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Allyson - Behind an Audience


Taken from a true life experience from an ex. She was absolutely fantastic in bed, surprised me regularly, but when you have a relationship based on sex entirely, it never quite works out the way you want it to. Still, plenty of incredibly hot experiences came out of it. This is one of them...

Names have obviously been changed to protect the naughty...


When I was about 25, I had a job running a performing arts center near NYC. Nothing as lofty as you might imagine, only held about 350 seats, but it was a great job nonetheless. We did small plays, dance shows, concerts, and (what appealed most to me) art-house films.

This meant that I got the chance to put a series of film cans together and screen them ahead of normal theater release. It was fun, got to see a lot of good movies that I normally wouldn't have seen otherwise, and it was fun learning the ins and outs of how a film projector worked. But it also meant a lot of my Friday and Saturday nights were spent at the theater, stuck in my side office near the projector while the audience enjoyed the movie.

It also meant that I didn't get many weekend evenings with my girlfriend, Allyson. Allyson was... well, I don't know if I'd put her into the category of a nympho, but she was a girl who was always down to fuck. This girl was hungry! We had been dating four months and it was always something new. She was 5'2", dark skin, almost latin looking, dark eyes, dark hair that stopped just past her shoulders, this tiny little ass that was perfectly accented by a thong or a pair of boy shorts, and fantastic breasts at a solid C cup. The girl knew how to dress too. Despite her height, she always wore a pair of heels... Always. She's the only woman I've ever been with who made it a point when her clothes started coming off, to take the time to put her heels back on. Mostly so one of us had something to hold onto while we were going at it or maybe it was because they made her ass and legs look fantastic. Either way, I wasn't complaining.

Anyway, really enjoyed my job, but considering the schedule, it was tough to get a whole lot of time together. So here I was, another Saturday night stuck at the theater with a 3 hour long Italian movie that I wasn't particularly fond of. I certainly wasn't going to sit through it twice. My job, was just to stay nearby (the office), check the film every thirty minutes or so to make sure the movie was running slowly and to rewind it when it was done.

The audience was pretty much full (we always had a good crowd who wanted a shot at seeing something early before normal theatrical audiences) and we were an hour into it. It was dragging and all I could really occupy myself with was a book I had in the office (I hadn't prepared well). The office was located about 10 feet from the door to the projector room (which was locked during showings) and about 15 feet from the 350 filed seats. I had to be pretty quiet during the screenings, so it got dull. My boredom was interrupted by a text buzz on my phone.

"Come let me in. I'm outside." - Ally

This was a surprise. This part of the job was Ally's least favorite and she never seemed all that interested in it.

I got up from the chair, opened the office door, being very careful not to make a sound to the audience in front of me, their attention glued to the screen in front of them. I opened the projector room door quickly, walked past, checking to make sure the film was spooling fine (it was), and out the other side to the rear of the theater where the emergency exit staircase was, carefully unlocking the door.

Even though the fluorescent light was about as unflattering as it gets, she still looked amazing. Her hair was done in a just above her shoulder bob cut that brought out her face, her make-up was incredible (always was, I never appreciated a woman's makeup until I started dating her), her lips were just begging to be kissed with the taupe lipstick she had applied. She had on a dark coat tied at the waist and heels.

I didn't even get a chance to say anything when she pushed past me, immediately went through the projector room and into my office. I had to bolt after her in order to catch up.

She was already inside the office as I got to the door, full of questions, and I closed it gently behind me. All questions immediately evaporated as she turned around and dropped the coat.

She had on black heels (not that surprising), thigh high nylons, a black satin thong that looked like they connected with tiny gold rings on the side, a little playboy bunny naval piercing and a matching satin bra that already had one strap falling off her shoulder. Her coat lay in a pile on the floor as she just smirked at me and let me take in the sight. Fuck she was incredible. She has always been the type of girl who when you see her, you can tell she's built for sex, knows it, and isn't afraid to tease you with it.

I couldn't form words, she took care of that for me.

"Take your pants off."

