tagBDSMAlly and Jon - The Journey

Ally and Jon - The Journey


"I'm so excited," blurted Ally, it was the weekend, the weekend they had planned ages and ages ago for their visit to Cromer, oh the seaside, how she loved the seaside.

Cromer was a special place for her, mum and dad used to hire a huge caravan at Ocean Edge in East Runton for many years for her and her brothers and sisters.

We had booked a small cottage with a Hot Tub, yes you hear right, a Hot Tub.

Ally shouted downstairs, "Shall i pack my cossy or bikini Jon?"

"Neither Ally, you will be naked the whole weekend we are in the cottage, and topless if we go to the beach, so your pants will be enough."

"Are you joking, remember we are going with Dot and Brian?" came back the shouted reply. Ally immediately realised her mistake in shouting, compounded by hearing Jon's footsteps on the stairs.

Jon went upstairs and into their bedroom, as he unbuckled his belt she realised hers was not the place to answer back. Her head went down as she stripped naked, no point in apologising now, the deed was set. Not only would the others see her naked, but marked too.

He took her arm and led her to the edge of the bed, "Your mouth has earned you 20 on your bottom, 5 across your back, and 5 over each nipple."

Ally could have been sick but knew it was Jon's place to keep her in line, just as her Daddy did with her and her mum.

The 20 on her bottom stung like the devil, he must have been really cross. She could tell he eased the stroke for the 5 on her back, till the last one, it was a fire cracker, like an electric shock, she stood with the shock.

Jon gave her a few minutes then put his foot on the bedside stool, lent her over and spanked her with a shortened belt, she knew why, standing up, it seemed to go on for hours, Jon knew when it was enough, stopped and stood her up.


Ally put her left hand under her left and pushed up so her nipple was stood out proud.

Jon stood to her left side and whipped down the now single open ended belt with a whistle...


"As kids growing up we were all punished, of course, and so was mum, hers seemed to be every week when daddy was home, never ever saw, but heard lots, and now i'm grown up realise it was a pretty natural thing to do, we certainly never knew any different."

"Mum saw to spanking us all and with so many it always seemed someone was over her knee, either stood or as she sat on the kitchen stool."

"Her implements were varied, hand, wooden spoon, or her slipper, all hurt like hell with no payback, well not till much older, young adults I suppose, we were to get one of dads beltings over the end of the bed. Well, just before dad finished it was as though i'd past out and such a tingle, below."


"Even at 19 School was no sanctuary, i was often spanked, in front of the whole class a couple of times, my knickers pulled up so tight they were like a thong. I remember one time my pussy lips pushed out at each side of them."

"One male teacher seemed to make me his special spanking girl, time after time i had to report to his classroom after school. He would tell how naughty i was an to bend over with my hands flat against the black board. He would raise my skirt and lower my knickers to my knees and whack me so hard with an old black pump i would cry straight away. The best bit, if there was a best bit, was he would then sit me on his knee and stroke my bottom and sometimes my front."

When i told mummy i had been naughty and spanked, she would also turn me over her knee for much of the same with her spoon, it was then, 'Just you wait till your daddy gets home', and i knew i would get a belting, and probably grounded, and usually a bed time spanking the night after from him from being so naughty" Also he would stop my driving lessons, not sure what was the worst.


My nipple stung like the devil, not sure i could take 5 on each, but i had earned them...

"I will give you a choice Ally."

"Yes Sir," Looks like a reprieve after all she thought.

"Either 5, 1 after the other on this nipple or stagger them, in turn."

Some reprieve, "As you think will teach be the hardest lesson Sir."

He whipped them one after the other on the same tit.

When the last lash cut home he said, "Shame to waste their erectness don't you think Ally?"

Through her tears and sobs she nodded.

"Lay in the bed, on your back, head overhanging, I wish to have the easiest route to them."

Ally followed instructions and Sir was soon nipping and slapping her nipples, and pounding her mouth with his cock.

Sir did not have the biggest cock in the world but he did have staying power. She pretended to gag but he did not get down her throat and she hoped he would cum quicker.

"There, will you think about questioning me in future girl?"

She was still swallowing and knew the penalties for spilling so nodded.

He went to her draw and took out 2 clothes pegs, as she stood he attached one to each nipple, "Just a reminder."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

"Oh, and make sure you pack them."

A couple of hours after Ally's discipline they had left the A1 and were motoring to join the A148 to Cromer and meeting their friends.

Brian and Dot were their oldest friends, they had met at local DD munch in a city they used to live in. Dot was Brian's sub and he was demonstrating the art of using the crop on her.


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