally, her own place... her own apartment. Allison walked around her new room, very pleased with the way things had turned out in the past few weeks. Her parents hadn't put up very much of a fight with her decision to move out of the house, they were sad to see their baby go but she'd promised to come over for dinner at least a couple nights every week (she wasn't exactly the best cook anyway), and they'd agreed to pay her rent and give her extra money to get food and other necessities. Living with Diana was a breeze, they both had a great time together when they were both home but neither of them felt obligated to be with the other all of the time.

Her favorite times were in the evenings when Diana would sit her down and they'd eat ice cream and watch Sex in the City together. That had definitely not been something she could do at home - how embarrassing would it be to watch that kind of show with her parents?! - and she found that she really liked the show and the company. Chad was coming by often with Diana and to see Diana, but since he'd started dating the petite Asian he'd pretty much left Allison alone. That was ok by her, she didn't really have an interest in him except that he reminded her of Todd, but now she had plenty of time to masturbate when feeling horny.

Not only that, but Roger had finally decided to step things up a little, their last date he'd eaten her out and she'd given him head - although she'd been very itchy for several days after that as he'd been appalled at her shaved mound. Lying quickly, she'd told him that she did it because it was cleaner during her period, but that if it bothered him she'd grow it out again. Unfortunately he'd taken her up on that and she now had a rather itchy mound of short hair. But she had high hopes that today when he came over to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's with her (she couldn't believe he'd never seen such a classic) that they might be able to move things a little further in the bedroom, so it would all be worth it. It was getting easier and easier to think of Todd less often when she could have hope for great and fulfilling sex with Roger. Still, she did pull out her video every so often to watch Todd fill her ass with his thick dick... there was just something about anal sex now that completely turned her on. A very big difference from her attitude at the beginning of the summer, but now it seemed like years ago since she thought it was morally wrong and physically dirty. Maybe it would turn out to be a secret fantasy of Roger's, she mused... he really was starting to become a much better boyfriend. Charming and romantic and becoming very good company... if he could just fulfill her other needs things would be perfect. Of course, whenever she thought about that and tried to compare him to Todd and place him further up, she couldn't help but remember that last date where Todd showed his ability to be romantic and charming. Not to mention utterly fulfill her.

But that wasn't the thought for tonight. No, right now she was trying to get Roger to become all the things that she needed. Then she wouldn't need to think of Todd and his hard body and the devious ways he had of manipulating her pleasure and her mind. Roger's dick might not be as thick and he may not be as kinky or as exciting, but he had other virtues. She was very excited about tonight, hoping that she might finally be able to seduce him into her bed. It made her giggle a little to think about seducing someone, because it wasn't something she'd ever tried to do in her life, in fact, before she probably would've have appreciated his no-pressure, take it slow tactics very much. Now though, it wasn't what she wanted anymore.

Glancing around the room she decided it looked perfect. The light violet walls and white curtains on the windows made it look girly but inviting, innocent but sensual. Her sheets were 400 count Egyptian and silky soft, very welcoming and sensual with their deep violet color. That morning she had arranged the sheets so that they were casually pulled back, as if she had tossed them off in the morning and just hadn't gotten around to putting them back in order, leaving a decent amount of bedspace free. Just enough for her and Roger to be on. Around the room there were little hints too - a picture of them on her desk, a lacy bra hanging out of her drawer to tantalize and hint, and the sweet smell of roses coming from a vase filled with the flowers by her bedside, the very two dozen red roses that he'd brought her on their last date.

For food, she had champagne to get him a little looser, chocolate covered strawberries (a double aphrodisiac) and regular strawberries with whipped cream. If watching a romantic movie with all those great finger foods (that also worked as aphrodisiacs) and her sexy little outfit didn't do it for him, she'd admit herself at a total loss. The irony of the situation made her smile a little, she was wooing him like most guys would be wooing a reticent girl. Still, she didn't mind the effort... it did add a little excitement to the situation.