My brain was split. All I wanted to do was pin her to the floor of the office and bury my cock into her and not stop fucking until we our voices were hoarse from the screams and moans. But on the other hand, I had 350 people on the other side of a pretty flimsy door and a thicker (but not by much) wall. Oh! Here's the other fun thing about my office, the adjacent wall running down the side of where the audience sits, has nothing to block looking into my office and the entryway below except for a 4 foot ledge and a thick stage curtain I had hung when I first inherited it. So privacy was something that was sorely lacking and given the auditory history of my fuck sessions with Ally, that was going to present a real problem.

I had maybe spent 2 or 3 seconds on my current predicament but Ally had clearly been ready to take matters into her own hands. Not willing to wait, she had gotten onto her knees in front of me and was tearing my belt open and yanking my fly down. The sound of the belt and fly already put me on high alert as I attempted in vain to quiet her. She wasn't having it. She was a woman on a mission and it seemed pretty clear that the mission at the moment was getting my cock down her throat.

She tore at my work pants, yanking them down as I tried to help her to squelch the noise. I felt them go as she dragged my boxer briefs with them. She grabbed my rock-hard cock at the base with both hands stacked and spit all over it. Now, I'm hardly a ladies man, but I've been with my fair share of women, and Ally is a natural cock sucker. The girl comes across like she takes lessons from porn stars (part of me isn't exactly crossing that off in terms of possibilities). When she's got my cock in front of her, she's completely into it, she's messy, she's loud, and she seems to enjoy every second of it. Clearly this wasn't going to be any different.

She gulped the head of my cock down noisily, full tongue and lips all over. She pulled back and trailed a line of saliva after those perfect lips onto the floor and proceeded to suck me in again. Dropping her hands off of my glistening shaft, she reached to my hip to brace herself and forced my own body weight to push as much of my cock into her throat as possible. I watched her free hand dip between her legs and start to work her clit. I was done for. There was no way I was going to be able to try and fend her off even if I wanted to. This felt too good.

I let my fingers fall into that dark, gorgeous hair as she rapidly gobbled down inch after inch. Making "chok, chok, chok" sounds in the back of her throat as I tried to hold back my moaning. My free hand gripped the edge of the rail to my left, the curtain blocking the view of anyone who left the theatre to use the bathroom or grab a cigarette. However, if we reached a quiet moment in the film and they stopped in the hall to listen, the gag was going to be up.

But I didn't care. I didn't want her to stop. I had this lingerie clad sex kitten in front of me gulping down my dick and getting it primed and ready to, most likely, fuck her through at least several orgasms.

I watched as her hand and fingers disappeared between her legs and she began to grind down on her satin covered cunt. This was always our foreplay. Ally would mount me and spend the next agonizing several minutes grinding her pussy over me w/ just the thin material of her thong or boy-shorts or whatever separating us until she was absolutely drenched and I was knocking on the door to Chafe-ville before one of us inevitably gave in. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those times, but I knew that in mere minutes she was going to be dripping. Which was fine by me because despite all my reservations about having literally hundreds of people on the other side of a flimsy door and wall, I was ready to give her the fucking that she so obviously was begging for.

Her tongue made dizzying circles on the head of my cock as she laced it with thin strands of drool. One of the many things I loved about her was that Ally could put a porn star to shame. She liked it wild. She liked it dirty. The type of wild and dirty where it's ONLY appropriate to pull her hair while slapping her ass as she calls you "daddy" in the background. Her fingers were a dizzy of motion between her legs as she plunged her mouth as deep onto me as it would go and shake her head with my dick lodged in her throat. Chris this felt good, but I was absolutely getting concerned with the sounds it was making. She wasn't making any attempt to mask it. I think it was time she lost a little bit of control.

Getting a good fistful of hair, I pulled her gently off my cock, relishing the sensation of those perfect lips sliding off the wet shaft as she managed to smile and pout around it. Giving it a good loud "pop" as her lips pulled away (I honestly think she did it on purpose), Ally looked up and bit her lower lip. She had me mad, and I could tell that had been her goal all along.

