tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlmost Arrested

Almost Arrested


As I was driving home from work my favorite song came on. It's an oldie but I love it. Anyway as I got carried away into the music I suddenly notice red lights flashing behind me. Oh shit I thought, as I looked at my speedometer. I was going 80 M.P.H. and hadn't realized it. As I pulled over I quickly adjusted my outfit and unbuttoned my blouse dangerously low just before a black female officer stepped out of the car and began walking towards me. "License and registration ma'am."

I could have died realizing that I didn't have time to button up. All my adjusting is probably going to get me arrested. As I fumbled through my glove compartment for my registration I could have swore I saw her staring down at my tits. My heart jumped a little, hoping that I might escape a ticket. She took my license and registration and walked back to her cruiser. When she got back to the car she demanded that I get out. What's the problem I asked as I got out. Your under arrest for unpaid traffic tickets she said. Damn it! Stupid tickets, people have been telling me to pay them but I always seem to find a sale before I pay them. Oh shit was all I could think. I told everyone that I had taken care of them. But what I had really did with the money that he gave me to pay them was buy a jammin' ass outfit from just about any where. As she placed the cuffs on me and lead me to her cruiser all I could think about was who I was going to call to get me out, someone who wouldn't ream for not paying them for ever.

As she placed me in the back of the vehicle she did something strange. She cuffed my hands to a over head rail. I had never been in the back of a police car, but thought it weird to have a bar there. As she climbed in the drivers seat, she reached through a small opening and uncuffed one hand. Listen she said, Your a very beautiful woman with a killer shape. I don't have to tell you how they are going to treat you in jail. As she talked to me she began to examine my tits with her eyes again, not to mention the hem of my skirt, it had ridden up considerably entering the car. You could almost see my pussy, I hadn't shaved in a week or so with work being so crazy, all I did was just hit the bed every night when I got home. So I sure she could see just a hint of my pubes. Then she started the car and drove away, leaving my car and all my stuff on the side of the road. She then called for a wrecker to tow my car back to my home. Another weird thing I thought. Maybe we could work something out. Oh shit I thought, this cop was going to take me back to some small cell and every cop in the place was going to fuck me good. Just as I was about to protest I thought of having to deal with my husband, and the humiliation of going to jail. Ok I reluctantly replied, whatever you want. Just hoping they at least put some rubbers on.

At that point she turned around and didn't say a word for some time. I tried to watch the surroundings, to get a feel as to where I was, but it was way past dark and so i really didn't recognize anything. She finally positioned the rear view mirror to look at me and turned on the dome light. Looking at me in the mirror she began to fondle her titties and lick lips at the same time. I couldn't believe how wet my pussy starting to get. She undid her buttons while driving. I had fantasized about what it would be like to be with a woman but I never had the opportunity to go through it. Now here I was with my hands cuffed to a bar and watching a nice looking woman playing with her tits, while driving down the road with the light on.. She started to roll her nipples with her finger tips. I felt my cunt getting wet and instinctly started rubbing my clit with the hand she had set free. She saw me doing this and pinched her nipple hard and pulling it, stretching her skin very tight. She suddenly pulled into a dark alley and turned the lights and the car off. We just sat there for a moment, I couldn't really see what she was doing, but when she opened the door to get out I had caught a glimpse of her pants undone. She quickly came to the back and opened the door and climbed in beside me.

Then she unbuttoned my blouse all the way and with her tongue trace my body from my cleavage all the way down to my belly button. She then pulled up my skirt. She started tongue fucking me and it drove me insane. She was using her tongue as if it were a miniature dick. She then started flicking my clit with it. Then all at once she started to suck my clit. That's when I began to cum in her mouth. She then uncuffed me and told me to get on my knees. I did so and I felt something hard and cold run against my swollen pussy. It was her night stick, I realized this just as she shoved it into me. He moved along side of me pumping it into me hard with one hand and pulling at my nipples with the other. I bent down and laid my chest into the seat to open myself up some more for to use. I reached over and tugged at her trousers until they were around her knees. I buried a finger inside her along with her own. I was pushing my thumb into her pussy and my middle finger into her ass. Damn this was good. She started bucking against my hand hard and I knew it wouldn't be long, so I pulled my hand out and flipped over and moved her to straddle my face. We had to get her pant off of her first, which turned out to not be easy. She got one leg free and sat on my face letting me bury my tongue deep inside her. She started rocking against my tongue in rhythm and she tasted so good. Her night stick was still inside me and she grabbed it and started pumping it into me again. I couldn't wait and started to cum again. I didn't actually mean to, but as I did, I clenched my teeth around her clit and bit down quite hard. She started screaming and cum literally burst from her. I was being showered in her cum and there was so much of it. She slammed her cunt into my face until I thought I might have bruises and then collapsed on top of me. She was breathing so hard that every breath felt like it was going to crush me.

After collecting herself, she got back in front, not bothering to dress and drove me home. There was my car sitting in my driveway and she pulled in next to it. She just looked at me as I got out and walked to her window. My shirt was still open and my tits were nearly in her face. I started to thank her but she told me not to. I walked to my door and after what seemed like an eternity, I managed to unlock it and go in. Before closing the door, I watched her pull out into the street and look back. I just left the door open and walked upstairs. I had just got out of my clothes and was inspecting the red rings on my wrist when I heard the door close down stairs.

I flipped out the light and laid on my bed waiting for what I hopped was an entire night of the same thing that had just happened to me.

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