Since they were staying in, she figured that she should dress casually for him - a former boyfriend had once made a comment that he liked it all the better when girls dressed very casually. It showed that they felt comfortable and he thought they actually looked sexier when they weren't all made up. So Allison had decided that maybe the drastic difference in her look might make Roger more likely to go after her, perhaps her stylish hairstyles and dressed up appearance was somewhat intimidating to try and get that kind of girl into bed. For tonight, she was wearing a tank top with a built in bra so that she still had cleavage but her nipples could poke through and her breasts would jiggle a little when she walked. Other than that, she was just wearing a pair of satin underwear - not a thong cuz he'd made a comment the other week about slutty girls with their asses hanging out of their underwear - and some loose pajama pants that had the "Sugar Baby" candy logo all over it. Brown curls tumbled loosely about her shoulders and face, and she was wearing just a hint of eye shadow and some mascara. It had taken a lot of thought to look as casually sexy and pretty as she did - more so then when she dressed up actually even if it had taken less work to get herself ready.

Diana was going to spend the night at Chad's, so there was no way that Roger was going to be able to say no if she just did it right... the main trick would be to make him think he was making all the moves.

The doorbell rang and Allison jumped up, strangely nervous, and went to answer the door, tilting her head flirtatiously as she opened it to see Roger holding a box of Godiva chocolate truffles - her absolute favorite.

"Ohh!!" she squealed, bouncing slightly like a giddy child so that her curls and her breasts bounced sexily. It worked, because he was looking at her chest it jiggled, and she grabbed the box from him and kissed him passionately and aggressively. He never seemed to think that she was being too forward when she was aggressive after he'd given her a gift, just almost any other time, "Thank you Roger, you're too good to me." she gave him a wide inviting smile as he stepped in, his eyes roaming over her body. He was dressed casually for him in khaki's and a designer t-shirt, and they quickly settled on the couch with the strawberries and whipped cream in front of them.

Towards the end of the movie, his fingers started lightly stroking her arm, and she could tell that he was watching her now rather than the movie. Acting like she was paying close attention to the movie, she sighed happily as the couple shared a passionate kiss in the rain, her breasts heaving as she lifted her chest with her breath. Taking one of the strawberries - even though she wasn't really hungry any more after eating so much of the sweet fruit - she dipped it in the whipped cream and put it to her mouth, making sure that she got some of the whipped cream on her lip. Pretending that she didn't see it, she went back to watching the movie, but Roger's eyes were now riveted to the white sweetness on her pouty lower lip. Using one finger, he ran it along her lip and lifted in from her face, she looked up at him pretending to be startled at the touch; with his finger to the side of them they were now "accidentally" in perfect position for a kiss. He didn't let go of the opportunity, and his mouth lowered onto her slightly parted lips, caressing them with his own.

Seeing him lifting his hand towards her shoulder out of the corner of her eye, Allison shifted slightly - as though she was turning into the kiss - and his hand landed on the top of her breast. For a moment it seemed as though he might pull away, and then his fingers started lightly stroking her breast, teasing her nipple hard through the cloth of her shirt. Turning into him even more, she let her hand rest lightly on his upper thigh, fingers barely moving as she gently stroked him, trying to keep it subtle... more of an invitation than anything else. His hand slid into her shirt and cupped the underside of her breast, stroking the her hard pebble of a nipple with his thumb. Allison let her hand tighten slightly on his thigh as arousal swelled in her breast, going straight to her pussy, she could feel his dick was very hard against the back of her hand but she didn't do anything to let on that she'd noticed. In the past few weeks she'd found that he was rather judgmental of girls who tried to make the first move or were overtly sexual, he always thought that she was just trying to do what she thought he - as a guy - wanted, rather than her wanting it as well.

His other arm went around her waist, pulling her even closer into him, and she let the back of her hand press against his extremely hard dick as her body was shifted almost into his lap. Now his hand was gently squeezing her breast, massaging the soft globe with his fingers, and her pussy was leaking heavily as the light touch teased her mercilessly. Arching her back, she tried to press her breast more firmly into his hand, but to no avail. Their tongues danced in each other's mouth as he rubbed and stroked her breast, making her squirm with need. Finally he pulled away and looked deep into her eyes as his hand slid out of her shirt and he placed both arms around her waist.

