tagNonHumanAlpha Ch. 07

Alpha Ch. 07


* Thank you again to MaximusTheMad for editing!*


Oana skirted the edge of LaBelle's land. It had been three days since he had returned with the Fae and since then Oana had been keeping watch on them.

'Are you ready child?' the male voice filled her head and she nodded even though he couldn't see her.

"Yes Daddy."

'Good. You need to get close, find out what they're planning. The second you know, I will send reinforcements to you. You need to find out tonight, Oana.'

"Yes Daddy."

'Get close but do not get caught. We're counting on you.'

Oana took a steadying breath and began to move through the trees. Her booted feet were silent on the ground and her face was once again hidden behind the black bandana. Her stomach was roiling; she was finally going to come face to face with the men who had destroyed her life.

Finally, she could see the lights from the house spilling out onto the grass and she kept to the shadows as she moved towards the house. She could see figures through the large windows of LaBelle's study and she moved closer. Keeping her back to the wall of the house, she moved closer to the windows trying to listen to the voices inside.

The conversation was muffled and she cursed under her breath. She needed to know what they were saying but she couldn't risk going inside the house.

A sharp noise broke the quiet air and Oana's heart froze in her chest. The noise was coming from her, a shrill repetitive alarm and she backed away from the house quickly.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" she asked the sky but there was no answer.

Her tracking device was sounding the homing alarm and she froze as the figures in the house caught sight of her.

Without thinking, she turned and sprinted into the woods. She darted through the trees as she heard shouts from behind her. Footsteps followed the shouts and she went cold.


'Oana what happened?' his voice filled her head and she quickly turned left trying to throw the hunting Weres off her trail.

"My homing device went off. They heard me."

'Oana you have to get out of there. If they catch you...' he left his threat unfinished but she knew what would happen.

"Got you."

Another voice permeated her panicked mind and a strong hand grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Her head hit against a tree and her vision went blurry. She could vaguely see the figures circling her and made a vain attempt to crawl away.

A terrifying laugh sounded and she felt a sharp pain in her ribs as an unseen assailant kicked her hard. She curled into a ball and spoke softly.

"Daddy, help me."

The voice was silent and as she drifted into unconsciousness, she had one last terrifying thought. She was completely alone.

Oana drifted in and out of consciousness. Occasionally voices would permeate the fog in her head but she couldn't make out the words. When she finally came to, she was in a cold stone room. She winced at the pain in her head and forced herself to her feet.

The walls were made of heavy grey stones, there were no windows and a metal door was the only way in or out. She started towards the door but was drawn up short by a pressure around her neck. She lifted her hands and felt a heavy metal collar around her throat. Turning, she saw it was attached to a chain that was attached to the wall. Panic began to rise in throat and she forced her breathing to slow.

"Daddy?" There was no answer and she swallowed hard. "Daddy are you there?"

He didn't answer but she could hear voices from the other side of the door. She strained her ears, trying to hear what they were saying but their words were muffled by the door.

Suddenly, the door opened and she jumped back against the wall. Three men entered the room and she stared up at them. She drew herself up taller but still her head didn't reach their shoulders.

"Good evening." One of the men spoke and she felt fury boil in her gut. It was LaBelle. "Not that I ever mind having pretty girls come and visit but I have to admit yours is a little unusual. I'd love to know the reason you were creeping around my home?"

Oana didn't answer. Her jaw was clenched and she was seething with rage. Her hands curled into fists and everything Daddy had told her disappeared from her mind. All she could think about was what she wanted to do to the man who stood in front of her.

"OK, maybe we'll start with something simpler." Drago rubbed his hand over his chin. "What is your name?"

Still she said nothing and Drago turned to the others.

"Maybe she's a mute? What do you think Anton?"

"I think that's a damn shame." The man answered. He had dark skin and stormy grey eyes. His black hair was shaved close to his head and as he looked back at her he smiled. "I bet she's got a real pretty voice."

The third man was quiet but then he held his hand up and spoke to LaBelle.

"She looks familiar."

He turned his attention back to Oana and looked her up and down closely.

"Where are you from?"

Drago watched as Lucius questioned the girl. She was still silent and her dark blue eyes darted between their faces.

