tagToys & MasturbationAlmost Melting the Frost Pt. 02

Almost Melting the Frost Pt. 02


This is Part 2 of the story and should be read in sequence. As with the first part of this story, this is in the most part, a true story, based mostly on real occurrences, with a small amount of poetic licence, and of course, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

This is the continuing story of the man with a conscience and scruples and starts two weeks after the last story finished.



Jake picked up the phone on the third ring.

"Hi you.." he heard Frankie's voice say across the line, "Where've you been?" she asked lightly.

"Here and there."

"Well, I know you've been there, but you've not been here!" Frankie said with a laugh.

"Just busy with stuff, kids, school, and then there's work."

"Oh...Ok... I was just curious how the drawings turned out, have you been playing with them?" Jake heard Frankie smiling in her voice as she played on the double entendre, and couldn't help smiling himself.

"If you mean have I been refining them and improving them, then yes." He replied.

There was a silence between them for what seemed like ages, but was a mere few seconds.

"It's...just... I wanted to apologise, for coming ...well not for cumming.." she laughed nervously, " but for coming on strong...like that... hope I didn't embarrass you."

Jake was glad that she rang and even more so that she had broached the subject that had had him uneasy about it, the very reason they hadn't spoken for two weeks.

"No...that's ok... despite what you might think...it was all good...very good...I..." his voice trailed off.

"Hey.." she said lightly, "Why don't you come over on Friday night...I promise to be good... and you can bring the drawings over and show me...and we can...you know... relax...and...talk."

Jake felt a certain dread. When a woman wanted to talk, that meant there was something to worry about.

"No...I can't on Friday, I'm taking the kids to the Movies...They're going to their Mother's for the weekend so Saturday afternoon would be ok."

"Ok...I suppose I'll see you then...then"


They made their goodbyes and hung up. Jake wondered what it was that she wanted to 'talk' to him about. Frankie was an 'in your face' kind of woman and so he worried why she wanted to talk to him face to face rather than say things on the phone.

Saturday rolled around fairly quickly, and after the gathering of the kids things together and the rare parting with his children to their Mother for the weekend, he allowed himself to think of what might happen that afternoon. At home, he took out Frankie's drawings and fussed over them, adding a line here, a shading there. He was still having trouble with her feet and hands, but the proportions were right. He had managed to capture the shape of her breasts and the curve of her bottom. He had flattered her a little in the thickness of her upper thighs, but then he didn't know a woman who didn't think her thighs could do with being a little thinner. He brought an image to his mind of a naked Frankie and compared it to the drawings and it was pretty close, but no portrait. If he was to have an exhibition, only someone that was intimately involved with her would know that it was in fact actually her.

Was that what he was, he wondered? Intimately involved? He supposed it to be true, after all, he had seen her naked, more than naked, and he had sat with a raging hard-on as she played with herself, while she masturbated, and orgasmed very strongly in fact. His final drawing had given him the most trouble in its retouching. He smiled at the word, 'retouching', amused that it was used in conjunction with the image of Frankie with her legs stretched wide and her hand on her pussy. His mind had recalled that image many times over the last two weeks, the first time was the night it happened, when he was alone in bed, and he had relieved the pressure with the use of his own hand while replaying that image of her cumming in front of him. His eyes refocused on the drawing in front of him, aware that Frankie would want to see this particular one. He had initially started to draw her with her ankles together, but that wasn't the image he ended up capturing. The drawing before him, was of a woman with her legs wide open, knees bent, with one hand deep within her pussy and the other pulling hard on her nipple. Everything was in explicit detail. That's how he remembered the image.

As he drove to Frankie's place, his mind was awash with what their meeting might be about, worried what she had to say. That was all washed away as he pulled up in front of Frankie's house and saw a white Volvo parked in Frankie's drive. Frankie opened her front door for him as he approached it.

"Hi..." she said with a big smile, a smile that broadened even further when she saw his drawing book under his arm. Jake looked back over his shoulder enquiringly to the Volvo.

"Oh...that's ok...Eric's here." She said matter-of-factly.

Jake's mind cast itself back through their conversations, trying to remember if she had mentioned an Eric. Great, he thought, the ex-husband is here and I've got naked pictures of his wife under my arm. He didn't recall hearing her mention his name and rather hoped it was a guy she might have picked up or one of her many friends at least.

