tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 11

Allison's New Life Ch. 11


Hey Princess,

Thought that you might be missing some good hard sex, all of that making love stuff can get kinda monotonous... I found these in a shop in Amsterdam and they made me think of you. Have fun with them on your own and when I get back we'll both play with them.

Your Secret Admirer


Todd's way of signing letters to her still made Allison giggle at his idiocy... but at the same time it filled with a little flush of pleasure as well. Eagerly she opened the box that had come with the note, wanting to see what he's sent her.

Inside were four items. The first was obviously a vibrator, but it looked to be very high-tech, glossy silver and with an awful lot of buttons and dials on a box that was attached to it by a wire. Looking over the instructions she saw that it had 10 speeds of vibration, could twirl inside her, pulse, vibrate rapidly, and also had little pearls at the bottom that could travel along the outside of the vibrator. There was also a little hummingbird sticking out of the top of it for her clit... just looking at the very expensive instrument of pleasure made her tingle with excitement. There were also two suction cup looking things that had tubes connecting them and also a little squeeze ball type thing; on top of each of the suction cups there were little bullet looking vibrators attached to them.

The box for these said that squeezing the ball while the suction cups were over her nipples would make a vacuum inside the cups, the suction could be pleasurable or painful depending on how many times you squeezed the ball. And yes, the little bullets were vibrators. Just handling the toy made her nipples hard with anticipation. The last toy in the box was an anal probe, 8" long and 2" diameter it was covered with ridges, and was also a vibrator. All the toys already had batteries in them as she found out when she pressed a button on the vibrator, making it spin slowly on its base. Oh yes, Todd was definitely thinking about her over there. Just the fact that the toys were so thoughtfully tailored to her tastes - and yet were things that she probably never would have been brave enough to buy herself made her appreciate him more. Even from overseas he was managing to push her boundaries a little.

The very last item in the box was a video, which made her very curious and a little apprehensive... surely he wouldn't send her a video of him an another girl in Europe? Not that she could fault him for sleeping with someone else while he was away... after all, she had Roger (even if he didn't get her off the way she wanted she was still sleeping with him), but it wasn't like she wanted to watch.

When the video came on her jaw dropped, pretty mouth hanging wide open in disbelief... it was their date where she'd gone to his office! The security tape... fast forwarding it she came to where it segue-wayed into her sucking the black security guy off and then getting eaten out by the pretty blonde. She was shaking when she came to the end, and she didn't know what the emotion was but she thought it might be anger. That bastard! He'd actually made another tape while they were there with the security cameras and kept it! As she started the tape over, seeing him playing with her breasts in front of the big window in his office, her head tilted back and moaning... she started to lose a lot of the anger and started getting aroused. After all, it wasn't as if he was trying to blackmail her with it (not that he needed to anyway), he'd just kept it for his own pleasure. Really, she couldn't blame him at all, she had kept her own tape of their first night after all.

Watching his mouth play on her breasts, her nipples started to ache and one hand reached out to grab the suckers. Pulling her shirt over her head, her big breasts swayed gently as she placed each sucker over a nipple, holding them in place with one hand, and then used her other hand to squeeze the ball.

OOOOOOOOoooooooo... Fuck that felt good. Her nipples felt like they were firmly pinched, being crushed a little between someone's fingers. Squeezing the ball again her head fell back as little jolts of pain spiked her breasts, sending aroused tingles all the way down to her pussy. Oh this was good... even better than the clamps... squeezing the ball again she moaned, and looked down to see her little nibs sticking very far out into the suckers, along with the pink flesh of her areola . They looked a little disfigured. Turning on the vibrator on each of the suckers she shuddered as the pleasure ran through her. This was almost as good as if Todd was here... the fact that these were presents from him did turn her on even more, she had to admit.

Pulling off her pajama pants and thong, she bent over the coffee table, one hand on it to keep her balanced with her eyes glued to the television. Breasts hung down beneath her, nipples vibrating and tingling with pain; sliding the probe into her pussy she got it wet with her juices, and even pumped it in and out of her a few times, liking its thickness and the ripples on it. Bringing it up a bit further, she bent over a little more as she began to press it into her ass, watching as Todd fucked her up against the cold window on the TV. The probe was nearly as thick as he was, and it made her shudder and whimper as she pressed it in, the ripples making her asshole pop over every inch of it. It felt fantastic.

Sitting on the couch, careful not to let the handle press into her ass, she sat on the edge so that she was slumped over, her ass and pussy hanging off the edge of the couch. Twisting the end of the probe, she groaned loudly as it began to vibrate in her ass. The scene on TV had changed, she was in the security room, the big black cock sliding down her throat as Todd fondled the blonde's huge breasts. Pumping the vibrator in her ass, she felt like she might cum just from the anal stimulation... she kept stretching her ass with the toy as she watched herself cum on the blonde's mouth. Rewinding the tape quickly, she started it over so she could watch herself with Todd again.

Pressing the probe deep into her ass, she turned its vibrations up all the way and writhed in pleasure as she started working the vibrator into her sopping pussy. Despite its girth it slid in easily from all her juices, and she let out a small cry as she turned the vibration onto pulse, feeling little shocks of pleasure in her wetness as it began. She turned it to a steady vibration as she switched on the little hummingbird, her entire body arching as it hummed against her clit, vibrating the little nub. Oh fuck... this was fucking amazing... her body seemed to be filled with pleasure and passion... her holes full of vibrating, gyrating toys.

Turning the setting on the vibrator so that the little beads would start moving over its surface, she then squeezed the ball on the suction cups again, crying out as the vacuum bit into her breasts painfully, her nipples completely distorted inside the suction cups. Flicking the hummingbird on to full blast, she held the vibrator inside her pussy and began pumping the one in her ass, screaming out her fulfillment, seeing Todd in her mind.


Brown curls flew everywhere as her body thrashed, the vibrating toys driving her sensitive flesh over the edge as they continued to hum inside her and on her without stop. Sobbing her ecstatic pleasure, she frantically started turning them off as her orgasm continued. Finally she was just twitching on the couch, shuddering with little after-quakes of pleasure as she pulled the probe and vibrator from her body. She was about to take off the suction cups when a movement in the door caught her attention and she turned.


His eyes were glued to the screen, and she turned to look, watching the changeover from Todd fucking her to the black cock starting to slide down her throat.


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