tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAllowing Shy Wife to be Voyeured

Allowing Shy Wife to be Voyeured


So, many of you know that years ago, I learned that I enjoy having my shy wife exposed. She has tiny boobs and used to try to cover up that fact with padded bras and bikini tops, making it even more fun when she would accidentally down blouse one of my friends exposing her tiny tits and nipples without her knowledge, revealing her biggest (smallest secrets)

Well, I recently discovered an amazing, complete and ongoing exposure that my wife has been experiencing for years, without our knowledge. Shocking at first, hot when I think about it a bit.

My wife and I are now in our upper 30's, but one of her best friends is 20 years older than us. Her friend's husband is even older than that, a nice guy in his low 60's. We've known them for years, vacationed with them, golfed with them and see then at least monthly even though we live in different cities.

Well, I've known since day one that Nathan, the older husband, appreciated looking at Jessica in her swim wear, PJs or any other revealing outfit that she might wear in front of him. He is an old guy, harmless and has clearly secretly lusted for my wife with his eyes for years, and, of course, I secretly wanted him to see, but it never could seem to be arranged. He had seen her braless in sleep shirts, an unusual move for her, with her being comfortable enough around him that she would go without her padded bras. I know that he is in on the secret of her tiny boobs, and he certainly noticed her dancer's legs and rear on our swim outings.

Well, anyway, we used to live in the same city as them for years, but my job took us hours away. Jessica, though still needs to go back to the old home town for work for a few days a month and always stays with our friends, Susan and Nathan. This has been going on for years.

Well, just a few months ago, I was there as well, we were spending the weekend visiting, and I stayed in the suite that Jessica always uses at their house. A three room set up, a bedroom, a separate shower and bath room and a third room for toilet and sink. The bedroom and shower rooms are pretty cluttered, they keep and store some stuff in each rarely used room.

Well, that Friday night, Jessica and I had, quiet sex in that guest room, my usual way, lights on, because I like to watch her and I love that nudity under lights still embarrasses her a bit. It was a good night, I started missionary position, her tiny tits bounding with each thrust, then spun her over doggie style to finish - A good night. Saturday morning, I got up, nude and walked to the adjoining shower room where I hit the shower while Jess still slept. Nothing eventful that morning until I stepped out of the shower, looking at the shelves of junk across from the shower it's self.

As a stood naked, looking at the shelf, I noticed a clock - kind of out of place - a model usually used as a bedside clock. In fact, the exact model that was by the bed in the guest room, and I remembered, as the model in the room with the shower and toilet as well.

I walked toward it, looking close, and then I saw it. The small, black circle above the digits, where the hidden camera was. My heart was racing a bit as I flipped it around, looking to see if it stored locally or was a WiFi model. Quickly, I saw that it was slotted with an SD card. So, he couldn't see me finding his camera, he must plan to recover the video when we leave.. I started thinking about it, I don't think these clocks are new, in fact, I can remember the bedside one being there for more than a year - at least 12 visits of Jessica if not more. I realized then, that my petite shy wife hasn't had any secrets from her friend Nathan for quite some time.

At this point, I actually thought about pulling the SD cards, but honestly, I suspected that this has been going on for a while, in other words, it was too late to protect my wife's "modesty." Also, the idea of him watching her naked, changing, showering, going to the bathroom each month stirred me a bit. He really was a harmless guy - not physically imposing, married, a business professional. He was just getting to see what he always wondered about, also fulfilling a secret dream of mine to show him. I left all the SD cards in.

Just 10-15 minutes after I dressed, Jessica woke and sat up in bed, topless, and unbeknownst to her, providing a perfect profile view of her body in profile to the hidden camera, her A cups pointing straight ahead her nips well lit for the lens. I watched this, a little mesmerized by the idea, while she just thought I was perving on her, as usual. :).

Then, she stands, totally nude for the camera, for a while, her shaved pussy facing his cam, then she turns, giving him the 180 view and walks to the bathroom. She closes the door on me, but I know she is totally nude, sitting on the toilet. Clock #3 facing her, catching her morning toilet with tiny boobs out front the whole time. I'm rock hard the whole time.. Of course, minutes later, she hits the shower, all the time, one of Nathan's clocks pointed right at her, recording in 1080p at least. I walked in after her shower, I just had to watch. When I came in she had just stepped out, reaching for the towel. We talked, she slowly dried her small chest, bent over (hanging boob view for Nathan) and wrapped her hair in the towel. Then, she turned away, bent at the waist to pick up her razor that had fallen into the tub.. Full rear view of pussy and small, slightly hairy asshole for Nathan's ever watching clock cam.

I've got to tell you, the idea that he has been doing this for a year or more is amazing. All this time, she has been visiting in the evenings, having breakfast, even doing beach trips with our friends, I've thought he was hoping for a glimpse of her, while he probably has a library of high quality video of her every inch.

I have to admit, I wanted to see his videos.

Well, later that day, my wife, Susan and yes, Nathan were getting ready to go out for a movie and dinner. I claimed to be tired, and hung back telling them that I would just meet them for dinner. As soon as they were gone, I popped the SD card out of the bedroom cam and popped it into my laptop. I found dated, motion detection initiated video dating back for months. First I watched the vid of last night's sex. It will be the only sex vid he has of her, and it's amazing. At first for the missionary position, he has views of her face, her bouncing flat little tits, even her orgasm face, a favorite mine. When I flipped her on all fours, I like to stand to fuck so I positioned her ass at the camera, the view was amazing. I always reach down and spread her ass, I like to let her know that she is hiding nothing, but in this case, I pulled her ass wide two feet from his recording camera. His views of her pussy and anus were world class. I reviewed his old vids as well, mostly he scored nude and dressing videos of old visits. His shower videos are amazing and, I've never seen my hot wife sit on the toilet more than I did on his 8 month collection that he had on the SD card in the bathroom.

So.. I thought about what to do... The sex exposure was really extreme and there seemed to be a lot of video of my mid sized dick as well. I decided to let him have it. I removed all the clips of my finding and removing his cards, unplugged the cameras until I had the SD card reinstalled and left them in place.

It's time for me to head to dinner to meet my wife, her best friend and her best friend's husband, Nathan. I'm looking forward to it. I don't seen any reason for my wife to change her monthly travel plans to stay with them either. Nathan and I have a secret - he doesn't know that I know, but having him finally see what my wife has been hiding from him for 20 years, to know her body damn near as well as I do is hot, and, I think harmless. He'll keep it to himself and what she doesn't know can't hurt her. Of course, the next time I come, I'm going to direct our sex scene like Spielberg and review the SD card after. :)

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/21/18


I have wondered what it is that causes a man to like his wife showing off? I know it affects me, I just do not know why. My wife has smallish breasts, but large nipples that often become very pointed.

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by Cletis05/17/18

chapter 1 ?

Looks like the beginning of a series. I am not as critical as anonymous. I was hoping he would have discovered clips of other guests their friends had had. As for anonymous's questions, all that I assumemore...

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by Anonymous05/17/18


Lacked direction.... too bland and almost clinical....where is the passion?? Can he 'direct' her to expose herself even more....doesn't Nathan see him checking the cameras? Are the cameras recordingmore...

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