tagNon-EroticAlong Came A Spider Ch. 04

Along Came A Spider Ch. 04


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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 22 - Flashback: A Ruse of War

Southeast Asia. Somewhere on the other side of a politically drawn line, early 1973.

The helicopters came flying in from the east, nearing the position where the Green Berets were holding out, but just barely. The Enemy was about to make its final, lethal push.

"Throw smoke, good buddy." said the Captain into the radio to the men on the ground. That meant to throw a red-colored smoke grenade.

"Roger that, I am throwing red smoke." came the reply.

Suddenly, eight plumes of red smoke rose out of the jungle in a ring. The Enemy was listening to the Americans' radios!

And out of the middle of that ring, yellow smoke rose to the sky as a voice on the radio said "Shoot the red smoke! I threw yellow!"

As the Cobras swooped in and began pouring gunfire into the areas of the red smoke, the Captain chuckled. The Charlies probably crapped their pants when they heard that, he thought to himself.

But it will give us just the tiniest window to get in there and get our guys, he thought. He gave the orders to go in. It would be a 'hot LZ', but he would not let that nor anything else stop him...

Part 23 - Thrust and Counter-Thrust

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" yelled the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, June 20th. "Channel Two News has learned that Detective Julie Newton of the Town & County Police Force has been arraigned and ordered held without bail! In a search of her home over the weekend, Police found plastic explosives, and she has been charged with unlawful possession of those explosives. Newton's lawyer says the explosives were planted at her home by Commander Donald Troy after Newton provided the SBI with evidence of Commander Troy being the leader of a criminal syndicate."

"Karl Frazier of Public Policy Polling says that Commander Troy's popularity numbers have dropped precipitously since Memorial Day. His personal popularity numbers dropped from 89% to 55%, while his disapproval numbers have gone from 10% to 43%. In addition, the Police Commander's numbers for 'honesty and trustworthiness' have plummeted from 84% to 49%, with 10% undecided in the poll."

"A group calling themselves the 'Committee of Concerned Citizens' has filed a petition asking for the suspension of Commander Troy while he is being investigated. State Senator Katherine Woodburn, speaking for the group, had this to say. Roll tape."

The tape showed Katherine Woodburn speaking to reporters, with a group of people holding signs behind her. Because of the signs, it was not possible to tell how many people were actually in the group. It might have been 50, but was more likely five or six.

"It is only right," said Woodburn, "that Commander Troy step aside, accept a suspension, and allow this investigation to proceed. Arresting one of his officers for coming forward with the truth shows how deeply corrupt Commander Troy has become. He was too young to be placed in the position he is in, and we must correct that mistake!" The 'crowd' behind the signs cheered loudly into the Media microphones.

A woman in her late twenties with a very short haircut was also interviewed. "We need to know the truth about Police corruption. It's about the safety of the children."

Bettina came back live: "Also, Judge Harry 'Spud' Nance attempted to dismiss the lawsuit filed by several Council members, but a Federal Judge overruled Nance and stated the case would be brought to the Federal level and combined with another Federal lawsuit concerning the same issues."

"In the Governor's race, it is tightening up considerably, with Governor Val Jared holding a 47-44 lead, within the margin of error. Libertarian candidate Blade Schwartz is at 2%, and Green Party candidate Al Bohrman does not have sufficient support to register a result in the poll."

"And in other news," Bettina went on, "excitement in the Town is growing, as the Reverend Robert Patterson's scheduled appearance for Wednesday draws near. When asked if he thought he would be safe, as his mentor the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds was murdered in our County, he said he believed that security would be adequate, and that the Lord had called him here to heal the wounds of the past..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"How are you feeling?" I asked. Cindy looked a little tired. We were sitting in the Chief's office, with the Chief behind his desk. And yes, we were drinking coffee, and lots of it.

"Okay." Cindy said. "After she was arraigned over the weekend, she talked for several hours. All of it was her saying that she was just following your orders, and she didn't realize it was for criminal purposes. And when she did realize it, she investigated you on her own, then went to the SBI with her material."

"And not to I.A." said the Chief.

"She said she felt I.A. would be rigged on Don's behalf." Cindy said.

