tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 19

Allison's New Life Ch. 19


Allison was incredibly happy, Todd was back and things were going great... mostly it was that she was finally completely fulfilled. Horny as she was, he tended to be even hornier, and she loved the way he put demands on her. Now she knew how Chad felt when Diana would fuck his ass and then send him to cook breakfast... one of Todd's favorite things to do when he slept over was wake her up with rough sex in the morning, usually culminating with him cumming in her ass, and then putting in a butt-plug while he sent her off to make breakfast. Basically everything was exactly what she wanted, it was like he could read her mind. He knew when she wanted to be treated like a slut, and he also knew when she did want to be treated like she was special and a lady. There were some amazingly romantic times - one in particular when they made love (yes, they actually made love and she enjoyed it!) after he'd covered the sheets in rose petals. The spontaneity was what she loved about it, never knowing what he'd have her do next. Sometimes he would follow his normal routine and sometimes he wouldn't... she also found herself deliberately disobeying things that he asked her to do sometimes, wanting to be spanked and punished.

Nights that he wasn't there she would be unbearable horny and practically jump him the next day when she did see him... and having him at work was nearly as bad. Although the one day that she had gone in and spent the afternoon under his desk had been.... extremely pleasant in many ways.

Today he had surprised her by telling her to prepare a basket, he was taking the afternoon off so they could go on a picnic. It seemed such a normal thing to do... except that as she was getting everything ready she was completely naked and there was a very large buttplug wriggling around in her ass. The biggest difference all of this had made was that Diana's sexual appetite was more voracious than ever... Todd had given explicit orders that she was not to help Diana out at all. It seemed rather cruel and unfair after all her friend had done for her, but she was sure that Todd had his reason. There was some jealousy when Diana was around, mostly because she tended to follow Todd like a puppy dog. She'd completely dumped Chad now and he was being seen around town with one of the more beautiful (and gossip said very kinky) socialites. The guys that Diana was seeing tended to be getting taller and bigger, more intimidating. She didn't seem to notice that Todd was not nearly as big as some of these guys and yet he completely dominated her whenever he was around. For the most part, these big intimidating guys all seemed to be ending up face down on her bed while she took out her frustrations with a strap-on to their ass. This past week she had barely been around the house at all and when she was she was withdrawn and quiet. Allison had tried to talk to her but Diana usually just gave a falsely breezy reply and then was back out the door.

In complete contrast, Allison was perfectly content. Well, almost. She did wish that Diana wasn't such a loose cannon and that Todd was around more, but hey, life wasn't ever going to be perfect. And what she did have made her feel so good that it'd be silly to whine about the little that she didn't. What she wanted most of all was to be pushed again... he'd opened her up to so much sexually that every little thing he was having her do no longer pushed her. She missed that excitement a little and worried that he wouldn't be enough for her.

Silly Allison.


When Todd came to pick her up he grabbed a box of toys to bring with them. Chatting in the car she was relaxed, enjoying the feeling of the buttplug digging into her ass as he deliberately went over bumpy parts of the road. They were going way out into the country and to one of the local "mountains". It wasn't very tall really, more of an oversized hill than a real mountain, but it was a popular spot for local kids to go and get it on. There were some clearings in the forest that one could get to by hiking that were completely secluded - and since most of the local kids were pretty lazy you could usually go there without being interrupted, especially if you went to one of the farther ones.

Most exciting for Allison was that Todd made her strip before leaving the car in the parking lot. There was no one there of course, but the thought that anyone could come off one of the trails or pull in at any moment made it extremely exciting for her. That spot of danger... and that hint of reluctance to do what he wanted. Completely naked she hurried for the path, wanting to shriek at the way he was leisurely walking, carrying the basket with the food as well as the box that he'd picked up at her apartment. Hopping from foot to foot on the path, dressed only in her socks and sneakers, she waited anxiously as he finally caught up with her.

"Are you trying to get me arrested?" she demanded.

One eyebrow arched, "Are you trying to get a punishment so soon?" Shamefaced she shook her head.

