tagRomanceAlmost Caught!

Almost Caught!

byTx Tall Tales©


To what lengths would YOU go to avoid getting caught?

This is an entry in the Nude Day Story Contest.


I had mixed feelings about coming home for the summer. I was already in hot water for blowing the first semester grades with too much partying. Four A's and a B in the second semester were all that kept me alive.

Dad wanted me to work for him for the summer, Mom was all for me doing an online repeat of one of my 'C's from the first semester. I wanted to hang out and take it easy, maybe go to the beach for a couple of weeks, head up to the lake to visit my new college girlfriend (woohoo!) when she and her school friends (WOOHOO!) got the use of it.

I was mainly looking forward to seeing my old high-school gang. I was the only one going out of state, in this case to Rutgers, Dad's alma mater. Why I needed an MBA to take over the family business was a question I didn't even bother to debate.

In the end I was willing to work out a compromise. Working with Dad at his AC repair company paid well, and got me out of hot water, but it put me in 125 degree attics day after day. I had hated it in high-school, and hated it even more now. I'd also be spending half the summer retaking the course online. Some compromise, huh? At least I was going to be allowed to go to the beach some weekends, and to have one week off to hit the lake with my college friends.

That first week back from college was deadly. I'd forgotten just how hot it got up in those attics. Words can't do it justice. And the beginning of summer was our busiest time. I almost wished I could take the evening shift - we provide 24 hour emergency service, seven days a week, at a price. The evening shift was cooler, and paid better, but the regular guys got the good runs. The summer temp help, even if he was the son of one of the owners, got the crap jobs.

I'd been able to spend very little time with Rory and Jan, my two closest friends. Together for as long as I can remember, all my best memories somehow or other involved those two. Jan lived directly behind us, and Rory lived across the street at the end of the block. Crossing that street to hang out with the coolest kid in first grade got me one of the first beatings I remember, but it couldn't stop me. After about two weeks of punishment, the parents finally gave in and gave me the run of the block. We'd been pretty inseparable ever since. And it had been the first real glimpse of a stubborn streak in me, that was both bane and boon.

The fence between my yard and Jan's had a gap in it we'd carefully tended since second grade, and I was still as happy to see my buddy appear out of the bushes as I was when we first created that opening. Jan was my best friend and confidant, the first to know all of my secret crushes, and failed attempts at becoming cooler and more popular, especially with the likes of 'it' girl Cindy Pepson and queen cheerleader Nanette Quinlan. We'd played doctor and learned about the difference between boys and girls in her bedroom, as young kids, and even more as middle schoolers. She'd been my first kiss, and we'd even practiced for the real thing, pretending what it would be like with a real boyfriend / girlfriend someday. After middle school she'd been my adviser, and fall back 'partner' when we couldn't get dates to the prom or the Valentine's day dance. What we had now was a purely platonic relationship, although on occasion I'd thought about pushing the envelope, and she'd appeared, to my chagrin, in more than a few of my fantasies.

I knew nothing would ever come of it. She was too important to me to risk our friendship, no matter how tempting the thought was. And late at night, with the lights off, when my hard cock's only companion was my hand, it was VERY tempting.

I got home from the last service call a total wreck. My day started at 7:00 am, and ended when the final customer was service, often after 6:00 pm. Yet today, I was pulling into the driveway by 2:30. I was a little surprised that Dad let me take off early on a week day. Business must have been a little slow. Or maybe he understood how hard that first week of 10 hour, 120 degree days, was for me. I didn't know how I was going to survive a summer of that torture.

Walking in the house, Rory was in the kitchen talking to Mom about his school year, and his 4.0 GPA, making me look bad. The bastard. Everything came so easy for him. I was a little surprised he'd decided to stay local to go to school. I mean, sure, SMU is a great school and all, but he could have gone everywhere.

Jan, on the other was doing her first two years at the Community College. Her family didn't have a lot of money, and it seemed a good way to get her grades up and save a few bucks.

I took a quick shower, to clean up and cool off, but 10 minutes later I was still burning up. It was 102 degrees outside, another typical north Texas day. Mark and I headed to the backyard porch with our beers, Mom was pretty liberal about that stuff, and a sandwich which I didn't really have an appetite for.

