tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 24

Allison's New Life Ch. 24


Allison loved Todd's new house. She loved the dungeon, she loved the huge bed, the pool, the Jacuzzi, the kitchen... she loved everything about the new house. It took them a week, but they gradually christened every single room in the house - and most of the furniture. Although he still kept her in the chastity belt when he wasn't fucking her, she knew that this was more that he didn't trust her to keep her hands to herself when he wasn't watching her. She hoped that eventually that would change... right now it was awfully hard to get into trouble deserving a trip to the dungeon. Not that he'd put her on the sybian again (something that she both dreaded and desired), but the one time she'd played with herself so that he'd catch her had led to a very enjoyable session downstairs.

Really, she was becoming a bit of a painslut. She liked it rough, hard, feeling him deep inside her... and she really liked it in her ass. Strange how when they'd first met she'd been so adamantly against anal sex and now she found herself craving it. Everything about her ass - being spanked, whipped, even cropped, it all got her off. And it felt so good to be stretched open back there. Todd seemed well aware of her fetish, often teasing her horribly with just the tip of his tongue while she was tied up, or sliding his fingers around the crinkled hole in the shower. Although it hurt, often, when he stretched it open with his thick meat, she had a feeling that the pain was why she liked it so much. The flexible hole always shrank back to its original proportions which meant that it was continuously being stretched out all over again by Todd's cock. Lately, her pussy was stretched just as much when he used the "Virgin cream"... but there was just something special about taking his load deep in her ass. Especially because he often pressed a butt plug into that gaping hole immediately after, ensuring that his cum would remain in her body until he decided to allow it out.

Roger and Diana came over at the end of the first week, sitting out on the patio with them. The two girls got into the Jacuzzi and frolicked while the men watched, catching up with each other. Diana professed herself startlingly satisfied with Roger. He'd changed a lot from the guy she'd dated, in fact he seemed to be a completely different person. But also happier, more satisfied... definitely more confident in himself. This new Roger was quickly moving up through his own business, and Diana confided that he'd asked her to move in with him. Allison felt a little bit of jealousy, that Todd hadn't asked the same of her... but then again he didn't really need to. She was at his house every night. In fact, they'd only been back to her apartment one night that week, and he hadn't indicated at all that he wanted more time alone in his house.

Sometimes Allison thought that she still caught a flash of jealousy when Roger looked at her and Todd, but for the most part he seemed as happy with Diana as her friend was with him. And there were times when she felt odd as well, knowing that this man had once been her partner, and had even professed love for her. But she liked the way things were now. Todd didn't seem inclined to share her with Roger again, which made her feel completely content, although she wouldn't have objected if he had decided either. Whatever he decided would've have been all right with her. It was remarkably comforting just leaving everything up to him, trusting totally in him...

Now if only he'd trust her enough to take this damn chastity belt off.

The thing that bothered her the most was that she couldn't spontaneously jump him anymore, not without him taking it off of her which really took away from her control over it. In the mornings she couldn't even wake him up with sex, just a blow job. He didn't seem to mind, and it did emphasize his control over her, but she did wish that she could do more for him. She wanted to show her appreciation in every way possible.

For the next week she paraded around the house naked constantly with the leather chastity belt as her only covering. He didn't seem to notice or care. In fact, at the end of the week he asked her to start wearing clothes again. Allison soon realized that this was because he enjoyed undressing her so much, but it still left her at a bit of a loss.

All in all she was getting rather frustrated.

Some of that frustration was alleviated when he took her downstairs to try out the swing. Definitely not meant for punishment, it was an exhilarating experience. They were harnessed in together, swinging back and forth just like little kids with one big difference - he was facing her and his cock was lodged in her cunt the entire time.

As they swung back and forth it wasn't a thrusting motion really, at the most his dick only moved an inch in and out of her pussy. But it constantly changed the angle to which his dick was pressing into her pussy, rubbing her clit against his body as his cock rubbed her g-spot. Her constant clenching as they swung was very pleasurable for him, as well as the great view he had of her ecstatic face and bouncing breasts. That had been a particularly pleasurable afternoon... but she wanted something more.

She got her chance when one of Todd's old frat-friends came over, Brad. Doing anything in front of him wouldn't get Todd into trouble at work, and even though Brad hadn't been one of the guys at her gangbang he had been in the same kind of groups. When the guys were sitting in the living room, just chatting and catching up, she pranced into the room completely naked other than her chastity belt.

Almost at once she regretted it.

Not only was Brad not very attractive, and leered at her in the most grotesque way with bulging brown eyes, but he actually made her feel really uncomfortable. For the first time in a long time she actually felt self-conscious and like she wanted to cover herself.

