tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 18

Allison's New Life Ch. 18


Allison woke up on Saturday morning extremely excited, about to bounce out of bed she suddenly realized she couldn't move. Something was holding her wrists and ankles... in fact she was completely spread out... and there was also a gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. Screeching she started wriggling frantically - this was NOT the day for Diana to be playing tricks!

Almost as soon as she started to move the blindfold was removed and she looked up into the stern brown eyes of Todd and her heart nearly stopped with joy... until she registered his expression and the fact that Diana was standing behind him with an extremely smug look on her face. Then her heart sank a little.

"Hello Princess," his voice was quiet and not very welcoming, "Diana tells me that you've been a very bad girl."

Shivering, she tried to shake her head, hazel eyes trying to tell him that Diana had started it all. Running his hand down the center of her body he made her moan, lifting her hips to try and meet his fingers but they pulled away just as they reached her sensitive mound. Behind him Diana stepped forward and then began curling her smaller body around Todd's, hand reaching down to wrap around his thick dick - her fingers could barely touch when she held it. Jealousy and anger burned in hazel eyes as she watched her friend bend down to lick pre-cum off the tip.

"I figure this is a good punishment," Todd told her as he helped Diana get on her hands and knees over Allison's body, pink pussy only inches above her face, "You fucked her boyfriend and now she gets to fuck yours."

The joy of hearing Todd proclaim himself her boyfriend was definitely diminished by him getting into position behind Diana and begin pressing that gorgeous and incredibly thick cock into someone else's wet pussy. Not only that, but the entire scene was happening about 4 inches from her face, she couldn't help but watch as his tip nudged against pink wetness and then Diana's pussy hole began to spread open. Slowly, so slowly it stretched around his thick cock, and Allison moaned her envy as Diana panted and gasped.

"OHHHH.... that's fucking thick.... pound me with that thick meat baby..." Diana was groaning as he began working his dick in and out, letting Allison get a great view as his balls began slapping against her friend's clit wetly. Wriggling beneath their fucking bodies Allison felt turned-on, despairing and angry all at once, that was her dick dammit! She was supposed to be the one getting the pounding from that thick meat! It was her pussy that was supposed to be stretched out around him! Instead she was inches away from the fucking that was meant to be hers, only able to watch and squirm underneath them as fragrant juices began slipping from Diana's pussy to fall onto her face.

It was sheer torture as they fucked above her, especially when Todd began slapping her friend's firm ass increasing the flow of dirty words coming from the pretty Asian's mouth. Allison wanted to plug her ears... it wasn't that she couldn't close her eyes at any time but it was like a train wreck, she couldn't tear her eyes away.

Finally Todd's hand reached around Diana's body to rub that pretty pink clit, making Allison's pussy throb with need as she watched her friend begin to spasm and convulse around his dick, more juices spilling onto her face. Then Todd's dick buried itself in that quivering cunt, and she could see just the base of his dick pulsing as Diana's pussy drank in the spunk that should have been hers! Almost tearful she was pulling hard at her bonds without even realizing it.

When they had finished Diana kissed Todd on the lips, "Thanks... I needed that." and then pranced out of the room, leaving Todd with Allison's bound body.

For a moment he just sat looking at the doorway where the pretty Asian had just left, "That girl needs someone to take control of her." Allison writhed in jealousy and he looked down, laughing as he realized what she thought he meant, "Not me... I have my hands full with you." and one of those hands ran down chest, pinching one pink swollen nipple so that she arched her back for more. Reaching over to the other nipple he murmured, "Yes, I definitely have my hands full, and as pretty as she is," Again that flash of jealousy, "She doesn't have the same effect on me that you do."

To her surprise and satisfaction Allison saw that he was hard again... yes she definitely had some kind of effect on him that just being next to him could make him perk up like that. Getting between her legs he slid straight into her, his dick already heavily lubricated from Diana's orgasm. There was no foreplay, no gentleness, no concern for what Allison might want. It didn't matter, within a few minutes of him pumping hard at her pussy she was cumming ecstatically, shuddering and gasping behind her gag. No, Chad definitely didn't do this to her, just as Diana didn't do it for him. He came with her, basking in the feel of her pussy rippling around his cock.

