Alone Ch. 03



This is a story about a young woman whose past catches up with her and then threatens her current career and social standing. She is blackmailed, harassed, and turned into a mere sexual love slave. But finds she's loving it in time. "MF Non-consensual."


Lorraine had been on edge all day; she had cleaned the entire house twice and drank nearly a full bottle of wine already. She had taken extra care with her hair today, pilling the stuff up high with lots of ringlets dangling down around her face.

She had also spent more time than normal on her makeup and nails. She felt a little sheepish at moments doing all of this for a rapist, "But God, the way he made her feel!!!!"

She had pulled out a bright orange wrap around to put on for his arrival and white high heels with a white choker. She still had to shower before his designated arrival time, "again." She had felt light all day long and it took concerted effort on her part to keep her mind from returning to the sex shop and last night's events.

She realized that her mystery lover was lightening, thunder, and rolling earth all rolled into a single convenient package, and Lorraine had discovered she loved it like that. The element of his mysterious identity had been a wonderful experience but, she couldn't wait to know him.

She found herself forming questions about what he may look like, what his occupation might be and where he lived. She knew his kiss for certain and couldn't wait for more of that heavenly stimulation.

As the hour drew near our damsel made ready showering for the second time today, and marking herself with his scent "perfume." After toweling herself down she proceeded to dress and with each moment her anxiety grew. She found herself wondering if he would approve of her wardrobe, her hair and her overall presentation, she was hopeful that he would.

Lorraine went back downstairs and seated herself on the couch, having already made sure that the front door was unlocked for her rapist. As the hands of the clock swept around to their appointed meeting she affixed the blindfold around her eyes and waited.


David Hollingsworth approached the complex in that small Iowa town in hopes of securing for himself a relationship with potential for deeper things.

He had watched the gorgeous Lorraine Burk from the first day she took her new position in his fathers company. He had hired an old college friend of his to research her background and did extensive research on her past.

He had liked what he found and decided to go after the young vixen with all the resources at his disposal. He was hoping somehow to inspire a bond between them that might lead to something more long term than mere casual sex.

He hadn't realized that Lorraine had been attracted to him from the very first time she'd laid eyes on him, as well.


She hadn't waited long before hearing someone approach the door and quietly enter. When she heard the sound of her suitor moving toward her something wonderful leapt inside her heart forcing an involuntary smile to her lips.

"Hello Lorraine, have you been a good girl in my absence?" he asked non-chalantly.

"Yes Master, I have waited obediently for you, as instructed my Lord!"

"That's a good girl Lorraine," he responded.

His fingers trailed the contour of her face ever so lightly and then trailed down the side of her neck. There was a slight shiver from Lorraine as a single finger caressed the hollow of her throat.

Very carefully David parted the gown she wore at the top and allowed his hands access to her ample well shaped breasts. She sighed as he stroked the creamy skin of those intriguing works of art.

He squeezed a bit more firmly as his lips captured hers and began the tender rape of her softness there. In response Lorraine pushed out her breast to his hand, as her own hunger made her ravish his mouth with equal ferocity.

The two were animals at mating season as they tasted and touched only those things that lovers treasure. Her breath was increasing in rate her nipples already bloomed to a state of hard immediate readiness.

"I missed you Master!" she gasped on the break.

"You slave, have occupied my complete focus today as well!" he replied.

David reaching behind her unfastened the blindfold and removed it from her eyes.

"Oh my God, Mr. Hollingsworth!" she gasped in shock her eyes wide in wonder.

"No Lorraine, its David from now on. I will explain it all later but right now I need you," he said with a smile.

"But I have so many things to ask," she began.

"Later Lorraine, I need you!!!" and with that David began to slip out of his cloths. His lover greedily drinking in the raw sight of his youthful fit body from where she sat. Lorraine was thrilled with the vision of his cock before her and completely understood her sense of physical soreness after their sex now.

With a smile she nodded in affirmation, as her hands began to take possession of young Hollingsworth's body. He was warm and smooth to the touch and Lorraine had a difficult time keeping her focus on anything but that belligerent swaggering mass between his legs.

Slowly and gently he began to tease the flesh of her flaming organ. As he did Lorraine began to rotate her hips against his touch and weep in the valley of creation. She was mesmerized by the black craft his hands now cast against her body and senses. It's use designed to direct her focus and subvert her consciousness allowing him to use her as he pleased. It worked, with her blessing, only too well.

Moving closer to the front of the couch David spread her legs pushing her knees up to her stomach and to the sides. He studied the full scarlet lips of her pussy and high prominent lift of her pubic bone with appreciation. She was beautifully delineated in that area and in fact perfect in every way.

Then he lowered his head between her thighs and received a sweet subdued whimper, as communication of her approval. After taking in her odor (magnificent laced with opium) he parted her vaginal lips and gave her a quick savage lick.

"Oh God David!" she sighed.

David began to burrow deeply into Lorraine's passage with that wicked tongue of his as his hands teased her breasts. She began rocking with the rhythm of his movements as the sensation promoted the sweetest little sounds from her.

His own cock was strained now to the point of physical pain from his intense desire to impale her with the thing. He continued to relish his exploration of her creative garden as she gasped and drifted into that world of pleasure induced half awareness.

