tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 25

Allison's New Life Ch. 25


Allison was even happier than she'd been before - she was almost disgusted at how happy she was except that well... she was too happy to be! Ever since the night when Todd first said that he loved her, she'd been floating on air. And not only that, but he seemed to realize now that she needed to be punished every so often - without the anger behind it that her infraction in front of Brad brought. So every couple of days he'd set her a list of chores to do, and she'd try to get them all done. The ways in which she was found lacking were always different; sometimes it was that she didn't get all of them done, sometimes she didn't do them as well as he wanted, and sometimes he would just find something silly about it to punish her for. She gloried in it, not only the housework (which was ten times more fun when naked) but his methods of punishment.

When she didn't scrub the floor, he chained her up in the bath tub and gave her an enema full of soapy water. It itched and burned inside her asshole, making her squirm and beg. Eventually she released a little bit of it before he told her she could. He spanked her ass until she released all of it, and then as punishment for that, he filled her up with a larger enema of soapy water. Watching her squirm and plead turned out to be so enjoyable that he started doing it once a day, sliding the nozzle into her ass at unexpected times. Like when she was bent over and scrubbing the floor with soapy water, and suddenly it was filling her ass as well. Once he filled her up with a slightly smaller amount, and then fucked her burning hole, sloshing the enema around inside her body. It was wickedly dirty, incredibly filling, and she came all over the recently cleaned floor.

One day he asked her to hang some of the sheets outside on a line to dry, just to give them a fresh outdoors scent. Allison looked all day for some clothespins and couldn't find any, when he got home he yelled at her, took her outside where he tied her to a tree using the clothesline, and then went back inside to get the clothespins. She found out later that he'd hidden them in his underwear drawer - although he insisted that if she'd searched the house thoroughly enough she would have found it. That punishment was particularly enjoyable, in part just because they were outside. If any of their neighbors had come down to the edges of their property then they would have seen them.

He decorated her nipples and breasts with the clothespins and then whipped her round globes, hard, until he'd whipped off every single one of the clothespins. The ones on her nipples were the most stubbornly attached, she was shrieking and dancing by the time that he managed to get them off of her. With her breasts burning and pussy juices leaking down her legs, he turned her around so that her front was pressed against the bark. Remember the day in the clearing with Diana she appreciated the irony that she was now in her friend's position, and it felt painfully good. Her front rubbed against the rough surface as he fucked her from behind, already burning breasts aching with the friction and scrapes. She came hard, screaming out her orgasm as he pounded her tight cunt.

They ran back up to the house together, giggling like little children as their juices dripped down her legs, and they jumped into the pool. Skinny dipping was a favorite activity.

Snuggled in his arms at night, Allison thought that she had never been so content.


So much time had passed and she hadn't even realized it. Allison was finally just living with Todd, Diana was still technically living at the apartment but she spent most of her nights with Roger. The only times that Allison went there was to visit, all of her things had been moved out of the room and Diana was considering trying to find a new roomie. Although since she wasn't sure that she'd be staying there that much longer, the way things were going with Roger, she was hesitating, wondering if it would just be better to wait until she moved out.

Allison barely even noticed the swift passage of time, and so she was very confused one day when she woke up and Todd wasn't there. He was supposed to be there. And not only that, how on earth did he get out of bed without her noticing? More surprises... she didn't have on her chastity belt... there had been no morning sexual activity of any kind...

Suddenly unsure and frantic she bolted out of bed, calling his name. A search around the house revealed nothing except that his car was gone and he wasn't answering his cell phone. Practically in tears she rushed back up to their room, wondering if she had missed something. Her heart was pounding... what if he was just gone? What if he'd decided that he didn't want her anymore? Without him there she didn't know what was going on, she felt like her entire world was caving in with doubt and terror.

There was nothing in the bedroom.

But there was something in the bathroom. A note, with her name on it.

