Allyson hadn't been this happy in her whole life. She was about to become the brand new wife of Mr. John Bennett, or more appropriately John Bennett Esquire. At twenty-three years old she was an almost newlywed living in a brand new home in new town in the northwest. Allyson was a fresh graduate from a small liberal arts college back east where her hard work all through her entire life had paid off handsomely, and her handsome new husband John had been the grand prize. Handsome was not the word for John. He was her dashing prince charming, her knight in shining armor, her Lancelot, her Galahad.

Her husband to be was the handsomest men six counties, and his law degree and family connections were marvelous. They were far more than anything Allyson brought to the proposed marriage. Allyson had been an orphan who had been shunted from foster home to foster home during most of her younger life. No her pedigree marked her as an honest to god Heinz 57. She was a genuine mongrel with no family and no background. John was a too good to be true blue blood. He came from one of the richest and most noteworthy families in his hometown.

However, his background, or more likely her lack of background, didn't stop him from falling in love and proposing marriage to her. Of course, his parents disapproved. They concocted all sorts of reasons why he should find someone else, and when the reasons fell short they hired detectives who invented false stories about her background and family history.

Allyson, to tell the truth, wouldn't have been able to disprove or invalidate any of the ridiculous claims the private detectives contrived. She simply never knew who her parents were. It didn't matter to John. He loved her. He really loved her. Even when his parents cut him out of the family fortune he loved her anyway. It wasn't exactly a real marriage yet. It was actually an almost elopement. They were packed up and gone before his parents could interfere. Now they were safely ensconced in a new home and in a new town where no one knew them.

With his stellar credentials John had gotten a good job working for one of the more established law firms in town. She remembered how impressed he told her his new bosses were with his college records and the recommendations he'd gotten from the law firms he'd worked for as an undergraduate back east. John had made no effort to use his family to get the opportunity; he'd gotten it all on merit.

Though not officially married yet; Allyson and John settled in to live the American dream. Allyson was smallish girl, barely five foot three and one hundred pounds when sopping wet, but she kept herself nicely. She had dark brown curly hair she liked to keep short and wavy. She had small perky breasts. She was barely a 34B. She had big blue eyes with long lashes and a heart shaped face with the smallest of dimples right in the center of her chin. Her complexion was a naturally deep pink, and with a little washing it gave off its own natural glow. Make up was always a minimalist affair.

Her hands were small as were her feet. She kept her tiny little fingers and toes well manicured usually using only clear polish. She kept her nails trimmed short like the rest of her appearance. Perhaps it was her lack of a real childhood that enticed her to try to dress and look younger than her twenty-three years. Her diminutive size enabled her to pretend to capture a childhood other girls took for granted. Allyson's childhood and youth had been a litany of scrubbed floors, washed dishes, washed and ironed clothes, and made beds for other peoples' real children.

Wherever she lived as a child she always ended up with the smallest room with the least comfortable bed. In one or two of the homes she remembered how the real children teased her, and they even sometimes took her few personal possessions for themselves.

In one family she especially remembered how they always insisted on playing blind man's bluff. Of course, it was always her turn to wear the blindfold, and they always ended up finding ways to embarrass or humiliate her. Hand me downs and leftovers were her life's story. Allyson remembered often as not her early adolescence had been distracted by lascivious older foster parents, men usually but a woman once, whose sole interest was in trying to take advantage of her. It had been only by luck and a little pluck that she'd escaped with her purity unsullied.

Perhaps that helped explain the interest she now had in children's clothes. Allyson liked barrettes, bows and ribbons, and she liked dressing up in youngish attire. Allyson liked jumpers, short pleated skirts, pretty blouses, knee high stockings, penny loafers, Mary Janes, peter pan collars, and puffy capped sleeves. In bed she liked shorty pajamas and baby doll nighties. The best were the shorty translucent chemises and camisoles she wore that John liked so much. She especially liked the way John held her in his arms like a baby and called her his little dream doll.

