This is a story about a young woman whose past catches up with her and then threatens her current career and social standing. She is blackmailed, harassed, and turned into a mere sexual love slave. But finds she's loving it in time.

"MF Non-consensual-Masturbation-Voy-Language."


Lorraine Marie Burk checked her e-mail every day before going to bed; no one ever really mailed her anything personal. But she did use it for reminders of special TV programs she wanted to drop in on and other special dates of interest.

She was going through the inbox this particular day and spied a message with slut written in the subject field. There was no address in the "from field," Lorraine was immediately angry at the boldness of this prank. She was just about to delete it when it occurred to her that its contents might just provide a clue to its author.

Lorraine called up the message and froze in her seat (as anger slowly turned into fear), there in front of her was her blemished sexual past. There staring her in the face was the old newspaper article about drunken orgies, and lewd behavior, from some of the female sororities at the college.

Her college, the one she attended over five years ago, it was complete with a picture of her and a list of charges, public exposure, intoxication, complete with her address.

Her stomach was a ball of heavy iron as she realized the implications to her career and future here in her new hometown, if her boss were to find out about this story. The Hollingsworth family owned the computer parts company where she worked as a receptionist, and they were very straight laced, "no this wouldn't do at all she thought."

She had been working there less than a year now, she wasn't getting rich but she was comfortable. "Why now" she asked herself, when things had just started to turn around in her favor.

Lorraine read the text of the message in total unbelief,



As you see from the message I now hold your future in my hand.

First, you will check your e-mail each morning and again at noon. This is how I will communicate instructions to you on exactly what it is I want done.

Tonight you will leave your bedroom curtains open and your night-light on as you undress. Your Master needs to inspect his slut's imperfections the hour will be ten PM.

You will strip yourself down to your panties they should be red lace. You will then lay on the bed place your hand in them and masturbate. When you have climaxed you may check your e-mail and I will tell you what you need to do next.

If you deny me you will be punished. Your boss and work place peers will receive a copy of the news file.



My God she thought the unmitigated nerve of this person is unbelievable. Lorraine began to consider her options and realized quickly that she had few, could this be her x-husband, no Tom may have been a jerk but he would never do this it wasn't his style.

Lorraine racked her brain but couldn't think of a single person, past or present, which she had offended enough to make them this vengeful. She was afraid and couldn't afford to lose her job, not now.

The charges stemmed from a night out on the town with classmates that ended at a friend's house party. All the girls were drinking that night "too much" and things got out of hand as a neighbor called to complain about the noise. Then there were the drugs floating around that night.

She never meant to even try the pills but was urged on to it by the taunting of her classmates. After that things got a little wild sexually, before the police arrived they caught Lorraine in a compromising situation with a boy there she didn't even know.

There was a ball of intense anxiety deep in her stomach as she tried to think of way out of this predicament and it was eating away at her confidence. At last completely exasperated she knew she had to obey at least until she could figure something out. Despair was withering her disposition to outright gloom and the future suddenly seemed exceedingly ominous.

Suddenly her attention was focused on a new incoming message, it was from him, was it a him ... she didn't even know that much for certain.



Buy a dildo before tonight and use it as I watch.



She sat absorbed with the prospect of self-abuse in front of some whacko voyeur she didn't know "less than appealing." She found herself wondering what he would be doing as he watched her, masturbating no doubt "she thought."

Somehow she was then caught up in her minds eye with the vision of a man stroking his cock as he watched her fuck herself. The vision stirred her flesh to a mild lustful condition that sent a little tingle of pleasure to tease the face of her vulva.

Lorraine unconsciously moved her hand between her legs and gave a little squeeze there. She found herself imagining a man alone in the shadows breathing hard, his huge cock hard, and erect, masturbating as he watched her nude on the bed. She was shocked to find her own hand caressing the warmth of her mound and then realized she was swollen and wet below.

