tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 10

Allison's New Life Ch. 10


That Friday, for the first time Roger invited Allison back to his place, apparently his roommate was gone for the night doing something with his family... she couldn't really think of a polite way to turn him down since he told her he wanted to skip the movie so that they could finally make love on his bed. At least she managed to get out of spending the night, telling him that she'd promised Diana some girl time after their date... she had a feeling that she'd be desperately needing that girl time too, especially since Diana had enthusiastically endorsed trying out the new strap-on dildo the next time Allison needed some relief. He had been very understanding, telling her that girl time was very important and that any time Diana needed her that was fine with him... Allison almost giggled as she thought of the expression he would have if he ever found out just what they did during girl time! Then again... it probably wouldn't be as funny as she was thinking... much less shock and a lot more hurt. She sighed a little, the humor gone.

It was becoming so usual... so routine... and she felt completely disengaged from this act which mean so much to him and made him feel so much for her. She felt like a complete phony, and she hated herself for not being what he wanted even as she hated that he couldn't what she needed. Neither of them were at fault, but surely this was something that couldn't go on forever.

Her body went through the motions of loving, heaving her hips beneath him without feeling more than the tingle of arousal and foreplay. The movements in and out of her were so gentle and slow that she wondered how she could have ever thought that this was what she wanted... perhaps there were some girls out there who wanted nothing more than a gentle attentive lover. Not her. Not her, Allison, not anymore.

No, Allison wanted something more than that. She wanted someone who swept her up off her feet and made her feel like a princess. Someone that made her temperature rise, feed the heat between her legs. Moving quickly, sure, confident in what he wanted. Passion, pure and unadulterated, heady fever that made people do the most ridiculous things. A man who pushed her boundaries, who took her to places she'd never been before, who could ignite cravings in her body and feed the constant hunger.

Pretending to moan and climax under Roger, she knew he wasn't that man for her. And that it was something she couldn't compromise on, that if she stayed with him she'd always return to Todd. There was some kind of connection between her and Todd, some kind of deep bond... she wouldn't call it love, but it might become that eventually if they were allowed to explore it. All she knew was that Roger would never be able to fulfill what she needed, and Todd might. The only possible future between her and the man who was moaning on top of her, spending his seed in her body, was deception, jealousy and misery. It made her feel very sad, and a bit sluttish... but she was also coming to understand that people change and that there was no sin in that. What would be a sin would be continuing things with Roger.

Not that she could break up with him now, not while his lips were buried in her hair, hands stroking her body as he murmured how wonderful she was. It wasn't that her ego needed his compliments, but to break up with a guy right after sex... it would completely undermine his own ego. Especially with a guy like Roger who only believed in making love, she couldn't do that to him after his expression of love.

Perhaps, she thought as he curled himself around her and fell asleep, perhaps she ought to stop having sex with him... and then after a bit she could break up with him gracefully, just saying that she didn't think they were right together. After a week or so of avoidances he would probably be feeling that something was wrong as well. Yes, yes that would work.

And in the meantime, she pulled her body out of his arms, kissing his forehead lightly, and went home to Diane. She was horny.

* * * * *

Strap-ons weren't quite as good as the real thing but they were close. Allison moaned passionately as Diana bit down on her nipples, pressing the thick rubber cock into her aching pussy... even with her friend sex was so much better. Of course, it might just be that Diana had decided to tie her up for this little endeavor - Allison was finding that bondage suited her very nicely. And her friend had decided to mimic Todd, tying Allison's arms up over her head and her legs to the headboard bedposts. It made it very easy for Diana to spank Allison's upturned ass cheeks - something she was doing while alternating with tugging on her pink nipples.

The rubber cock pressed into her gaping pussy, filling in one rough thrust. She moaned... "Oh God yes Diana.... Oh fuck me... fuck me hard you bitch.... Shove your dick in my cunt..."