"I.A. wouldn't investigate me, technically their boss, anyway." I said. "It would go to Inspector General Wellman. She went over his head too, to the SBI."

"The good news is," Cindy said, "she's admitting to almost everything we charged her with, at least the financial crimes stuff. She says the motorcycle is legally hers, we can never prove she used it in a crime or even driven on a road, and that Don planted the plastique on her; she said he could get it from his Army buddies while she has no way of acquiring such stuff."

"And the old motorcycle is a pile of scrap in a plastic box in our Evidence Rooms." I said. "It goes without saying that the shot fired that destroyed it is now explained."

"Though we don't know who fired that shot." said the Chief. Speak for yourself, Chief, I thought to myself, but said nothing out loud.

"Okay." said the Chief, going into 'decisive action' mode. "I am under increasing pressure to suspend you, Don, but I will not be doing that unless you confess to something. However, it would be a good idea if you lay low for a few days. A week of vacation at your little hideaway on Lake Watchacoochie might be well-advissssssed."

"That's not going to be possible." I said. "But I have the feeling I'm going to be taking care of my own legal business for the next few days. Captain Ross is already leading the Newton investigation, and the only thing that might come up for me is Roland, the Disguise Man. Captain Ross cannot be involved with that, as the victim in that case was her fiancée at the time."

"Very well. Okay, Commander, go ahead and get started on that. Captain, stay here a moment." I took my dismissal like a man, and headed out the door.

As I went to my office, the Duty Desk Patrolman came up to me. "Sir, he said," there are a couple of men in the front lobby that asked to see you."

"Okay, I'll be right up." I said. I knew what this would be about, and I knew I could stay back here and not let it happen. But in truth, there was no avoiding it. So I went up.

In the lobby, two young Indian men were waiting. One of them asked "Commander Donald Troy?"

"This is me." I said.

The other man was using an iPhone to video-record this as the first man handed me a document. He said "You've been served."

Then both men went running out the door as if Slender Man himself were walking up to them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Your Honor," said Bernadette Gillem, Esq., in the Federal Judge's chambers in the Federal Courthouse in the City, "it is absolutely ridiculous to serve a man a warrant to appear as a witness on the day before he is supposed to appear. And with the--"

"Your Honor," interrupted FBI lawyer James Bond, "this is a months-long lingering case involving classified information being compromised. There is no more time to waste, and we insist Commander Troy be made available to answer our questions."

"Your Honor," said Gillem, "if I may be allowed to actually finish a sentence without being interrupted by Mr. Bond... I insist that Commander Troy's Constitutional Rights be observed, as well. Mr. Bond has already abused the Commander's rights once, as an FBI Agent's sworn affidavit gives testimony to, and--"

"Mrs. Gillem," interrupted the Judge, "this Court has already ruled that Commander Troy's rights were not abrogated. He insisted upon legal representation in all future proceedings, and you are that representation. He never invoked the Fifth, and may still do so at any time."

"Even so, Your Honor," said Gillem, already thinking of her appeal to come, seeing the rigged nature of this alleged tribunal of Justice, "as his attorney, I should be given adequate time to confer with my client, and prepare for any future hearings--"

"How much time does Troy need, if he's simply going to truthfully answer the questions put to him a a witness?" Bond asked, again interrupting again.

"Are you trying to imply that my client won't tell the truth if he's given adequate time to confer with me, his attorney?" Mrs. Gillem thundered back. "Are you saying the only way he would tell the truth is if his rights are stripped away from him--"

"I am only saying, replied Bond loudly, "that this is a national security matter, time is of the essence, and Commander Troy does not need weeks of preparation to give truthful answers as a witness--"

"Time is of the essence?" growled Bernadette Gillem. "You've been letting this linger for months, and now all of a sudden I'm given less than 24 hours to have my client on the stand? Your Honor, this railroading of my client cannot be tolerated--"

The Judge banged a little gavel on his desk. "Okay, I've heard enough. There are reasonable arguments on both sides. The fact that this has lingered because of FBI interference does make time more of the essence. However, Mrs. Gillem must be given reasonable time to confer with her client. Therefore, Commander Troy's sworn deposition will take place next Monday, June 27th, at 9:00am, in my Courtroom." He tapped his gavel to signify the discussion was at an end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What great, great news!" Jack Lewis exclaimed as he and Katherine Woodburn finished their lunch in her Midtown State Senate office. "My poll numbers are going back up, and at long last we're going to get that son of a bitch, the Iron Crowbar!"