She chastised herself for her naughty fantasies and decided to take a shower to get her mind off such crude and tempting thoughts. Lorraine could not will her mind away from repeated mental scenes of night ravishment by some handsome, masked intruder and her shower did nothing to soothe her climate.

After Lorraine finished her shower she dressed and headed out to a sex shop in a small nearby Iowa town where no one would recognize her. The cheeks of her face were flamed before she even reached the entrance of the establishment.

She was thankful once inside that the place was nearly deserted. She found the devices immediately and stood sorting out her selection. She chose a black eight-inch super soft toy with multiple speed adjustment.

She was thankful; as she checked out that the clerk was a female her eyes never met those of the employee once through the entire transaction. Lorraine sped back home and rushed into the house as if someone were giving chase.

She was too nervous to eat anything that evening and tried to keep her mind occupied and off the relentless march of the clock. At last, seemingly decades later she went to her bedroom and pulled back the floor length curtains.

Lorraine stepped to the light switch and rotated the knob until the lighting fixture achieved maximum brightness in the room. Her stomach was twisting inside as a war between the two desires that tore her raged through the battlefields of her heart and mind, the desire to run or submit.

Lorraine stood before the high double window facing the wooded hillside at the back of her home. The bastard was out there somewhere she knew, waiting to get his rocks off while humiliating her.

She proceeded to undress in front of the floor length set of double panes facing the hills behind her home. After her dress she removed her red lace bra and allowed her long luxurious nails to slowly circle and tease her swollen nipples.

Lorraine threw her head back to allow her long shimmering hair to flow down her body as her nails tormented the flesh of her body inciting that familiar craving for sexual gratification. May as well make a show of it she had decided in her rising anger, and give the bastard his moneys worth.

She slowly stroked her way to her prominent mound and began to lavish that area of her body with slow deliberate manipulations. She closed her eyes and could almost hear him breathing, his hand traversing that large mass of flesh as he watched her degradation. She slid her hand down inside her panties and began to gently flick her clitoris.

She was beginning to go wet below and could feel the lips of her vulva swell, as she caressed the sensitive flesh of the area. The rising power of her lust was prompting her mind to continual visions of her oppressor.

Lorraine turned and slowly made her way to the edge of her bed pausing at the nightstand beside it to retrieve her device. She sat on the edge of the bed facing the window, her legs lewdly splayed open.

She kicked her red lace panties off and turned the toy on. She began to slowly pass the device over the top of her crevice, lingering at the most sensitive area of her clit.

She wondered if he might be stroking his cock just a little faster right now as he watched. She half wished at the moment that he was in the room with her, so she could watch him too.

She was getting increasingly aroused as she continued fantasizing about his cock and what she wanted him to do with it. She eased the soft vibrator in between the lips of her now saturated cunt lips and shook internally as she moaned in ecstasy.

She seductively tilted her back with her lips parted slightly as she used one hand on the device and the other to squeeze her ripe firm breasts. She was driving the dildo in slowly and gyrating its shaft inside her passage, hoping the freak enjoyed the show.

She, in awhile, would literally explode in orgasm and it was all that bastards fault "she thought." The fucking prick coward didn't even have enough courage to come down here and fuck her into the bliss she now needed in person.

She threw herself back on the bed and began to fuck the dildo into her tight, wet passage, with heroic effort. Her moaning increased as the super soft buzzer attempted to invade her uterus.

Her hungry cunt would not allow her to stop, it demanded satisfaction from her and she was more than willing at the moment to appease it. She had nearly the whole of the eight-inch length impaled deeply into her weeping opening and waves of non-stop pleasure were rolling over her fevered body.

She came suddenly, screaming, her hips arched high into the air, her body shaking as her cunt convulsed around the buzzing device. It came in waves of crashing sensation that lifted her consciousness out of her body and moved it far away.

She lay there in a glow as the final tremors of her triumph passed through her body. She pulled the toy out and flicked the button to shut it off. She lay there resting, wondering if he had enjoyed her performance as much as she had.