Yes, Allyson's life was like Cinderella's. She'd gone from the poor little waif working and serving others to the belle of the ball. John was her handsome prince charming.

One evening shortly after John got home from work he announced he had a surprise for Allyson. He'd been thinking about her being home alone all day just scrubbing and cleaning. Doing all the things she'd used to do back in her Cinderella days as the two of them collectively referred to her childhood. John announced that he'd contacted a domestic service and contracted to hire Allyson her own personal maid.

At first Allyson was repelled by the idea. She'd been trapped in that lifestyle as a child, and she certainly didn't want to place that burden on someone else. John, however, had convinced her that he'd negotiated a deal with a very reputable service, and the person he had contracted with was someone just a little older than Allyson and a person with no illusions about what she would be expected to do. John said her name was Hannah, and he explained she was a college graduate with a degree in the culinary and clothing related arts. In short she was someone looking for a place to escape the urban rat race, and use her cooking, sewing, and dress making skills in her spare time. He showed Allyson a picture. Hannah looked to be just a little older than Allyson, perhaps twenty-five with blond hair and a fuller figure. John explained that she would be hired to do the cleaning and cooking as well as providing Allyson with a little companionship until she became acquainted with the people around the town.

After some soul searching Allyson agreed to John's idea, but she insisted that Hannah understand that she was coming more as an acquaintance and friend than as a servant. Allyson insisted that Hannah and she would be partners in the household chores rather than mistress and maid. After all Allyson explained, this was her first real home, and she enjoyed caring for it. John agreed that those conditions would be passed along, and a date was set for Hannah's arrival.

Two days after their discussion Hannah arrived. She was larger than Allyson but not nearly as big as her photograph had inferred. Hannah looked to be five foot three and only about ten pounds heavier. Her blond hair was thick and wavy, luxurious actually. She had hazel eyes, a good complexion, and aristocratic features. Hannah wasn't pretty like Allyson, but she certainly was attractive. Hannah looked more the lawyer's wife, while Allyson might be considered more the lawyer's little girl.

At first glance Allyson was a little intimidated, but once Hannah started to talk all doubts and fears vanished. Hannah was a warm but controlled person. Within two minutes Allyson knew the two of them would become best of friends.

Hannah told Allyson all about her own childhood and career years. Hannah had been a cook and serving person for one of the better caterers on the West Coast. She'd made scads of money, and many superficial friends, but found after a short time the life was just too much. There were just too many bars, too many awkward young men with eager hands and way too many frisky older types only interested in what was inside her pants and not inside her head. She decided to trash it for a while. Working for Allyson she explained was going to be more like a vacation.

Hannah described her childhood and growing up years. They were far different from Allyson's. Hannah had grown up in a large family, one brother and two sisters. Their mother was a devout Catholic and their father was a devout NFL fanatic. Between the two of them they raised a wild but happy flock. Hannah knew all about housework and cleaning, but in her background it had been about shared responsibility and teamwork. Hannah had grown up with two younger sisters and one slightly effeminate brother. Sharing the cooking and cleaning had been more a labor of love than a chore. Hannah promised to one day take Allyson for a visit to what she called the 'ancestral plantation', which in fact she said was a brick bungalow in Queens.

Hannah and Allyson talked and found, in spite of the superficial contrasts, they had a great deal in common. While Allyson seemed to love the youthful look, Hannah said it only reminded her of her Catholic school uniform days. Allyson seemed the more frolicsome type. Hannah the more reserved. Allyson was always three sheets to the wind; a spur of the moment hyperactive, shoot from the gut, 'get er done' type. Hannah was the organized methodical take charge manager. Within days the two women were best friends.

Over the first weeks the two young women became increasingly close. Though Hannah did most of the chores, Allyson wouldn't let her do everything. If Hannah washed the clothes, Allyson insisted on helping with the ironing. If Hannah vacuumed, then Allyson insisted on dusting. Things went along that way for a while, and everyone and everything seemed fine.