"Yes, he'll be suspended Thursday." said Katherine. "Robert Brownlee gave his sworn affidavit that the Iron Crowbar attacked him first, and therefore it was assault and battery. Chaplain Ikea and NTF Director Ferrell also have accused Troy of physical assault upon them, and Ikea's beatdown was witnessed by dozens of people."

"Why wait until Thursday?" asked Lewis. "Why not suspend him today?"

Oh, that bitch Maxwell pushed back on it." Katherine said. "We also have to get our ducks in a row to go to Court. If Governor Jared does not suspend Troy, we'll get a Court Order for it. We're laying that groundwork now."

"I see." said Lewis.

"The wheels of Justice turn slowly, Mr. Governor-to-Be." said Katherine. "But they are turning. We're going to interview many TCPD officers tomorrow, see what we can get. If they don't give us truthful answers, if they try to cover up or take the Fifth, they'll be suspended."

"There might not be a TCPD anymore, if that happens." said Lewis. "And so the SBI-NTF will be needed all the more in that County."

"That's part of it, Jack." Katherine said. "That'll be part of it. By the way... stay completely away from that County on Wednesday. The Reverend Patterson is going to be coming in and having his rallies."

"I was invited to be there." said Lewis. "I sent my regrets. Maybe Jared can show up and be seen side-by-side with Patterson."

"We can only pray that happens." said Katherine. She did not say anything further. It was she, not Britt Maxwell, that had pushed the Commander's suspension back to Thursday. It was imperative that Commander Troy be in charge until then, so that her full plan would come to fruition. If Jack Lewis only knew, she thought to herself, he'd be shocked. Hell, they ALL would be shocked, she thought, laughing inwardly.

Part 24 - Cracks In the Façade

"So," said Detective Teddy Parker, who was sitting with Lt. Curly Goodwin in I-1, interrogating Julie Newton, "who else did Commander Troy recruit into his network?"

Newton's lawyer, Forest Gillis, was sitting back in his chair, looking very bored. Julie was watching the Detectives, a smirk on her face which was a perma-sneer, Cindy noticed as she watched from the anteroom through the one-way glass.

"I don't know." said Julie. "If you caught me, you should have caught anyone else, as well."

"What about your sister?" asked Parker. "What is her involvement in this?"

Julie tried to keep a straight face as she stared at him and said "None... that I know of. My sister had nothing to do with anything I did."

"But she's right outside Commander Troy's office." said Goodwin. "He could give her instructions to pass along to you, and you could use her to get messages to him, is that not right?"

"No, that is not right." said Julie. "My sister has no clue of the operation that Commander Troy was running. It's too big for her to understand. Most of it is too big or me to understand."

"Why should we believe your sister is not involved?" pressed Goodwin. "We're going to have to do a full investigation of her. What do you think that will turn up, Ms. Newton?"

"I thought we were talking about Commander Troy." said Julie.

"Noooooo." said Goodwin. "No no no no. We're taking about you, Ms. Newton, and we have been all along."

"You should be talking about Troy." said Forrest Gillis. "He's the real criminal, here."

At that moment, Cindy banged on the one-way glass, then looked in. "Lunchtime for the suspects, folks. We'll pick this up in a couple of hours."

Patrol Officers Lydia Green and Inga Gunddottar came in, handcuffed Julie behind her back, and took her out the perp side door. As she turned left to go to the holding cells, Julie almost ran into the suspect being taken out of Interrogation-2. It was her sister, Yvonne!

"Julie!" Yvonne cried out, her face a mask of pain and fear. "What is going on? Why are they questioning me about you? What's going on?"

It took an instant, but Julie Newton hardened her heart. "Don't say a word to them, Yvonne! Not one word! They don't know anything! Don't let them intimidate you!" Julie could say no more, as she was led into the holding cell areas...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Think it'll work?" asked Teresa as she sat in Cindy's office.

