tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 13

Allison's New Life Ch. 13


Now that Allison and Roger were no longer together she felt much better about everything... although it did mean that Friday nights were a little more lonely at least she wasn't totally consumed with guilt. And she heard, a week later, that he was dating another girl from across town. She smiled because she recognized the name (and reputation.) - they'd be perfect together. Roger would finally get what he deserved at last... and as for her... well. It was too soon to tell.

Todd did call once, just for a quick call in between his business... she found out that he was enjoying Holland and that no he hadn't slept with any girls, he was much too busy with work anyway. She thanked him for the tape and the toys and he laughed, saying that it was his pleasure. Telling him about her first use of them she thought he got quite a lot of amusement out of the fact that his present had caused her break-up with Roger - amusement and satisfaction. There was a definite feeling of possessiveness towards him on her part, and she got the feeling that he was very happy that she was no longer with Roger. Although she did tell him that she and Diana were occasionally doing stuff together he didn't seem to mind that at all - not even that Chad had joined in the one time. Maybe since he'd been the one to introduce her to sex with Chad it didn't bother him - that or he just didn't find him threatening. After all, it wasn't like she could date her step-cousin. That kind of made her giggle, the fact that she couldn't date him but she'd slept with him. The little ironies of life.

It was a short phone call, with a wistful goodbye... oh how she wished that he was home... it wasn't just that she was horny (although she was) or craving rough sex (which she definitely was), she wanted to get their relationship (Did they have one?) sorted out. Everything was undefined right now and she didn't want it to be. She wanted to know where she stood with him, because she had the sinking feeling that in her heart he stood first in line. Otherwise maybe things with Roger would have worked out differently. It wasn't just that he could fulfill her needs, it was also that they had fun together, and that she wanted a man who could push her boundaries. She liked that when she was with him everything was headier, more passionate, she always felt intensely female and vulnerable. Just talking to him on the phone... if he'd told her to do something she would have. It was strange, very strange knowing that she would completely submit to whatever he asked - her, who had always been in complete control of every relationship - but nice at the same time.

She was rather moody after his call, moping a little around the house with occasional moments of cheerfulness when she thought about the fact that he seemed to return interest in her. Diana got exasperated with her behavior finally.

"That's it!" The diminutive Asian stood in front of her, hands on her hips and brown eyes sparking, "You need to get laid girl, you are way too depressed. You need a good fuck and an orgasm." Allison looked up at her from her curled up position on the couch, Chad was standing in the doorway to Diana's room just laughing as the much shorter girl ordered her friend around, "You haven't even played with yourself have you?" The Asian girl glared as Allison shook her brown curls. "That's it! Into the bedroom with you!"

"Diana... that's sweet, but I just really don't feel like..." Diana interrupted Allison right in the middle of her sentence.

"CHAD! Get over here and help me get this girl's ass into the bedroom." The dominating little lady glared at both of them, especially Allison as she protested.

"No, Chad, it's ok... DON'T!" He tossed her over his shoulder and smacked her ass for good measure.

"Sorry Allison, Diana's the boss for me," Hefting her a little on his shoulder he carried her into her own bedroom and plopped her down on the bed.

"You guys..." she pleaded a little.

"Shut up or I'll gag you, you're getting laid whether you like it or not." The look in Diana's eye told Allison that she meant exactly what she said. Laughing a little, Allison lay back on the bed, letting Chad lean down to kiss her. Their tongues met as Diana pulled out the box with the toys, she also grabbed a pair of Allison's pantyhose.

As Allison and Chad kissed, Diana helped pull Allison's shirt off so that a very masculine pair of hands ran over her large breasts, and she shivered as Diana lifted her arms above her head. Tying the brunette's wrists together, Diana then secured them to the headboard, so that Allison couldn't move her arms at all - her slender body was completely stretched out underneath Chad's.

"There," said Diana, "Now this is going to be all about you... mostly." an impish grin and she leaned down to kiss Allison as Chad's mouth moved to her pink nipples. The two girls kissed passionately as Chad's tongue flicked over her little pebbles, teeth nipping them gently. Allison moaned and shivered as his hands cupped her tits and squeezed roughly, milking her teats as he sucked hard on her cherry bud. Diana started stripping as Chad began rolling Allison's pants down her hips, and soon both girls were naked. As Diana lowered her pussy to Allison's face, pressing her own tongue between Allison's pink nether lips, Chad undressed as he avidly watched the lesbian action going on.

Allison's bound body rolled as Diana sat up to pull on her nipples, her pussy now completely open over Allison's licking tongue. Chad spread Allison's long legs and plunged his dick into her dripping cunt, making her squeal with pleasure into Diana's pussy as she was stretched wonderfully. Diana rode her face, pulling hard on her nipples as Chad pounded her pussy hard... it was sexual bliss with her tongue covered with Diana's musky juices and a thick hard cock really fucking the shit out of her pussy. She was writhing with the pleasurable pain coming from her nipples as they were twisted and pulled, tingles that went straight to her pussy where Chad was stretching her open over and over again, his body rubbing against her clit as he leaned forward to kiss Diana.

