tagFirst TimeAlpha Gene Ch. 01: Awakening

Alpha Gene Ch. 01: Awakening


Hi. My name's Chris Williams. I've always been a pretty nerdy kid, and it shows. I'm pale, skinny and on the nerdy side, with chunky glasses that obscure a good portion of my face. School was always pretty hellish - the jocks would pick on me, cramming me into my locker, shoving me in the corridors and of course girls weren't interested in me at all. I had the smarts alright, being a regular straight-A student, but that didn't seem to carry much weight, at least where I was.

Anyway, flash forward a few years and I've just turned 20, and am studying for my bachelor's degree in biochemistry. My parents had wanted me to become a doctor, but I just didn't have the people skills and didn't feel cut out for it, so it seemed like the next best thing. The girls still weren't interested and I hadn't filled out much, if at all. I was my regular old dorky self and just kind of kept my head down.

There was one particular girl, Suzie Jones who was the object of my fantasies. She was sweet and kind, but had one of those knockout cheerleader bodies with a bubble butt and large breasts that strained her shirts, alongside beautiful golden hair that trailed down her back. We exchanged pleasantries occasionally but she was dating Jason Thomas, one of the quarterbacks on our college football team and he was one of the jocks that made my life miserable. Ah well.

I was taking a lot of extra credit classes, and was enrolled in a research program which gave me free access to the human biochem lab. I loved being in there and quickly got to know the layout and became used to performing my own experiments. Because I wasn't spending time either with girls or going out partying, many weekends I'd simply spend in there reading and planning my next study, getting more and more competent in my understanding of human gene interactions.

Here's where things get kind of interesting. I was really captivated by a particular genetic structure that was really hard to pin down in the scientific literature. It was a short section of DNA that reputedly had existed in several prominent figures throughout history, and was associated with extreme masculinity and virility - Genghis Khan was the guy most often speculated to have been the original possessor of the gene, referred to in one study as the Alpha gene, because of the benefits it conferred. However, the gene was dormant in 99.9% of people that had it, as it required another protein to become active, and the corresponding activator gene had been lost through human history.

Which is where my research comes in. It would be the breakthrough of the century, perhaps even the millennium if I could successfully work out the correct folded structure for this protein, and artificially synthesise it. Of course, I couldn't tell anyone what I was doing, which made it extremely difficult to progress with the research. Another year went by, and I had scraped together enough money through working tedious data entry jobs and scholarship funds to have my own DNA sequenced, on the off chance that I had some residual form of the genetic structure that might be close enough to test with.

Which brings me to today. On the desk in front of me, still sealed, were the results of the sequencing process on a flash drive. With trembling hands, I booted my laptop, opened the files and audibly gasped, Through some miracle stroke of luck, I had the exact sequence that was described in the scant few papers I had been able to find, completely identical. I began to get excited. I did have a preliminary form of the activator protein in synthesis at this moment, although I knew that the coding sequence could still be enormously improved.

I waited a few more hours for the purification process to finish, and went to collect the sample. Alpha-X was the name I had tentatively given to the protein, to go along with existing name. My scientific curiosity was insatiable, and I NEEDED to know what would happen. I prepared my intravenous delivery device, which would slowly deliver Alpha-X into my bloodstream at a controlled rate, held it to my arm with quaking fingers, and triggered the applicator.

It stung like a motherfucker, let me tell you that. I was frightened for a moment that I might have an immune response to the foreign protein, but had taken steps to prevent the chances of this happening and thankfully nothing happened during the next hour that I stayed at the lab to clean up all evidence of my work. I took the sequence drive home with me and stored all my protocols on the same drive, ensuring that nobody would be able to tell what I had been up to.

I then had the worst night's sleep of my life. The entire evening was consumed by painful fits and cramps, which continued into the early hours of the morning. I chalked it up to some seasonal bug as it went away the next day, and I kept heading to school as per usual. Unfortunately the lab was closed for renovation for a few weeks, but I constantly had thoughts of the Alpha-X circling my mind as I waited to see what the effects would be.

I didn't have to wait long. One morning, about a week after the initial injection, I got out of bed and looked at myself in the full-length mirror attached to my closet, and was thoroughly taken aback. While there were no incredibly drastic changes, I noticed that abs were starting to appear on my previously skinny stomach, and my muscles in general had a more toned look to them. My jawline was slightly straighter, and generally I just looked more fit. Not muscular by any means, but like an amateur athlete as opposed to the stick-insect I had resembled just seven days before.

This knowledge changed everything. I began to feel slightly more confident about my body, and became a little more gregarious. Girls seemed happier to talk to me now, and I felt my eyesight gradually become a bit better, to the point where I didn't even need to wear my glasses all the time. As the days went by, the effects of the alpha gene became even more pronounced. Just after the three week mark, I measured myself and I was now an even 6'2. I had always been tall, but skinny to the point where it was not an attractive feature.

Now things had completely changed. My muscles had filled out drastically, and I had gone from the toned look of a swimmer or runner to now resembling a bodybuilder. I flexed my arms and my muscles rippled with power, solid slabs bulging upwards with every pump. That wasn't the only thing. I now never needed glasses, and my jaw had become extremely square and well-defined. Even my hair had taken on a shine that it had never had before. The true potential of the alpha gene was starting to become apparent, and it was really was turning me into quite the stud.

And stud was very much the appropriate word - whereas previously I'd had a very average cock, the one I now possessed would have been the envy of every male classmate had they seen it. It hung thick and long at six inches flaccid, with balls the size of kiwi fruits. I smiled as I pumped my dong into life and it expanded up to just over eight inches hard and six around, quickly becoming slick with large amounts of precum. My mom knocked on the door and yelled for me to get ready for school however, so my pleasure time was very much cut short. I sighed and headed on to class.

