The room is dark everything is peaceful and quiet. Turning to the left I catch a glimpse of the clock on the night stand. 3:39! It has happen again, I always seem to wake up in the middle of the night when I fall asleep without talking to you. Thinking of you I grab my cell phone to look at my messages. Checking my emails I see a new message from you with an attachment.

"Hey babe,

Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking about you. Heading to Boston today......really wish I was heading to your "vagina" lol. I miss placing my head between your thighs. Just thinking about it is making me hard. I'm attaching a picture to prove it. See you next week.

Love always,


Grinning from ear to ear I open the attachments. Three pictures of your rock hard cock as promised. Not thinking my hand involuntarily goes to my mouth. Using my middle finger I begin to caress my bottom lip remembering the last time I saw you.

Reliving the moment in my mind I think about watching you sleep. You were so peaceful laying there naked. It started with me..... trailing my fingertips down your chest, down your stomach. Your cock was hard and laying stretched out on display for your me. Sliding down I looked at you to ensure I hadn't woken you and began to lick the tip. I stopped glanced up but you were unresponsive..... frowning I thought "seriously?, he didn't feel that?"

Licking the palm of my hand I began stroking you before sucking the head of your cock into my mouth. Bobbing on just the tip I swirl my tongue as I take you in and out. I love the way you feel in my mouth and my hands go to your balls as I begin to gently massage them. Shifting my eyes up I look at you, expecting to see you looking back at me. I'm shocked and slightly offended that your sleeping through this.

Determined to wake your ass up, I reposition myself and slide your cock all the way in! Sucking you hard I draw my cheeks in and begin to suck hard and fast deep throating your cock. Craving your attention I'm waiting for the moment when you place your hands in my hair, begin to thrust up and start fucking my mouth. Coming up I begin to jack you off. Applying pressure to the head I milk you until pre-cum is leaking out and down the tip. Placing my tongue flat against the head I lick and swallow it enjoying the taste. Looking at you I say "I know your awake fucker!" Working hard to hold back a smile you simply said "no....I'm not!"

That was a good morning, you sent me off to work with a permanent smile on my face. Coming back to realty, I realize my hand has found it's way between my legs. I am dripping wet and craving a release. Shaking my head I curse you and your damn cock pics!

Jumping out of the bed I head the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the tub I reach in and turn on the facet. Placing my hand under the stream I make minor adjusts to ensure the temperature is just right.

Walking over to the vanity I look at my reflection. Standing there in a white wife beater and black panties I begin to undress. Grabbing the hem of my shirt I pull it up over my head, exposing my breasts. My tits are firm and my small nipples are hard and erect. I slowly caress my breast, cupping one in my hand I bring it to my mouth and begin to suck my nipple wishing it were you. Releasing it I place my thumbs in the waste band of my panties, my pussy has a small patch of hair shaved low and cut Brazilian style into a triangle.

Sliding my hand down my stomach it comes to rest just above my clit. Closing my eyes I touch it and begin to work it a little. Craving a release I walk over to the tub and climb in.

The water is still running but it's warm and I am instantly relaxed. Placing my feet on the wall above the nozzles I begin to slide down and position my pussy in direct flow of the water. Closing my eyes I begin to think of you, imagining the feel of your tongue against my clit. Rolling my hips a little I bring my pussy upward to meet the thrust of the stream as it falls. Panting heavily it doesn't take me long. Feeling my orgasm about to explode I slide under the water submerging myself, holding my breath to intensify my release. Trembling I remain there until the wave of pleasure washes over me. Popping up I take a deep breath and smile.


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