The living room was empty when he entered, placing his drawing book on the computer desk while his eyes searched for the first signs of a strange man in the house. He heard footsteps coming from the kitchen as Eric stepped into the room carrying a tray with three glasses on it, and Jake realised he had done it again. Eric was quite tall, about Jake's height, short blonde hair, and Amazonian in stature, the curves of her breasts accentuated by a skin tight v-necked t-shirt.

"Hi...I'm Eric...Erica," she said, putting the tray on the small table and shaking Jake's hand.

Frankie saw the confusion in Jake's eyes and she giggled towards Erica.

"It's just a little game we play..." Erica broke in, "I'm Eric and she's Frank... we use each other's male names to ward off guys that give us a hard time." She added, joining Frankie in her giggling. Jake noticed a wedding ring on Erica's hand as he shook it and wondered if that too was a ploy.

"Let's see the drawings then." piped up Frankie.

Jake grabbed his drawing book, nudging the computer mouse which disengaged the screen saver on Frankie's computer. Staring back at Jake was a picture of a smiling woman with streams of cum over her face, neck and breasts; the two women giggled again behind him.

"Oh don't mind that," Frankie said, coming up to close it down, "We were just checking out...er... some subjects of interest." They both giggled again.

She returned to the couch taking her drink and seating herself down on one end, patting the middle and gesturing to Jake. Jake looked at her, then to Erica and back, his eyes revealing a little nervousness.

"It's ok...Erica is my closest friend...my best-est buddy... we have no secrets... absolutely NONE!" she said earnestly, "I tell her everything, and I mean EVERYTHING."

"I live vicariously through her." Erica said offhandedly.

Jake sat himself down next to Frankie, and they were joined by Erica on his other side. He felt like a man sandwich, with Erica's large frame to his left and Frankie's large breasts to his right. He noted for the first time that the ragged sleeve opening of her cut off t-shirt was displaying almost the entire side of one of her unconfined breasts. Frankie noticed him looking at her, but made no movement other than to smile at him.

"Start at the front...start at the front!" Frankie almost squealed, "...show her some of your other ones first!"

Jake held the large A3 spiral book on his lap and opened it from the front. The drawings were of lots of different things, buildings, landscapes, one of his daughter that didn't capture her features, then there were a few body parts on the next one. Frankie was excited turning these pages over, trying to get to the naked ones. Jake thought he would feel embarrassed, and he supposed he was, a tiny bit, but they both made very appreciative noises while looking at the ones he had drawn from his Men's magazines. Frankie let Erica have a look at the magazine ones posed sexually, and their eyes met, smiling.

"How do you get the natural shading?" Erica enquired, giving Jake some relief from the building tension as they neared Frankie's drawings.

"I use a cotton tip, you know, the little sticks with the cotton wool on the end, like you take your makeup off with."

Erica nodded.

"I use it to smudge the 2B or 6B lead around the edges, pressing lighter as the shade gets lighter. These ones from the magazines are ok, but you don't get that graduation of light and shade with the set lighting, natural light gives much better shadows. Like this one." Jake said as he looked for the one of Frankie drawn from behind but his finger picked up one page too many and he opened to the drawing of Frankie, with her head thrown back, nipple stretched and one hand on her pussy between wide open legs.

Frankie drew in a sharp breath as she took the book from him, staring down at herself. Jake saw the redness rising in her cheeks as she looked at it. Erica leaned over to get a better look as Jake stammered his resistance. He became very aware of Erica's breasts so close to his face as she tried to get a better look. The two women got up from the couch and went to the table, side by side. Frankie had her hand to her mouth, which was open in shock.

"Wow." was all she could say.

"Wow in deed..."added Erica, "You told me it was a pretty racy modeling session, but this...this is beyond modeling... this is pornographic...you go girl!"

The redness deepened in Frankie's face, and Jake thought that curious, given her overt sexuality. Erica broke the silence that had fallen.

"You look incredibly sexy, and he's caught the shape of your ass perfectly, and the angle of your breasts" she mused, admiringly turning the different pages in front of Frankie.

Jake couldn't help wonder how she was so familiar with Frankie's body...what was the term he used before?...intimately involved? He shook the typically obvious 'male' thought away about them being involved, and realised that as best-est friends, as Frankie had described them, they would have had opportunities to see each other's bodies in change rooms or getting ready to go out together.

