tagErotic CouplingsAlly Ch. 02

Ally Ch. 02


Eve sat on the edge of the bath and lathered the shaving cream over her pussy. She thought back to how good Ally's pussy had looked without any hair and picked up the razor. With smooth, careful strokes, she removed her own pubic hair, working studiously and fastidiously until she was able to rinse herself off and see herself completely bald.

Moving to the bedroom, she picked up a hand mirror, lay on her bed and spent some time examining her pussy, touching and feeling and looking. She spread herself apart to see how pink she was inside, surprised at how much juice was running from her pussy and down over her anus. She was excited!

She experimented with her fingers, sliding them between her lips and into her hole and running them over her clit as she'd seen Ally do.

Eventually she discarded the mirror and lay back on the bed, her fingers dancing a very deliberate dance on her clit. It was different to having Ally do it, but it had the same result. A shock passed through her body, her hips bucked wildly and an orgasm crashed her system as a spray of cum ejected from between her lips. She felt the rush and then lay quietly on her bed, amazed at just how good it felt.


John sat in his office staring. Eve sat at the conference table in his office taking notes. There were four other people at the table, using it whilst John supposedly continued on with his work, ignoring them. He tried to ignore them, but the way Eve was sitting, he had a wonderful profile view of her. And when she smiled at the other people at the table, he found himself smiling as well. Every now and then as she adjusted her position, he would get a glimpse of a pale pink bra-cup between the buttons on her blouse. It was starting to get him erect.

When the meeting finished, Eve was the last one to depart and his eyes lingered on her tight arse, admiring the way the black pants that she wore clung to its curve. There was a clear panty line that further aroused John.

"Enjoying the view?" he heard someone say, snapping him out of his reverie. He looked up to see Ally grinning at him from the doorway. Obviously she'd been on her way in just as Eve left and John was so busy perving that he'd not noticed.

"Actually, yes," laughed John, blushing at having been busted. Ally shut the door and moved in to his office.

"Hmm, is it better than this?" she said, flipping up the black business skirt that she was wearing, flashing a black lace thong at him.

"Well you know, it's different, because I couldn't see her underwear and it was her butt ..." John started. Ally poked her tongue out at him and turned around and flipped the skirt up to flash her butt at him as well.

"Now I'd have to say that you're on top," John laughed.

"And you like me being on top, don't you?" Ally teased, closing the office door before moving around his desk to close the distance between them.

"I like you any way I can have you," John said as Ally perched herself on his lap and turned her head to kiss him.

"Mmm, I can tell," she replied moments later, her hand leaning on his now rock hard cock and stroking it, feeling its girth and length through his trouser pants.

"God I love having you in my office," John said, his hands groping at Ally's small breasts. She slipped from his lap onto her knees in front of him, turning so that her hands could begin working the fastenings of John's pants. As she freed his cock and prepared to take him in her mouth she said, "I Love having you in your office too." And she sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she possibly could. John moaned as he watched his cock disappear into Ally's mouth, enjoying the sensations that travelled up and down the length as she took her time pleasuring him.

Ally continued to suck at John's cock, wondering if she'd have time to slip her panties off and take him in her now very wet pussy. But just as she made a move to begin the process of working her panties down her legs, her mouth still enveloping John's manhood, there was a knock at the door.

John groaned as Ally quickly leapt to her feet and moved around his desk toward the door as John tried to stuff his cock back in his pants, in the end simply settling for sliding his chair forward so that it was under the desk.

"Come in," he said. The door opened and Eve walked back in to the office. She noted that Ally was there and gave her a funny sort of smile. John didn't quite know what to make of it. She brought a couple of invoices to John for his approval and he took them from her, his eyes attempting to focus only on the paperwork and not on the small breasts that were hidden within her blouse, knowing that Ally would be watching him.

He signed them and as Eve bent forward to pick them up, couldn't help but glance down the front of her blouse. He caught a glimpse of the pink bra and his hard cock twitched beneath the desk. His eyes followed her tight butt as she walked from his office, Ally watching him watch Eve.

"It really is a nice butt you know," he said to her as she started back towards him again.