Rory was giving me a hard time about working all summer. No chance to head down to San Marcos for some tubing, or Galveston for some beach fun. Not for me. Oh no, I would be sweating my balls off in some stranger's attic 10 hours a day for $15 bucks an hour. Everyone else got $30+. Being the owner's son wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

He was grilling me about my new college girlfriend, Jessica, and wanted all the intimate details.

"Got any pictures?" he asked.

I pulled out my wallet, and showed him her photo. She was pretty, and I was proud of it. We'd been together for almost 8 weeks, and the night before I left, we'd finally done it. Almost 19 years old and I was no longer a virgin.

"Fuck that," he said tossing it back. "Got any good pictures? You know, showing a little, hell, a lot more?"

I reached behind the first picture, pulling out a winner. Jessica looked great, posing in a lacy black bra, skin-tight black shorts, and a fedora tilted back and showing her pretty face and long brown hair. We'd been practicing taking 'glamorous' shots, and this one was the best.

"Pictures of who?" I heard Jan's voice, just moments before she appeared through the hedge.

"His college sweetie. She puts out." Rory practically yelled.

"Shh! Cool it Rory, my Mom is in the kitchen," I reminded him.

He just laughed, taking the wallet from me and looking her over. "Better. Now where's the good stuff?"

"Well it's about fucking time!" Jan laughed, stealing my beer. She was in jean shorts and a bikini top that she had probably worn when she was in 6th grade. She wasn't much bigger on top now than she was then. She was cute, don't get me wrong, and looked great in shorts, but as far as tits go, she really got the short end of the stick. We didn't tease her about it much, she was pretty sensitive about it. It only came up when we were really fighting, which was about ever other month. Sometimes I was still surprised that the three of us had remained such good friends all this time. She had a temper that was absolutely volcanic, and Rory was a horrible tease, and an obnoxious flirt. Of course it was up to me to resolve all major issues, the glue that kept this trio together.

Rory, with the athlete's body, big brain, and natural good looks. Me, the lanky (I prefer that to skinny) computer geek who was always an outsider, and Jan, the real trouble maker, who'd been suspended three times in High School alone, always the rebel, never afraid to take a stand no matter how ill considered or stupid. Her short, bright pink hair was an homage to her uniqueness. And yet, as odd a match as imaginable, there we were.

Jan took the wallet from me and looked over my freshman conquest. "Not bad, Derek my man. Who'd have thought you had it in you? Or had it in her? You're coming up in the world." She laughed, passing me back my photos.

"I'd say coming anywhere other than a sweat sock is up for this guy," Rory teased.

"Really? And how about you? Doing any better?" I asked him.

I should have left it alone. He pulled out his iPhone, entered a password, and passed it to me. He must have had a hundred pictures in there of himself with at least five different girls in numerous poses, all naked, and more often than not attached to his nether appendage. The bastard. He'd done Ok in high-school, usually had a girlfriend, and was the first to lose his virginity as a sophomore. He rubbed that in our faces for years. But this? This was ridiculous.

Jan leaned over my shoulder while I breezed through the pics. Apparently I was going to fast for her - she grabbed the phone from me, and took control of the picture display. "God, the sluts at SMU must really be desperate. I hope you've been getting regular checkups. I can see you don't have the good sense to use protection. Hell, I think I saw this skank on Real Sex the other night. And that blonde, what's she, an old folk's home escapee?"

He leaned over and looked. "Naw, that's Tina, the blonde in the other picture's Mom. Man, she was hot to trot."

"You are such a fucking liar, Ror," Jan told him.

"Keep looking."

Sure enough, a few pictures later, the older blonde was standing side by side with her daughter, smiling for the camera. The resemblance was undeniable. "You're a real piece, aren't you." Jan finally admitted, shaking her head.

"You're welcome to find out anytime," Rory told her. "Always time in my busy schedule for old friends."

"You wish, you sicko. I'd never let you put that thing in me. I KNOW where it's been."

The two of them were at each other all the time. I was kind of surprised they'd never gotten together. Jan and I, on the other hand, didn't have the same kind of relationship. Ours was a lot closer, but not nearly as teasing or open about things sexual, not since we'd been able to do something about it. I think we knew just a little too much about each other's love life, or lack thereof. I was looking forward to getting together, just the two of us, and catching up on the long year we'd spent apart.