Lorraine's mind was held firmly in the grip of her own pleasure principal, unable to do anything but respond and enjoy the titillating sensation of his dark wicked sorcery.

"Oh David," she moaned repeatedly with an almost apologetic appeal.

Encouraged greatly, he began to devour this fair morsel of feminine art with much greater intensity. She ground her inflamed, wet, swollen organ, against his hungry mouth with wild energy. She was quickly becoming his willing sex toy once again and only too willing to concede to her own deep need.

"Oh yes David, that's wonderful," she whimpered as the domination of her will continued unabated.

Lorraine came, shaking, with colorful verbal endearments, as her orgasm rocked her mind and body. Still she discovered in her glow that she wasn't satisfied but in need of the harsh kind of fucking he had given her on the floor of the porn shop last night.

She lay content in the warm afterglow of her release. Lorraine watched him, as her lover tirelessly worked her body with both hands and lips attempting to rekindle that roaring flame to its full potential once again.

His long heavy cock banging around the inside of her thighs as he moved was a tease she couldn't ignore. Reaching down she wrapped her hand around the hot flinching mass of tissue. She reveled in the heft and firmness of it as the thing lurched in her hand while she stroked.

"Oh do it inside me!!" she pleaded, her eyes flaming wheels of seething lust that burned there way to the very depths of David's naked soul.

"You please me Lorraine in so many little ways," he told her with a smile.

Lorraine, with heated longing gaze, looked on as the head of his cock parted the red swollen lips of her cunt. Forcing a sigh of pleasure past her full half parted lips as the sensation of its passage rushed through her body and her mind.

She strained with the angle of her arch seeking to reach up and devour every centimeter of his gorgeous cock and feed the hunger that now controlled both her mind and body.

"Oh God baby, it feels so good," she groaned as her body shook from the intense sensation of his passage through her. When David bottomed out in the beautiful Lorraine Burk, he paused, enjoying the little tremors that passed through her slight frame beneath him.

"You're so hot baby," he told her, as their eyes held each other across the distance, locked in a moment without end. He was mighty in her body that evening as he dictated the minutes of their love affair in her flesh, with a pen of passion and fire.

David placed his hands beneath her buttocks and raised her body slightly. He was aiming internally for that "G-spot" he suspected rested at the top of her passage.

Lorraine sighed as David found the hiding place of her secret. Her powers of will dissolved in a seething cauldron of explosive desire as he shamelessly worked the most sensitive area of her physical existence.

Her eyes told David he was doing the right thing and the stern concentration of her brows hinted that it was the right time. She whimpered beneath him without shame; in this game, at this moment, she welcomed his mastery over her body.

She was panting as her nails raked the bare flesh of his nipples nearly to the point of drawing blood. She raised her face and ravished his lips biting him as her nails continued to peel the skin from his body.

"No, Please," she cried, as he forced her hands to her sides and held them there.

Lorraine was shaking again as he bent over her breast and began to tease the hard flesh of her nipple. She struggled to free her hands but he was simply too strong for her.

"Please release my hands I need to touch you, I promise I'll be good," she pleaded.

When David released her hands Lorraine cupped both sides of his face and pulled him down to kiss him. Afterward Lorraine slid her hand between them and began to torture her own clit as David continued pounding her tight cunt.

The scene of Lorraine frigging herself under him excited David tremendously. He pulled out of her body suddenly and Flipped Lorraine over on her belly.

Before he reinserted himself into her warm depths David slapped her on the ass and received a sharp moan for his trouble. There was another deep moan as David's cock plowed into the beautiful body of his lover and reasserted his authority over her.

"Reach down and continue working your clit Lorraine," he commanded her.

Lorraine whimpered in front of him as her fingers began to spiral out a series of very pleasant sensations through her body. Her cunt was oozing fluids out onto her lovers cock and inadvertently her nails would brush the skin of his balls as he fucked her.

Lorraine tensed and screamed as David increased the tempo of his fucking. He felt the hot, wet, passage he was using begin to clutch and milk his stiff member. She came streaming a line of colorful endearments as David continued to use her.

"Oh baby you're too good to me," she cooed!

David smiled at her inflection, and smiled again as he felt Lorraine's passage squeeze itself around his driving member.

"You're beautiful Lorraine in every way and that's why I chose you," he responded.

His ending in her was savage as he came, but he couldn't resist the softness of the woman, it drove him to extremes. He collapsed beside her after emptying himself and her lips found his and offered comfort to his flesh.

"Thank you Lorraine, you're everything I need in my life!"

"Why didn't you approach me in a more conventional method David?" she asked him.

"Because by being the owners son where you worked, if I had, you would have suspected that I only wanted your sex. I know everything about you Lorraine; I researched your past and then made my decision to capture your heart ... have I failed?"

"No silly you haven't!" she whispered.

"So, are you willing to become my sex slave for life?" he asked her smiling.

"Am I still required to call you master?" she teased.

"Only on special occasions dear heart!" he responded with a chuckle.

"Then the answer is yes and it would have been anyway," she giggled.

"Who's hungry?"

"Me!" she answered.

"Then you'd better dress," he smiled.

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