tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 23

Allison's New Life Ch. 23


When Todd and Allison got downstairs, in the basement, in the dungeon, she gasped. The room was filled with sex toys, lined up along the walls, shelves held other toys. Everything was organized, different whips on one part of the wall, a shelf full of vibrators and dildos... there were hooks all over the ceiling. The walls were painted a shiny black, as was the floor, none of it looked very inviting. In one part of the room there was a kind of horse, it looked almost like a vault that gymnasts used but a little narrower and shorter, and there was a large frame as well, with ropes hanging from every corner. There was also a kind of swing, hanging from the ceiling, and that looked like an awful lot of fun.

Two doors were in the room, one on either side, and Todd went to the one on the left. Opening it, she saw that it was some kind of storage closet, filled with other odd looking apparatus', most of them probably too big or complex to all fit into the main room. The closet looked to actually be a room in and of itself. She stood patiently, looking around, as Todd began pulling what looked like a saddle on a pedestal out of the closet, on the seat of the saddle were two small dildo looking things. Pulling it into the center of the room, he placed it so that it was just under a hook. Going back into the closet he took out what looked like a kind of harness and a few leather straps; attaching the harness to the hook over the saddle it was obvious that that was where her body was going to go.

Having it all set up, he smiled at her, "Ready?"

"What is it?" she ventured, but he didn't seem at all annoyed that she'd asked.

In fact, his grin got even broader, "This is a sybian." The puzzled expression on her face made it clear that the term didn't mean anything to her, chuckling he placed his hand on the saddle and told, "Don't worry, you'll understand more about it soon enough. Come on over here." And he patted the saddle as if it was really on the back of a horse.

Tentatively she came over, and he lifted her onto the saddle, helping her adjust so that the small dildos were pressing into her pussy and assholes. They weren't very big really, thick - very thick - but only about 3 inches long. Just enough to fit in comfortably and give her the feel of being stretched open. She sighed and wriggled... for punishment this was feeling very nice so far.

Curiously, she watched as Todd strapped the harness around her body, tightening it so that she didn't even have to hold herself up. Then he strapped her wrists to the saddle so that she couldn't move her arms and then secured her legs as well. Going over to one of the shelves he picked up some odd looking nipple clamps, they had something extra on them and she watched nervously. Nipple clamps were bad enough on her sensitive breasts, she didn't want something weighing them down as well. But when he put them on her - making her groan at the sharp ache that shot through her breasts and down to her hungry pussy - she quickly understood as he flipped a little switch on the end of a wire and the clamps started to vibrate. Her breasts were stimulated even more, pink little nipples tightly gripped and buzzing with pleasure.

"Oh Todd... this doesn't feel like punishment..." she arched her chest, luxuriating in this new sensation, trying to grind her pussy down on the short cocks. Even though they weren't very long the saddle ensured that she would be able to work her way up to some kind of orgasm, and she was so strapped in that it would surely happen before he was able to get her off the contraption.

"Well, you wanted an orgasm, I figured I would oblige Princess... enjoy..." he smiled and flicked another switch located on the post of the 'sybian'. Allison squealed in surprise as liquid squirted into her ass and pussy holes, and then the dildos suddenly started to vibrate... and then thrust in and out of her body. In fact, the whole saddle was vibrating, her clit thrumming ecstatically.

"OH TODD... OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!" Brown curls bounced as she threw her head back, riding the two thrusting cocks for all she was worth, feeling their thick widths pulse deep inside her body. Maybe nothing was quite as pleasurable as a real cock but this was pretty damn close! Her entire lower body felt like it was on fire, her muscles tensing as she was fucked by the machine. The vibrations weren't very intense but they were enough. Within a few minutes she was cumming, screaming out her ecstasy as the first orgasm swept over her, enjoying the feel of Todd's eyes on her as she howled her triumph. If this was a pleasure before the punishment it was worth it... she was finally cumming and it felt so fucking good.

