tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 05

Allison's New Life Ch. 05


Allison was getting increasingly frustrated.

"And it wasn't even just the first time!" she told Diana one evening, pacing back and forth in her friend's room while she complained about her sex life with Roger, "EVERY time we have sex - and it's not even really sex, it's making love - it's just so slow and soft and gentle... and every time I try to get him to go harder or faster he just tells me that I don't need to pretend for him!"

Throwing herself down on the bed next to her friend, she looked up into sympathetic slanted brown eyes, "I spend so much time PRETENDING that I like everything like a lady should, romantic and sweet and slow... DAMMIT!" she slapped her hand against the bed in frustration, "I just want to get FUCKED... I've actually had to fake an orgasm with him a couple times." She could actually feel tears starting in her eyes now, "And all I can think about is how great sex was with Todd... he wasn't even my boyfriend and he did things better than Roger!"

Diana started stroking her brown curls, soothing her like a mother would sooth a fretful child. Allison accepted the touch, letting it calm her a little. Hesitating, she turned her face towards Diana's and made a full confession, "I tried to call him a couple days ago... Todd, I mean."

"Really?" Diana looked surprised and slightly encouraging, not condemning at all. It made Allison feel a lot better that her friend didn't think that this was a bad thing, even though Allison had a boyfriend which really made her feel even worse about it.

"Yeah," she sighed, "It had been disconnected. I think he moved or something." She rocked back and forth a little, moodily, "I don't even know what I would have done if he'd been there... I mean, I have Roger, and he's so good to me that I can't just ditch him because I'm a horny pervert."

"I don't think you're a pervert," Diana told her, "It's just that sometimes a girl needs to get fucked. Royally pounded and fucked... and if Roger doesn't understand that then that's his failing not yours."

Allison considered this. "Yeah, but it's not like I can break up with him for that," she said.

"Well, you could," Diana countered, "but then you would feel like a horny slut... I don't understand why you'd feel like that, but I know you would."

Brown curls shook a little as she laughed, "You're right. And that's my fault not his. Still." she chewed her lower lip. Her feelings didn't have the kind of words she needed to explain them, that or she still just didn't want to face the kind of girl Todd had turned her into.

Looking over her moody and sullen friend, Diana decided that she needed a distraction. "Hey, I never did get to watch that tape of you guys... do you think we could watch it now?"

Allison perked up a bit, "Yes!"... really, any excuse to watch the tape that didn't make her feel like an oversexed slut was fine with her... and she remembered the way Diana had seemed to come onto her the first time she'd asked to see the tape. She also remembered how nice it had been with Carrie, the other girl during the gang bang. Even though Diana was dating Chad steadily now, maybe she'd be willing to help Allison out every so often. It was another thought that made her feel like a horny slut, but if it would help her reconcile herself to Roger than she didn't care.

A few minutes later the girls were sitting on Diana's bed watching as Todd shaved Allison's pubic hair.

"Are you still shaved?" Diana asked, her brown eyes riveted to the screen.

"Yeah," Allison answered, not looking away from the scene before them.

Silence as moans from the TV filled the room as Todd worked the vibrator in and out of Allison's newly bald pussy. When he tied her up so that she was practically bent in half Diana let out a low whistle.

"Fuck that's hot."

Allison just nodded, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she watched. She longed to be able to masturbate, as she usually did when watching this, but was feeling very shy in front of her friend. Also, she didn't know where masturbating with Diana might lead to... and she wasn't sure if she had the courage to make the first move.

The pretty Asian actually let out a low moan as Todd's extremely large dick impaled Allison's ass. Entranced by the lust on Diana's face, Allison started watching her friends reactions to the tape as well as watching the tape itself. She realized that Diana was very turned on by everything that was happening on the TV. As Allison on TV fainted and Todd began to play with her unconscious body, Diana turned to Allison and suddenly kissed her full on the lips.

Initially startled, she couldn't help but respond, moaning a little as the soft lips of the other girl pressed firmly against hers. The suddenness of Diane's movements had reminded her forcibly of Todd, and she pressed just as firmly back against her friend's mouth, parting her lips to allow their tongues to meet. Moving slowly, the two girls clung to each other, their lips and tongues moving and pressing as Diana slowly slid her hand down and under Allison's shirt.