And the look on Todd's face was not promising.

Stammering she excused herself out of the room, apologizing and saying she didn't know they had company.

As she practically ran from the room she could hear Brad asking Todd, his lustful tone making her shiver with disgust, "That's one fucking hot chick man... you gonna organize a party for her?"

Allison wondered what a party was, but when she heard Todd saying mildly that he'd already held one for her she realized that it must have been the night when he'd had his frat brothers come over and shared her with them. Then Todd's voice lowered, and his tone made her shiver again, although not with disgust. His voice sounded very cold. This did not brook well for her tonight.

Her pussy tingled with wetness.


Nighttime, after a very uncomfortable and silent dinner.

This was the first time Allison had been on the horse in the dungeon, it fit her perfectly. At one end was her heart-shaped ass, bent over with her shaved pussy mound pressing against the leathery material of the horse, at the other end her cheek rested on it, brown curls spilling over the side. Her wrists and ankles were attached to it, with one wide strap going across the middle of her body to keep her on top of it. On either side of the horse hung her breasts, a little painfully as the horse was very wide and they felt rather squashed in their odd position.

At the moment her ass was also burning with pain, Todd was letting out all his frustration and anger onto her red butt cheeks, yelling at her for deliberately disobeying - exhibiting her naked body in front of someone when he hadn't given her permission to. Her body was his, and he hadn't wanted Brad to see it. Since she obviously wanted to be punished, it was going to be a rough punishment, and maybe she'd learn better. He whaled on her ass without mercy, never lessening the impact of his blows, and her shrieks filled the dungeon, begging for mercy, screaming her regret and apologies. The abuse heaped on her red and burning ass didn't end until both his arms were sore and tired from spanking her.

The entirety of her ass really did look like a heart now, bright red and glowing, and all of it almost exclusively targeted to her ass. Ignoring her sobs, he went over to one of the shelves, picking up three of the harsher clamps. Going to the side of her body, he sucked one tender nipple into his mouth, and she moaned, aroused despite the pain that was throbbing in her lower body. A moment later she was shrieking as he viciously tightened the clamp onto her nipple, gripping the poor bud tightly enough hat it almost turned purple. Smiling, he went around to the other side of her where he repeated the process. To the sound of her renewed sobs he went between her legs, licking her pussy while she pleaded with him, knowing what was coming. Allison howled when he clamped her clit, the sensitive bundle of nerves screaming agony between her legs as it was crushed, it was amazing that the neighbors couldn't hear her screams of pain, despite the soundproofing of the dungeon.

Walking around to the front of her he looked down at her quivering body, the tears that were falling from her hazel eyes. Lifting her tear-stained face up towards him, still crying, Allison was completely disheartened by the cold look still on his features.

"You got what you wanted Princess, you're being punished. Isn't this what you wanted?" he demanded, fingertips underneath her chin lifting her eyes to his.

"Yes Todd," she whispered, "I'm sorry..."

"Sorry doesn't cut it this time Princess," he was practically snarling, and she almost wept at the look on rage on his face. She hadn't known that disobeying him would betray him so completely, "I didn't want Brad to see you for a reason. I have no intention of sharing you with some people and he's one of them. You have no right to share any part of you with anyone but me, unless I tell you to."

Allison started crying again, her heart aching with the obvious betrayal of trust that she had committed... it hadn't been her intention, but that wasn't the point. She had done it. It was her fault... as she begged him to forgive her, he picked up a gag and shoved it in her mouth, stopping her pleas. The gag wasn't necessary to keep others from hearing their activities, he just didn't want to listen to her anymore. Allison shook even harder with her sobs.

After a few moments, when he hadn't touched her, hadn't done anything but let her lie there with her ass, nipples and clit still throbbing painfully, she looked up. He was standing in front of her, brown eyes hard, with the most odd looking toy she'd seen yet. It was huge, the main portion of it had a 2 inch diameter and it was about 10" long, but there was much worse as well. The toy sported two large prongs, the first was about an inch wider than the main portion and the second was about 2 inches... the thickest portion would be even wider than the biggest butt plug Todd had inflicted on her. She groaned, knowing instinctively just where this toy was going. Smiling at the expression on her face he walked around behind her.

Allison winced as he squirted lube directly into her ass, the cold fluid trickling down her hole into her body. He didn't even press a finger into her to stretch her out a little. No, all he did was spread some lube on the toy and then start pressing it in. Two inches into her stretched ass, as she groaned and wriggled, the first prong began to stretch her open. Gasping and panting, one cheek resting on the horse, she cried out behind the gag as he slowly worked it into her burning ass. Even though he worked it in and out, rather than just pressing it all in at once, he never let her adjust enough that it stopped hurting, or that she got used to it. When the first prong finally popped into her straining hole, she arched her back and yelped into the gag, nothing more than a muffled moan emerging. She could almost feel Todd's smile on the heated flesh of her ass cheeks.

