tagErotic CouplingsAlong Came A Spider Ch. 03

Along Came A Spider Ch. 03


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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 15 - Flashback: Call to Glory

South Viet Nam, somewhere west of Saigon, early 1973.

"We're surrounded on all sides!... one dead, one wounded... need evacuation..."

The call came over the radio into the Headquarters compound. The radio man immediately sent word to the Bird Colonel in command.

"What is it?" the Colonel said, coming into the room. Other officers also came in.

"One of our LRRP units walked into an ambush. They're surrounded and are fighting off the Charlies, but they need immediate evacuation."

"All right," said the Captain, "we'll get them out. Let's go!"

"Hold on, Captain!" ordered the Colonel. "They're on the other side of the line. We can't get them out. They're on their own."

"The hell you say!" shouted the Captain. "Those are our guys, and we're not leaving them there to die!"

"Captain!" called out the Colonel, but the man was already moving.

Once outside, he yelled to his men: "Get these choppers going! We've got a Special Forces team pinned down!" Men scrambled. Just then, the Colonel strode out, several MPs attending him.

"Captain! I am ordering you to stand down! Now!" yelled the Colonel. "MPs! Arrest this man." The MPs advanced, but the Captain's fellow soldiers were also armed, and it was a standoff.

"You'll have to kill us to stop us, Colonel." said the Captain. "We are going to go get those men!" He turned around and strode off, heedless of the Colt .45 pistols pointed at his back...

"Shall we shoot, sir?" asked an MP.

"No." said the Colonel, exhaling with the decision made. "They'll all be captured or killed by the enemy, and we'll disavow their existence. Let them die trying..."

Part 16 - Back to the Grind

"Welcome back, Commander!" Detective Joanne Warner said brightly as I entered MCD at 6:50am, Monday, June 13th. "Did your work with the FBI go well?" she asked as she poured me a cup of coffee.

"Extremely well." I said. "I think it's going to be an exciting month around these parts." Over the next ten minutes, we and the other Detectives chatted as they trickled in. And at 7:00am we turned on the TV to start our day with the one, the only... Bettina!

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" said the lovely redheaded reporterette from in front of the State Office Building off Courthouse Square, at 7:00am. "Channel Two News has learned that State Senator Katherine Woodburn's scheduled appearance today with District Attorney candidate Jenna Stiles has been cancelled. Senator Woodburn's office issued a statement that the joint appearance had only been postponed, as the Senator had an unavoidable conflict. Ms. Stiles's campaign said that her appearances today would continue as scheduled."

"Also," said Bettina, "the FBI has asked the Town & County Council for its full cooperation with their investigation into the bombing of the Community Center. The FBI says they wish to interview several Council Members with regard to the Council's actions condemning the property in order to sell it, and the timing of the Community Center explosion in relation to those legal actions."

"In other news," said Bettina, "preparations continue for the Fourth of July festivities, including the Triathlon race. Mrs. Myrtle L. James of the Ladies Auxiliary says that this year will be the biggest event ever..."

"Where is Captain Ross?" I asked Lt. Teresa Croyle as we watched Bettina and drank our coffee.

"In your office, sir." said Teresa. "By the way, sir, Detective Newton called in sick today."

"First time I can remember that happening." I said. "Okay, let me find our Captain and see what she is up to."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cindy was sitting on the sofa of my office, flipping through channels, when I came in. "Everything okay?" I asked as I went to my desk and sat down.

"I can't believe it." Cindy said. "Not one word. There was a battle, a military combat battle, in Apple Grove this weekend. And there is not a single word of it on any television network. Not one word."

"And there likely won't be." I said. "Do you really think the Federal Government wants to advertise that a bunch of White Supremacists tried to wipe out a town of Blacks this weekend?"

"Yeah, that makes sense. But do they really have the Media under that tight a control?" Cindy asked.

"Control? No. But cooperation by two branches of the Triumvirate Elites? Certainly." I said. It does not behoove (there's that word again!) the Media to report on what actually happened; ergo, no reporting on it."

"I get the idea." said Cindy, dropping the remote on the table next to the sofa. "By the way, I forgot to tell you on our drive home: Geiger asked about your absence last week."