Allison could feel her pussy burning, and as impatient with Diana's slow movements and she was with Roger's, she started pulling the clothes from her friend's body. Diana responded in kind, and very quickly the two girls were completely naked, and Diana was lying on top of her. The smaller girl began working her way down Allison's body, squeezing breasts that were much larger than her own and sucking hard on the nipples. As her body was manipulated roughly, Allison could feel her pussy getting even wetter, her breasts and nipples glad to be squeezed and pinched by someone else. The teeth nibbling on her tender bud made her shudder and gasp, the sharp jabs of pain sending pleasure sweeping through her pussy. Her own fingers ran up and down Diana's body, cupping the small breasts and rolling her brownish pink nipples with her fingers as her friend chewed on her own.

Moving away from Allison's breasts, Diana turned over so that her face was directly above Allison's wet pink folds, her own pinkness spread above Allison's face. Kissing the slightly tanned thighs of her friend, Allison used her fingers to squeeze the firm ass cheeks above her, spreading them slightly and running her fingers lightly down the crack and over the crinkled asshole. At the same time, Diana's small fingers were gently stroking and massaging Allison's wet folds, as Allison's mouth clamped down on her small pussy she shoved two fingers into Allison's tight hole and began working them in and out roughly.

Allison moaned as her friend's sweet juices filled her mouth and the fingers pushed inside her, it felt so good to not have to be gentle, not have to be slow... and to have Diana not being slow with her. Shuddering as she felt the wet tongue of her friend lapping up her pussy juices, she attacked the pussy above her with her mouth, sucking and nibbling, two of her fingers sliding into her friend's sweet hole. Bucking her hips, Allison felt two more of Diana's fingers work their way into her ass, and she gasped at the invasion, her ass was so infrequently stretch... she sometimes forgot how good it felt. Fuck! If only Roger would do this for her... even as she was enjoying her freedom from gentleness and engaging in just good sex, she couldn't help but wish that Diane had a dick... she really wouldn't be satisfied with a lesbian relationship either unfortunately. She'd gotten a craving for the good hard feeling of a thick cock.

Still, her friend's fingers were eliciting the most exquisite sensations from her pussy and ass, and she returned the favor by rimming her friend's own crinkled hole with her tongue a few times before sliding her fingers into that hole as well. With both their holes impaled on each other's fingers, the two girls bucked and heaved a little, frantically licking with their tongues and wriggling their bodies excitedly.

Feeling her orgasm rushing forward, her body not wanting to wait now that she was finally getting things the way she wanted, Allison thrust a third finger into her friend's pussy and sucked the little swollen clit deep into her mouth. Sucking as hard as she could, she could feel Diane shuddering above her, pussy leaking liberally onto Allison's lips. As Diane cried out, her own fingers started moving more roughly in Allison's body, and as her own orgasm slowed down, she lowered her head to bite down gently on Allison's little clit. With the teeth gentling nibbling on her burning clit, her pussy and ass filled with moving fingers, Allison came hard, crying out loudly "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" over and over, the words that were denied to her in bed with Roger. A pulsing orgasm swept over her, better than any she'd had since after that night at the club with Chad... her body shook out long held in frustration as she came.

Afterwards, the girls cuddled naked on the bed, Diana playing idly with Allison's nipples.

"I needed that," said Allison, her hand stroking along Diana's side.

"MMMmmm-hmmm, yeah you did," Diana laughed and pinched the little pink bud between her fingertips, "Like I said, sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked... don't expect me to be around all the time, but if you ever really just need it you can feel free to come to me." She smiled up at the brunette girl who was holding her and wrapped her mouth around the nipple in front of her, nibbling slightly before she let it fall out of her mouth.

Allison sighed with pleasure, Diana had gotten a lot of the edge off, "I'll probably be able to last for awhile again now... but don't be surprised if I come knocking at your bedroom door sometimes after Roger's left!"

They both laughed and Diana nodded, "Yeah... if you just had a dick, we'd be good!"

Shaking her head, Allison smiled, "No, if YOU just had a dick we'd be good."

The girls both laughed, secure in their friendship. It really was too bad that their bodies didn't appeal more to each other, but for now, at least, Diana was perfectly willing to help out her friend now and then. After all, Diana was getting regular service from Allison's cousin, but she knew just how frustrating it could be to be with someone who didn't know how to fuck.

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