tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAlone in the Shower

Alone in the Shower


It was the middle of the day, Ella had come home early and to find herself alone. She decided to take advantage of the situation. Soon she stood washing herself in the walk-in shower. Music played from her phone by the sink. It played so loudly that she didn't hear the front door shut. She didn't hear the sound of the bathroom door swinging open as he stepped through it. She didn't hear his clothes hitting the floor.

Ella stood massaging soap into a lather over her torso. She felt a shudder as her own fingers brushed her nipples; she'd been in that kind of mood all day. Therefore she spent considerably longer rubbing the soap in than she usually would have, lingering in a few choice spots. As she rinsed herself of with the moveable shower head it happened. The nozzle was pointed up, between her legs; her eyes were shut and her breathing became heavy. It was at that point two hands reached round from behind to cup her breasts.

She let out a shriek, practically jumping out of her skin and nearly dropping the shower head in the process. But the unknown hands stayed on her, grabbing a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and pinching.

"Please, don't stop on my account," came the deep voice of the man behind her. Through those words she realised the identity of her previously unknown shower buddy. Finding herself unbelievably turned on by being 'assisted' in her private shower she did carry on. One hand refocused the direction of the shower nozzle, while the fingers on the other began massaging Ella into pure pleasure.

He continued to play with the erect nipples in front of him, and then began kissing his way along Ella's neckline. With each kiss he increased the pressure, sucking on the skin in the knowledge that there would be plenty of love bites in that area within a few minutes.

When this had continued for a few minutes and Ella's breathing had become very heavy she felt something digging into the small of her back. The hands that had been pinching and pulling on her nipples were now putting the shower head to one side and removing her hand from her crotch. She was pushed almost roughly against the nearest shower wall, her hands held up as in if surrender. Luckily the temperature of the water had left the normally icy tiles of the wall comfortably warm.

One hand that had been holding hers in place for a few seconds was suddenly removed. She wondered briefly where it had gone until she felt that thing poking her in the back being moved. And suddenly she felt the entire length of it being slid inside her. Ella let out a sharp gasp as the thick cock filled her up entirely, forcing her onto her tip-toes.

He held her there for a few moments, savouring the feeling of being that deep inside of her. Then he slowly pulled back, removing all but the tip and allowing Ella's feet to drop flat to the floor once again. She arched her back, pushing her lower half back into him so that he would have better access, and also not half lift her off the floor with each stroke.

He took this better position in his stride, giving slow, deep thrusts. With one hand he held hers up against the shower wall, the other he used to continue massaging where Ella had left off. His fingers found her clit, rubbing it small circles as he continued slowly thrusting in and out. At this Ella began moaning, quietly at first. Her moans increase in volume and frequency as he continued to massage her clit.

She began pushing herself back into him each time he slid in, matching his rhythm to try and slowly increase his pace. She wanted it harder and faster than he was giving it to her. As if reading her mind he then spoke "so you want it harder do you?" Ella could practically feel him grinning slyly behind her.

And with that she felt him sliding her away from the wall. He shuffled her backwards and pushed her torso down so that she was bent completely over. Ella's hands came to rest against the shower wall, holding herself in place as his pace increased dramatically. She could feel the thud with each stroke, shaking her as she fought to keep in place.

He could feel himself coming closer and closer. And judging by how Ella's legs were shaking neither of them could keep this up for much longer. Another thirty seconds and he felt her shudder and let out her loudest scream since he'd first stepped into the shower. As she convulsed he felt the contracting movements of her pussy around his shaft and with that he came, adding yet more moisture to the already soaked pair.

Speaking no more words he slid out and exited the room, grabbing a towel on his way out.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Ella yelled after him, her cheeks flushed and a wide grin spreading across her face.

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