Of course, the changes in my physique were hardly lost on my classmates, particularly the girls. While my growth seemed to have plateaued somewhat because I'd been unable to improve on the Alpha-X structure, it seemed to be more than enough to excite a significant number of them. Lusty winks and blown kisses became commonplace each and every day for me, and I relished in the attention I was being given. Of course, having never kissed a girl let alone done more with them I was completely clueless, but it was cool all the same.

One evening after class, Rose Mullehan, a friend of Suzie's, a dynamite caramel-skinned babe in her own right was waiting by my car. She seemed kind of flustered, so I asked what was wrong, and she said that she'd forgotten her textbook inside one of the buildings. Everyone knew that I had after-hours access on account of my lab entry, so she asked if I'd go and help her find it, leading me by the hand to an isolated corner of the arts building. It might have just been my imagination, but I swear she was exaggerating her hip sway, causing her ass to jiggle provocatively under her tight skirt.

I went to turn on the lights, but she batted my hand away and instead gave me a deep, full kiss on the lips, locking the door of the classroom we'd entered with her other hand. "I'm sorry stud, but I just have to check something out for myself" she whispered in a sultry tone. Her hand slid upwards under the hem of my t-shirt, and she cooed with delight when she found my washboard abs. "Wow, you're really something special. Let's find out exactly how special...". She gave me an obscenely flirtatious wink as she said this, and dropped her fingers to loosening my belt buckle. She'd only loosed the second button on my jeans when my rapidly hardening cock sprang free from its confines, and she gasped when the size of my rod became apparent. Even in the darkness, it pulsed and throbbed with prominent veins, with her hand barely able to wrap around it.

"Oh my god, it's so big! What do the other girls think of this?" Rose asked with a hint of wonder in her eyes, looking up at me. "To tell you the truth, I've never been with a girl Rose, it's just never really happened", I replied, trying to mask my previous appearance which she had clearly never noticed before my changes. She gave a small laugh and remarked that she'd have to "give me a special first time then...".

Rose bent down onto her knees, so that she was at eye level with my swaying prick. I was obviously highly excited, and my big purple head was dripping precum at a steady rate. She licked her lips and jacked her hand up and down my cock a few times, collecting a big dollop on her finger and sucking it past her lips. She made an "mmmm" noise and began licking gently on the side of my dick. She was such a tease. A minute or two went by, and all I could hear was the wet kissing noises of her mouth on my shaft.

She then opened her eyes wide, looked deeply into mine and promptly engulfed the head of my cock with her full, sumptuous lips. I gasped in pleasure as the feeling overtook me and threw my head back. She took this as a sign of approval and increased her pace, bobbing her head up and down on my pulsating member, never breaking eye contact with me at any point. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and barely thirty seconds had gone by when I felt my balls start to churn.

"I'm gonna cu-" I started but was cut off by the incredible feeling of a rope of cum leaving my body as my nuts tightened. I came directly into her mouth and felt it splatter against the back of her throat as I moaned. She had been breathing heavily, enjoying taking my dick in her mouth and she began to splutter, opening it and causing several jets to land on her face. I kept coming, and after several more loads her face was slathered in hot, thick jizz. She looked amazed by the sheer amount and opened her mouth wide, looking up at me. "Wow Chris, that was incredible! I didn't know anyone could cum that much!"

She then proceeded to strip to her underwear, giving me a much better view of her round C-cup tits and nice ass. She turned away from me, and removed her panties to reveal a sopping wet pussy, placing one leg up on the desk in front of her. "Chris, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your big dick, now!". This girl was clearly in heat, and wanted my cock. Normally most guys need a recovery period, but the alpha gene seemed to allow my dick to reach its full hardness again almost instantaneously. Of course I couldn't wait to feel what actual sex was like, and here was a girl basically offering herself to me. What a horny slut!

I stepped up behind her and lined up the head of my cock with her opening, and she whimpered as she felt my hardness press against her lips. "Please go slowly Chris, and don't cum inside me, I don't want to get pregnant!" she pleaded. I didn't want kids either at this stage, so I made a mental note to pull out. I slowly inserted the head into her and again gasped at the sensation - her pussy was so warm, so tight, it felt amazing. No wonder people love sex so much. She was trembling at taking me inside her, and let out a scream as I bottomed out.

I couldn't believe this feeling, and started to slowly move in and out of her, relishing in the exquisite sensation. She was so wet, and as I picked up the pace she bucked against me, with a delicious moist slapping sound as we collided. Again I could feel myself nearing the point of no return, and withdrew just in the nick of time. I yelled out in pleasure as jets of sperm flew across the room in arcs of about six feet and splattered on the floor. Our bodies were coated in a sheen of sweat, and Rose turned to face me, once again kneeling to lap up the remaining jizz on my cock head. "Oh my god stud, that was amazing!" she whispered breathlessly, holding onto my finally deflating dick. It really was. My first time with a girl had been better than anything I could have ever imagined, and it was all thanks to the effects of the alpha gene.

I smiled as I knew there would be some incredible times ahead, and everything would be different from that day forward. I had to reapply the Alpha-X formula every few weeks to maintain my muscles at their expanded size, but the lab was open again and I would soon have the opportunity to do more work on the formula. Word began to spread of my incredible 'gifts' and soon more girls would find excuses to come back to my place to 'study' or meet me after hours like Rose had done. Of course, it would inevitably end with them slobbering over my engorged cock or riding it until the early hours of the morning, but that's another story.

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