Her orgasm didn't slow very much as she came down from it, her lower body was still burning with heat, and she saw Todd smiling at her. Moaning as the cocks continued to thrust in and out of her body, suddenly the vibrators started to pulse, becoming a little more intense in their vibrations. With this kind of stimulation after such a long period of abstinence, Allison was cumming again, convulsing in ecstatic pleasure... it was a good thing she was strapped in because her body was jerking all over the place as she orgasmed... and still the cocks continued to thrust.

Groaning, the pretty brunette opened her eyes, a few tears leaking from the intensity of her orgasms. Her pussy was burning, and not totally pleasantly as the cocks continued to pummel her sensitive flesh. She was so sensitized after cumming that it was almost painful... and she was feeling a little shaky. Todd was grinning at her, and she suddenly realized that she was not going to get off this machine anytime soon. Her punishment for trying to get an orgasm was appropriate; she'd be orgasming until he allowed her to stop.

Allison groaned, "Oh God... Todd please... turn it off... oh please, don't... whip me, spank me... whatever... oh Todd... TODD..." Grinning he walked past her. "TODD!!!" she shrieked.

"Enjoy Princess, I'll be back." He opened the other door to the room and left her alone in the dungeon.

"TOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!" Hazel eyes spurted more tears as her third, and most intense orgasm yet hit her.


As Todd entered the other room he smiled at Roger, who was fucking Diana hard as she watched Allison on the machine, eyes big in wonder at the bucking brunette. Looking through the one way mirror, Todd admired the climaxing form of his girlfriend. In this room they could hear her screams although muffled, anywhere else in the house it would have been impossible to even hear the slightest sound.

Thoughtful of the previous owners to provide an observation room and hide its existence with matching paint, he mused as he pressed his thick cock into Diana's open and groaning mouth. Pretty slanted brown eyes looked up at him as he pressed his groin against her lips, shoving his entire dick down her throat. She was on a small wooden desk, just long enough for her head to hang off one end and her hips placed directly at the other.

Roger nodded towards Allison's screaming form, "How long are you going to leave her on that?"

"Long enough for her to regret trying to get an orgasm on her own," Todd thrust his dick back into Diana's throat and held it there, enjoying the feeling of her moaning around his cock.

"I might ask if I can try Diana on that sometime," Roger mused, and the pretty Asian shivered, "When she deserves it. Or as a treat for when she's been good." Diana groaned at that thought as well, and Roger began spanking her ass with each rough thrust. For a few moments the men just concentrated on their own pleasures, the erotic view of Allison well into her fourth orgasm and the warm wetness of Diana's holes.

"Feel free any time," Todd said after a moment, panting a little, "As long as Allison and I can watch from in here."

"No problem." Roger grinned, "Little slut that this one is she'd probably like knowing that you're watching. And even if she didn't that would add something to it." Todd nodded, black hair getting in his eyes, and he brushed it back so that he could watch either of the girls that he wanted to.

For the moment Diana was like a hog on a spit between them, meat thrusting in and out of her from both ends, an erotic scene of lust with the backdrop of a girl creaming herself for the fifth time on a machine that slammed her body nonstop. Todd moaned as he released his load in Diana's mouth, to the sounds of Allison's cries for him to return and take her off the machine. She was sobbing now, her orgasmic screams full of pain and pleading, and when she wasn't orgasming she was slumped, the only thing holding her up was the harness around her waist. The dildos continued to shoot lubricant into her pussy and ass at regular intervals, keeping the sliding action in and out of her body easy, but she was now so sensitive that the forced orgasms were extremely painful.

Todd pulled his dick from Diana's mouth as she moaned her own climax, cum dripping out of her mouth as Roger continued his assault from behind. The blonde man had a grip on Diana's black silky hair and was groaning his orgasm as he pulled her body back onto his dick. Smiling, the tall blackhaired man went back into the dungeon where his own girlfriend was now climaxing almost nonstop, sobbing as tears streamed down her face to drip onto her reddened breasts. Her nipples were chafed and raw, the nonstop buzzing hurting them as much as her poor pussy, clit and ass. She was in such a state that she didn't even notice when Todd pressed the button to stop the machine, her body continued to twitch and convulse as the vibrators ceased buzzing and returned to their former 3" long state.