One thing did slowly insinuate its way into the two women's reverie. Allyson was a girl's clothes freak. She liked the many pretty uniforms that Hannah was expected to wear as a part of her daily work regimen. Allyson both admired and envied Hannah. To Allyson Hannah seemed so poised and in control. She seemed so mature and cosmopolitan. Allyson often felt silly and childish around her maid. She also was jealous of the shimmery black evening maid's attire that Hannah wore. She loved the look of the stiffly starched glossy peter pan collars and the equally stiffly starched whiteness of Hannah's long sleeves and the white wrist cuffs. Allyson wanted to be like Hannah. She wanted to dress like her. More and more she wanted to be like her.

Hannah sensed Allyson's feelings of inferiority, and at first she worked assiduously to infuse more confidence in Allyson's behavior. However, it seemed the harder she worked to support Allyson the more she tried to imitate her. Finally Hannah made the decision to cultivate Allyson's insecure feelings. She in no way wanted to hurt her employer, but she started to reason there was more to gain by abetting her dependency than in thwarting it.

One afternoon after the two women had spent some time jointly cleaning the silverware Hannah suggested she make some modification in Allyson's wardrobe. She made the suggestion in a most subtle way; inferring that Allyson was unnecessarily staining and fraying her expensive dresses. Hannah suggested that she might take some time and make Allyson a few items of apparel that, while in no way could be construed as maid's attire, would prove more functional as long as Allyson insisted on helping Hannah with the household chores.

Allyson, since she secretly wanted to dress more like her maid anyway, was delighted by Hannah's suggestion, she loved the pretty skirts, blouses, and dresses Hannah wore.

Hannah supposed they could drive into town and together look over some of the batches of cloth at the various stores. Hannah wanted to customize what Allyson wore. She wanted to do this not only to please her employer, but also to please herself.

Hannah not only loved making clothes, but she also had a modest domineering streak that she had learned to cultivate when she had to work with her sisters when growing up. Hannah thought she might get to enjoy making some nice clothes, and at the same time find ways to further influence what Allyson thought and did. She wasn't being mean or underhanded or anything like that; it was just her natural way. Growing up she'd always been the one in charge. Here she found Allyson, a young woman who liked being spoiled, being treated like a little girl.

Allyson jumped at the idea of driving in with Hannah to look at material. She liked driving her red sports car. She liked showing off in front of her maid, and though it never occurred to her at the time, she liked the idea that dressing more like Hannah might make them seem more like sisters. Allyson didn't understand it, but she knew there was something about Hannah that made her want to do almost anything to please her.

The big day came, and together the two women jumped into Allyson little red car and headed into town. John and Allyson lived about twenty miles from the town, and the only way in and out was via a single high speed two lane roadway. It was a good road, but being the only road headed out of town in their general direction there were several speed traps. The speed traps weren't intended to catch anyone who lived in the area. They were usually set up so the state police could catch anyone speeding who might also be inebriated. There had been several serious accidents in and around town. Two of them had even resulted in unnecessary fatalities. The police wanted to catch drunken speeders and get them off the roads.

Up to that time Hannah had as yet not gone to town so no one knew who she as. Allyson had been to town a few times, usually with John on errands, so her notoriety was no better than Hannah's. They made it into town and found several fabric stores. Together they examined and selected a variety of types of material. Hannah wanted to get some material that would enable her to make Allyson some nice flirtatious little outfits that she could wear around the house while pretending to clean. Allyson had other ideas. She wanted to buy material that would allow Hannah to make her some real French maids outfits replete with all the lace and flouncy petticoats those outfits entailed. Hannah agreed to go along with Allyson's ideas, but she also insisted on some of the more practical, yet still cute, concepts she had in mind. Together they spent a good part of an early afternoon picking and choosing.