When he pulled the gag from her mouth she immediately began kissing him, whimpering disappointment when he left to untie her ankles and then lifting her head to kiss all the body parts that she could reach while he untied her arms. As soon as she was free she wrapped all her limbs around him possessively as he did the same to her, hugging her close. Their bodies were completely tangled and intertwined before they were both content.

And then... silence.

After awhile Allison whispered, "I missed you."

"I missed you too," and then his voice got a littler harder and his arms a little tighter as he asked, "But you did need to be punished after sleeping with Chad when I told you not to."

Snuggling her head into his shoulder, trying to escape his condemnation she told him, "Diana tricked me... she wanted to get me in trouble."

"I know," he chuckled and she pulled back abruptly to look at him with an expression of complete indignation which made him laugh outright, "Don't worry, she'll get her punishment too. But you did disobey even if you didn't mean to." He kissed her deeply, tongue probing in her mouth and she melted against him, anger and indignation forgotten.

They spent that morning in bed, cuddling and talking with a brief break where he got too antsy being so close to her body and pushed her curly brown head down to his groin. Immediately she began licking and sucking at him, cleaning the fluids from her and Diana from his body and taking him into her mouth. It felt so good to have him there, so right to feel his length pressing into her throat and his hands wound around her curls. Fondling his balls with one hand she sucked hard and bobbed her head until he pressed her firmly against his crotch and unloaded another load of cum down her throat. She continued sucking him until he finally pulled her off of his dick, wanting to hold her again and run his hands over her body.

Eventually they got up, took a shower (more fooling around in the shower of course) and then went out to eat lunch prepared by a waddling Chad. Apparently Diana's activities this morning in Allison's bedroom hadn't completely satisfied her sexual needs and Chad had fulfilled the rest. Todd raised one eyebrow at this new side to his old frat buddy, but didn't say a word, although Allison thought he definitely disapproved of seeing his old friend in a position of a subordinate, especially when it was under someone he didn't see as dominant.

After lunch Todd took her back to his apartment, where he said he had a surprise for her. Bouncing on his bed, breasts and curls bobbled as she anxiously waited while he left the room. Lying back she sensuously stretched on the bed that had really begun it all, loving the feel of his expensive sheets against her smooth skin. She was still in this stretched out and erotic position when Todd came back into the room and his dick jumped a little at the sight of her casual pose. Hazel eyes sparkling she sat up in excitement.

"Ok Princess," he murmured, and pulled out a very long length of black rope. Standing in front of her he took her wrists and tied them behind her back, then flipped her arms up so that her wrists were in the center of her back and her elbows were bent. Bringing the rope around to the front he tied it in and X shape between her breasts and then wrapped it around her breasts in a figure eight, binding the actual globes of flesh tightly. Tying that around her slender waist he picked her up and placed her in the center of the bed. There were now two still very long ends of rope on either side of her body. Wrapping each one just above her knees on her thighs he then tied that to the bedposts on the headboard of the bed.

Allison was very impressed with these new techniques. Her hands were completely useless and yet weren't too uncomfortable, her legs were now bent at the knee but still spread wide apart and where forced up into the air. Hard nipples poked out between her spread legs as her breasts were swollen and slightly pink looking, standing at attention. She liked the way her body looked, all bound in rope like this and vulnerable. Panting a little, her pussy already drenched, she looked up with excited eyes to see what was next.

"Don't talk unless I tell you to." He smiled as she nodded, already following his directions. Taking a small tube of cream he put some onto his finger and then pressed it straight into her vagina hole... it felt kind of dry and Allison looked up at him in confusion. It wasn't like she needed any lubricant at all. Smiling at her he said, "It's to tighten you up even more... not that you need it, I just figured it might be fun to really stretch you out again. It's called Virgin Cream." Oh. Allison nodded, with a thick dick like Todd's it would definitely be nice to really be stretched out, that was one of her favorite parts of sex with him.

