tagToys & MasturbationAllison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 1

Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 1


Allison woke to the sound of her alarm buzzing in her ear. She rolled over and turned it off, squinting to make out the time. 5:45 am…why so early? And then she remembered…today was her "play" day. She planned to have as many orgasms as possible throughout the day…starting right now. Just thinking about all the nasty things she planned to do today was getting her excited.

She grabbed her remote and turned on the TV and VCR, where she'd left one of her favorite dirty movies. As she watched the girl on screen being forced to perform various sexual acts, Allison caressed her 18-year-old body. At 5'3", with long brown hair, sultry green eyes, pouty red lips and a perfect tan, she was a knockout. Her 34-C breasts, tiny waist, and full hips had every guy at her high school dreaming about her. Wouldn't they die if they could see her now…

She massaged her breasts for a moment before licking both of her thumbs and forefingers, and then rolled her nipples between them. Almost immediately, she was dripping wet. After a moment, her hands started to slide down her body. She caressed her flat stomach, her hips, her silky thighs. And when se could wait no longer, she touched her pussy. Although she was always unusually wet, she was surprised by the amounts of liquid leaking from between her lips. She teased the outer areas, carefully avoiding her clit. She ten slid first one, then two fingers into her tight hole. She slowly finger-fucked her teenage cunt, her legs spread wide apart, knees in the air. She began to rub her clit with her other hand, almost unable to keep from screaming at the shockingly wonderful sensations she was feeling. She had shaved her entire pussy for the very first time the night before, and she couldn't believe how incredibly everything felt. She was wetter, more sensitive…she couldn't get enough. She added a third finger to her hole, enjoying the fuller sensation. She stopped for a moment and lubricated her left forefinger, and then slid it down to her tight little asshole. She rubbed her juices around the outside, and then slid the finger slowly in. She resumed finger-fucking herself, both in her cunt and her ass.

It felt sooo good…but it wasn't enough. She reached under her bed and grabbed her toy box. First, she selected a slender anal dildo. Rubbing some more of her dripping liquids on it, she slid it slowly past her sphincter muscle until it would go no further. The she pulled out a tiny vibrator that strapped to her clit. She put it on, but didn't flip the switch. Then she pulled out her favorite toy…a large, realistic dildo with a suction cup on the end. She moved off the bed and onto the hardwood floor, where she licked the suction cup and placed it securely beside her. She got up on her knees and positioned herself above the huge head of the dildo. Slowly, teasing herself, she eased down until the entire 11 inches of the fake cock were inside her. She sat for a moment, loving the sensation of being filled up. And then she began to move…slowly at first, and then faster as her excitement built. Her juices were now thickly coating the fake cock and had made a small puddle on the floor. She could feel the larger dildo rubbing against the smaller one in her ass. Allison caught sight of herself in the mirror and grew even more excited…she looked so nasty, so dirty…a perfect little schoolgirl slut. She could feel her orgasm beginning, and she switched on the clit vibrator. Instantly, an orgasm wracked her body. She rode the huge cock hard and fast, biting her lips to keep from crying out. In moments, she had an earth-shattering climax, and fell, exhausted, to the floor.

When she could move again, Allison began to clean up. She unstrapped the vibrator and placed it back in the box. She began to remove the anal dildo, but decided to leave it on for school. She unstuck the dildo from the floor and licked her juices off of it. At the last minute, she noticed the puddle she'd left on the floor. Without thinking, she bent over and licked it all up. Mmmmm…she loved her own taste.

She went into the bathroom and got ready for school, putting on her little skirt and white blouse. She grinned wickedly as she put on her panties…although they looked ordinary from the outside, they had a secret. Inside the panties was a small vibrator, meant to be inserted into the pussy. It was activated by a remote control, which she slipped into her backpack. She ran down to catch the bus, kissing her mother and stepfather on her way out the door. Her stepfather looked after her suspiciously…he could smell pussy juice on her hands.

Her first three classes were boring, and she only got through them by teasing herself with the vibrating panties. Since the toy was inside her, it couldn't be heard by her classmates, and she got a secret thrill imagining what they would think if they knew. Each time she brought herself close to orgasm, she switched off the vibrator. By fourth period, she thought she would die if she didn't come, so she told her teacher she needed to go to the nurse. As soon as she was released, she went straight to the bathroom. Without checking to see if it was empty, she locked the door and dropped her panties to the floor. Her fingers went immediately to her pussy, rubbing furiously. She stopped and went over to the row of sinks. She unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra, watching herself in the mirror as she played with her breasts. Then Allison put one foot up on the sink, so she had a perfect view of her soaked cunt. She watched with lust-glazed eyes as her fingers fucked her tight little hole. She began to move the anal dildo in and out in time with her fingers. It felt so good…but she needed something hard inside her…

Her eyes roamed the bathroom, searching for something that would do. Her gaze settled on the wooden handle of the toilet plunger. Under normal circumstances, this would have disgusted her, but right now she was too horny to care. She grabbed the plunger and slid the smooth wooden handle deep inside her throbbing cunt. Her body tensed in pleasure…it felt wonderful to have something firm inside her. She closed her eyes and stroked the handle in and out, reveling in the pleasure she felt.