* Hey Princess, Happy Anniversary... in our closet there's a box, filled with goodies for you. Take care of yourself today with what's in it, I'm getting some things ready for tonight. Love, Todd *

Relief. More than relief, she suddenly sat, her legs no longer able to support herself, and cried. God she was stupid. But more than that, she was incredibly happy... it'd been a year, and he remembered even though she hadn't. He had something planned... he must have done all the work for it at his job because he definitely didn't have time away from her when he was home. And they were going out tonight.

Happy as a kid on Christmas, she ran to the closet, pulling out the box, heart beating with anticipation. Her pink tongue licked her lips as she started opening it up, her pussy was already fluttering with arousal. The box was filled with a bath kit (bath salts, bubbles, shampoo, etc.), an envelope with gift certificates for a free manicure and pedicure, a one hour massage, and a haircut and blowdry at an expensive salon, a bottle of Todd's favorite perfume, and another envelope that had "Open This Later" written on the outside of it.

Feeling lighter than a feather she ran to the bathroom, figuring to take a nice soaking bubble bath to relieve her stressed nerves before going out for the day.


The massage was wonderful - if teasing - the woman had been very good. She'd gotten her nails done with a French manicure, and clear polish over her toenails. Even having someone touching her hands and feet had been teasing. It was just that every nerve ending seemed to be tingling with energy. Her curls were bouncing more than ever, the stylist had carefully kept them under control while allowing them to flow freely over her shoulders. She already felt incredibly gorgeous and she couldn't wait to open the second envelope that he had left for her. It was already mid-afternoon... only a few more hours till she would find out what he had in store for her!

In the envelope it told her that there was yet another box awaiting her, under their bed, and that there was a dress in the closet for her as well. Dress first of course! She opened the closet, pushing clothes aside to get to the back and then found a plastic covered garment. Pulling it out she ripped the plastic off and gasped.

It was stunning.... silky light blue and a dusky grey glittered at her, heavy and gorgeous. The dress had a V-neck of a transparent grey material, the only reason her breasts wouldn't be visible through it was the beadwork over the chest area. An empire waistline led into light blue silk which had a soft over patter of grey on it, like tree branches waving in the wind, also with dark grey beads adorning it. The hem of the skirt fluttered even as she held it, when she walked it would ripple like shallow water over stones. All in all it was gorgeous, elegant, and much less slutty than she would have expected.... she was going to look fantastic with all that clinging silk and the low-cut front.

Placing it carefully on the bed she went to the box underneath, it wasn't overly large. Inside were matching shoes and a purse, matching beadwork covering them, and the usual. Even though he was dressing her up to be a lady Todd couldn't help but provide with butt plug, a vibrating egg and vibrating panties. Not that she minded of course, it really just made everything that much more exciting for her, having these dirty little secrets underneath her elegant exterior.


Allison was ready early, her hands running over the silky parts of her dress as she admired the beadwork on her chest... the chest really was a little scandalous, it was more low-cut than she had realized and the beadwork just barely covering her nipples. There was no way she could wear a bra with it an her nipples were hard, rubbing against the nubby material of the lining, itching to be held. Looking at herself in the mirror, she reached into the front of the dress and pinched the aching buds, her cheeks flushing prettily with arousal.

She wanted so badly to play with herself... she'd been good all day! Today was not a day to disobey, especially when he'd shown such trust by taking her out of the chastity belt and then leaving. Besides, tonight she'd be getting everything she needed, and she didn't want to ruin that. It'd be silly to play with herself now when she was going to have Todd to play with her later.

Tapping her foot impatiently, she watched out the upstairs window, waiting for his car to pull into the driveway. When it finally did she squealed her excitement, rushing to grab her purse and head to the top of the stairs, waiting and listening for his entrance into the house. The front door opened and she began her way down the staircase, making a grand entrance.

Their eyes locked as she descended, and her cheeks flushed with excitement and happiness, hazel eyes sparkling. Todd's lips parted at the sight of her exquisite beauty, the sheer sexual energy of her body, and the way he responded to her. Already his pants were uncomfortable and she was just walking down the stairs. Allison was just as thrilled with his appearance, he was as formally dressed as she was in a tux. She loved tuxes, especially because she noticed that the vest underneath matched the grey beadwork on her dress - not that it had beadwork, but it was the exact same color. He had left nothing to chance.