"Oh I know alright," she said, laughing. "But I think that was a good hint that I shouldn't continue just now."

"Aww come on, you can lock the door this time."

"Nope, sorry, too close for me that one, you might have to find some other way to entertain yourself." She laughed at the look on his face as she turned to blow him a kiss as she left the office.


Later that day, Ally sat with Eve, having lunch in a park, away from prying eyes and the rest of their work group.

"Were you doing something with John this morning?" Eve asked Ally at one point.

"Actually, now that you mention it, I was, I was giving him a blow job," she replied, unable to restrain a blush from crossing her features.

"I don't know whether to be disappointed because I didn't get to see how you did it, or because I'm jealous that you weren't with me," Eve sighed.

"Aww, I'm sorry, I know we spoke about the fact that I wanted to keep seeing John, but I should try not to flaunt it in front of you so much," Ally consoled her colleague. "I'm sure that I could make it up to you though." Having said that, she moved her lunch from where it sat between them on the park bench and slid closer to Eve, reaching out with her hand and turning her head as she closed for a kiss.

Eve quickly glanced around the park before allowing Ally to kiss her, but when she did, she responded hungrily, desperate to experience more than she had so far, wanting Ally to take control and do anything that she wanted to her. If only she was brave enough to ask. She felt Ally's hand slide up her thigh, along her pantyhose until it was under her skirt and applying pressure against her pussy. Eve moaned into their kiss and spread her legs, wishing that she wasn't wearing the pantyhose. She thrust herself against Ally's hand and put her own on Ally's leg.

Eve sighed when she felt Ally's hand depart from underneath her skirt, but discovered that she'd only moved it so that she could start to fondle her breasts. Tentatively, she reached out with her own hand to feel Ally's chest, placing her hand over her breast and squeezing gently.

"I think that it's time that I did something special for you Eve," Ally said as she broke their kiss and enjoyed the fact that Eve had dared to touch her breast in a public, though secluded place. As Eve allowed her hand to drop, Ally undid several of her buttons and fished around inside her blouse to remove the padded bra that she was wearing, putting it into her hand bag. Then she took Eve's hand and slid it inside her blouse so that she could feel her hand on her breast. Eve felt Ally's hard little nipple and they kissed again.

"So is this the special thing?" Eve asked, squeezing Ally's breast.

"No, silly, you've done this before, I want to give you an orgasm, but not the way that I did last time. I want to lick your pussy and make you cum. I've never licked another girl but I really want to do it to you, I've been thinking about it ever since we were last together."

"Really? Here? Gee Ally, I don't know if I could do that," Eve said, her eyes darting nervously around the park, checking to see if anyone had arrived.

"No, not here, we can stop at my place quickly on the way back to the office."

"Um, ok," Eve said, feeling herself juicing at the thought of what was to come."

They quickly put away the things that they'd brought with them for lunch and jumped back in the car. Ally drove them back to her place where they quickly found themselves in the bedroom.

"Take your pantyhose and panties off Eve," Ally said to her friend as she pulled back the covers of the bed for her friend. Eve worked first her panty hose and then her panties down her legs, leaving them piled on top of her shoes before climbing onto the bed where Ally was waiting for her.

"Now what?" Eve asked nervously, the glint of excitement in her eye slightly off-centre compared with the way she nervously chewed at her bottom lip.

"Lie down for me and let me take you to heaven Eve," Ally said, cringing at how trashy her line sounded once it was out in the open. Eve giggled, but lay down on her back. Ally moved over Eve and kissed her before moving down to position herself between Eve's legs. She pushed up Eve's skirt and gave a little gasp of delight when she discovered that Eve had shaved her pussy.

"You shaved it!" she said delightedly as her fingers began tracing circles all over Eve's hairless mound and pussy lips. Eve blushed. Ally took some time to survey and explore Eve's newly shaved pussy. She delighted in the feel of her lips, admired the way her inner lips stayed neatly tucked away out of sight behind her puffy outer lips and ran her fingers over the smooth hairless skin.

"I was checking myself out with a mirror after that first day that you made me cum and I decided that I much preferred the way you looked without any hair there than the way that I did with it," she explained quietly.