She finally rose and staggered over to her computer desk to retrieve his last message.



You're beautiful bound in the clutches of your own lust like that. Now all you need to complete the picture is me in you to replace that toy.

Now, turn off the lights and get in bed, I'm coming to fuck you, leave your bedroom door open for me. Tie something around your eyes so that identification is impossible.

Don't speak to me while I'm there, do not attempt to turn on the lights, or otherwise identify me, as this will be disastrous for your future.



Lorraine was infuriated but helpless to vent it at this time, she knew. If it took fucking the creep to get him off her back so be it. She was not willing to give up all she had gained here so recently, not that easily anyway.

Lorraine did as she had been instructed and lowered the lights. She took a neck scarf that she used for warmth in the winter months and secured it about her eyes as she sat on the edge of her bed.

She threw the comforter back and crawled under the top sheet and waited. She was anxious again anticipating the arrival of her tormentor. Suddenly she realized she would be completely at his mercy and without any protection at all, and the thoughts only fed the anxiety within.

Lorraine began to speculate what her tormentor might look like as she lay there in the darkness. She secretly hoped he was dashing with well-polished mannerisms. Would he be tall and handsome she mused, probably not if he had to resort to these tactics to get some, she huffed.

Lorraine did not wait long in the darkness, she heard the intruder advancing up the stairs to her room. She sensed the very instant that he stood at her doorway even though she couldn't see him.

For an instant, as he approached her bed, her fears froze her mental processes and terrorized her body. She felt him slowly pull the covers from her body and when she realized she was defenseless against his gaze and touch she shivered. There was a pause as he stripped beside her bed and Lorraine trembled again.

Then she felt his hands warm against her skin. He touched her ankle and slowly felt his way up the inside of her leg. She agonized through the slow journey of his hand but then her breath caught in her throat, as finally, at long last his fingers arrived to tease the full puffy ridges of her aching mound.

Lorraine was surprised by the gentle demeanor of his touch and the unhurried approach of his discovery method. He placed both hands at her lower abdomen and began his slow ascent to her breast causing her skin to tingle as he went. His hands felt wonderful on her body warm and inquisitive in their exploration of her.

She was becoming aroused again from fingers that were irresistible wizards of persuasion. His hands were a warm sexual mantra of sensation luring her body into a willing partnership with his will. The sneaky bastard was making her want him and their wasn't a thing she could do to stop it, not that she really wanted to.

His fingers were flirting with her nipples now and the sensation was insidiously inspirational. She hated it that he was so skilled, hated it that he was making her body hunger for him. She had no idea before this night that evil could be so sweet.

Then she felt the press of his lips to hers, and discovered shortly that his finger were not the only talented member he possessed, he was good, very good. She was shocked to realize that she couldn't think of a valid reason to object. The bastard teased her, stirring her lust with his lips, titillating those sensitive areas at the side of her neck with his tongue and teeth.

Momentarily she forgot that he was rapist and she wanted to whisper in his ear, no, not whisper but beg, "Please don't stop." He resumed his assault on her lips as his hands found her mound and tested the gates of her passion.

She was experiencing multiple currents of sexual energy in her body. Still his hands worked their magic against the sensitive flesh of her organ. It was maddening for Lorraine, he, teasing her with lip and hands as if she was his willing lover, but in a very real sense, she was now. Her own urgency would not allow her to deny him, an urgency that he created and she subjugated herself to.

He inserted two fingers into the burning wetness of her body causing Lorraine to moan and arch sweetly to receive his caress. He found her G-spot instantly and propelled her to a new plateau of desire as they kissed.

A last slow lingering kiss at her mouth and then her rapist began his journey toward her cunt. His hands and lips were painfully gentle against her and his trip agonizingly slow. She wanted to scream at him "hurry, please hurry," but he had told her not to speak.