It was mid-afternoon before they finally finished, and both women were hungry. On their way home the women stopped at one of the more out of way eateries found just on the edge of town. It was still relatively early in the afternoon so neither of them felt there was any need to rush. Together they had a leisurely lunch. Hannah, being the more fastidious was careful about what she ate. Knowing she still had to get home and fix dinner she abjured from any alcohol. Allyson on the other hand wanted to impress her new friend and maid with not only her driving skills but also her own sophistication. While Hannah remained dry Allyson tossed off four mixed drinks.

By the time they were ready to get back on the road Allyson was a little stiff. Neither one of them noticed the state policemen seated quietly in back of the restaurant.

Out of the restaurant and on the road Allyson decided to show off just a little. She took her car up to the speed limit and cast a sidewise look over at Hannah. Hannah didn't seem to be paying any attention so Allyson gunned the engine, threw the transmission down into a lower gear and took off. The car quickly sped up. Soon the two women were rolling along at close to ninety miles an hour, much too fast for the car, for Hannah, and for the road. Hannah suggested Allyson ease back a little, but the younger woman took Hannah's comment as a sign of fear. She gunned the engine more, and the car really took off. It was a high performance special edition foreign model with a hyper linked turbo charged block. When Allyson hit the accelerator this time it was as though the car was leaving the ground.

From where the women were seated it might have seemed like the vehicle was leaving the ground, but for the two state policemen staked out behind the roadside sign it only meant another crazy speeder about to get his come-up-pence. They hit the highway with their siren blaring.

Allyson looked in her rearview mirror and saw the police car. At first she thought she should stop, but glancing at Hannah and seeing the stark terror in her maid's face she decided to take everything to the next level. She hit the accelerator again, and off they went. Allyson might have had the fastest car around, but the state police had radios. Two thirds of a mile down the road Allyson, Hannah, and the car met a state roadblock. Allyson considered blazing on through it, but she wasn't quite that drunk. Realizing now too late that she'd probably stepped way over the line, she eased back on the gas and pulled over to the side of the road just about an eighth of a mile before the road block.

Just seconds before the police got there Hannah realized the dangerous situation they were putting John in. Hannah grabbed Allyson's arms and jerked her around. She warned in her most threatening voice, that Allyson must play the maid and that she Hannah would play the frightened but sober fiancé. She very carefully explained they both needed to protect John at all costs. The subterfuge would only be for this one instance. Everything would be back to normal this evening, but for now John had to be protected. Allyson, by then quite aware if not completely sober, nodded her head in sage agreement.

In another instant the police were on top of everything. They had the two women out of the car, and had them both under close scrutiny. It didn't take long to realize the driver was intoxicated.

Placing both women in handcuffs they called a tow company to retrieve the car. Both women were placed in the back of a patrol car and herded off to headquarters.

There wasn't much anybody could say or do. The sober Hannah tried to put the best spin on things explaining Allyson was just a little tipsy, and that she, that is Allyson, was only the maid and her poor judgment should not reflect on John, Hannah's finance.

When John finally reached the station Hannah, through eye contact and some meaningful body language made it clear to him that he was to pretend that Hannah was his girlfriend and not Allyson. The police were either ignorant or indifferent to the ruse.

Hannah was excused since she was just the passenger, but little Miss Allyson was first read the riot act, and then was promptly ordered to turn in her license. Only John's pitiful pleadings prevented the police from taking her into custody. They still took her fingerprints and read her rights to her, a court date was set and in lieu of the recent tragedies in the community she was advised she might even get some jail time time.

Poor Allyson had wanted to impress her friend and maid and only ended up getting arrested and acquiring a record in her newly adopted town. Just as bad, since it was small town, everything she'd done would certainly become public knowledge. It was an altogether unpleasant experience Thanks only to Hannah's quick thinking John was spared any serious humiliation.

When they got back home John entreated Hannah to stay on. At first Hannah was reluctant to stay. She felt partly to blame for what happened, but John prevailed upon her better nature. John not only promised Hannah a substantial pay increase, but prevailed on her sense of fair play in that, at least for a while, she might have to continue to pretend to be his fiancé.

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