tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 06

Allison's New Life Ch. 06


Allison was feeling much more cheerful lately... although she and Diana hadn't had sex again since that first time she knew that her friend was there for her if she needed it. Sex with Roger wasn't getting any better really, but at least she had a way to get out her frustrations if she needed it. Happily, the pretty brunette got ready for her date with Roger; maybe tonight would be a little better. She was going to try to convince him to try out a new position with her, even though he preferred to make love all the time maybe it would be a little different if he couldn't see her face, so she was going to get him to try doggy-style with her.

It was no longer any problem to get him into bed, all she had to do was starting kissing him passionately - and he now accepted her aggressiveness since their first time in bed together - and it would eventually lead to the bedroom. But things there hadn't changed at all, every time she let a "Fuck" or "Harder" slip he would look hurt and ask her afterwards if she really thought that he was that kind of guy and why she felt as though she had to pretend for him. It was enough to make her scream... so maybe switching things up like this would help a little...

The date was one of their normal, just a regular dinner and then back to her place. They never went to his place because his roommate was always home and Roger was much to much a gentleman to make love when someone was in the other room. Fortunately Allison could always ask Diana to spend the night at Chad's - and neither of them had any such problem so they could always get laid. Actually, Allison thought that Diana probably got a kick out of having sex where someone else could hear her... when it was just Allison at home she and Chad could knock the roof off with the amount of noise that Diana made. Perhaps fortunately, Diana was still so amused by Roger's image of her that she didn't do that when he was around... although imagining the look on his face made Allison giggle.

Smiling at the thought, she barely noticed what he was saying... although that was fine because her very happy and amused smile convinced the handsome blonde that she was paying attention to every word he said. He considered himself very lucky to have a catch like Allison, the perfect lady... and one day she'd feel comfortable enough that she'd stop pretending like most guys asked a girl to do and just accept that he was different and then their love making would be even more wonderful and passionate then it was now. It still hurt his feelings slightly when she tried to act the slut for him, but he understood that it was probably a habit that was hard to get out of. All of the other girls he'd dated had had some trouble with it too, but he was understanding and patient.

Talking and laughing the night passed quickly, both of their minds on what was still to come in the bedroom. Kissing passionately they stumbled through the apartment, heading for the bedroom, Allison eagerly stripping his clothes from him as her body was slowly revealed to his caressing hands. Moaning as his lips traveled down her neck, she giggled when he playfully tossed her on the bed and began pulling off his pants.

Getting up on her hands and knees with her luscious ass pointing straight at him, she made a little pout with her mouth, her eyes as widely innocent as possible and asked, "Do you think we could try it like this tonight?"

Roger hesitated... trying to figure out if she was just trying to give him what she thought he wanted or if it was genuine wanting. "Why?" he finally ventured carefully.

"Well," said Allison, just as carefully although for a vastly different reason, "One of my friends told me that it feels different this way... and I was just wondering how."

Relieved and reassured that it was genuine curiosity on her part, Roger nodded. He'd done doggy-style before and it really wasn't his favorite position, but if it was what she really wanted to try... he began kissing her ankles, slowly working his mouth up her legs, switching back and forth between them as he moved. Allison moaned softly as his kisses sent tingles up her legs to her pussy... he was so good at the foreplay and after play (although she could do with a firmer hand most of the time), why could he be better at what was in between. Her legs were spread and her pussy leaking as her ass moved in the air by the time he was halfway up her thighs, her face pressed down on her forearms as she moaned her delight. Fingers and hands massaged her firm cheeks as his tongue began to slide enticingly up and down her wet slit... and she found herself wishing that its touch would include her tingling asshole as well... no such luck though.

Wiggling his tongue in her pink wet hole, Roger avoided her crinkled asshole as if it was fire. Getting in position behind her, he placed his hands on her hips as he began to push his dick into her wet hole, moaning at the slightly tighter fit the new position created. Allison moaned too, trying to press harder back against him, but the hands on her hips kept her from really controlling anything as usual. Slowly and gently, he even made love to her from behind. Frustrated, she started using one of her own hands to pinch her nipples roughly, making them burn with pain and pleasure as she twisted and rolled the tender buds. Heat collecting between her thighs as Roger slowly pumped her pussy and her nipples sent urgent messages to her clit, she let her hand slide down her smooth stomach and over the new hairy mound. She winced a little at the touch of her pubic hair, she still hated the way it looked and felt after having such a pleasant time with her shaved mound. It even seemed like Roger's dick didn't get as far into her as it could have with the mat of hair there.