Humming a little to himself he picked up a whip that she had never seen before. Long, it had at least 10 different strands and the last inch of each of those strands was separated into four more strands. Snapping it in the air, Todd smiled as she flinched at the noise.

"No sound ok?" Allison nodded even though she looked up at him a little fearfully.


He smacked her right boob, the multi-strands on the ends snapping into her flesh painfully and making her jerk against the ropes holding her in place... damn that hurt.


It hit her left boob and she jerked again, trying not to scream.


Todd went back and forth, brown eyes lustful as he whipped her tits, catching her nipples with the strands and leaving marks all over her flesh. Writhing, Allison bit her lip and managed not to make any noise although it felt like her boobs were on fire. She was also getting hornier with each crack of the whip, wanting to feel it his her breast and burn, wishing that each stroke would hit her tender nipple so that she could feel that tingle of heat that would fire straight to her pussy.

After 10 strokes to each breast Todd smiled at her, "Good girl... now if you can keep being good I'll only give you 5. If you're bad it'll be 10. You can make some noise, but no screaming."

Looking up at him, a little confused and afraid, her eyes widened as he brought the whip down aiming directly for her spread and vulnerable pussy. The strands hit it wetly, splaying over her inner thighs, and her mound. She shuddered and a little moan emitted. Again and again, each stroke making it burn more. Then it hit the inside of her labia, thrashing her extremely sensitive inner parts and one strand even flicked painfully against her clit. Sucking in breath she managed, just barely, not to scream as she writhed and he hit her again. It was a fight not to let loose with a loud scream, but she managed to swallow it, tears streaming down her pretty face.

"Good girl..." he crooned, and began untying her legs. Allison felt extremely proud that she'd not only withstood the assault but she'd kept quiet while doing it. Leaving her arms bound behind her and her breasts in the tight grip of the ropes, he lifted her body up and onto his lap. Pressing his dick to her entrance he began to lower her onto him, groaning at the incredible tightness of her pussy. To him it felt like she might be tight enough to rub the skin off his dick now, despite the fact that she was soaking wet. For Allison it was like losing her virginity all over again, burning pleasure as he pressed into her, the outside of her pussy throbbing from the beating and her insides feeling extremely tight and squashed as he stretched her open. Leaning her head back she panted as she slid all the way onto him, it hurt because he'd had her be on top.

"Fuck me," he ordered her, and she bent her knees, tucking her legs under her so that she could lift herself up and down on him. It was hard work with her hands bound behind her back, but she liked it too, liked feeling like she was just there for him to play with. Feeling special, feeling like a possession, like she was his and that was all that mattered, whether or not she got any pleasure out of it. But she did get pleasure out of it and her pussy burned with heat while her legs burned with the effort. When he leaned forward to catch one nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on the erect and swollen bud, she convulsed a little on top of him as pleasure swept through her body.

Switching back and forth between her bound breasts, sucking to leave marks on each on, he began to move his hips underneath her, helping her motions. Hands behind her back he started untying her and she gasped as her breasts started to tingle with renewed blood flow, her hands aching a little as they were freed from their somewhat awkward position.

Now they could really fuck, and she used her arms as leverage on his shoulders to really grind her body down on top of him, her pussy slowly starting to loosen a little as she rode him. Panting and heaving she moaned loudly as he bit down on her nipple, rolling it with his teeth. Digging her nails into his shoulder she was rewarded as he sank his teeth deeper and pulled his head back, tugging at the sensitive bud. Leaning forward to try and follow him he continued to pull away until it popped painfully out of his mouth and then he reached forward with his lips to capture the other.

Running his hands down her back he found her tight ass hole, and began working two fingers into the slick hole, filling both her holes. Allison moaned and ground down some more, liking the feeling of having him lodged in her body, the way that her ass felt completely stuffed even though it was just his fingers. It wasn't quite the experience of being sandwiched, but she liked it even better because it was just her and Todd. Wrapping her fingers in his wavy black hair she lowered her head to suck on his ear, moving her hips against his thrusts, feeling him deep in her body and rubbing against her clit. The thrusting beneath her became harder and more powerful as she nibbled his earlobe, and she was forced to open her mouth to let out a pleasured moan as everything started tingling.