"The quicker you answer, the less I will have to hurt you."

Lucius felt the anger that boiled just below the surface begin to rise.

Drago felt a chill as Lucius spoke. He had seen first-hand the lengths Lucius would go to get information from someone. When that someone was a danger to those close to him, Lucius was little more than a wild animal. But, the girl didn't flinch. She stood taller and spat at Lucius.

Lucius turned back to his Alpha was a feral smile, "Can I?"

"Down boy, wait a moment."

Drago stepped forward and patted his friend on the shoulder. Bending he looked into the girl's eyes and spoke seriously.

"Look, I don't know why you are here; I don't know what you want. All I do know is that my Second here has been looking for a way to get some anger out for a while now and I would hate to see what he will do to a little girl like you."

She still didn't react except to look more determined.

Drago sighed, turning back to Lucius he shrugged one shoulder, "I tried. No lasting damage, nothing that the serum can't fix."

Lucius laughed though it was more like a snarl. Drago and Anton left the room closing the door behind them. Sliding down the wall to sit on the floor Drago lit a cigarette.

"Eala wanted to talk to you, go find her. I'm going to stay here."

"You sure you want to hear what goes on?"

Anton looked at the door dubiously. When he was like this, Lucius scared even the closest of his friends.

"No. But, I want to make sure he doesn't kill the little thing. We need answers and we won't get them if she's dead."

Anton nodded and walked down the stone corridor. Climbing the stairs out of the basement he re-entered the main house. Ealasaid was waiting outside the door with a concerned look on her face.

"What's happening down there?"

Anton shook his head and pulled her away from the door.

"You don't want to hear Little One. It won't be pretty."

"They won't hurt her too badly will they?"

"It all depends on why she is here. Drago has to protect the Pack above everything else." Anton shook himself and forced a smile. "Anyway, Drago said you wanted to talk to me."

Ealasaid forced her mind away from whatever was happening below.

"Yeah, what do you know about Entaris?"

Anton frowned, "They're myths. They're extinct now if they ever existed at all but there is no evidence that they ever did. Why?"

"When I was in the Order, I heard someone speaking about them. I just wanted to know what they were, if there was a possibility there was one still out there."

"I can look into it; I need something to keep me busy anyway."

"Thank you. I'll keep you company, you can help me find a cure for Drago."

Together they climbed the stairs to the library. Ealasaid glanced back at the door to the basement and she wondered what was going on beneath them.

The night passed slowly. Drago waited outside the door listening to what was happening inside. For the first couple of hours the girl was silent, after a couple more he could hear her whimper, after the sixth hour she began to scream.

Drago held the syringe tightly in his hand. He battled with himself until finally he stood and barged back into the room. The girl was curled in a corner, shivering and her clothes were soaked with blood. Lucius stood over her with a ferocious smile on his face. He too was covered with her blood and his green eyes shone maniacally in his face.

Drago beckoned him away and crouched beside the girl. Gently, he tucked her shoulder length hair behind her ear and pushed the needle into the skin of her neck. Pressing the plunger down he watched the yellow liquid disappear. The serum had been concocted years before by a powerful witch, it would heal humans of injury instantly and could be used to torture for days without the victim dying. Drago had only ever had to use it three times in his life and it made him sick to his stomach to be doing it again.

Slowly, the cuts and bruises on her skin healed and her breathing calmed from a desperate gasp to a shallow pant. Drago made sure she was still conscious and his eyes fell to the black stone hanging around her throat. there was a strange symbol etched onto the stone that looked strangely familiar to him.

Drago stood and touched Lucius on the shoulder.

"You OK?"

Lucius nodded and his smile widened.

"I feel much better."

He licked his lips tasting the girl's blood there and felt pride grip him as she whimpered.

"She tell you anything?"

"No, she's a tough little thing. It's almost impressive."

Drago sighed. Turning his attention back to the girl, he bent down and looked into her eyes.

"I don't want to see you in any more pain and I don't know what Lucius will do if I let him have you again." Lucius growled from behind him. "It's in your best interest if you just tell us what you're doing here."

"If I talk he'll kill me," the girl finally spoke.

Her voice was husky from screaming and there was a hint of a strange accent. Lucius stepped forward and she cowered away.

