tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 17

Allison's New Life Ch. 17


Allison was pretty good that week - even though on Monday Diana invited her to join in with her and Chad again. Her friend seemed understanding that she didn't want to crawl into bed with any new guys, but her refusal to have another threesome with her and Chad made her friend a little confused. Later that night Allison explained the reasons for it to her and she seemed to understand… although the mischievous parts of her couldn't help but test Allison.

Tuesday morning when Allison walked by Diana's room the door was wide open and her friend was loudly shouting her glee as she bounced on Chad's dick. Ruefully, Allison shook her pretty brown curls and moved on, even though the image lingered in her mind. Diana demanded that Chad walk naked around the house to tease Allison even more… that evening as she watched TV Diana came up behind her and tried to slide her hands down her shirt. But she remained firm.

Apparently a challenge was something Diana couldn't just give up though. Wednesday morning she came into the shower while Allison was in it and insisted that they wash each other. It was extremely hard not to retire to the bedroom afterwards as Diana thoroughly washed her body - including the insides of her pussy and ass with her fingers. Although she returned the favor she left her friend wanting as well, keeping it strictly to washing. Now though, with her breasts almost completely recovered from the weekend she was more horny then ever - especially with the heavy amount of teasing that was going on. She went out during the afternoon and didn't come back until late in the night, not wanting to give her good behavior too much of a test.

Thursday morning she woke up moaning with Diana's face buried in her pussy. It was far too much for her to resist and she lifted her mouth to the dripping pussy that was in front of her face. Licking lasciviously she sucked the juices from her friend's sweet pussy, circling her asshole with juices before pressing a finger into the tight hole. To her surprise she felt the blunt rippled end of the probe pressing into her ass… Diana was really making sure that she wasn't able to resist. Groaning into the wetness as her ass was filled and began to buzz, she pressed a second finger into Diana's hole.

To her surprise her friend sat back on her face, fingers deep in her back door, and held her legs spread wide. A dick began to work its way into her pussy and she squealed, she couldn't see who it was and while having sex with Diana might give her some reprieve from one of Todd's punishments having sex with a guy definitely wouldn't. Unfortunately with one of her hands up Diana's ass and her face squished under her friend's body she didn't have much of a chance.

After a few moments of her pussy being stretched wonderfully while the vibrator in her ass pleasured both of them she wasn't sure she wanted to. Diana played with her nipples, eliciting a small amount of pain from the puffy buds as she twisted them, moving her hips over Allison's lips. Sticking her tongue straight out she gave in to her lust, licking the sweet juices from her friends pussy and moving her hips up to meet the guy's thrusting groin. She was already screwed anyway, might as well get fucked.

Very happy that her friend had decided to cooperate Diana lifted herself from Allison's face and turned around, lowering herself on top of her friend's body to exchange kisses. Over her shoulder Allison could see Chad pumping away at her pussy, an ecstatic expression on his face. Lately Diana had used his holes more than he'd used any of hers and Allison's pussy felt exquisite after that long denial. Even better, Diana lowered her body atop of Allison and now he had a stack of holes to choose from. Letting Allison's legs go he began switching back and forth between the girl's holes, fucking one and then the other. They passionately kissed and played with each other's breasts as he moved back and for the between them. Fucking one for awhile and then the other Chad was in a male's fantasy heaven.

Finally Diana got back up and pulled herself off Chad's dick (to his disappointment) settling her pussy back over Allison's pretty face. Spreading the girl's legs wide the pretty Asian ground her pussy down onto her friend's tongue as she hissed her orders, "Fuck her pet, fuck her hard and cum in that gorgeous pussy."

Not one to go against Diana's orders - especially when they were such a great end for him - he immediately set to his task with gusto. Body stretched and her face covered with musky juices Allison began to wail into Diana's pussy as she came, the dick in her cunt pounding her hard and mercilessly. Jerking and quivering she quickly got Chad cumming in her pussy, he was so unused to such pleasurable stimulation to his dick lately.

Diana continued to grind on top of her and pull at her nipples until the pretty Asian came to her own howling orgasm. Panting she fell off to the side, smiling at her friend's pussy covered face.

"Fuck…" moaned Allison, "I'm so dead when Todd comes home…"

"Don't tell him," Diana said practically.

Allison looked at her and replied quietly, "I can't do that."

Something about the look in her eyes convinced Diana that this was territory that she'd never been in before.

"Well," she said finally, "You're already going to be punished… so let's just have some more fun."

Allison sighed, "Fine, but just you and me. I might be able to get off a little easier with that… sorry Chad." He shrugged, fairly used to denial at this point. And hell, he'd gotten pussy for the first time in two weeks, not a bad deal.

He left the bedroom then, going to make breakfast… it was two more hours before the girls joined him and when they did they were freshly cleaned.

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