Careful not to touch his slowly thrusting dick - she didn't want him to know that she was playing with herself while he made love to her - her fingers rubbed firmly against her clit, the friction making her body shudder.

"Does it feel different?" Roger's voice from behind her.

"Yes..." the breath hissed between her teeth as her fingers pinched her clit hard, "It feels really good..."

Her body moved of its own accord as she played with her swollen clit, twisting it slightly as she pinched, the pain intermingling with the pleasure... if only Roger would thrust a little faster and a little harder... oh well. Biting her lip to keep from screaming she crushed the tender bud between her fingers, tugging on it while her back arched and she came... it was the best orgasm she'd ever had with Roger. Her pussy convulsed around his dick and Roger just held himself in her as he moaned with the muscles massaging him... he'd felt her cum before but this was a little different.

Satisfied that she'd had her trial, he pulled out and helped her turn over, where he placed himself between her legs and slowly began making love to her in their usual way. Sighing a little, Allison tried not to feel too disappointed that he hadn't changed at all while they were in a new position. But at least it had been better than any other time since she could be rougher with herself while he was being all nice and gentle... it made them both happy. And now he could finish himself the way he liked too, and she could help. Moving as slowly and passionately as he could have wished, they kissed deeply while he thrust in and out of her soaking pussy. She still wished he could be a little rougher since she could tell that she would definitely be able to cum again if he was... but at least her edge was mostly off. It was one of the most encouraging things that had happened so far in bed.

As he moaned in her ear, murmuring her name as his cum spilled into her pussy, she held him tightly and nibbled on his neck. His dick was hard and pulsing inside her, and she couldn't help but wish that she was cumming with him, at the same time... and if he just knew what she wanted she could be. The teasing of his dick in her pussy had made her horny again... not enough to cum because he was moving so slowly, but enough that she wanted more...

Cuddling nuzzling after the fact, she gathered the courage to ask a question that had been burning inside her for quite awhile, "Roger?"

"Mmmm?" he nuzzled her shoulder with his lips as he lay on top of her, his dick softening inside her pussy.

"Would you ever want to um..." she tried to think of a way to phrase it less crudely, "Umm.. Well, would you ever want to do it... um.. In my butt?"

His whole body stiffened and so did hers in reaction. Pulling away he looked at her angrily, "Is that what you think of me? Someone who would want to degrade you in that way?"

"No! NO, Roger, you know I don't," her hands clutched at his shoulders as he began pulling himself out of and away from her.

"No, I don't know that, since you're always doing things that make it seem like you don't know that." he began grabbing his pants and pulling them on.

Watching him, the sheets clutched up around her chest, she pleaded, "Roger, please don't go, that's not what I meant at all, I promise! I just want to give you everything you want... I just need to know what you want and I had to ask."

"Why?" he demanded angrily, "Why would you think that I would want that?"

Her eyes filling with tears as she realized they were having their first real fight, and that it was because she had perverted urges that he didn't, she tried to keep from sobbing as she replied, "It's just that... I mean... well..." finally thinking of a lie, "Someone told me that all guys like to do girls in the butt, and I didn't want you to think that I wouldn't do something for you, just because it wasn't well... ladylike, you know if that's what you wanted." babbling, she was babbling.

It worked though, Roger looked down at her and his gaze softened somewhat at her tear-filled hazel eyes and trembling lower lip. Sighing, he finished pulling his shirt on and then sat on the bed next to her, kissing her softly and pulling her into his arms so that her head was nestled on his shoulder before he answered.

Stroking her hair, he told her, "Well I don't, I don't know about other guys but I don't. I would never want to degrade you in that way, and all I want is you and me making love, the way we have been." Putting a finger under her chin her lifted her face and kissed each of her eyelids and then her lips again. "Ok?" she nodded. "But I'm still going to go home tonight..."

She clutched at his shirt as he started to get up, "But you're not mad? It's not over?" Big eyes pleaded that everything be alright. He'd be a monster to deny those eyes.

"No," he smiled, "I'm not mad and it most certainly is not over. I just need to be alone for a little bit ok?" Tentatively she nodded, releasing the hold on his shirt very slowly. He kissed her one last time before he left.

Allison stayed up very late that night in the empty apartment, still in bed, still naked. Wondering just what was so wrong with her that she wanted so badly to be degraded...

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