"What are we doing out here, melting in this sun? Why don't we hit the pool?"

The community pool was only about 4 blocks away. When we were younger we'd spent most of our summers there.

"I was by there earlier. You couldn't find enough open water to get your toes wet. Every brat in the area is there with their mommies and nannies.

"All those MILFs? I'm surprised you didn't stay," Jan said.

"Yeah. Me too. I hate to say it but I've missed you guys. Even your skinny ass."

"I knew it. We're here ten minutes, and you're already fixated on my outrageous body, perv." She did a slow pirouette for us, arms raised high, teasing as always. She might have been skinny, but her ass was the exception. It belonged on a girl about half again her size. Bodacious.

We talking about hitting the mall, or maybe even catching a movie, at least it would be cool in the theater, but I think we all just wanted to spend some time together. Like the old days.

"Let's hit old man Wilson's pool," Jan finally suggested.

"Shit, Jan. I was grounded for two weeks last time we pulled that stunt. The guy has no sense of humor." I reminded her. The Wilson's were two doors down from her place, and you could get there by sneaking behind their neighbor's fence. The Wilson's had a huge yard, built for entertaining, with a long gorgeous pool, a patio, and even a hot tub. And it was always empty. Always. They never used it. It was a frigging shame.

"It's not even 3 o'clock yet. They won't be home for hours. What they don't know won't hurt them." She stood up and headed for the back-line. "I'm going. Who's gonna join me?"

As usual, it was hard to say no to Jan. She would go without us, and berate us for days for being cowards. Always the wild one. And it seemed that I was the one always paying the price. Rory could talk his way out of anything, and Jan's parents pretty much had given up trying to control her. Me? I was the one with the parents who still thought I wasn't too old for a whipping, or for being grounded. Already in trouble to boot.

And yet, there I was, following in Rory's footsteps, head bent low, sliding between the hedge and the fence, until we were standing next to Jan, peeking into the Wilson's yard.

"Coast is clear. I told you so. Damn, that water looks good." She hopped the fence, and sprinted 20 yards or so into the shade of the gazebo.

The yard was nice, but kind of weird. The Wilson kids had been years ahead of us, and I don't even remember what they looked like. Yet the yard was still set up for young kids, with a swing-set, a trampoline, and an honest-to-God playhouse that had seen better days. The back yard was huge, but the pool was right up by the house. You had to cross about 30 yards of open space to get to it, and I always felt like someone was watching from one of the upstairs windows.

It took us less than a minute to strip down to our underwear, and sneak into the pool. Even knowing the house was empty, we still kept it down, not wanting to alert the neighbors to our trespassing.

Rory had a pair of loose boxers that could have been a swim suit. Jan, on the other hand, wore a pair of small pink cotton panties that barely covered half her ass. I was wearing the usual. Dammit.

"Aww, Derek, still rocking the tighty-whities I see. And you still managed to score in college. The Rutger's girls must really be hard up." Jan teased.

"I wasn't planning on going swimming," I reminded her, splashing her.

We were horse-playing, splashing around, and mostly just hanging out, recalling some of our high-school shenanigans.

"Remember when we went skinny dipping here? Right before graduation?" Jan asked.

"Remember? Three in the morning, and the police cars show up out front. Damn old man Wilson. I lost my shorts and my Aerosmith t-shirt that night. I really loved that shirt." Rory recalled.

"I almost got caught sneaking in the house naked," I reminded them. "If I hadn't ducked into the laundry room I would probably have been grounded all summer, instead of just two weeks.

"Let's do it again." Jan suggested.

"Skinny dipping? Now? In the day-time?" was the best reply I could muster.

"Sure, why not?" She reached down below the surface of the water, coming up with her wet panties. She waved them above her head, and tossed them to the side of the pool. "C'mon, the big college boys aren't shy, are they?" She reached behind her and pulled off her top, exposing her small boobs capped with large swollen nipples which seemed completely out of place on her. The nipples and aureole, the way they were now, nearly doubled the size of her tiny knockers. I'd never seen them in that state - I'm sure I'd have remembered. Not that I was complaining. Not by a long shot.