"Is Diana going to be back soon?" it was always the first question he asked, and she felt a little thrill of excitement go through her... maybe now it would finally happen and her new boyfriend would fulfill her needs.

"Nope," she said, smiling innocently as if she had no idea where this was leading to, "She'd out for the night with Chad, he's taking her dancing and then back to his place to watch a movie." For some reason Roger thought that all her acquaintances and friends were as innocent and lady-like as he thought her to be, including Diana - for her part, Diana was so amused by the way that he treated her that she acted like a high school innocent when he was around. It completely cracked her and Chad up after Roger left, the things that he said to Diana and the way he treated her "tender" sensibilities, Allison had to admit that it amused her too.

"Would you like to take this into the bedroom?" his gaze was completely serious as he looked down at her, and she paused for a moment as if considering this new local when in reality she was trying to find a way to accept his proposal and still stay passive.

Tilting her head so that her curls bounced a little and she looked as innocent as possible, she replied, "I think that would be ok." smiling a little hesitantly as her heart pounded and the horny little imp inside of her jumped for joy, screaming out one word... FINALLY!

Startled, she laughed as he stood and swept her up in his arms, carrying her to the bedroom the way a groom carries his bride over the threshold. Still, it wouldn't do to laugh at his serious romantic gesture, and she made herself just smile as though thrilled as he strode purposefully for the bedroom, smiling at her with confidence and charm. They probably looked like the cover of a bad romance novel - except that she was wearing far too much clothing.

Roger laid her down gently right on the space that she'd pre-prepared on her bed. Smiling, she innocently stretched, as though working out the kinks in her muscles after sitting and watching a movie. Her back arched and pressed her breasts up as one of her feet ran enticingly along her calf, lifting one of her pant legs to expose her smooth shaved leg. A moment after she finished stretching, she looked up at Roger, who was watching her with avid lust in his eyes. Yes, she was definitely playing this perfectly.

He sat on the bed, next to her hip and she sat up and brushed his hair back with her hand, knowing that the slight touch would get him to touch her. With her hand running back on his head, he leaned forward and kissed her lips, his hands stroking the soft sides of her stomach and hips. Sliding his hand under her shirt, his tongue probed her mouth as he slowly began lifting the shirt up, pushing his hands under the built in bra, he pulled away from the kiss in order to lift the shirt from her body. Allison helped by raising her arms so that her heavy breasts hung exposed and free, arched slightly towards him. As they kissed passionately, his hands sliding over the smooth skin of her back, she slid her hands under his shirt and around his back, stroking the small of his back with her fingers. After a few moments, he pulled away from her and lifted his own shirt over his head, and she ran her hands up to his shoulders. The light touch passing over his stomach and then his nipples made him shudder, and she just continued to act like she had no idea what she'd just done, that she'd just been trying to get her hands up to his shoulders. Which of course, was not the truth. In truth, she was trying to get him so aroused that there would be no way he'd back out of finally sleeping with her.

Roger's body slowly pressed down on hers, maneuvering so that he was between her legs when she was laid back on the bed as they continued to kiss. Her hand was wrapped around his shoulders, deftly making light circles on his upper back and neck with her fingers. Pulling away, he started to move his mouth down her neck, sucking gently on her skin as his hands caressed her breasts gently, teasing her nipples with his fingers. Finally, his mouth moved to her breast, and she moaned softly as his tongue made little circles on her tingling globes. Very gently, very subtly, she moved her hips against his body, not wanting to scare him off now that they seemed to be finally getting somewhere - if she hadn't been so horny and anxious she would have been very amused at the irony of her thinking, in some ways it seemed like Roger was more the girl in the relationship than she was.