Leaving the stairs, she walked up to him, her entire face glowing with her happiness.

He pulled her into his arms, making her shriek a little with the abruptness of his movement, "Maybe we should just stay here," he breathed, his groin pressing up against hers.

Allison shivered in delight, but smacked his shoulder playfully, "Now what kind of anniversary would that be?"

"A good one," the heat in his voice and eyes were making her melt... but then he smiled ruefully and stepped away from her, offering his arm, "But you're right. We should go out and celebrate. There's plenty of time later."

A little disappointed, but in some ways relieved (she would have died of curiosity wanting to know what he had planned) she took his arm and they walked out the door.

The car ride was delicious, he turned on all the vibrators to a low setting, making her squirm in her seat. With one eye on her and the other on the road, he enjoyed the view of her lips parted in panting moans, her hands rubbing along her body uselessly... the skirt was way too long for her to lift it up and play with herself. The vibrations were so low and teasing, she loved every minute of it. It was much easier to bear knowing that the teasing would have a fantastic finale later in the evening, even if she wasn't getting off now.

Allison gasped with delight when they pulled up to the restaurant... it was the same one he'd first taken her to. The one he'd taken her to for their final "date" as well, and walking inside she found that he had again requisitioned the same booth and even the same waiter (who leered at her lustfully, his eyes trailing along the smooth skin of her exposed breasts). Giggling happily she kissed him, letting her tongue delve deep into his mouth as he slid his fingers into the front of her dress, tickling her nipple with it. Now she was very glad for the secluded booth.

Feeling utterly naughty, and incredibly excited, she slid underneath the table.

"What are you doing?" she heard Todd say, in a completely startled tone of voice. Silly man, she thought, her fingers nimbly undoing his pants and releasing his dick from its confines. Sighing happily she flicked out her tongue, licking the drop of precum from its tip. Todd moaned above her. It was like her own secret little cave of pleasure underneath the table, she wrapped her hand firmly around the base of his dick and opened her mouth, clamping her lips tightly around his shaft just under the head. As his sensitive head was pleasured with her tongue, the tip of it invading his pee-slit, Todd shuddered and gripped the sides of the table.

Slowly she began to move her head down the shaft, fitting just a little more of it into her mouth. Bobbing her head sexily in his lap, she pleasured him, the rest of the restaurant completely unaware of their activities. Gagging a little, she pressed herself onwards, determined to fit the whole of his dick into her mouth, to feel it sliding down her throat without any extra help from him. It took some doing, but eventually her lips were pressed against his groin, and she felt his dick pulse against her tongue in happy pleasure. Pulling herself back up, she took a deep breath and plunged back down, finding it easier to accommodate his length in her throat now that she'd already done it once.

Hearing the waiter approaching the table and talking to Todd, she was grateful the floor length table clothe that was covering her. Not that she really cared that someone would see her giving head, but the waiter saw enough of her as was. Although, she couldn't help but hope that Todd might repeat last time's performance, letting the waiter suck on her nipples while she came... slurping his length back down her throat, she hummed a little, very low in her chest. The resulting vibrations made his thighs clench under her hands, and she could hear his voice strain a little as he put in their orders. In response, the vibrators inside of her came to life, buzzing merrily, at a much higher speed than they had been in the car. She sucked even harder, eager for his load to fill her mouth as she became more and more aroused. Her fingers were kneading his thighs without even realizing it.

Without warning he was suddenly cumming in her mouth and she frantically swallowed, surprised and trying to get it all down. Salty sweetness filled her mouth, and she felt more horny than ever as his cum filled her belly. Letting his dick slowly soften in her mouth, she allowed it to pop out and then gave it a kiss, peeking out from under the table cloth next to him. He was smiling at her.

"Is it safe?" she asked, whispering a little. Black hair swayed as he nodded, finger scooping a bit of cum off of her chin and pressing it to her lips. Licking it lasciviously she pulled herself up next to him, just in time as the waiter came around with their food. Innocently she blinked at him as he looked at her in confusion, the bathroom was on the other side of the restaurant and surely he would have seen her returning...