When he started undoing the straps holding her up she finally turned her head up to him, cheeks flushed with exertion and eyes dull with exhaustion although they still sparkled with tears.

"Oh Todd..." her voice was dull, completely exhausted.

"Good girl Princess," he murmured, pulling her off of the sybian and cradling her in his arms, holding her so that her head rested on his shoulder - lolling a little - and her legs hung over his arm.

She did perk up a bit when Roger and Diana came out of the other door, eyes widening in surprise and lifting her head a little, "Diana?... Roger???..."

"Nice show," Roger grinned at her appreciatively, eyes sparkling with humor. Diana smiled shyly and winked at her friend but didn't say anything as Roger led her out of the basement dungeon.

Stepping into the other room for just a moment, Todd allowed Allison to see the place where he and Roger had fucked Diana over the desk. Her eyes, already big, got even bigger when she saw the one way mirror, and her pink mouth formed a small "o" of astonishment.

"You looked awfully good," he murmured, his voice tickling her ear a little. Allison shivered.

"Please don't tell me you want me now... I hurt so much..." she nestled her head further into his shoulder, trying to win sympathy. Fortunately he didn't seem at all angry, he chuckled a little at her pleading tone.

"And if I did?" although he wasn't angry, his voice did have a little bit of a testing tone to it.

"You know I'd do whatever you want," she turned her face upwards and kissed his neck as he started carrying her up the stairs, "I'm just hoping that that's not what you want."

"No, Diana took care of me for the moment," and he chuckled again as she stiffened, hazel eyes flashing jealousy at him, "Well if you had been good then it would've been you Princess." And she sighed, relaxing again in his arms as he began to move up another flight of stairs to the as yet unexplored portion of the house. He was right, as usual, if she'd just behaved herself for one more hour than she would've been enjoying the dungeon with him in pleasant ways, rather than having to cede his pleasures to Diana.

With her eyes open, relaxed although still sore to the touch, Allison gasped in pleasure as she got her first look at the bedroom. The first thing she noticed was that the bed was one of those huge old fashioned ones with a large heavy canopy and hangings on all four sides, although right now they were tied to the bedposts. It was a mossy, velvety green, all of it - the canopy, bed hangings and the comforter.

"Ohh..." she sighed, "It's beautiful... and so big!"

"Well..." Todd laughed and she giggled at him.

"As if you needed a big bed to tempt me in!"

"One can only hope," and he tossed her onto the bed, making her groan as her sore pussy and ass burned.

"Maybe not tonight..." she sighed, although she rubbed sensuously against the soft velvet of the bedcovering, "Although this definitely feels like the bed alla sex."

Todd watched her, smiling just with the pleasure of watching her enjoy herself. But she seemed so exhausted that he was afraid that she might fall asleep on top of all the covers, so he threw back a corner of the sheets and rolled her between them. Allison shivered with sensuous pleasure at the feel of silkiness, soft and gentle on her aching body.

That night she went to sleep with a smile on her face, feeling as though she was nestled in a cocoon of silk. Curled around her was Todd, fingers stroking her body even in sleep.

When she awoke the next morning it was to the feeling of a dick invading her sore pussy, and she moaned slight protest, trying to wriggle off of it, but insistently the thick meat stretched her open. With Todd's strong arms holding her in place, his moans in her ear, she gave herself over to the inevitable... and really it was very nice to finally be having sex with him again, finally. Moaning she writhed back against him, her ass cheeks grinding into his groin as she moved.

"Ohhhh Todd..." she moaned, her pussy burning with discomfort and pleasure, it was slow and sweet. They climaxed together, shuddering as he clutched her close and she gripped his arms.

They fell back asleep until later in the day, with Todd's dick still in her pussy, combined juices slowly leaking onto the expensive sheets.

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