When Diana came she pulled hard on Allison's nipples, using them to grind her pussy even further down into the mouth below her, and the intense pain in her chest caused an instant orgasm as her nipples were crushed. Lower body filled with heat and pleasure, her pussy rippled and clenched, burning with fire as she thrashed beneath the onslaught of Chad's cock The sight of his girlfriend cumming all over Allison's face and the tight grip of her pussy caused Chad to groan and start spurting his juices into the orgasmic pussy, filling her aching hole with hot cum.

Diana pulled herself off Allison and started kissing her as Chad rolled to the side to watch, reaching a hand over to fondle their breasts occasionally. They kissed and licked, Diana cleaning Allison's face of her own juices, tongues rubbing as their breasts pressed together. Pulling the box onto the bed Diana began to look through it.

"Ohh... these look like fun..." Diana attached the suckers to Allison's nipples, eyes getting big as the little nubs were sucked into the vacuum of the suction cups, distorted bumps inside the cups. Turning on the vibration she watched as Allison thrashed, "You know, I think I'm a little jealous." Further searching revealed the Y-shaped clamps which she put on her own nipples and clit, shivering delightedly at the sensation of slight pain in her sensitive regions. Grabbing the rippled anal vibrator she got between Allison's legs, and pressed it against her ass - it was already well lubricated from her juices which had dripped down her crack while she was being fucked.

The ripples on the shaft of the vibrator made Allison moan again, especially as Diana could work it in and out and eat her pussy at the same time. Chad's cum was seeping out of it, Diana's small pink tongue licking up their combined orgasms, making the pussy in front of her pink and clean. Pumping Allison's ass with the vibrator she turned it onto a low setting, shoving it deeper and deeper into the tight hole as her tongue wriggled in Allison's pussy.

Chad couldn't stand watching anymore without being involved and he arranged his hips over Allison's face, lowering his semi-hard dick into her mouth. She immediately began sucking energetically, writhing with the pleasure that Diana had filled her body with, using her tongue to clean their juices from his dick. Her mouth was filled with sexual tastes, all of their cum mingled on her tongue... it made her incredibly horny and she ran her tongue over his cockhead, making him moan and press it deeper into her mouth as he started getting harder. When he was completely hard, the head of his cock pressing into her throat, he pumped a few more times and then pulled out to move behind Diana. With just one smooth thrust he pressed his aching dick into the tightness of her ass, making her groan loudly into Allison's dripping cunt as she was stretched a little painfully. Her tight ass massaged his cock as the muscles adjusted, getting used to the invader. Just holding himself there, he sighed with happiness, reaching around her body to begin tugging gently on the chain connecting the clamps.

As pleasure spread through Diana's body she began pumping Allison's ass even harder, licking faster and rougher over the pink flesh. Allison's body was stretched out, arms high above her head while her boobs bounced and jiggled, back arched as she pressed her pussy into Diana's mouth, and her nipples painfully pinched in the tight vacuum of the suction cup. Her hazel eyes were glowing with excitement and lust as her body was pleasured, and watching the scene between her legs was making her even hotter. It was obvious that Diana was getting a royal ass-fucking, although Allison was getting an even better one as Diana plunged the probe in and out of her body, twisting it as she shoved it in and pulled it out, the swirls on it making her asshole a veritable haven of sexual delights.

The three moved in unison, heaving and moaning, the entire room smelling and sounding like sex. Finally Allison screamed out the arrival of her orgasm, the probe twisting in her ass and churning her insides, and Diana sucked the little pink clit into her mouth and bit gently as her friend's scream went higher and higher. Allison was sobbing by the time she finally began to come back to earth, her body completely overcome by the intensity of the orgasm that had swept over her. With the probe still in her ass, she watched as Diana began to attend to her own feelings, long black hair sweeping over her forearms as she rested on them. Behind her Chad was grunting and heaving his buttocks vigorously in and out of his tight hole, face contorted with passion and lust as he ravaged her tight hole. His fingers plucked at the chain, making her nipples and clit throb with each thrust, and she finally started cumming, moaning loudly.

Allison watched, fascinated, as Diana moaned and shook, obviously orgasming as Chad continued to plunder her ass, thrusting hard. In some ways she wished that her hands were free so that she could help her friend to even higher heights of orgasmic bliss, but at the same time there was something very erotic about being bound and watching it happen. As Diana slumped over, completely exhausted, Chad thrust hard one last time and his back arched as he dug his dick in deep, shooting the last of his cum deep into her petite body.

All three of them curled up, Diana kissing Allison's lips gently as she unbound her friend's hands... they fell asleep holding each other with Chad's arms around them both.


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