tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAllison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 3

Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 3


Allison looked around her room one last time. Her bags were packed with the few meager items her stepfather had allowed her to bring to her new school. Her face burned with shame as she remembered the ordeal of the previous night. Her stepfather had come into her room to help her pack, approving and discarding her possessions at his discretion. His eyes glittered wickedly when he found her stash of sex toys.

"Well, well...look at this!" he murmured. "Quite a collection you have her, little girl." Allison instinctively realized that something was about to happen. "Come here, you little whore," he growled. When she hesitated, he strode across the room and grabbed her by the hair. He dragged her across the room and threw her down in front of her mirrored closet doors. "Undress, you nasty little slut!" he yelled. Fingers trembling, Allison obeyed. "That's more like it..." he whispered as he sorted through her toys.

He approached her and quickly clamped nipple clips to her erect nipples. Then he began to examine her dildos and vibrators. She could see his erection through his pants, and she began to get excited in spite of herself. The memory of that cock driving itself into her over and over made her dripping wet. He finally selected a slender anal vibrator and a large black dildo. He turned to look at her, and ordered her on her hands and knees. She did as he asked, feeling the blood rush to her hanging tits, making her nipples throb under the cruel clamps. She spread her legs wide without waiting for him to ask, and was rewarded by a gentle caress of her cunt. "Nice and wet...you know just what to do, don't you, my little whore?" She remained silent, but tried to grind her aching pussy against his hand. He drew back and slapped her cunt as hard as he could. She yelped in pain, and he laughed.

"Now, let's have a little fun..." he said, as he moistened the anal vibrator with her dripping fluids. He then roughly inserted it in her ass, laughing as she winced. Then he took the enormous black dildo and teased the outside of her slippery fuckhole. "You want this, don't you, baby?" he crooned. Allison groaned and thrust her hips. "Answer me, you whore!" he yelled.

"Yes...yes," she moaned.

"Yes, what?" he growled.

"Yes, please, I want it," she whimpered.

"You know what it told you to call me...so do it!" he commanded.

"Yes, Daddy, I want it...please, fuck me with the big black cock!" she begged. He slid the giant dildo into her waiting pussy, and she moaned as it filled her up.

"Now, turn over and lie on your back, and let me see you fuck yourself with that cock!" he ordered. She quickly turned over and reached between her legs, and she began to move the dildo in and out rapidly. Her stepfather pulled out his own large dick and began to stroke it. As she began to climax, he reached between her legs and turned on the anal vibrator. Immediately, she screamed from the force of her orgasm. He yanked the dildo from her hands and shoved in his own rigid, throbbing cock. The vibrator continued to stimulate her ass as he slammed into her over and over. When he was done, he yanked her from the floor and threw her on the bed. He quickly tied her hands and feet to the bedposts, and inserted a vibrator in to her pussy. He turned it on high speed, told her goodnight, and left her to a restless, pleasurable night.

When Allison arrived at the Rockway Academy for Wayward Youth, she was brought immediately to the headmaster's office. He told her to stand before his desk as he read her file with a frown. When he was done, he looked at her sternly. "So, it seems you've been a very naughty girl, is that right?" he asked.

Allison hung her head in shame. "Yes, sir," she whispered.

"Well, then...you've come to the right place. Our job is to train you to behave obediently. We realize that we cannot stop your sexual urges...but we can control them and mold you to our wishes."

Allison dared to look up, shocked. Was he saying what she thought he was saying? "I don't understand, sir..."

"What I'm saying is, you are now a sex slave, to be used as others desire. After a few months here, you will be able to use others as you desire. You may not refuse anyone the use of your body, in whatever way they wish."

Allison gasped, frightened...and a little excited. She could feel moisture gathering between her legs. "You like that idea, don't you?

the headmaster murmured.

"Well...I don't...I don't know..." Allison stammered.

"Oh, I think you do...In fact, I'll bet that little pussy of yours is dripping wet just thinking about it...isn't it?" the headmaster asked. Without waiting for an answer, he slipped his hand under her skirt, laughing softly when he realized that she had no panties on. He slipped an expert finger into her cunt and made come-hither motions, causing her knees to shake.

"I think you'll make a perfect little slave...in fact, I think we should start your training right now," he whispered. Abruptly, he stopped fingering her and took her into the next room. There was an examination table, as one might find in a doctor's office, equipped with stirrups. He pushed a button on the wall, and two women quickly appeared, dressed in tight nurse's uniforms. "Prepare the girl," he commanded. Before Allison could protest, she was stripped and pushed onto the examination table. The nurses strapped her arms down and secured her legs in the stirrups. They giggled to see her wetness, and both began to rub Allison's pussy, exclaiming over its beauty, its wetness, and its obvious eagerness to be fucked. The headmaster watched impassively as they began to lick and kiss her nipples. Soon, one nurse was busily eating Allison's eager pussy, and the other had lifted her white skirt and was grinding her own dripping cunt on Allison's face. Just before Allison could come, the two nurses abruptly stopped and moved away from her.

"Apply the lubricant!" ordered the headmaster. Allison was confused...wasn't she wet enough? But the nurses had slipped on rubber gloves and were applying a clear fluid to her pussy. They rubbed it on her clit, around the outside of her hole, and deep inside. Then they withdrew and threw their gloves away. The headmaster and the two nurses stood across the room, watching. Allison grew apprehensive, wondering what was going on. It wasn't long before she knew.

She began to feel a tingle between her legs...stronger and stronger...oh, it was itching! "Please," she begged. "It itches! Make it stop!"

The headmaster laughed. "It's supposed to itch. Remember, you cannot refuse yourself...so shut up and quit complaining."

In moments, Allison was writhing on the examination table, straining against her bonds. She stopped complaining, but moaned and whimpered as she tried in vain to find relief. After half an hour, the headmaster and the nurses released her bonds.

"There you go...now what?" a nurse teased her. She looked all around the room for something to relieve her itching, but could find nothing. Grinning wickedly, another nurse produced a large dildo with a suction cup on the bottom.

"Want this?" she asked innocently.

"Oh, please, please!" begged Allison.

"You can have it...if you follow me," said the nurse.

Willingly, Allison followed her...into a room full of teenage boys. The nurse went directly to the center of the room and stuck the dildo to the floor. "There you go!" she said cheerfully. Allison was torn between shame and need; necessity won out. She went quickly to the dildo, dropped to her knees, and impaled herself upon it. The friction felt so good...Allison began to move up and down, faster and faster...the outside of her pussy still itched, so she played with her clit as she rode the huge dildo.

The boys began to masturbate as they watched her, calling her names and egged her on..."Slut...whore...fuck that cock...bet you'd like a real cock in you...look at that pussy, she's dripping..."

Allison came over and over again, finally not caring who was watching. The boys continued to masturbate, moving closer to her...and they began to come as well...all over Allison's face, hair, breasts, ass, anything they could get to. When it was all over, Allison was covered...and still she couldn't stop riding the massive cock, it felt so good...

To be continued...

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