"Who'll kill you?" Drago pressed but she shook her head.

"Whatever you do to me, Daddy will do much worse."

Drago heard true fear in the girl's voice.

Speaking gently, he touched her arm, "Who's Daddy?"

"You might as well just kill me."

"We're not going to do that. Let us help." She was silent and Drago sighed again. "Will you at least tell us your name?"

"I'm a little offended you don't remember me. I'm Oana," she spoke as she stared into his eyes. "Oana Van Helsing."


They had left Oana alone for hours. Her stomach growled and her eyes stung with tiredness but she wouldn't let herself sleep. The blood in her clothes was drying and the cold of the room was seeping into her bones making her teeth chatter and shivers wracked her body.

She curled herself into a ball and wrapped her arms around herself tightly; her fingers toyed with the black stone at her neck. She prayed to hear something from Daddy but he remained silent. The sound of the door opening made her jump and she looked up as Lucius entered the room.

She pressed herself back against the wall and felt nausea grip her stomach. He watched her carefully as he closed the door behind him and locked it. In his arms he held a bundle of clothing and a plate of food. There was a bottle of water in his pocket and he dropped everything to the floor.

He handed the bottle to her but she didn't take it, only looked at it suspiciously.

"Don't worry, it's just water."

Lucius had showered since she had seen him last and he looked calmer, more human. He almost looked trustworthy.

Oana didn't move and Lucius shrugged. Placing the water down on the floor in front of her he motioned to the bundle of clothes.

"You should change. You'll get sick if you stay in those clothes."

Oana raised an eyebrow but still didn't move to take the clothes. Lucius reached into his pocket and took out the key to the shackle around her neck. He pulled her to her feet and pushed the black hoodie off her shoulders.

She wrenched herself out of his grip and brought her fist back before driving it into his cheek. He didn't even flinch. She went to punch him again but he caught hold of her wrist and slammed her back against the wall. A soft noise of pain escaped her but she stopped struggling.

"That's a bad idea. What do you think will happen if you manage to get passed me? Up there are seven people who will rip you apart the second they see you, down here you just have to worry about me."

"Is that supposed to make me feel safe? After what you did?" Oana forced her voice to remain calm.

"Hit me again and find out what else I can do." Lucius felt the anger well in him again. "This time I'll make it so you'll never walk out of here."

"What, you'll kill me?"

Lucius leant down and his face was close to hers when he next spoke, "Not yet, first I'll take your legs."

Oana felt a chill run through her at the tone of his voice and the memory of the pain he inflicted upon her gripped her. Lucius released her wrist and continued to undress her. She moved away from him and covered herself with her hands.

"I can do it myself." Her accent became more pronounced as anger flared in her but she hesitated with her hands on the hem of her black t-shirt. "Turn around."

Lucius smirked but turned his back on her. Oana stripped quickly and dressed in the clothes he had brought down. When she was done, he turned back and looked her over. The sweatshirt he had brought was far too big and fell down to mid-thigh. Lucius had found a pair of Ealasaid's leggings and a thick pair of socks to try and keep her warm.

Lucius nudged the food towards her but she still looked suspicious. Lucius sighed.

"The food won't hurt you darlin, that's my job."

Oana shivered despite herself. Lucius smiled but pushed the food towards her again.

"Eat up."

She knelt down and began to eat. Lucius watched her and waited until the food and most of the water was gone before he spoke again.

"So, you gonna tell us why you were sneaking around?"

She looked up at him. Her skin was still covered in blood and it had begun to matt her wavy hair. She sat down with her back resting against the wall and watched him warily.

"I can't."


"Because, no matter what you do to me, Daddy will do worse. Eventually you'll just kill me but Daddy will make it last forever."

"This 'Daddy' sounds like an asshole."

Oana didn't react.

"Daddy will be angry that I got caught. I will be punished but he will come for me." Oana thought of the tracking device in the back of her neck. "He'll come and find me soon."

Lucius listened to her speak as a cold feeling settled in his gut.

"We could help you. We could protect you from this guy."

Oana seemed not to hear, "I'm sorry Daddy, I really tried."