"Perhaps I should get you to draw me!" Erica added, drawing looks from both Jake and Frankie.

The phone rang before any further comment, and Frankie went to answer it. It was her 'daughter's-father' as she referred to him as. She told the pair that she had to go drop something off for her, and that would be back in about 10 minutes.

Jake and Erica slowly struck up a conversation after she left, a very easy, non-threatening conversation. Jake found out that she was indeed married, to a plumber, they had two small kids, and that Erica had known Frankie since High School, which was more years ago than she cared to remember. Both had been tear-aways as girls, and they tortured the boys mercilessly with their growing bodies. Jake got the feeling that there was more there than just a school relationship, but then assumed that a lot of water had gone under the bridge since school and that this was only the tip of the iceberg. Frankie's key turned in the door and she entered while the two of them were sitting at the table opposite each other, obviously deep in discussion.

"What are you two doing? Not talking about me are you? What have you been telling him?" she eyed Erica with a mock stern look. It was almost like the changing of the guards, as Frankie came into the family room; Erica got up and made her apologies to have to head home and feed the family, and left rather abruptly. This left Jake and Frankie...alone...the very things Jake had been dreading on his arrival. He fidgeted and made small talk, Frankie becoming unusually quiet. Jake filled the void with inane conversation about Erica, about his kids.

"There's something I want to ask you." Frankie broke in.

Here it comes thought Jake.

"You're serious aren't you?... about not having casual sex" she went on.


"Is there something...wrong with me?" she looked down at the table.

"No, of course not" Jake offered, reaching out and squeezing her hand "You're very sexy, sensual, a very attractive woman."

"I'm fat...and a slut..." she spat, interrupting Jake.

"You're not either of those things..."Jake allowed, " you're a real woman, with real curves, not some stick with matchstick legs and no boobs, and the fact that you like sex makes you as normal as the next person...it's me that has the problem."

"But...the other day...when I was..." she tapped the drawing that Erica had left open, the one with Frankie enjoying herself, "...You didn't...do anything.... I've never had...seen a guy not...you know...leap at such an opportunity so to speak. It's hard to believe that you didn't...get involved...just a bit strange, that's all."

Jake took a deep breath, and tried to organise his thoughts in his mind.

"Look, you know you had an effect on me, you saw it in my jeans, you made me stand up and show you, and you must have seen how scribbled all my drawings were, with my hands shaking?"

"Really?" she seemed heartened.

"Yes...it took all my concentration not to just sit and stare at you...from the minute I started drawing you...you're a very attractive woman, and your open sexuality, your ...what...sexual honesty is as refreshing as it is arousing."

Frankie smiled.

"Then why didn't you....?" She asked.

"Believe me...the wine and my other head wanted me to...but despite the old joke about men having two heads but only enough blood to fill one at a time, I knew that if I did...get involved as you put it...that it would all come to nothing."

She looked up into his eyes. Jake went on, reiterating his perhaps old fashioned position.

"I just find it hard to have casual sex...although 'hard' is the opposite of what it is if I try." He smiled to lighten the tone, "I don't know what it is, it's just the ...the sex act, for want of a better term...to me it's an extension of how you feel, its making love...not having sex... I know that sounds odd, and I don't think badly about anyone that does...hey, that's most people if they had the chance...and I have to admit to having a very active imagination, and a porn collection, and yes..I do...you know... masturbate... but...shit, I don't know, it just doesn't work, I'm not wired like that."

He squeezed her hand, and looked into her eyes. She seemed a bit happier knowing that it wasn't her. They sat quietly for a minute.

"I'm going to a club tonight, would you like to come." she asked as if they hadn't even had the previous conversation. Jake was confused. He had laid it out on the table for her right then and there, hoping she would let him know what she thought or what she felt about him...or them; or tell him something that would help him cope with this sexual creature that did strange things to his insides, that was getting under his skin, but who still professed to being fancy free. He wondered if she had invited him to take her out as part of an answer like going on a date or something. What she said next confused Jake even further.

"You could be my chaperone if you liked!"

"And just what would that involve?" Jake enquired blankly.

"Well, it would involve you and me going to the nightclub, sort of as a couple, and you would watch over me...you know...sort of disappear when a cute guy was talking to me and then come and rescue me by pretending to be my boyfriend if a complete idiot was trying to chat me up."