"I'm sorry, it's just... seriously Todd!" He grinned at her pleading expression.

"Well if you're so worried about it I'll have you put something on." Fishing into his pocket he pulled out two shining nipple clamps, "Ah, these look just about perfect."

Whimpering a little, wishing that she hadn't said anything at all, Allison stood and teased her nipples to hardness while he watched, closing the clamps over the tender buds. Standing for a moment with her eyes shut she just tried to adjust to the tight grip... he'd tightened them before giving them to her obviously and they hurt a lot. Her sensitive buds were throbbing sharply with pain.

"Ready?" he asked her.

"Ok..." She really wasn't but she didn't want to say no. Off they went into the woods, Todd watching appreciatively as Allison's breasts bobbled, pink nipples gripped tight in silver, and just a hint of black peeking beneath her buttcheeks were the base of the plug was. Having her walk naked through the woods was obviously making her uncomfortable, every time there was a sound that wasn't made by one of them she would jump and look around wildly.

Really, she was completely on edge. Todd had never had her do anything this public before and she wanted to crawl in a hole right now... silly her for every thinking or wishing that he would step things up a little. Why did she want to be challenged and pushed again? She certainly couldn't think of a good reason why.

They walked for a good long while and she started to relax a little as they ran into no one. Passing several clearing she wondered why Todd didn't stop, but she didn't really mind. The farther away they were from the parking lot the less of a chance there would be of someone coming upon them while they were there. And it was a beautiful day. Her nipples were down to a dull throbbing even though they ached a bit as her breasts bounced, it was fun to make them bounce a little more whenever Todd's eyes were on her. Daringly, she started to touch him... just small touches on his thigh or shoulder. With his hands full he couldn't very well touch back but his eyes laughed at her and she knew that he understood her playfulness as they talked and walked.

After about an hour he turned onto another, smaller path and she realized that they were finally going to be going to a clearing. She was brimming with excitement and anticipation, wondering what he would have in store for her today. This was the first time they'd ever been outside like this... would that start something special or would it be just like when they were indoors? If nothing else the danger of being caught was a thrill that got her pulse racing.

Walking into the clearing however, she found that they were the ones doing the intruding. About 30 feet away there was a blonde man with his pants down, fucking a girl who was on all fours. Their backs were to Allison and Todd... but Todd was still moving towards them! As if nothing was wrong!... this must have been something he'd pre-planned and she felt another thrill that he'd arranged something interesting. Very interesting in fact, the way the guy was brutally pounding the other girl as hard as he could; while she watched his hand lifted and crashed down on the girl's ass. There was no following shriek of pain though and she realized that the girl had to be gagged.... how exciting! Pussy tingling a little she picked up her steps as she followed Todd towards this intriguing couple, her breasts jiggling as she bounced, nipples tingling pleasantly as they swelled up even more in arousal. Being watched was very sexy but she'd found she liked watching others as well.

Todd set down the basket and box and tapped the man on the shoulder, who immediately turned around and gave Allison a cheery wave...

And she thought that Todd wasn't pushing her boundaries anymore...

Feeling increasingly light-headed she moved around to the side where she could see that the girl Roger was so brutally fucking was none other than Diana whose wrists were bound in front of her with rope. Most of her arousal was completely wiped out in her shock at seeing who was in the clearing... and the way he was treating Diana... and the way her friend was obviously getting off on it... Allison sat down hard on the ground, her mind completely overwhelmed and boggled. A shadow fell over her and she looked up with shocked and glazed eyes to see Todd's smug grin.

"A bit surprised Princess?"

"What's he doing here?" her voice was barely a whisper as she looked back to where her exboyfriend was now cumming in Diana's pussy.

"He called me about a week ago," Todd informed her, watching her shocked expressions with something akin to glee, "Surprised the hell out of me. Said he'd seen us fucking against the window of my apartment... something about it turned him on... he thought about when he'd practically raped you.. To make a long story short it turned out he was curious."