Rory was always up to her challenges, and tossed his boxers onto the diving board. "Up to you, Derek."

I was nervous. I'll admit it. The first time, I'd been drunk, it had been late, and it was pitch black outside. This was in the middle of the day, and I was way too sober. It would be bad enough getting caught, but getting caught naked?

"Stop thinking about it D, and just do it," Jan griped, exasperated.

I reached down and pulled off my underwear, tossing it just beyond where her clothes lay. I stayed apart from the other two, and contemplated turning to face the pool wall, at least for a while. I was getting hard, and if they noticed I'd never hear the end of it.

Jan went for a dive underwater, swimming between us, reaching out and poking us both in the butt. She came up sputtering. "Jesus, Rory. What's got you all hard and horny?"

He just smiled at her, not the least bit ashamed. "What do you think? You're looking pretty good there, girl. Naked suits you."

She blushed, for once at a loss for words, and took another dive, coming up right in front of me. "Wow, D, nice one. Looks like you're enjoying the view too." She bounced up in the water, bringing her tits above the waterline, giving me another look at those oversized nipples,l easily within reach.

I didn't know what to say. She was pretty as could be, naked as the day she was born, and leaning against the wall about half an inch beyond my achingly hard cock. If I had the balls to try it, I could be inside of her in seconds. Hell, if Rory was standing where I was, I bet he'd give it a shot.

Whatever I was going to say, would have had to wait. Suddenly, the speakers beside the pool starting blaring music, and we knew our collective gooses were cooked.

"Shit," Rory swore, and took off for the end of the pool to collect his underwear off the diving board, while Jan and I scrambled like mad out of the pool making a run for our underthings. Looking back, I could already see the screen door opening. We were done for.

The kid's playhouse was about 5 feet away, and I made a dash for it. I squeezed through the minuscule door into a tiny space, maybe three feet all around. I was just turning sideways, when Jan's face came in through the door. "Move!" she hissed.

"Where?" I whispered, turning as best as I could and getting my head up into the raised space in the back. It was a lousy position, all cramped and I couldn't see anything but the roof.

Jan wasn't to be stopped. I felt her crawl on top of me, knees, elbows and hips poking me hard. It only took her a few seconds to squeeze in there. If I bent my head down and sideways, I could just see her back. She was sitting on my thigh, and looked to be, if possible, even more uncomfortable then I was.

"I think we got away with it," she whispered very softly, easing the door closed behind her.

It was hot in there. In more ways than one. "Who is it?" I asked.

"I think it's their daughter, Denise, and some guy, maybe a husband?" she answered. "He's in the pool and she's sunning herself, nude."

"Really?" Then I realized what that meant. "Shit. We may be in here a while," I groused.

"It's an adventure," she reminded me. "Just be patient."

I tried to be good and held my position for a few minutes. I was afraid to move, afraid of poking her with my hard-on, or touching her in places that I shouldn't. I didn't want her to think I was trying anything. But the ache in my legs and back were building up to be almost unbearable, and I was starting to get a cramp. "I've gotta move."

"Go slow," she whispered. "And don't move forward or I won't be a virgin anymore."

I giggled. "Right, you a virgin. I thought Bobby took care of that senior year?"

"I'm still a virgin in that hole," she said. Suddenly I felt her ass rubbing against my still hard rod. "So be careful." I felt her weight lift up off of me, allowing me some room to adjust.

I managed to move sideways a bit, and pull my head out of the awkward opening above. I could now see that she was curled up almost in a ball, her back arched, her naked ass pointed right at me. She was balanced on her toes and fingertips. The view was mesmerizing. "Hurry and get comfortable. I can't stay like this forever," she reminded me.

What I wanted, more than anything else right then, was too dirty for words. In our current situation, I'd have had to be a contortionist. Oh well.

I turned a bit, and slid one leg over her back. I shifted and put my back against the rear wall, spreading my legs and bending my knees. My head was pressed against the ceiling, and I had to slide my hips forward about a foot just to fit. I was wedged in good and tight, but I was resting against the three walls, and my feet were pressed against the fourth. I was moving slowly, distracted by the smooth, sexy ass about a foot away from my face. This was a better view of a girl's privates then I'd ever seen in my life. Jessica liked the dark.

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