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Alone in the Dark


I have been at the cabin for three days now cleaning out the remains of Old Man Winter and the creatures that make it their winter's heaven. I decide that I need to stroll down to the lake and refresh my soul with a dip. Packing some herbal shampoo, ivory soap and pulling the grey terrycloth off the back of the old brown chair, I follow the worn footpath, that keeps the secrets of years gone by, toward the lake. Quickly the lake comes into view as the cabin sits only a few hundred meters from shore. This morning the sun has not quite reached its peak. Gazing across the still water, I can see the fog gently lifting toward the bright blue sky.

Off in the distance, a loon sings a song of great joy as several fish splash upon the surface looking for that early morning meal. I slip off my shorts and cautiously move my way toward the water's edge. Sticking a toe into the water, I find to my delight that it is not as cold as expected but warm like the morning dew as it drips from the leaf of a flowering plant. Gently slipping into the water, I try not to create a huge disturbance amongst the wildlife. A few powerful strokes put me near the center where I stop to rest. Turning my head slowly from left to right and back again, I am in awe at how beautiful Mother Nature creates the world around us. Floating on my back, I bask in this world of beauty for several minutes before being reminded that I came here with a purpose.

The sun has lifted higher in the sky and its warmth has increased dramatically. A strange feeling , as if someone was nearby comes over me as I stand naked on shore. My mind races, trying to search for an answer. There has not been another human in this area for three days. A couple of quick steps takes me back to the bush where I hung the terrycloth. Reaching out my right hand to clutch the towel, my heart thumps rapidly in my chest as I see the shadow. How long has this person been there? Have I been watched before today? Standing still for several minutes that felt like a eternity; I soon realized that there is no immediate danger. How could there be someone here? It takes several hours, across four different lakes by canoe, to reach the cabin. Twenty years ago there was an old dirt road that winds its way along the mountain's edge which was used by the logging company. The brush is quite thick with the slow growth of trees and wildflowers. Part of the old road is submerged in swamp water. Several years ago the beavers had dammed one of the connecting lakes causing a flood that reached back and claimed part of the old road. Is it possible that some of the land has been reclaimed?

Bravely I take a few short steps onto the path and, with a quick glance toward the old cabin, I discover no one has moved in its direction. The outlines of my feet, slightly sunken in the dark brown sand, still show in several places. Whoever was here quickly made a hasty retreat like a defeated army being called back from the grip of death. Turning around, I quietly stroll back to reclaim my shorts. As I reach the break in the woods that separates the lake's bank from the forest, a smell tickles the hair inside my nose. It has been quite some time since I last grasped the sweet smell of a woman's perfume, yet this perfume lingers in the air as if someone was still here hiding somewhere amongst the tree lined pathway. "Must be a city woman" I utter under my breath.

The thought of a young woman watching me has me slightly aroused. Having the smooth, milky soft, warm skin of another human pressed against my muscular body is what I have been wishing for at night. Many days have passed since I fantasize about a woman with long wavy, shiny red hair, luscious full lips that swell in size as I gently nibble on the corners. Taking the terrycloth in my right hand, I slowly start to dry my body. The rubbing motion of the soft fabric across my chest has excited my nipples which are now hard and erect. I take hold of the left nipple between my right thumb and index finger and gently rub. A shivering, tingling feeling has rushed throughout my body as I continue to play. I feel blushed and embarrassed when my cock stands at full attention, aroused with the rest of my body. I feel that someone is still watching, yet I am heating up inside and eager to continue this private show. Continuing to dry what has not evaporated away, I pause as I reach my still erect cock. Taking it into my hand, I press my thumb gently onto the head rubbing the seminal fluid, in a slow circular motion, that has oozed onto the surface. The sensuous feeling builds within my body and is becoming harder and harder to control as it wants to send the package to the surface.

Spreading the towel on the sand, I lay down. The afternoon sun is now adding to the heat my body feels. I begin slowly at first, making every stroke as long as possible. The head of my cock glistens in the sun as more fluid slowly leaks out. My strokes increase faster and faster; my breathing becomes heavier; sweat forms on my forehead. I close my eyes and begin to fantasize about the woman hiding in the bush.

My right hand now becomes her soft lips as she takes me into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she swallows. A low moan escapes my lips as she now gently teases my balls with her tongue slowly moving up the shaft and back, once again, to the head. She reaches up with her hand and begins to rub her fingers through my chest hair, exploring the natural curves of my body. Taking one of my erect nipples between her fingers, she pinches me softly. Her eyes seem to shine as a small smile breaks out; this well shaped body must be pleasing. Pumping faster, I am brought back to reality as my body could not hold on any longer, sending a stream of cum into the air with one mighty explosion. The hot jism landing on my belly has just ended the fantasy as quickly as it had started. Laying on the towel, panting, I wonder if the young woman stayed in her hiding place, watching.

A loud clatter from the falling frying pan smacking against the wooden floor awakes me from a deep sleep. Searching for the flashlight, I find it under the bed and quickly turn it on and aim the beam of light toward the kitchen. At first finding nothing unusual, I am drawn to small, bright blue droppings scattered along the sink top. Turning the light toward the floor, I once again pick up the trail of blue droppings leading their way to a small crack in the wall were once there was a foam sealant. My furry little friend has again found the S.O.S. pads in the hunt to satisfy his hunger.

A cold breeze traces its way along my nape, giving me a slight chill. I roll up the sleeve of my pyjamas and flick on the Indigo light of my watch. "Damn! 3:07 a.m.." Turning onto my back I gaze upwards at the ceiling of this old cabin, remembering that I had promised myself during the fall I would reseal the window. The howling of the wind draws my attention to the window above my head. Starring out, I watch the snow being whipped around before settling on the windowsill, forming a drift several inches high. "Yep, for this trapper, it's going to be another long, cold, lonely winter, stuck in the cabin with just my dreams." I whisper to myself while sliding into my old red slippers. Pulling on my navy blue housecoat, I set my sights on the makeshift bathroom at the end of the entranceway.

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