"Curious," she repeated, her mind was completely numbed as Roger was now listening to the story, smiling that charming, genial smile while holding Diana's head firmly against his crotch where she was cleaning their combined juices from his groin.

"Curious about what it might be like to be a little more like me... a little more like what you had wanted." More grinning, "Seems like after he got over the shock of treating you so ungentlemanly he rather liked it. And I thought of poor Diana here who definitely needs a controlling hand... it seemed that this might be the perfect opportunity for Diana to get that and for Roger to see if he was still interested."

"Turned out I liked it even more than I thought I would," Roger picked up the tail and Allison turned her eyes to him, still full of confusion at this extremely strange turn of events, "And Diana likes it very much too, don't you darling?" Allison was even more shocked to see Diana's worshipful face turned up to this formerly old-school gentleman, nodding around a mouth full of cock. How strange... she'd never though of Roger having a cock before... it had always been a dick. Now, now it was most definitely a cock. A much harder and cruder word really.

"So," Todd's wide broadened even more and Allison realized that he was not quite done with expanding her limits for the day, her heart sank at that smile that she hadn't seen since their first 'dates', "Diana deserves a punishment from me for pretty much forcing you into disobeying me, and you definitely deserve a punishment from Roger for all the weeks that you spent lying to him. So here we are."

With a very disheartening grin that was disconcertingly like her new boyfriend's, her ex-boyfriend stood and pushed his 'darling' off his cock which was now standing at attention. Allison didn't even realize that she was scooting away from him until she had her back up against a tree. He seemed to loom over her.

"Don't worry Allison," he smiled, "I won't be too hard on you... after all if you hadn't done what you did I might not be where I am today. But Todd's been working with me and Diana for the past week and I am most certainly going to enjoy this." Kneeling, he tied her hands in front of her with rope and then pulled her up by her bound hands to tie her to a branch above her head. Pulling the plug from her ass he tossed it to the side. Allison just numbly followed his every direction, watching with astonishment as he walked over to pick up a whippy willow branch. There were still leaves and smaller branches on it, which was going to be a bit of a blessing for her although she didn't know it yet. At the moment most of her attention was focused on Diana and Todd, where he was tying her up standing and facing the trunk of a tree, her body actually pressed against it. She felt a little stab of jealousy as Todd began spanking the pretty Asian.

That was overridden by a much more urgent emotion a moment later when the whippy strands of the willow branch slashed across her the back of her thighs and she shrieked in surprise and pain. Again, this time across her buttocks and then her back. Little branches snapped against her skin and although the leaves provided some padding it still definitely hurt a lot. Tears were sparking in her eyes by the time he'd worked his way up her back and then came around to stand in front of her.

"This is what you wanted from me, isn't it Allison?" Numbly, she nodded. "Would we have stayed together if this is what I had been?"

She couldn't lie, "No... I don't think so. I still would have wanted Todd." And those hazel eyes drifted over to where Diana was pressing her front against the tree, scraping her breasts and skin over the rough bark as she tried to escape the hard spanking that Todd was giving her.

Roger nodded, a little hurt in truth but it had been what he expected. And who was he to feel jealous when he now had Diana who worshiped him? Who was actually a better match for him (although who would have thought it) than the pretty brunette standing in front of him.

"That's good to know," he told her, and it was in a way. At least he didn't have to sit and think about what might have been. Still, his first whip across the front of her thighs might have been just a little harder than the ones he'd delivered to her back side. Working his way up the front of her body he slashed across her heaving breasts twice, leaving red scrapes and weals across the creamy flesh. Allison had tears running down her cheeks by the time he was done, her whole body felt like it was on fire, and not a pleasant fire. That changed when he stepped forward and kissed her, his hands running over the flesh that he had just abused. It tingled painfully but it felt good too, especially when he lowered his mouth to her beaten breasts, biting down on the hard pink nipples. Writhing and moaning she enjoyed his mouth on her breast as she watched her boyfriend begin to split open her friend's ass from behind, his thrusting pressing her forcefully against the rough bark. Diana was probably going to be even more sore tomorrow than Allison was.