Cindy had driven home with me from Apple Grove in the Black Beauty. Her father had been driven home by his acolytes. We had a long, productive conversation about the near future.

Cindy continued: "Teresa and I took note of it. Think he might be passing information to Ikea? I asked the Mouseketeers to look into Geiger's activities. Official passing of it to Internal Affairs upon your orders."

"Hmmm, dunno." I said. "It's always a possibility Geiger's still friendly with Ikea and passed along information. But lets not involve I.A. just yet. By the way, Jupiter left orbit today: Julie Newton called in sick..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"All I know is that there was a ton of Media trucks driving through here." said Chief Moynahan. "From the City, from Midtown, from Southport, from the State east of us, all going west. Then yesterday, they all drove back through here, apparently on their way back to the homes from whence they came."

"As long as they didn't stop here," I said, "who's complaining?" Everyone in the Chief's Conference Room laughed. With us were Commander Harlow, Sheriff Allgood, and Captain Ross.

"The Senior Citizens are going to make a huge stand at the Council meeting tomorrow night." said Sheriff Allgood. "All of my Deputies will be tied up with security there. So I need you guys to put on extra staff at the County Jail." I made a note to inform Precinct Captain Briscoe.

"The audit of our finances is done." said Della Harlow. "They're pretty clean. Brownlee didn't steal anything, though he canceled a lot of orders that should have gone through. The report is going to the Council tomorrow night."

"Make sure to tell them that we are going to spend that money." I said. "Or else they'll try to divert the funds from us and give 'em to somebody else."

"Or slip the money into their own pockets." Cindy said. That got a disapproving look from the Sheriff.

"That is very true." said the Chief, rescuing Cindy. "So, Mr. Crowbar, are you planning to attend the Council meeting?"

"No sir." I said. "I've already gotten word that the Council will immediately go into executive session to discuss personnel matters, thus avoiding the Senior Citizens at the open meeting."

"The cowards." Cindy said under her breath.

"They're trying to not be served subpoenas." I said. "The tactic won't work--- the subpoenas can be served at the County Clerk's office--- but they won't be read into the meeting's record. And of course, they have the FBI to contend with over the Community Center bombing."

"That actually helps them, though." said Sheriff Allgood. "They can just say they can't make any comments, because they're cooperating with the FBI investigation."

"Still," said the Chief, "they'll avoid the Public as much as they can on this. They are hoping that the furor will die down and be forgotten... as very frequently happens with these kinds of things."

The Chief was not finished. "Oh, there is one other thing I need to tell all of you about. The Union filed a grievance on behalf of Lt. Scott Peterson over those photos of him receiving oral sex from the reporter Ajmani. They said his privacy was intruded upon, and insist Commander Troy reveal his source of those photographs."

"I'll never tell." I said. "Confidential Informant."

"Which is what I expected to hear, and of course I will back you up all the way on that." said the Chief.

"Chief, we need to talk about that later." said Daniel Allgood. "It's a problem, but now is not the time to discuss it." The Chief looked stunned at Allgood's words, and I suspect he just got ambushed about something.

"In any conversation you want to have about Scott Peterson," said Cindy Ross, "I want one question brought up: how did Peterson know of any relationship I might have had with Priya Ajmani? It would seem Peterson speaks with for-ked tongue on this issue."

"He can say Priya told him." I said. "Though I suspect that's not what really happened."

The Chief moved to break up the meeting, and I noticed his face and neck were a bit flushed. "Okay, we need to begin logistical planning for the Fourth of July events. I know you have the template from past years, but we need to start getting things in order now. Sheriff, would mind coming to my office for a moment? And Commander Troy, if you'll be prepared to come into that meeting when I call you?"

As we left the Conference Room, Cindy whispered to me. "Ouch. What did you do this time?"

"Methinks the Sheriff just threw the Chief under the bus about something." I replied. "Oh well, I'll catch up on paperwork until I'm called in. In the meantime, check up and see what our Detectives are doing..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was not too long before I was called into the Chief's office. When I got there, both the Sheriff and Chief were red-faced. It was no great feat of detection to know that the Chief ripped the Sheriff a new one over the comments in the earlier meeting. I suspected the Chief and Sheriff had discussed it previously, and the Sheriff had not told the Chief to be quiet about the issue... until they were in front of subordinates, particularly my subordinate.

