tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 09

Allison's New Life Ch. 09


Allison pretty much avoided Roger for the rest of the week, telling him that she was very busy and that they'd just have to wait to see each other during their Friday night date. Each time, talking to him on the phone, she managed to need to 'rush off' for one reason or another, not giving him a chance to repeat his "I love you" during a time when it would require a response. In a lot of ways, she still felt guilty for the night she'd spent with Todd… even if Roger couldn't fulfill her that wasn't his fault… the worst part was that she'd probably have managed to break up with Roger if he hadn't uttered those ominous words. Now… how could she? There had to be a way to do it without hurting him, she just didn't know what it was. Well, she had this week to think about it. And at least Todd was out of town for awhile again, so she wouldn't be tempted to cheat on Roger over and over again. Surely she'd have something figured out by the time Todd got home…

She got a very nice surprise in the middle of the week when her package of toys was delivered… unfortunately she was running out the door when she almost tripped over the brown box, so she didn't have time to play. Ripping it open, she put the clamps on their chain in her purse and pushed the open box under her bed. The afternoon was spent at a friend's house, a get together with lots of her old high school friends. It was rather boring for the most part, but at least she could enjoy herself after she went to the bathroom and put on the clamps, moaning as she tightened them delightfully. Easing the hunger in her pussy a little as she walked around, talking to her friends, none of them guessing that underneath her clothing her nipples and clit were burning painfully and making her wet… although most of the guys noticed that her nipples were erect and they eyed her body. Feeling shameless and horny she actually went to the bathroom later again, tugging on the chain until she came, stuffing her fingers in her mouth to keep from moaning out loud as her body shuddered.

Hazel eyes glowing, she returned to the party, nipples more erect than ever. She couldn't wait to get back home and play.


Upon her return home, she pulled the clamps from her nipples and clit, rubbing the aching nubs as the blood returned. It hurt wonderfully, reminding her very much of all the times that she and Todd had spent together.

Definitely the perfect opportunity to watch the video. Eyes hungry, cheeks flushed, she watched hungrily as Todd began to shave her pussy… her hair was grown out again and she made a face as she ran her hands over the trimmed mound. It had been so nice to be smooth again… it was nice to watch the video again too. Todd was incredibly sexy and hot, she pinched her pert little nipples as he began to work the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Taking the clamps, she reattached them to her hard pink nipples, tightening them until they felt like ripe cherries about to burst on her chest, swollen and hard… pulling on the chain a little she groaned as the pain shuddered through her. Perfect. Eyes on the TV, she slathered the butt plug with Vaseline before sliding into her ass, just as Todd's thick cock was sliding into her ass on the screen before her. Working it back and forth in her ass, stretching the tight little hole open, she moaned and panted, using her other hand to tug on the chain.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she was shocked at how slutty she looked. Bent over on her knees on her bed, pressing a tan plug in and out of her ass, nipples clamped tightly with a chain hanging from them as her breasts swung gently beneath her body. But her cheeks were glowing, eyes sparkling, her expression was lustful… it was an extremely erotic sight and turned her on almost as much as watching the TV did. Wondering what Roger would make of her at that moment made her feel deliciously naughty, and she moaned loudly as she finished pressing the butt plug all the way into her ass, feeling her hole pop over the thickest part and close tightly. Closing her eyes, she pressed her fingertips against the base of the plug, making it rock inside her. Her ass felt full… stimulated… and very nice.

She sat on the bed, moaning happily as the plug pressed further into her ass as all her weight was rested on it. Turning on the slim vibrator, she giggled as it buzzed merrily, running it over her neck and pressing it lightly against her nipples, closing her eyes and straining her back a little as her aching nipples were gently vibrated. That felt good…

Seeing her reflection again, she turned off the TV so it would stop distracting her… the girl in the mirror was interesting to watch and something she hadn't seen before. She slid the vibrator down her stomach and spread her legs wide, leaning back against her bedpost so that she could see the base of the plug pressing into her ass, pussy open and spread. The purple vibrator slid along her pink pussy lips, making them tingle… it was missing something though. Pulling the vibrator away from her pussy, she spanked the open and pink flesh, crying out as it burned. Again and again her hand descended on her pussy lips, although she couldn't make her hand hit herself nearly as hard as she wished she could. It felt good though, pain and pleasure tingling through her, especially when she slid the vibrator up and down the wet slit in between slaps.

Finally her pussy was burning painfully enough for her, the outer lips looking rather pinkish as well, and she began to press the slim buzzing toy into her hole, shuddering as it pressed into her. Working it in and out of her pussy, she watched her reflection in the mirror, the purple stick disappearing in and out of her sopping hole… but it wasn't quite working. Bringing it out of her hole she pressed it back against her clit and moaned… yes, that's what was missing. Turning the vibrator on to its highest setting, she pressed it against the sensitive nub and rubbed, using her fingers to spread her pussy wide so that she could see it in the mirror. Tugging on the chain connecting her nipples, she could feel that familiar burning sensation in her pussy starting to grow, the little vibrator humming against her, and she rubbed it faster with the vibrator.

She could see herself in the mirror as her lips opened in a cry, juices glistening in her pink flesh and running down into her ass crack. Her nipples were bright red as she tugged the clamps from them, rubbing her clit as fast as she could with the purple vibrator, body jerking on the bed, making the butt plug jump and jerk inside her. It was much better than any experience she'd ever had with Roger, and she panted a little as the buzzing on her clit started to feel somewhat painful, pulling the vibrator away from her sensitive flesh. Looking at the satisfied girl in the mirror she ran a finger up the pink slit and licked it, tasting a happy pussy on her tongue. Touching her nipples she found that they were sore… but a good soreness.

Going to clean off her vibrator, she decided to leave the butt plug in for the moment. It just felt good there.

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