"Wouldn't you like something a little thicker than that to fill your pussy?" she heard a deep voice ask. Her eyes flew open wide in shock, and she saw Ray, the school janitor, standing in front of her. He was about 28 or so, with dark hair and eyes. She had always found him sexy in a trashy sort of way. ..he was someone a classy girl like her would never dream of fucking. But her eyes traveled down to his crotch, where his erection was quite obvious under his coveralls.

"I'll give you a choice…either I get to fuck that little rich girl pussy, or I give the principal this videotape I have of you screwing yourself with a toilet plunger. What do you think?"

She thought she'd have fucked him anyway, but the threat made it even better. "I'll fuck you…please don't give him that tape! You can fuck me all you want, just don't give him that video!"

He moved in front of her. "Pull that stick out of your cunt." She obeyed. "Now lick yourself off of it." Again, she obeyed. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and began to lick her pussy. Just as she was about to come, he stopped.

"Nope…this is all about me." He undid his coveralls, freeing his 8-inch erection. He grabbed her hair and yanked her down to the floor on her knees. Saying nothing, he shoved his cock in her mouth. She began to lick and suck it, loving the way it felt in her mouth. He fucked her face, shoving his dick down her throat. Then he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, Ray fucked her like a dog.

"You like this, don't you? You like being screwed like the bitch you are, don't you? You fucking nasty slut."

"Oh yes, I like it…I deserve being fucked like a dog, like a slut, a trashy horny slut. Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me HARD!"

With those words, they came together, Ray shooting his cum deep inside her pussy. Without another word, they got dressed, and Allison went back to class. Ray went over to the camera he'd set up, still running. Smiling, he took out the tape and stored it in his little office.

Later that afternoon, with only about an hour left of school, Allison was called to the principal's office. She sat down nervously, looking at Mr. Evans with apprehension. She didn't like the look on his face.

"Allison, do you know why you're here?"

"No, Mr. Evans. Why?"

"I found something very disturbing in the janitor's office. I think you should watch it." Mr. Evans turned on the TV and VCR in his office. Immediately, she saw herself masturbating in the bathroom. As she watched in horror, the girl on the screen began to fuck herself with the toilet plunger. Principal Evans let the video play all the way through, and despite her fear, Allison began to get horny again. After the video was over, the principal sat back in his chair, trying to conceal his erection.

"Allison, this deserves serious punishment, don't you think?"

"Yes sir…I guess I do deserve to be punished."

"Well, at least we agree. Now come here." She stood and went around the desk to stand next to him. "Bend over on my lap and lift your skirt." She looked at him in horror as he pulled a large wooden paddle with a thick round handle from his desk.

"But…but…Mr. Evans, no, please!!!"

"No, Allison. Do as you're told." With humiliation, she bent over his lap, feeling like a little girl. She lifted her skirt, revealing her lack of panties. "No underwear…I'm not surprised, from a nasty little schoolgirl whore like you." Without another word, he picked up the paddle and began to spank her round, firm bottom.

"Oh…oh…ow…oh, it hurts!" she cried. Ignoring her protests, the principal kept spanking her. Despite herself, the spanking was making her even more horny…she felt so naughty…her juices began to run down her thighs. The principal noticed, and began to spank her harder. He stopped for a moment.

"Is that enough, Allison? Are you ready to go back to class?" Just as she began to stand, he touched a finger to her slippery fuck hole, and her knees collapsed. "Or do you want some more?"

"More, more!" she gasped. He stood her up and bent her over the desk. He fingered her with one hand while paddling her with the other. When her ass cheeks were a deep crimson, he stopped. She stayed bent over the desk, exhausted. Suddenly, he slid the thick round handle of the paddle into her hungry pussy. Without thinking, she pushed her hips back against it.

"That's right…fuck the paddle…take it, fuck yourself with it, I want to watch." And so she took command…still bent over, she moved the handle rapidly in and out of her snatch.

"Oh yes…yes…oh yes…oh, Mr. Evans, it feels so good…but I want something real inside me…a real man to fuck me!" Not waiting for further pleas, he threw the paddle to the floor and rammed his hard cock into her waiting pussy. He fucked her from behind for a moment before turning her around to sit on the edge of the desk. She braced herself as he fucked her harder than she'd been fucked in a couple of months. "Oh god, Mr. Evans…fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god!" Her orgasm made her shudder violently over and over. When she was finished, the principal pulled out and shot his cum all over her face. She licked it up eagerly, and then began to get dressed.

Mr. Evans sat back in his chair. "Behave now, Allison. And I have to tell you…I'm going to call your stepfather and tell him what went on in the bathroom today. I believe you've been warned that if you pull any more of this, you're going to an all-girls school." Allison stared at the principal in horror.

"Please…don't do that!"

"I have to. Sorry…it'll work out. I promise you…I know just the school to recommend."

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