He left the table still giving the couple looks over his shoulder. As soon as he was gone they both burst into laughter, the taste of Todd's cum still on her tongue.

The food was fantastic as usual, and the company even more so. Allison didn't think she'd ever enjoyed herself so much, the very air seemed to spark with energy and tension between them. She was eager to get back home where they could enjoy themselves, but at the same time the wait beforehand made everything just even more delicious. It gave them the time to enjoy each other's company, the way the other person looked, the laughter, the sharing... it was everything she'd ever wanted before she met him. Apparently she could have the best of both worlds and she could have it with Todd. Hazel eyes sparkled as she smiled at him, feeling that she loved him more than ever tonight.

He smiled back, lips curving over his glass of champagne. Bringing the glass to his mouth he paused and tilted it towards her, "To us..."

"To us..." she repeated, clinking her glass against his, and their eyes locked as the bubbly liquid slid down her throat. Even now, after a year, he made her breathless and her chest felt constrained in the material.

The intense moment was interrupted by the waiter, coming to collect their plates, "Would you care to order dessert?" he asked them.

"Just send us the special," Todd didn't even look away from her as he ordered and the waiter smiled and walked away.

"You don't even know what the special is!" Allison protested, and he lifted one finger to her lips and tapped them.

"But whatever it is, I'll bet it's good." She laughed as he leaned forward and caught her mouth in a kiss, she felt giddy, like a teenager in love. They were kissing in a restaurant booth and she giggled against his mouth, and then gasped as the vibrator in her pussy came to life. Shuddering in his arms, she moaned as the kiss deepened and his hold on her tightened. Her pussy was fluttering with pleasure around the vibrator, especially as his hands stroked her back, fingertips falling to the curve of her ass.

"Dessert is served!" a mischievous voice interrupted them, and they parted to the sight of a smiling waiter holding a covered tray. He placed it on the table and walked off, smugness written in the line of his body.

Todd laughed, and tightened his hold on her again as she started to reach for the cover, curious as to what tonight's dessert special was, "Wait," he told her, "We can eat it in a minute. First I want to say Happy Anniversary..."

"Happy Anniversary," Allison murmured back, leaning forward to kiss him. It was another few moments before he spoke again.

"... and that I love you." His voice was low in his throat, rough with emotion as his eyes held hers. She blinked back a few tears... he said it so seldom that she never tired of hearing his profession of love for her.

"I love you too, Todd," she whispered throatily, leaning forward to kiss him again, but this time he stopped her, and reached over to uncover the dessert.

For a few moments Allison just sat there staring... trying desperately to wrap her mind around the strangeness of the display. Chocolate, lots of chocolate truffles, in a perfect circle around a small pedestal upon which stood an open jewelry box with a very large and shining diamond in it.

"Todd..." she breathed, feeling as though she'd been punched in the stomach. Her eyes were wide with disbelief and her fingers reached out as if to find out whether or not this vision in front of her was real. It seemed as though the entire world had melted away, and that all the winds of the world were rushing past her ears, a roaring sound that just grew louder and louder.

"Allison Meers," she looked up at him, a deer caught in the headlights with wide hazel eyes, staring and uncomprehending, "Will you marry me?"

"YES!" the word was out of her mouth before her brain even registered what he had asked, what it all meant, and she was in his arms, kissing him frantically as tears poured down her face before she understood everything that had just happened. And once she did, her joy was all the greater, rushing through her with the love that she had for him, the desire to scream to the world that he was hers and she was his.

They kissed, happily, completely caught up in each other. Eventually, with one of his arms still around her waist, they turned their attention back to the table and he slipped the ring onto her finger. Cause enough for more tears and more kisses. Finally they fed the truffles to each other, licking chocolate off of each other's fingers. Not that Allison needed any stimulation for her desire, although it was funny how a lot of her actual lust had sloughed away now. Her desire seemed somehow purer, less base, less whorish.

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