"I don't know." Cindy said. "But Don thinks it may be our last and only chance to get through to Julie. She might just give us something in exchange for letting Yvonne go."

"Think Yvonne is involved?" Teresa asked.

"Don doesn't think she is." Cindy said. "But she won't be able to work for Paulina anymore. Remember Nora, Goth Girl Kathy's mother? Same frickin' thing. The innocent get hurt by the actions of the guilty..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Laura, are you all right?" asked Gayle Roberts, coming into Laura's office. She saw the tear trickling down the woman's lovely face.

"No." Laura said. "Gayle, I'm going to have to do it."

"Oh, nooooo." Gayle whispered.

"I can't go on like this." Laura said. "My children are in danger. My husband will not give up this obsession with this 'Consultant' person. And this... this thing about the classified data... what if it's true? I can't believe it of him... but what if I'm married to a traitor? I can't have my children growing up knowing they're the daughter and son of a traitor!"

"No, no way he's a traitor." said Gayle. "Look, maybe you just need a few days away. Get your mind cleared up."

"No." Laura said, her voice growing cold. "I've made up my mind. I know what I have to do..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I am here," said SBI Legal Counsel Earl Drake, "to interview Town & County Police Officers with respect to the investigation of Commander Donald Troy. I also need a room made available to conduct these interviews."

"Yes, we're expecting you." said Lieutenant Scott Peterson, Public Relations Officer. "Sergeant, I need to ask you to escort this man an his team to a room to conduct the interviews, and make available what he needs."

"One moment, sir." said the Duty Desk Sergeant. He picked up the phone.

"Who are you calling?" asked Peterson.

"The Chief, per his instructions." said the Sergeant. Lt. Peterson's brow furrowed and he flushed with anger.

A moment later, Chief Moynahan was at the Duty Desk. "And what is the problem here, Sergeant?" he asked, seemingly affably.

Lt. Peterson answered before the Sergeant could say anything: "SBI Counsel Drake is here to interview Officers in connection with the Troy investigation. I'm trying to meet his request for a room to conduct the interviews."

"Ahhhh, I see." said Moynahan. "Well, that will not be happening. Agent Drake can find his own accommodations, perhaps in the State Office Building on Courthouse Square. Furthermore, Mr. Drake, I will save you some time by telling you that I will not be making my Officers available to you for the purposes of your witch hunt. I think you will find that our Police Union objects to our Officers being interrogated like criminals. Get warrants, based upon probable cause, Mr. Drake."

"Chief," said the stunned legal counsel, who was totally not used to being treated in such a manner, "I must remind you that I represent the State in a formal investigation of your Police Commander. I insist that my team be allowed to question your Officers upon the Commander's conduct."

"And every last one of them will take the Fifth." said the Chief. "Every last one of them will decline to answer your questions. It'll take days to process the formal suspensions of over 200 Police Officers, by which time the Courts will be hammering you over probable cause and due process. Now why don't you crawl back to Jack Lewis and tell him that I am in agreeee-ment with Chief Griswold over our mutual and utter disgust of the SBI..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Can he do that?" Cindy asked me in my office, referring to what the Chief had just done.

"Oh yes." I said. "He can require the SBI to use due process every step of the way in their investigation of me. Well.. technically it's the State DOJ, but you get the idea."

"I'm getting a lot of ideas right about now." Cindy said. "And they are not kind ones about the corruption within the SBI."

Just then my personal cellphone chimed. I read the text. My face must've given away my reaction.

"Don, what is it?" Cindy asked, her voice tense.

It took a moment for me to find my voice. "It... it's from Laura. She just texted me... to come say goodbye to the children..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Ah, Pastor Bundy, so good to see you again." said Pastor Raymond Westboro. "This is our new Associate Pastor, Calvin Derkins." Bundy introduced the security staff for Rev. Robert Patterson, and the TCPD liaison, Precinct Captain Holsom 'Hal' Briggs, was also introduced to everyone.

As they began the tour of the facility, that being First Baptist Church, Associate Pastor Derkins said "We've recently installed a new burglar alarm system on all the windows and doors, that can be partially or fully activated. We had a couple of boys get in here and walk around. The Police Commander gave them a stern talking-to, but it led us to realize we needed to upgrade in these uncertain times."

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