Mouthing her nipple, his lips just brushed it and as he very lightly sucked on the tender aching bud. Allison longed for him to nibble or suck it hard, but he did neither, just moved his mouth to the other nipple, mouthing that one as well and causing her to wriggle as the touch tantalized and teased, doing nothing but causing her nipple to ache even more for attention. Moving his mouth away from her breasts, his hands and lips began to slide down her stomach, causing her to lift her hips and moan... but he didn't seem to mind this time and she thanked her lucky stars that this was apparently the response that he expected. Pulling her pants down her hips, he slid his fingers under the sides of her underwear as well, and pulled them off her long legs. Looking approvingly at her furred mound, he began kissing up her leg, starting at her ankle. By the time he reached her inner upper thigh, Allison was clutching at her soft sheets, her body frantic with need for completion.

Sliding his tongue up the center of her slit, Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom... almost Allison told him that he didn't need it, but then she remembered that he'd said a gentleman always uses as many forms of protection as possible. He didn't want even the possibility of kids until marriage. She watched, her pussy leaking sweet juices as he pulled off his pants and rolled the condom over his rock hard dick.

Leaning over her body, he kissed her lips sweetly as he guided the head of his condom covered dick into her hole. Slowly, he began working his dick in and out of her pussy, slowly pushing more and more of his dick into her wetness... one slow centimeter at a time. Bucking her hips only helped so much, but he finally hit home. Kissing her neck and shoulders, he began a slow, tantalizing movement in and out of her. The gentleness of his thrusts barely made his body brush her swollen clit, and she tried to rock against him, trying to press more of him into her... but she couldn't do anything about the agonizingly slow pace of his thrusts.

Finally, her pussy aching with need, she moaned in his ear, "Oh... Fuck me Roger, fuck me hard."

Completely shocked, Roger pulled back and looked at her, his expression showing his astonishment at her brazen words. Allison bit her lip, afraid that she'd gone too far, but his gaze softened as he looked at her anxious face. Kissing her gently on the lips, he told her, "Allison, I told you that I'm not that kind of guy, you don't have to pretend anything with me... I don't need you to act like some kind of sex object to get me going. I think you're wonderful and sexy and beautiful just the way you, and that's all I really need. I don't want you to act like anything else other than yourself." Smiling, he kissed her again, passionately and deeply.

Oh! If only the sex matched the passion of their kisses... instead he was slowly, gently making love to her... and it wasn't actually doing a thing for her. Oh the fire was building up between her legs, her clit aching to explode in orgasm, and her pussy dripping juices down onto her expensive sheets... but nothing was happening that would bring her to completion. The intense teasing just kept building up and building up inside her, and she closed her eyes to try and hide the frustration that she was feeling as he moaned softly into her hair. Finally, his thrusts got a little harder, as he approached his own climax, and as his dick buried its full length into her pussy, she managed to orgasm... but it was only a little one and it barely took the edge off of the aching need that had built in her. He did nothing to help her orgasm reach its highest peak, and instead it tapered off disappointingly soon as he just held in place while her body bucked underneath his. Apparently though, her gasps and moans as her body heaved were enough to satisfy him that she'd been pleasured, and he kissed her deeply, smiling proudly at his prowess.

When Roger pulled out from between her legs she realized that she hadn't even felt him cum, the condom had removed almost all the feeling of having his dick in her pussy, and all the joy of feeling his load pour into her body. Smiling, hiding her disappointment and frustration, she excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving him laying on her bed completely content.

In the bathroom she leaned back against the wall and roughly pinched her nipples, pulling on them hard to fulfill the aching need for firm touch. Squeezing her round breasts, she pulled and twisted the heavy globes, then pinching and rolling her nipples with one hand, she let the other drift down to her pussy. Pinching the swollen clit, she started cumming immediately, her orgasm crashing over her as the long sexual teasing had gotten her so close to the brink of pleasure without actually fulfilling her. Biting her lip to keep from crying aloud, her body thrashed against the wall as she twisted her clit, the pain driving her orgasm even higher as her body unloaded a whole day's tension with pleasure and fulfillment.

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