Jake was a little stunned, but heard himself agree to the proposal, perhaps more out of curiosity than masochism. They made the arrangements and Jake left to let her get ready, taking his drawing book and leaving. It wasn't until he was getting ready to go out that it dawned on him that he just might be being used, so she might be able to pick up a cute guy at the club. Then what? Would he get the flick because she had found a casual sex partner? Would he be dismissed for the night when that happened? Or was it another of her ploys to get him into bed? Her parting words after the drawing session two weeks ago played in his head, 'I'll get you yet, Jake Frost'. Two could play at that game.

Jake arrived at Frankie's house and parked in her drive as they had planned to take a cab to the club. The front door was open and he called through it, not getting any response. He carefully entered, calling out as he did so. As he entered the hallway he heard the toilet flush and Frankie came out smoothing down the shortest skirt he had ever seen. He wondered if it was actually a skirt, or just a very wide belt, it was so short. Below the skirt was a long length of bare thigh before the tops of her knee length CFM boots, Come-Fuck-Me boots as they were known. As she turned to him he realised that not many men would get to see the boots as they wouldn't be able to draw their eyes away from Frankie's breasts. She wore a vibrant blue tube type top with thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders. The material of the top was so thin, he could see the fittings and seams of her strapless half cup bra that pushed almost the entire breast up and over the edge of the top, just stopping on the safe side of not being arrested. The wide expanse of neck, of back and of breasts was laid out there for all to see. There was a large space between her breasts, a cavity almost, formed by the jutting breasts and the tight top. Jake could see the lace and thin gauze of her white bra beneath. Jake particularly liked the curves and couldn't take his eyes from them for a second. His mouth must have been open as Frankie brought him back to Earth.

"Wipe your chin Jake, or would you like to draw a picture?"

The cab arrived and Jake held the door for her and smiled at Frankie. He hoped she would remember why he was doing it and she didn't disappoint him. She leaned well over and from his position above her, he could see right down between her breasts as she got in the car. Both large jiggling white breasts curved away from each other, and the whole top half of them threatened to jump out right there in the back seat of the taxi. He quickly shifted his gaze to her legs and was also rewarded with the complete thigh before him but he wasn't quick enough to see which underwear she had selected to match her white bra.

They sat beside each other, and she placed a hand on his knee as they drove. She smiled at him and looked out of the window. She placed one of his hands on her knee, continuing to look at the houses as they passed. By bending her knee, she made Jake's hand slide a little further up her thigh, but Jake stopped it travelling any further. Frankie's hand appeared on top of his and gave it a light squeeze. He was very aware of the velvet skin under his fingertips, which were on the inner part of her thigh. Almost imperceptibly, with each bump, and each movement, the two hands found their way higher and higher up Frankie's thigh, a fraction of an inch at a time. Jake was painfully aware of it, painful because of the hardening beast inside his tight jeans he had elected to wear. Big mistake he thought. Frankie on the other hand, didn't seem to notice anything other than what was outside the window, yet he thought he could see the large expanse of flesh that was her breasts, rising and falling with her breathing a little more than when they got in the vehicle.

The vehicle rounded a corner faster than was usual and Frankie's leg was thrown sideways; this allowed Frankie to guide Jake's hand almost right to the top of her inner thigh. Jake sat transfixed, keenly aware of where his and Frankie's hands were, but neither was making any moves to prevent it. He could feel the heat from her thigh in his hand, and an odd warmth near his little finger. He could also feel the heat from his hard cock against his leg as it grew down his trouser leg. One more bump and he was sure he would feel the soft material of Frankie's underwear. That bump came and his hand moved the last half inch until he felt pressure on his finger against her body. It was accompanied by small intake of breath from Frankie's lips and an open mouth of shock from Jake. His hand wasn't up against the material of her underwear; he could feel small tufts of her pubic hair against the side of his hand and the soft smoothness of her naked pussy against his finger. Jake froze, but the road construction leading to the night club had them bouncing up and down a little. Frankie continued to look out of the window, and neither person said anything, but Jake saw that Frankie appeared to be biting her lower lip as his hand, now somewhat firmly held against Frankie's pussy, moved up and down against her lips with the movement of the car over the bumps.

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