"Well I love it," Ally grinned and she leant down and planted a big wet kiss on Eve's hairless mound. Eve sighed as she felt her friend's moist lips on her bare skin. When Ally planted another kiss, slightly lower, and closer to her pussy, Eve held her breath. She found herself unable to breathe as Ally moved closer and closer to her actually pussy. She felt Ally's tongue snake out and run down one side of her pussy and then back up the other.

Slowly, Eve started breathing again as Ally's tongue travelled all over her pussy, but didn't actually manage to part her lips or enter her in any way. Then Eve felt it, Ally's tongue ran directly up the slit of her pussy, slipping between her labia and then swirling around the clit when it reached the top. Her hips bucked, it was an electric experience. Up and down her slit Eve's tongue travelled, teasing and probing, inducing pleasure with every tiny bit of contact.

Eve again found herself holding her breath as she endured a pleasure more intense than anything she'd experienced to date .When Ally started rubbing her tongue harder and relentlessly against her clit, she gasped and panted, finally drawing breath as she was forced to take in air.

Ally's hand snaked up to caress Eve's small breast, pulling at the tight nipple as her tongue worked its magic upon her clit. It wasn't long and eve exploded. Her hips shook and she cried out, scarcely believing just how amazing the sensation could be.

Ally allowed her a few moments to recover, telling her how wonderful it was to have been able to have Eve's pussy as the first she'd ever licked. The she told her friend that they had to be getting back to work before John got really pissed.

Eve was so conscientious that that got her moving immediately, scrambling back into her panties. When she was putting on her panty hose though, she rushed just that a fraction too much and laddered them. She quickly pulled them off again and tossed them in the bin in Ally's bathroom. The two girls made their way back to work.


"So tell me something Ally," John said to her later that day. "How is it that you and Eve go out to lunch together and Eve somehow manages to come back without any panty hose? Is there something that I should know about?"

"Huh, even if there was it wouldn't be any of your business John. You'll just have to trust that I have your best interests at heart."

"Oh yes, I feel so much more comfortable knowing that," John laughed.

When Ally returned back to her desk in the adjacent room, it was only Eve and herself in there. Eve kept dropping hints about how wonderful her lunch had been.

"Well how would you feel about a special dinner?" Ally asked her.

"What do you mean?" Eve asked a little suspiciously, thinking she had an idea of where this might be going.

"I mean, you know how you wanted me to teach you to give head on a real cock? How about tonight?"


"Yeah, I mean I'd have to check things out first, but I must say that the thought of watching you with a cock in your mouth whilst getting to play with you is one that makes me a little horny."

"Um ok, then, if you can arrange it," Eve said, feeling her blush flood her face.

Ally waited until Eve had to go somewhere else before heading into John's office and closing the door behind her. She walked all the way around to his side of the desk and knelt on the floor, placing a hand on each thigh.

"Um, don't you think this is a little risky after what happened this morning?" John asked.

"Of course, but I feel bad about not finishing you off, so I've come up with a plan to help that," Ally said, her hand now stroking her bosses cock.

"Well given I've a meeting to be at in five minutes, you're not likely to do so now either," he said.

"Well actually, I don't intend to be the one to finish you off anyway," Ally said, enjoying the puzzled look that crossed his face. "How would you feel if a certain young Asian girl was the one to make you pop your cookie?"

"Eve?" John asked, confused.

"Yes Eve, she want's to learn how to suck cock. I though you might be willing to help her learn."

"God," John said, stunned, "You are well and truly full of surprises!"

"So is that a yes?"

"It's a yes if you'll be there," John said.

(Then it's a yes,"" Ally said. She stood up, giving his cock a good hard tug through his trousers before she left. As she departed the room she turned and looked back at him over her shoulder and said, "And be sure to book somewhere nice for dinner." She winked and left.

"All set," she said when she returned to her own desk and found Eve sitting at her computer again.


"Oh yes, we're going out for dinner with John and they we're going to teach you to suck cock like a champion!" Ally laughed. Eve blushed again.

"I don't know whether to be excited or scared!" Eve laughed. "Shit, I can't go home though, can I come back to your place after work?"