Clutching his face to her chest she threw back her own head and her curls swayed behind her as she began screaming, "OH FUCK!!!!!!!! OH TODD!!! FUCK!!!! I'M CUMMING TODD!!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!! OH GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All her weight was pressing down on him, her hips moving back and forth and from side to side as she rode out her orgasm, and he wrapped his arms around her back and pressed down on her shoulders. It took all his effort not to cum as her pussy gave his dick rippling massages with its muscles, spasming around his shaft while moaned and gasped.

"Mmmmmm...." she sighed as she relaxed onto his shoulder, breathing in the smell of his sweat and their sex, "That was nice..."

"Yes," he began to run his fingers up and down her back, "And what's even nicer is that I didn't cum yet..."

"MMMMMMMMMmmmmm...." she began moving her hips on his lap again, "That sounds very nice..."

"Get up Princess," pulling back she pouted at him a little but followed his order. Getting up, he helped her off the bed and over to the window, opening up the blinds. It was a full length window pretty much, and although it faced a park at the moment there was no one there. Still, Allison had originally been curious and now she was very turned on... just the idea that someone might walk by while they were fucking three stories up was very exciting.

"Ooh.... I like this," she smiled at him as he got behind her, pressing her forward against the cold glass. She shrieked a little as her round breasts were flattened against the window, and then writhed sensuously as he forced half of his dick into her ass. After his fingers had been in it for a little while it was a little stretched out, and even though she whimpered a little when he pushed the rest in with one more thrust she got into the rhythm very quickly. The glass in front of her slowly warmed with her breath and her body, her hot panting covering the part where her face was as he pressed her against the window with each thrust. Cool smoothness felt good on her breasts, making the nipples hard little points which were crushed with the rest of her round globes against the surface.

Putting her hands at head height to balance herself she began pushing back towards him, burying him even faster and farther into her stretched hole. God it felt good to really be opened up back there, her ass gripping him tightly as he pulled out and bearing down on him as he pushed back in. She felt like a dirty whore, standing in the window with all her wares on display, blatantly being assfucked against the clear surface. Through the cloudiness that her breath had made on the window she thought she could see someone out in the park, a figure that was facing them while she was fucked from behind.

Todd could see them too and his response was to begin fucking her more brutally, putting his arms under her thighs and lifting her so that her legs were spread, pussy pointing towards the window. All that was holding her upper body up was her hands on the window and her lower body was supported by the thick dick that was spearing her asshole. It was intoxicating heady pleasure, dirty and sick for her to get off on being anally fucked in front of a stranger... and yet she was. She was getting off a lot... the burning was filling her up even though he hadn't touched her pussy. It was a different kind of burning, slowly growing in the shivers that the naughtiness of it all gave her, growing in her bowels as she was stretched and filled.

"Fuck me... oh God Todd Fuck my ass... fuck my dirty ass.... oh God you're stretching me out... it hurts so good...." It did hurt, being held up like this, having to hold herself up as her ass was brutally speared over and over, but God did it feel good., "Oh Todd.... you're in my ass... oh you're fucking me in my ass... USE ME.... OH GOD TODD.... USE MY LIKE A FUCK TOY.... I'M YOUR DIRTY LITTLE GIRL.... YOU DIRTY SLUT.... OH FUCK TODD... FUCK ME!!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD YOU'RE IN MY ASS AND I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!! OH TODD! OH FUCK ME TODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Howling Allison announced her orgasm, her ass clenching down hard on him as he started shooting spurts of creamy whiteness into that grasping hole. Putting one arm around her waist he gasped and held her body close to his as his knees and arms weakened a little, and he finished cumming.

Able to look out the window now they could see that the person had their back to them... in a way it was almost a disappointment. But not really, they'd both gotten off just on the idea. Allison was still in some shock that she'd cum without any stimulation at all to her pussy. As Todd pulled his dick out of her with a soft plop she winced a little... it had been awhile since she'd had any real brutal treatment to her little hole and this was going to hurt later.

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