tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlozia Ch. 01

Alozia Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This short story is science fiction cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, places, or events, living or dead, is purely coincidental and should not be inferred.


Alozia is an eighteen-year-old college coed at a major mid-west university. She is majoring in Political Science and History on her father and mother's nickel. But her personal life is directed more by her Digital On-Line Mistress than by her real life friends and family. Such is the way things have become in the first world with life and Computer-Generated Imagery. Her dormitory room is small, cramped, and shared with another eighteen-year-old freshman coed, Rebbecca, who goes by the nickname of "Becky." Becky is in special education studies.

Looking back over Alozia's life, one sees her as a typical middle-class American girl: bourgeois, narcissistic, and insecure. Every human has dark recesses in their mind where haunting images of the Id lie dormant or repressed. Alozia fantasizes being held in a dungeon as a sex slave. She dreams of being abused by a wicked troglodyte named Khour. These images both arouse her as well as scare her, so much so that she never discusses the topic, even in a safe environment. In college, Alozia talks with Becky about things she would never reveal to her parents and certainly not to her younger sister, Joan.

Looking away from her computer's monitor, Alozia glances over to Becky who is reading something in bed.

"How can you read that psychology text lying in bed?" Alozia asks Becky.

"It's easy," Becky exclaims. "Most of this stuff is common knowledge. In an educated, professional household, such as mine, we 'think deep. Dad is always putting forth ideas at the dinner table."

Alozia shrugs. "I'm among the first of my family to go to the university. Most of my family and co-workers go to Community College at best. Dad sometimes counters our lack of higher education with his larger gross income. He is especially sensitive of our spending habits. He got me a summer job in the factory. It was all blue collar types, but they were polite and nice to me. In a way work was much more fun than English or Political Science."

At night, lying in bed, Alozia masturbates. After she experiences an intense orgasm, she drifts off into slumber. Her dreams are often concerned with tight bondage and abuse, both sexual and physical. Tied onto a Saint Andrew' Cross, she enjoys having horny old curmudgeons penetrate her vagina, twist and pull her comely clitoris, and pull and twist her small, firm B-cup tits. With her legs spread apart, she endures a multitude of cunt kicks from a mistress. All of her suffering, as well as her physical appearance, is being recorded. Alozia fantasizes being a BDSM porn star.

It was a cold, rainy, December day as Alozia trekked back to her dorm after classes. People were in a hurry to get to shelter during a brief hiatus from the heavy rain. No one was attentive when a large, white van stopped alongside of Alozia at the curb. Two burly, slack-jawed simians darted out and seized the hapless coed. She fought for dear life, to no avail. One of the brutes punched Alozia in the solar plexus, knocking her out of breath for a moment. It only took that moment for the other man to pull her into the white Chevrolet van and stick a hypodermic syringe in her firm buttocks. With all inside and Alozia drifting into a dreamless torpor, the van sped away.

Struggling in a hypnogogic state. She calmed herself; these kidnappers were professionals. For sure they were constrained from doing unnecessary physical injury to her. On the other hand if she annoyed or stress her abductors she might find herself as an object of abuse. She was vaguely aware that her hands were secured with handcuffs behind her back. Her crotch was soaking wet from urine; for sure she was unable to control her bladder during her unconscious epoch.

Alozia tried to make mental notes of her surroundings. She was in the interior of a white van. There was an amalgam of odors: oil, gasoline, dirty socks, and urine. The road transitioned from paved, maintained blacktop to a rough patchwork. There was an uneasy washboard and railroad tracks. The van stopped and one of the men pulled a black bag over Alozia's head. The bag had a sour scent. The men were rough in transferring her from the van to some kind of warehouse. Once in a locked cell, Alozia's clothing was removed and she was left on the floor with a hood over her head and her hands cuffed behind her back. On the cold concrete floor, the naked girl realized that her nightmares were her new reality.


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