Lucius refastened the shackle around her neck and left the room. Locking the door, he climbed the stairs and found Drago and Ealasaid waiting for him in the study. Lucius entered and took a seat opposite the desk, Drago sat behind it and Ealasaid rested against it. They watched him expectantly and he sighed deeply.

"We need to help her."

Ealasaid frowned, "What do you mean?"

"There is something wrong, she keeps speaking about a 'Daddy' and how he will punish her."

"Daddy?" Ealasaid crossed her arms. "That sounds creepy as hell."

"It does." Lucius shook a cigarette free from the packet on the desk and lit it. "Drago, we have to help her. I didn't recognise her but that name, we have to help. We owe her that much."

"You're sure she's telling the truth?" Drago asked and when Lucius responded he spoke in French.

They conversed for almost a minute before Ealasaid rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers.

"Hey guys, non-French speaker here and I'd just love to know what's going on. Do you know her?"

Drago leant back in his chair.

"When we escaped the Order, we ran into a Protector. He was the last one guarding the door but he let us pass. He didn't agree with what the Order was doing and he let us go. All he asked was that we helped his family hide so the Order wouldn't hurt them."

"Did you?" Ealasaid already knew the answer.

"We tried. By the time we got to them, they were already gone. The house had been torn up and there was no one there. We were too late. The Protector's name was Dracul Van Helsing."

"Van Helsing? Like in the book?" Ealasaid glanced between the two of them.

"The Van Helsing family was real. They were the first Protectors; they were policing nonhumans before the Order was even created."

Drago stood and moved to a large bookshelf that ran along one wall. He searched for a minute before pulling down a heavy leather-bound book.

"The family dates back to the first nonhuman. You can trace their lineage back to the dark ages and in the 1500s they became the Van Helsing's," as Drago spoke, he placed the opened book on the desk and pointed to a page.

Ealasaid stared at the open book. An intricate symbol was drawn beside the name Van Helsing and she felt Drago move closer to look over her shoulder.

"I knew I recognised that symbol. She has that around her neck." Drago mused.

Ealasaid focussed back on the book. Across the two pages was a portion of a sprawling family tree, above each name was a beautifully detailed ink portrait of the family member. She gazed in wonder at the faces looking back at her until one caught her eye.

"Oh shit, that's her."

Ealasaid pulled the book closer and looked at the girl staring out of the page.

She was smiling, her heart shaped face framed by long wavy hair and her small button nose covered in freckles. The portrait picked out every tiny detail of her face and Ealasaid frowned.

"This can't be right. Look," she pointed to the birth date written underneath the name, "says here, she would be nearly 80 by now."

"She can't be a descendant, Dracul and his family were the last Van Helsing's alive. After the Order found out what he did, they wiped out them out."

"So how is it possible that she still looks 20?" Ealasaid looked back to Lucius. "She didn't say anything at all?"

"Nothing, just that this 'Daddy' was going to punish her for getting caught."

Ealasaid looked back to the page and suddenly her face was filled with sadness.

"Oh no, she was married. Look."

She followed a line that connected the drawing of Oana to a dark-haired man. The name beneath read 'Sorin Van Helsing', he had eyes that even in the drawing were soulful and a proud smile. The dates showed that he had died at 21. Another line came from the pair to an empty spot, there was no portrait but there was a name.

"Shit." Ealasaid felt her heart drop. "She had a baby."

The name read 'Fane Van Helsing' and the dates were less than a year apart. The father and son had died on the same day. Ealasaid touched the line and the empty spot where the baby's portrait should have gone.

"What happened to this family? They were all killed in one night, why did they leave her alive?" Ealasaid wondered out loud before looking up at Drago. "I'm going to speak with her."

Drago shook his head, "Not a chance. We have no idea what she is or what she wants but I can make a pretty good guess that whoever sent her wants to meet you. What if she's already called them here?"

"Fuck." Lucius leapt out of the chair. "Tracking device, the Order puts them in every Protector in case they get captured. We need to find hers."

"Find it and destroy it," Drago spoke seriously and Lucius stormed from the room.

Outside the study he walked square into Rueben and had to steady the man to keep him from falling over.

"Whoa. What's your rush?" Rueben raised an eyebrow and Lucius grabbed his friend's arm.

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