Roger got her attention back by sliding two fingers roughly into her pussy, pressing them all the way in with one quick movement. Even though she was wet his dry fingers dragged against her delicate folds and she groaned, thrusting her hips out for more. He fucked her with his fingers, sucking hard on the tender bud of her nipple, now she was burning inside and out.

Scooping each of her legs up onto his arms and spreading them - making her screech as the whipped and scratched flesh of her thighs rubbed against his hairy forearms - he managed to wiggle his hips and get his dick into position. Just as quickly as his fingers had, he thrust up into her and she felt like the breath had been knocked out of her as his cock went pushing up into her belly. Moaning she let her head fall back, feeling the burning sensation of his dick moving in and out of her body... he'd never fucked her like this when they'd actually been together. Just when it was starting to feel really good he suddenly pulled out, and to her shock he pressed straight up into the tighter hole of her ass.

Shrieking and panting as he tore her open without warning, she looked at him with tear-filled eyes as he ravaged her small hole. It had shrunk since the butt-plug had been in it and he'd surprised her more than anything, hadn't given her a chance to relax those strong muscles at all. Over his shoulder she could see Diana still getting the brutal ass fucking from her own boyfriend, and it turned her on even more to know that they were both being reamed in their back holes. She groaned as he managed to wrap his arms around her waist, folding her nearly in two with her legs sticking straight up in the air and all of her weight on the pole in her ass. Now his body was rubbing non-stop against her clit as his dick found new, unexplored angles with which to spear her hole. Shuddering she could feel his pubic hair sliding against her pussy, making the outer folds burn and chafe while her clit buzzed with pleasure at the friction.

To her intense delight there was nothing slow or gentle about it, just a bruising hard fuck in her ass while her pussy ground against her body. Panting she tried to move her hips back against him but in her current position it was unlikely. Todd was now pulling himself from Diana's ass and coming over to watch Roger fuck hers. Her friend was sobbing against the tree, still tied in position as she was left alone. With Todd's brown eyes boring into hers over Roger's shoulder she started shrieking her climax, the thrill of being watched becoming too much for her. She felt so dirty, having her boyfriend watch while her ex-boyfriend had his cock in her ass... and her ex was not letting up on the thrusting at all, punishing her clit with the intense rubbing. Writhing in her bonds she started to sob as her orgasm turned painful, unable to begin a descent as Roger filled her backside and continued to grind against her clit.

Just when she was sure she would pass out if she didn't stop cumming, as she pleaded and begged for him to stop because it was too much, he gasped and slammed hard into her ass. Allison shrieked as her orgasm went for one last vaulting high, bringing more tears to her eyes in its intensity, and then began its slow descent with the feeling of Roger's cum spurting into her tight ass.

Roger pulled his cock from her and turned to Todd, they exchanged a few low murmurs and then Roger went over to untie Diana as Todd reached up to undo the ropes around her wrists. As she fell against him he held her tight, tracing his fingers over some of the welts that the willow branch had raised on her smooth skin.

"He really did a good job, didn't he?"

"Yes," she buried her head into his shoulder, wishing that she could just sink into his skin, wanting to be as close as possible.

"Do you want to go back to him?"

Allison didn't even bother to reply, she just shook her head furiously, gripping Todd even tighter. Roger might have changed, but it was Todd that had her feelings all wrapped up and chaotic - and watching him with Diana had made her even more aware of that. To her delight Todd tightened his arms around her, just as glad of her answer as she was and they stood there like that for a few moments. To their right Diana and Roger began the walk back to their car, Diana's front was cut and bruised, but she looked extremely content as Roger ran his hand over her slightly pink backside. Allison didn't even notice that they left.

After minutes of just standing there Todd finally pushed her away, "Come on," he told her, "Time to go home."

They began walking to the car, cum slowly dripping out of her asshole and down her thigh, and she asked him, "Will you stay the night tonight?"

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