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Almost Perfect


Shower, flicking on the lights and squinting my eyes as my bare feet froze on the tile floor. I turned on the hot water, eyes still blurry, unfocused.
 She knocked quietly, softly on the door. I just grunted. She said something about mornings and stepped into the bathroom. I stepped into the hot stream of water began to scrub away a long night of strange dreams. She stood quietly in the center of the room, waiting. I let her wait.

A few minutes later, I was more awake and warmed up, the room filled with steam, she was still standing there, though she'd removed her pajamas. Her hair was red and thick and curly, and her are eyes blue with flecks of gold, both of these facts made contributed to her overall beauty, but it was her ultimate compliance that pleased me. Her breasts were full, tipped with large pink nipples. She was five years older than I, and her tits sagged in that natural, real-flesh sort of way. I opened the shower curtain and looked at her.
She had hips that flared gently, and her flesh was creamy, turning red in the steam-heat. Her pussy was plucked, waxed and trimmed bared save for single stripe of reddish, strawberry hair, cut close.

"What time is it?"

"I have twenty-seven minutes, Sir."

I shrugged. She could try. What would it hurt? I stepped aside and gestured into the shower. She nodded quickly and stepped into the hot stream of water. I could see her flinch and almost immediately, the stripes of red appeared on her flesh where the water burned.

She knelt in front of me and cupped her breasts. Holding them out for me to inspect. I ignored her and squeezed some toothpaste on my toothbrush. She tweaked her nipples, which were bunched up into hard little points. She gingerly reached out and took my semi-awake cock in her hand, licked her lips and fell upon it like a starving woman.

She bobbed her head up and down, sucking my cock as deep as she dared. I continued to brush my teeth, specks of toothpaste foam running down my hand, falling on her shoulders, on her cheek. I drew in a deep breath, feeling the shower's heat, the hot water stinging my face, my chest, running down my belly and hips.

She let go of her tits gently put her hands on my thighs, as she kept bobbing her head, the sucking noises slipping out from the tiny spaces between her lips and the flesh of my cock. Her hands moved to my ass, and she pulled me closer, using her hands to create a counter-rhythm to her bobbing head.

I rinsed my mouth of toothpaste foam and spit it onto her creamy shoulder, and I fucked her face. Her icy blue eyes were closed, and she didn't react as the gobbet of saliva and toothpaste splashed on her skin. She kept at her task, sucking with abandon.

I poured liquid soap into my hands, set the bottle back down and rubbed it on my arms, under, over my chest, on my shoulders. I scrubbed and rinsed, while she continued to suck my cock. The soapy film flowed down my belly, over her lips, down my legs.

I could not help but step back and watch her a moment. This motion made her balance precarious, and she fell forward onto my cock. It pushed back into her throat, and I felt her convulse, but her rhythm didn't break, it didn't slow.
"Time?" I asked her casually. She counted in her head and was entirely accurate. If I were late because she couldn't do her job quickly, she would be punished. She pulled herself from my cock and took a long breath.

"I have fourteen minutes."

I nodded, and she fell back onto my cock. I stood breathing deep, feeling her work. I let all thought of time slip away. Aware only of the physical connection between this beauty and I, the sensations began to build. A feeling of tension started in my groin and spread through my thighs, down my legs while simultaneously creeping up my torso. Still not-quite-awake, I moaned and let my orgasm go. With one hand I leaned against the shower wall, with another I pulled her head onto my cock, taking a fistful of her hair and pulling her tight. I felt her go limp in the act of total submission. The convulsions of pleasure came staccato, one, two, three, four. She endured the abuse with a solemn dignity that filled me with a renewed wave of lust. She waited patiently.

I caught my breath after a moment a pulled her off of my cock. She leaped out of the shower and stood in the bathroom, waiting while I rinsed her spit and cum from my cock. I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. She had laid out my clothes quickly, and stood patiently, wet and shivering. I dressed and dismissed her to try to dry off.

Moments later, I was leaving, she handed me my lunch, and I kissed her, feeling a swell of lust again - she was almost perfect. I looked into those frost and gold eyes and stroked her hair. I turned and opened the door, stepped through and called over my shoulder as I pulled it closed behind me.
"I'll be home for lunch."

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by Anonymous

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by Spencerfiction12/09/18


Should this be in sci-fi or humour?

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by KingBandor12/09/18

Wrong Category.

The definition of this category is:

"Loving Wives - Married extra-marital fun: swinging, sharing & more."

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by dragonmann7212/08/18

I know....

this might be a dumb question but if she handed him his lunch, why did he need to come back home?

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by 26thNC12/08/18

Good time

A loving wife? Here? What a concept. Thanks.

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