Standing up, those gorgeous dark olive legs leading down to a pair of heels that I desperately wanted to keep on her forever, she never took her fingers off of her clit. I watched as a bead of own juices slipped past the inner elastic and left a wet trail down the inside of her leg. I couldn't stop myself. I let go of her hair, dropped to one leg and licked her from just below the knee up to the edge of her soaked thong. I LOVED how she tasted. Taking the opportunity, I hooked my thumbs into the sides of the thong and slowly brought it down her legs, exposing her perfect bald pussy to me. Ally was the first woman I'd ever been with that waxed and she took pride in it. I made sure to thank her every chance I got by giving her a good tongue fucking whenever I was able.

I stood up and kissed her, letting her taste herself off my tongue, which I selfishly hadn't let her much of. Her mouth devoured mine as we hungrily kissed and licked. I pulled her off of me and put her back to me, facing out towards the curtain.

She took the hint and braced both hands on the rail before whispering, "I don't know what you plan on doing Daddy, but I might moan and scream real loud... Unless you have something to put in my mouth." She winked at me. I thought of how amazingly sexy she'd look bent over with my cock in her while she gagged down another man's cock. We hadn't tried a threesome before, but the idea did appeal (we gave it a try later on... More on that in another story perhaps). She wanted to play dirty? Alright. I reached down and grabbed the wet thong and placed it in her mouth, leaning into her ear. "Keep it there. If you keep it in there, I promise you something extra special later." Her eyes glittered with curiosity.

With that gorgeous tan ass offered up to me invitingly, I sank down to my knees and dragged my fingernails down her perfect skin. She gave me the slightest little wiggle and let a surge of pleasure roll up her spine as she moaned into the balled up thong. In the background I could hear where the movie was. I had viewed it ahead of the audience to make sure the reel breaks looked good, so I had a fair idea where we were. I waited a few seconds for the scene noise to build and as the music picked up in an audible flair, I sank my tongue into her dripping snatch. She let out deeply begging moan through her makeshift gag. God damn this gorgeous little minx was everything I could want in a playmate.

Lifting her knee to give me more room to work, I scooted under her and started to gently rub her clit as I bathed her lips and ass with my tongue. I took frequent breaks to sink into her sweetness; she was so unbelievably wet. I had one hand forward, tangled in her straight dark hair as it fell down the upper part of her shoulders and pressing her hips against the quarter wall and rail. It created this incredibly sexy curve of her as she pushed back against my face and rode the rail. Anyone who walked into the office would get quite an eyeful. I wrapped my free hand around the front of her and kept my hand against her clit as I licked, pushed and dragged my tongue back against her perfect little puckered asshole. We had hadn't tried anal yet, but I'd found that Ally seemed to be quite fond of a little tongue probing as well as my fingertip. I was eager to see how far I could push her.

Flick, flick, swipe, swipe, I gave both her ass and her clit all the proper attention while she ground her hips against the rail savagely. She was soaking my face and I was absolutely loving it. Her head was tossed completely back as I pulled on her hair and she was making ragged and hungry gasps and moans behind the wet fabric of the thong. Alternating between her wet holes, I lapped away at her, soaking my jaw and my cock getting the familiar ache for her pussy. Her heels gave me the perfect angle with that tight, fuckable 5'2" frame of hers. With her small stature compared to my own height of 6'1", she was so much fun to play around with.

I felt her grind her ass into my face as I pushed my tongue into her. My fingers double-timed speed on her clit and I could tell she was going to cum. I ground down hard on her soaking pussy as my fingers blurred and the tremors started up her back, shaking her against the rail. Even with the panties in her mouth, there was a very audible scream of orgasmic pleasure coming out. I didn't care. She was mine.

I let the waves of intensity subside and pulled my sticky dripping face away. She let herself fall onto the rail and turned to me, pulling the panties out of her mouth, she began licking my face. I kissed her as she alternated between deep kisses and lapping up her own juices off of my lips, tongue and face.

"Fuck me you bastard. Now. Bend me over this fucking rail and don't stop until one of us falls over."

I didn't even make a joke about which way to fall, I just grabbed her for one final deep kiss, a mash of lips and our tongues and pulled her up. Her body melted into mine as she tore the few remaining bits of clothes off me into a heap on the office floor. I was now completely naked, and she was left only in her heels and nylons. I reached back and clapped her ass hard. My brain had long since stopped caring about the crowd behind us.