She trembled beneath him when he finally began to place the lightest bits about her mound. He nuzzled her ridges from top to bottom with his lips and he became a drug her body needed now.

Without warning he went deep in her crevice and lashed the hard little mass of her clit. She cried out as tremors of joy filled her mind and her flesh rushed with fire. She could sense his approval and smiled to herself pleased that he was not upset.

He peeled her open like a piece of wet, ripe fruit, and began to feast. Her fingers traveling through his hair found it thick and reassuring to the touch. She moaned again as he slid the width of his hot able tongue into her pussy her hands urging him deeper in his exploration of her secret place.

As his tongue ravished her hidden treasure his fingers mesmerized the little bundle of flesh at the top, sending Lorraine's senses into a freefall of hot, endless joy. She was teetering at the edge of destruction a place where her identity would dissolve into sheer explosive joy.

He stopped just as suddenly as he had started and raised himself seeking her lips once more. He was pressed firmly to her body this time and Lorraine could feel the heat and mass of his organ at the gates of her prize.

She tilted her cunt upward and raked the full length of his mass with her pussy, it sent shock waves throughout her body. He kissed her again his tongue slipping into her mouth and suddenly she was breathless and in wonder.

Their tongues delighted in the raging heat of battle, as desire grew more intense from the flames of their warfare. Lorraine's patience was exhausted she was desperate to have him inside her now. She stopped and abruptly pushed against his shoulders.

"No please, I'm sorry but I must speak, take me and finish this I implore you," her voice was desperate and unsteady as she spoke. He paused in deep reflection as he smiled to himself, and then set about filling her impassioned request.

He had won the test of wills she knew, but didn't care; she needed his flesh to fill her passage with its stern heat. Required the rhythm of his primal mating ritual in her body. But most of all she wanted and needed the seductive tenderness she now recognized in his manner.

He took her, and the sudden massive invasion of her body forced the breath from her lungs. He stimulated dimensions of emotion she had never experienced before and created a physical joy in her body that made her cling to him.

Lorraine came almost immediately his lips locked to hers her body shaking beneath his powerful thrust. She wasn't sure how long he used her body that night and didn't know how many times she climaxed because she simply lost track as her spirit moved from one mystical summit to the next.

He was deliberate and methodical and much later that night when he finally let off loving her, Lorraine was limp, exhausted, and exceedingly content.

He kissed her once more and then did something extremely odd for a rapist. He pulled the top sheet over her body and tucked it in around her shoulders. Then bending over her kissed her cheek before dressing to go.

Lorraine's body fell quickly to the beckoning shadows of sleep where her consciousness dissolved into the welcome arms of slumber. She woke the next morning with sunlight streaming into the room thankful that is was Saturday. She lay smiling for the longest time remembering her gentle intruder.

At last she found the will to rise and head for the shower. When Lorraine had finished and toweled herself dry she booted up her computer to check her mail, she half expected a message from her rapist Master to be there.



You pleased me last night and while you disobeyed my directive I was extremely flattered that you couldn't resist doing so.

Tonight at 8PM I want you to return to the same sex shop you purchased your toy at. Off to the side is an arcade kind of affair, at the end of that hall is a door that leads to a small viewing room.

I want you to go in and take a seat and wait for me; I will join you. You will not wear undergarments of any kind; you will wear a loose dress that will allow me easy access to your gracious charms.

You will secure for your self a bottle of "yvesSaintLaurent Opium," you will mist your inner thighs lightly. You will mist the sides of your breast as well as the undersides of your wrists. You will use this scent for me it is my mark of ownership on your body and it pleases me.

Do these things and I will reward you with my presence, disobey and your life will be unable to contain the Chaos I shall rain down on you.

Do not be late!



Lorraine was beyond pissed when she read the note, "just who the hell did he think he was. He comes into my life with threats, blackmails me for the use of my body and chooses my perfume for me ... Christ!!!"

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