Working the toy back and forth in her ass, he twisted it, letting the prong scrape against her insides. About 4" of the toy were in her ass, 6" and the larger prong left to go, with her ass already creaking in stretched pain. Another inch and her ass started to stretch open for the second prong. This one hurt unbearably, she struggled against her restraints as he worked it into her ass, slowly drawing out her distress. Pulling it out a little bit he squirted more lube onto the toy and then started pressing it in again. Now even the gag couldn't conceal the pained yelps emitting from her as her ass was opened wide.

When her ass finally popped over the second prong, Allison felt like the breath had been knocked out of her. She gasped, heaving in air as Todd pressed the toy all the way into her ass, twisting it to get the most use out of the uncomfortable prongs. Every inch that he pressed it in hurt even more, she felt like her insides were being prodded with fire. With the toy fully embedded in her ass, only the base sticking out, Todd stood behind her, pressing his thick dick to her pussy.

Moaning, Allison tried desperately to relax and adjust as his thick meat stretched her pussy, extremely uncomfortably as the toy in her ass didn't leave much room for him to fit down there. It hurt as she shifted, moving the toy in her body and making it knock against her insides, but her pussy was still wet as he finally inched his dick home. When his balls knocked against her clit she moaned and bucked in pain, the touch renewing jolts of fire in her contained clit.

He fucked her roughly, hard, spending his anger in her body. There was no real pleasure for Allison, mostly just pain as he ravaged her, every thrust making his body slam against the base of the toy in her ass, his balls slapping against her tortured clit.

So it came as a complete surprise when her orgasm hit her, shuddering through her body in crashing waves, and she shook with the intensity of it. As her clit swelled in ecstasy, it encountered the harsh confines of the clamp, biting metal on her pleasure, making her shriek with renewed pain as her clit swelled against the clamp. In her extremely tight pussy, feeling its rippling convulsions, Todd unloaded his cum, slamming her continuously so that with each thrust he released another jet of sperm into her body, increasing her orgasm and her pain.

Her hair hung limply over the side of the horse as he pulled out of her pussy, although it bounced with life again when he pulled the toy from her ass and she shrieked. He removed the gag from her mouth before taking off the clamps, listening to each wail of pain as a clamp was removed. Keeping her tied over the horse he rubbed each nipple and her clit, roughly but with compassion as the blood flow renewed its pathways. Allison sobbed as her breasts and cunt ached, throbbing in time with the pain in her ass. Despite the toy's quick departure she still felt stretched and uncomfortable.

Todd carried her upstairs, ignoring her tears for all that he carried her gently. Pulling the heavy velvet comforter off the bed he laid her on it, getting onto the large bed alone.

On the floor, Allison's tears doubled as she realized just how angry he was at her. For the first time since he'd gotten the new house, she wouldn't be sleeping in his arms. She sobbed, desperately sorry that she'd disobeyed him so blatantly, wanted so badly to flaunt herself that she would do it in front of a man she didn't even know. Her own failings were the reason she was here, on the floor, alone.

Stuffing fabric into her mouth, muffling her sobs so that she wouldn't disturb him, she cried herself to sleep.

Not very long afterwards, a still awake Todd listened to the uneven breathing of her slumber. He couldn't take it anymore. Abruptly getting up, he picked her up bodily from the floor, tossing her on the bed. Half-awake, Allison was filled with joy that she was suddenly back in his bed, and she pulled him on top of her, frantically kissing him and rubbing her sore body against him. The pain in her breasts and clit meant nothing as he pressed his hard dick into her, claiming her for his own.

They rutted, savagely and passionately, vocally calling each other's names in ecstatic possession. Allison arched beneath him and screamed his name, her nails digging into his shoulders with her climax, legs wrapped around his waist and holding him close to her spasming body.

As they lay in the sweaty aftermath, his dick slowly softening inside of her, their breathing began to slow. He tightened his hold on her, and she reciprocated, fiercely clutching him to her sore chest, his breath heavy on her shoulder.

Very softly, "I do love you Allison. I do."

Screaming, cascading joy inside her body, "I know Todd. I love you too." Just as softly. Their hold on each other tightened again.

A soft chuckle, "You just need to stop being so bad."

"I won't do it again, I promise," nuzzling his neck, a small smile, "I'll pick something that won't make you quite so angry."

Vibrations of suppressed mirth, "I'm sure you will."

Despite the aches of her body, the pain and despair that she'd gone through that night, Allison felt like she was soaring in joyous flight.

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