"Tell me how you fucking want it you teasing little slut." I asked her hotly. She had pushed me to this point which had clearly been her goal all along.

She turned at me, "I want to fucking stagger out of here with a sore, dripping pussy baby. Make me your dirty little bitch." And with that, she gave me her ass, back arched beautifully and gave me the best "come and get it" stare I've ever seen to this day.

That was more than I needed.

I wrapped my fist around my cock, still dripping from her saliva and a little bead of pre-cum rested on the tip. I dragged it down and up her hungry slit, making sure to press the head to her clit. I put my free hand to the small of her back and hip and pushed. I gave her everything. Not quickly, but without pause, I just fed that hungry cunt inch after inch after inch until I had her ass pressed as tightly to my hips as I could. I started to fuck her.

Ally had this amazingly talent (among many, but this was by far unique to her). Maybe it was her years in gymnastics, but she had total control over the muscles in her pussy and could literally squeeze my cock while I was inside her in an almost rolling motion. Needless to say, it drove me crazy and she knew it. As often as we fucked, she could still clamp down on my cock when I was fully inside her and make her feel like the most ambitious virgin imaginable. I glanced forward as she white-knuckled the rail as I pounded her. The curtain slapped against her face as she bucked backwards into my thrusts. The majority of the sound was being eaten up by the thick fabric and the door, but we had to wrap this up quickly or someone was absolutely going to hear us. I did my best to deepen my thrusts without given in to the overpowering urge to fuck her at full speed. Ally's breath was ragged.

"Faster. Please. Oh god baby yes. Faster. Please. I want you to cum in me. I'm so fucking close baby. Please... fuck me."

Her pussy was practically foaming around my shaft, leaking out between us as I rubbed a thumb across her rosebud of an asshole. I reached forward with a free hand and clasped her throat, pulling her torso up slightly, given me an even deeper angle. I was in hot agony trying to hold off cumming. I wanted to empty my balls into her and howl as she came with me. I could hear the music from the film behind me building to a matching climax and I knew we were only minutes away from credits.

"Cum for me baby, cum for me right now. There's 300 people out there right now and we're right behind them. They have no idea that my perfect little slut is getting her fantastic pussy filled with cock right now. Take it baby... come on... cum for me."

Her olive skin was caked in sweat as she moaned my name, reaching back with one hand and pulling me into one final kiss.

Our lips locked together as she screamed, muffled only by the shared kiss and I felt her legs give out, pulling her onto me. Her petite body impaled on my cock as she quivered and spasmed on me. Wave after wave surging through her as her pussy muscles clamped around me and I gave into my own release.

I fell to my knees hard as my cock erupted inside her. Soaking wetness mixing with my own hot stickiness as our lips never parted. She fell into me and I just barely was able to hold the two of us up. I emptied myself into her, feeling rope after rope of cum pour into her as she clenched around me. We fell onto the floor.

Panting heavily, but grinning like a cat after a fresh tuna dinner, Ally seemed to regain some strength and put both hands to the floor as I pulled my cock out of her. A mixture of my cum and her juices coating it as she gripped my shaft and nursed the last drops out of me.

"I fucking love you baby." She smiled as we kissed.

"I love you too, you fucking goddess. Shit! Toss me my shirt and pants. I've gotta get the lights on out there. I could hear the shifting of seats and conversations picking up. I hadn't even heard the movie end.

I hastily pulled my clothes on, not even getting my belt on and fell out of the office into a stumble, bringing the lights up slowly. Looking over to my right into the office, Allyson laid there, naked, covered in sweat, scooping my cum and her own juices out of her pussy and into her mouth like the happy sex kitten I knew her to be. She smiled and blew me a kiss. I couldn't wait for everyone to clear out.

I leaned in to her whispering, "I promised you a surprise didn't I? Don't you dare put a single thing back on. Wait for me to call me and meet me on the stage..."

What came next? I guess you'll have to wait and see...

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Reminds me of a certain ex of mine. We were both busy people, so we stole what time we could to be together -- sometimes in my office, but usually in my bedroom. Never will forget the first time wemore...

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