"Oooo... I like the sound of that," her friend purred, the slightly smaller cock wriggled in her own pussy as she began to pump Allison's, pinching the raspberry nipples and twisting them painfully, "My dick is in your cunt you slut... I could fucking fuck you all night and never go soft!"

Later the two girls would exchange giggles about the things they had said to each other, but in the heat of the moment it was a turn on. Not to mention completely true. Diana pressed in and out of her, moaning as their pussies leaked fluid, enjoying having her friend bound on the bed in front of her. She spanked Allison as she thrust home, slapping the cheeks of her ass and watching the brunette's body jerk. Knocking the big boobs around, she watched them flop and bounce on her chest, nipples cherry red from the abuse they were taking.

"Fuck me harder you bitch... Oh God I need it... FUCK ME DIANA! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Allison's voice rose as she began to cum, her friend pumping incessantly in and out of her tender pussy, grinding against her clit. Her orgasm spread even higher and higher as Diana's body began jerking on top of hers, both of them cumming... and without either of the dicks inside them growing at all softer. Allison felt like she was completely lost in pleasure as her orgasm lifted her higher and higher, the rubber cock stirring her insides into a brew of ecstasy.

Finally Diana lay over her, both of them twitching a little as their bodies moved each other's and the dicks inside them shifted.

"Fuck..." Allison panted, "That felt fucking amazing."

"That Looked fucking amazing," said a voice from the doorway, and the two girls turned, surprised to see Chad standing there wanking his dick, "I don't suppose a guy can get some relief around here as well?"

Diana stared at him hungrily, wetting her lips... rubber cocks were well and all but nothing beat a real man... and she had had the smaller of the two dildos in her. She could definitely do with a ride. "Give us a moment baby," she said, slanted brown eyes winking. Pulling out of Allison she untied her friends hands, leaving her to untie her own legs as she took off the strap on.

"There's been something I've always wanted to try," she said, running her hands over Allison's body even though her eyes were on Chad, "Get underneath me honey, sixty-nine position," she told the brunette who immediately obliged and started distracting her by running her tongue over the pretty Asian's smooth thighs, "And you, bring that gorgeous cock over here... dip it in my pussy to get it wet and then fuck my ass while us girls do our thing."

"That sounds even hotter," Chad said lustfully, walking quickly towards the two girls.

"And it tastes good too," added Allison as she began lapping juices from Diana's pussing, sighing happily as her friend buried fingers and tongue into her own. Allison was not going to lack for anal play, not while Diana was around and certainly not while she was going to get her own ass plugged! Two fingers worked their way into Allison's tight hole as Chad's dick slid into her sopping pussy and then out and began pressing into her ass. The brunette beneath her had a first class view of Chad's dick splitting open her tight ass while licking her clit.

"FFffffffffffffffffuck..." Diana shuddered as Chad slid all the way, filling her ass a little uncomfortably, but with Allison licking at her clit it felt quite nice despite that. Pumping her fingers in and out of the ass in front of her, she busied herself with tasting Allison's sweet juices.

The three of them worked like that, Allison playing with Chad's balls and Diana's pussy, Diana with Allison's pussy and ass, and Chad pumping Diana's tight back hole with his raging hard-on. It wasn't too often that a guy managed to get into bed with two beautiful women, especially not two such randy ones. The room was filled with sexual moans and the heady, musky smell of aroused pussy as first Diana began to cum, her ecstatic moans into Allison bringing her off, and eventually the sounds of the two girls orgasming plus the intense clenching of the Asian's ass brought off Chad. The three collapsed in a heap on Diana's bed, panting happily.

"Always wanted to do that..." said Diana, cuddling Allison in her arms as Chad held her, "Fucking fantastic!"

"Next time Todd's in town," Allison said, "It's my turn."

"Oh good, I wanted to meet him anyway." Allison arched a possessive and curious brow at Diana who giggled, "Don't worry honey, I've got this guy back here and he's plenty horny enough to take care of me" Chad grinned and ground his hips against her cute ass, "It's just that I want to see the guy that could make you forget the fabulous Roger."

Allison made a face as the other two laughed.

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