"Have a seat, Mr. Crowbar." said the Chief. I sat down in the chair next to the Sheriff. "Sheriff Allgood would like to bring up a few points about the Peterson issue."

"Commander," Allgood said, his use of my title showing me that this was serious, formal, and not friendly, "there are several problems with this situation of the Peterson-Ajmani photographs. First, blowjobs are not illegal, or you would've been in jail years ago."

I knew that came from knowledge of what Melina did and does for her various husbands over the years. Meanwhile, the Sheriff went on: "Second, even if the Union accepts your claim of a confidential informant, and even if a judge accepts that in a lawsuit that Peterson and the Union just might file, you still did not go through appropriate procedures in the handling of this. I was in Internal Affairs for quite a while, and so I know those procedures."

The Sheriff continued: "You should've immediately notified I.A. when you received those pictures, regardless of their source. This should've been handled by I.A. as a formal investigation of Peterson's conduct. If not I.A., then you should've gone to Inspector General Horace Wellman, who may or may not have notified me. In any case, I have told the Chief that any disciplinary action against Lt. Peterson cannot happen, and I've instructed the Chief to take the issue of Lt. Peterson to Internal Affairs. They will conduct the review of him from this point forward. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." I said simply. Take my medicine, take my medicine, take my medicine...

"We can only hope that this is not going to blow up into something much more serious." said Sheriff Allgood.

"Oh, it will." I said.

"What?!" both men said together, at once.

"Well, maybe not the Peterson thing itself." I said. "But the Consultant's final attack on me, waged through the Media and State entities, is about to begin. I estimate by Friday morning at the latest."

"What makes you say that?" asked Chief Moynahan, with a dumbfounded look on his face. Daniel Allgood was peering hard at me.

"A few small things going on." I said. "Katherine Woodburn canceled a political event with Jenna Stiles. Detective Newton called in sick. The Union backing Peterson in his grievance. And I'm sure more will be coming."

"And you're sitting there as cool as the other side of the pil-low." said Moynahan. "That means you think you know what you can do about all this. I just hope you're corrrr-rect about that."

"All right, we need to lay groundwork." said Daniel Allgood. "You're dismissed, Commander. Chief, call in Captain Ross."

"With all due respect, Sheriff," said the Chief, his voice pure acid, "I will handle my Police Department myself, thank you. Why don't you go with Commander Troy." The Sheriff was stunned and angry and was about to say something, when I intervened.

"He's right, Sheriff." I said. "It's his ship and his calls to make." I made sure Daniel left the office with me. He led the way into my office.

"What the hell was that about?" Daniel snarled as I shut the door. "I'm the Sheriff here---"

"Sheriff," I said, standing up to him, towering over him with my height, "you are the Admiral, but he is the Captain of this Ship. He's in command of his ship, and though he's your subordinate, you're the one that's out of line for not letting him do his job."

"You military guys kill me sometimes." Allgood said. He then exhaled and said "But you're right. It's his job to do. But I will be making damn sure he does it. And you, Commander, let's just get one thing straight right now: our friendship is not going to stand in the way of me doing my job correctly. You're a damn good cop, but you have to follow the rules like the rest of us. Be prepared to answer to some questions about your conduct. By the way, does my I.D. get me into the basement and into I.A.?"

"Yes." I said. "Though the Duty Desk Officer will have to escort you past the first door. As to I.A., you of all people know you can't go in there without them escorting you. Call Curly Goodwin from the Duty Desk." Daniel nodded and left my office. As he went into the hall, he nearly collided with Captain Ross, who was headed for the Chief's office. She just gave me a 'look' as she went on by...

Part 17 - The Hunt Begins

Laura and I entered the University President's Mansion at 7:30pm that Monday evening. The party was not formal, so I wore a civilian suit and tie, and my wife wore a basic black dress and high heel pumps that showed the magnificence of her body without being too overly 'inviting' nor formal. The occasion was the pre-Summer School kickoff, and was more than anything just an excuse by Sally Wellman to throw a party.

"Ah, Commander, Doctor," said Sally Wellman, greeting us. "You both look so wonderful tonight. Dr. Fredricson, the Sociology professor on sabbatical from Oregon State is here; I'll introduce you. I'll be right back for you, Commander." I took the moment to observe the people milling about the large room, idly wondering why this occasion was not outside in the lovely weather.