"Of course, I'll get John to pick us up from there," Ally said.


"Right, do you want a shower before we go out?" Ally asked Eve as she handed her a glass of wine.

"Um yeah, that would be nice," Eve said taking the glass. "I don't suppose you have some clothes that I could wear do you? I'd really like to be able to wear something other than what I have on from work."

"Of course!" Ally said, "We're practically the same size anyway. Let's get clean and then we can choose clothes."

Ally took Eve to the shower and handed her a towel and then sat down on the bath whilst Eve started to remove her clothes. Eve smiled at Ally as she removed her blouse and bra and then stripped her skirt and panties off to stand naked before her colleague.

"You know, I find it kind of weird to be standing naked in your bathroom with you watching me," Eve laughed. "Even if you have seen me and given me an amazing orgasm."

"Oh well, get used to it sweetie, because I'd like to see you naked in my house a lot more often," Ally laughed. "In fact, I think that I'm going to join you in the shower," she added as Eve stepped under the flowing water and closed the door to the shower. Ally quickly shed her own clothes and pulled the shower door open.

She took a few moments to enjoy the sight of her friend's tight body as she leaned her head back under the spray of the water, her arms above her head, breasts and stomach flattened by the arching action.

"Fuck you're gorgeous," she said to Eve as she stepped into the shower with her, reaching out to touch, one hand resting on her belly and the other on the top of her arse. Eve turned within Ally's arms, and allowed Ally to kiss her as their small breasts were mashed together in the embrace.

"you're fucking hot yourself," Eve giggled, resting her hands on Ally's butt. The two girls spent some time in the shower together, kissing and touching, washing each other but eventually they had to get out so that they'd be ready when John came to take them out. They walked back to Ally's bedroom together, each wrapped in a towel.

"Now, let's see what we've got in here," Ally said, digging through her wardrobe.

"I think this would suit you," Ally said, passing a shimmering, tight black strappy tank top to Eve. "And if you're wearing that, you need to wear this," she said, passing her a matching black miniskirt.

Eve started to put her underwear back on as Ally continued to dig in her cupboards. "Whoa, you can't wear those," Ally said as she caught Eve standing in a white padded cotton bra and blue cotton panties.

"Why not?" Eve asked.

"Because they're not sexy. They're cute enough for work, but for tonight you need something else. Here, put this on," Ally said, throwing a black satin g-string to Eve. Eve caught it and took a little time to sort out which hole was what.

"There's not much of it!" she laughed.

"that's the whole point, "Ally said as Eve slipped it on and adjusted it. "See now that's hot, anyone who sees you in that will want you for sure!"

"What about a bra?" Eve asked.

"Tonight, bra's aren't allowed," Ally announced. "We want our nipples out loud and proud." Ally blushed.

"Lucky I came here, if my mother saw me leave the house like this, I'd be dead," Eve laughed as she settled the skirt on her hips and started pulling on the top.

For herself, Ally pulled out a pink thong, a white satin-like top that was gathered just a little on the neck line between the breasts and a navy blue mini-skirt. As she settled the top in place she gave her nipples a pull and a tweak, announcing to Eve that that's how they should look when you want to get fucked, drawing yet another blush from her friend.

Grabbing black strappy shoes for Eve and dark greyish/silver pair for herself, Ally led Eve back to the kitchen where they had another glass of wine whilst they waited for John.

Finally the heard a car in the drive way and Ally grabbed Eve by the hand and pulled her in for a long, lingering kiss before leading her to meet John at the door.

John stood in the doorway and as the door before him opened, he let out a low whistle as he took the view of the two stunning young girls that awaited him.

"My God ladies, you two look sensational!" he said.

"Thanks John," Ally replied as she led Eve outside. Eve merely blushed.

Dinner went well. John took them to an extremely nice Thai restaurant and with a few drinks behind her, Eve loosened up and participated more in the flirty conversation that Ally and John had going.

As John settled the bill, Ally checked with Eve that she wanted to go through with it. John returned to the table and asked, "So what's next?"

"Next we're going to go to your place and teach Eve to suck cock," Ally said flat out, causing John to laugh and Eve to splutter in her water as she was attempting to take a drink.

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