A moment later, Sally Wellman came back. "So, Commander, to whom may I present you?"

I said "I see that Pastor Westboro looks a little bored over there. Why don't I say hello to him?"

"Oh, of course." Sally said. She brought me to the Pastor, who was nearly as tall as myself, and we shook hands as Sally left us to do her hostessing.

"So, Commander," said Pastor Westboro, "any new victories on the law enforcement front?"

"With the students out for the summer, it's quietening down." I said. "Which is good. It's been a long winter."

"Ah yes, your unfortunate Lieutenant was so gravely wounded, but at least she survived." said Westboro. "Ah, and here is another of your Detectives, and one of my Flock. Hello, Mrs. Warner. How is married life?"

"Wonderful, Pastor." Joanne Warner said brightly as she came up to us. "How are you?"

"Doing well, doing well." said Westboro. "Are you attending the Reverend Patterson's sermon for our Revival next week?"

"Oh yes sir!" said Joanne. "I am so looking forward to it!"

"And you, Commander?" asked Westboro. "Is it possible for me to entice you to attend?"

"I well might." I said. "But there will be a lot of security details for my Police Force to attend to, and my duty will lie there, of course."

"Of course." said Westboro. "But I hope you do come. The Reverend Robert Patterson is an inspiring speaker, as was his mentor, the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds. Hearing Robert's message just might inspire you to come to church more often."

"Possibly." I said. "That does remind me of something... my father would not be amused at me when I did this, but I always liked to ask Christians this question, and I'll ask you now: Jesus asked us to forgive our enemies, but at the Last Supper, He said that one of his Disciples would betray Him, and that 'it would be better if that man had not been born'. The ultimate act of forgiveness would be to forgive the one that betrays you, but Jesus did not forgive Iscariot, even chastising him for betraying Him with a kiss in the garden."

"So my question is... why didn't Jesus forgive Iscariot?" I said.

"I think I heard this from you before, Commander." Joanne said. "My answer is that Jesus did forgive Judas, but they just didn't say it in the Bible."

"It is an interesting question, Commander." said Westboro, who's brow had furrowed somewhat upon my question. "I will give it prayerful consideration, and will try to come up with an answer for you when we next meet. Do you have an answer for your question?"

"Yes, Pastor." I said. "And the next time we meet, we'll see how closely our answers match. Of course, forgiveness of one that betrayed you... that is truly the ultimate in Christian love, would you not agree?"

"Certainly an interesting point." said Westboro. "You're giving me material for my sermons..."

Just then, Sally Wellman came up. "Pastor, the University Chaplain just arrived. Joanne, you may need to rescue your poor husband from the clutches of Elsie Gringer. Commander, will you be able to carry on alone?"

"Certainly." I said.

"I'll take care of the Commander." said a voice coming up to us. It was Thomas P. Cook. Hoo boy...

"Well, Commander," Cook said once we were alone, "it is most fortunate that your cousin was at the Community Center, and acted so quickly to evacuate everyone. How did she ever know that there was a bomb in that facility?"

"She smelled the plastique." I said. "My officers train hard on things like that. And this time, it paid off. We also train in financial crimes, and detecting graft... and I think we're about to have a case or two of that coming up most very soon."

Cook got the hint, and he frowned. "Commander, your effrontery is amazing, yet confounding. How you expect to come up against me and win, I don't know, but let me assure you that you will lose... every time.

"Remember, Troy, I am Government. I have the raw, political power of Government behind me, and that power can and will crush ordinary people under our tank treads with ruthless efficiency. I think I told you once before, Troy: you're either with us, or against us."

"Well," I replied, trying not to laugh, "technically, I'm Government, too. And I have something even you do not have, Mr. Cook: a Government Gun. When you are badass enough that you can outrun a bullet from my Government Gun, Mr. Cook, then you can talk shit to me. But if you can't outrun a bullet, you ain't badass enough to impress me. I guess that goes for the guillotine, as well... remember what the French Revolutionaries did to the haute bourgeoisie. Have a good evening... and by the way, too bad about your tape recorder, there."

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