Alpha Rivals


I crawled toward her, hoping to press my advantage, when her hand came up and she said, "Stop. Your round," her breath still ragged.

I sat down, cross-legged, and watched her slowly regain her composure. After a few minutes, I asked coyly, "Does this mean I'm winning?"

With her breathing now under control, Devon shook her head and taunted me hoarsely, "Oh, you sweet little bitch. For that, I'm not just going to make you come, I'm going to make you beg!"

She scrambled to her knees and sprang at me, and we rolled several times, back and forth, until she succeeded in pinning me, face down, with my arms pulled behind my back. Then she threw a leg over me and sat, riding me with her backside straddling mine. She dropped one of my arms in favor of a handful of my hair, and I felt my head being pulled back. I raised my chest off the floor with my free arm until my back arched uncomfortably, and I kicked the floor in protest as I grunted.

When Devon suddenly released my other arm, I tried to push myself up in order to throw her off my back; but several sharp, stinging slaps landed on my right cheek, and I covered my face with my hands.

I felt her bottom swiveling on mine, behind me, and without warning her thighs appeared on either side of my head, pinning my face to the carpet, once again. She was straddling the back of my head, and I could feel her wet panties on the back of my neck and smell the pungent sweetness of her aroused pussy. I grabbed the backs of her legs but could not budge them, so I tried sliding my knees upward and under me. This succeeded only in bringing my backside up higher, however, and I felt Devon's hands grabbing the backs of my thighs to keep my ass in the air.

Helpless to budge her, I was trying to catch my breath and considering my next move, when Devon rasped, "You can't see this, Janey, but the plasma screen is full of your big bottom." I struggled to roll her off me, but her hold was too stable, and I grunted with effort, feeling extremely vulnerable. Then, I felt my half-slip sliding down my buttocks and thighs to the backs of my knees, where it could go no further.

"And there's your big butt in all its glory, wiggling in your wet panties," she teased.

I tried to reach up and pull her slip and panties down; but, from my angle, I could pull them only an inch or so. In frustration, I shredded the feet of her stockings, but she was unconcerned.

Whimpering involuntarily, I felt my panties slowly sliding down, as the cool air greeted my bare ass and tears collected in my eyes. I did not want to cry, but I had never felt this humiliated.

"And there it is!" Devon whooped. "On the big screen, shown ten times its actual size! Probably not the most flattering perspective, Janey, but what a sweet little pink rosebud you've got back here. And how wet your pussy is!"

I felt her fingers slowly exploring me externally, violating my most private of places, gently tugging my ass cheeks apart, kneading my labia, and finally invading my pussy, slowly and sensuously. I moaned and struggled, but she had me trapped. I ripped and shredded the legs of her stockings but could not push her off, as she circled my clitoris with a slick finger and began to stimulate me with purpose. Tears streamed out of my eyes, and I sobbed involuntarily with frustration.

"Your toes are curling, Janey," Devon said. "Does that mean you're having fun?"

"Devon, you bitch, please," I pleaded, but I did not know whether I wanted her to stop or go faster. The thought of my husband watching and recording all of this was almost more than I could bear. "I was almost to the point of yelling "Stop!" when my body began to respond, and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build like a thunderstorm on the horizon.

Sensing the tension in my nether regions, my rival ceased caressing me and placed her hand in my crotch, holding me firmly. The effect was almost irritating, and I began to buck and strain, trying to increase the friction and gain more stimulation. My efforts were futile, however, and, several more times, Devon brought me close to the edge, only to deprive me of the goal in this manner.

"Eric," I finally pleaded to my husband in exasperation, "please get her off me!"

"Oh, Eric's having a wonderful time, Janey," Devon said. "He's not about to spoil his fun or mine. In fact, you can't see this with your face to the floor, but he's pulled himself out and is giving himself a few leisurely strokes. But don't come yet, Eric darling, because I want you in my mouth, once I've disposed of Janey."

Her words burned my ears, but I could not stand my torture any longer. "Devon, please, please, pleeease!" I begged.

"Very well, Janey, I'm not without pity," she said. "But first, tell me whose breasts are prettier."

"Yours are," I sobbed, and was promptly rewarded with a delicious stroke of her finger. As the sensations slowly built again and I felt my orgasm gathering, I worried that she might trick me and stop, once more, but the uncertainty seemed to propel me faster, and I came with a rush, squealing in ecstasy.

After a few moments, Devon dismounted, and I turned onto my side in exhaustion. I must have lain there recovering for several minutes; and, when I finally sat up, Devon was kneeling on the floor beside my husband's chair. She had discarded her tattered stockings and was gently fondling Eric's manhood, while smiling at me.

"Devon, that was amazing," I complimented her somewhat begrudgingly. "Now get your hands off my husband's cock, because I'm going to win the next round and throw your fat ass out of my home."

Devon crawled toward me and sat with her knees up, across from me. "Let's rest a moment," she said. "After that last orgasm, you won't be ready for another until a few minutes have gone by, and I want you as aroused as I am, when we fight."

Eric brought us two fresh drinks, and we sat, sipping quietly for a few moments. As I was idly tearing off what little remained of my half-slip, Devon broke our reverie, tilting her head with an observation. "You're not like Eric's first two wives, Janey."

I did not know whether this was a compliment or an insult. "What do you mean?"

"Under different circumstances, we could be friends, you and I," she replied. Then she brushed the hair from my eyes, and I didn't protest. "You're willing to fight for Eric—to establish your place and prove your love for him—but you're not threatened by me, I can tell. You're secure in his love, and that's an enviable position."

"And what are you fighting for, Devon? Security?"

"Oh, I've got the security I need with Eric," she said, sliding forward until her left leg was over my right, while gently pulling my left over her right. "I suppose I'm fighting for the security I need with you. The freedom to ride in Eric's car without risking a tack in my ass," she laughed. "My life will be a lot easier, if I don't have to worry about you constantly undermining me and threatening Eric with separation or divorce."

We pulled together, until our mounds were touching and the scent of our mingled womanhood was thick in our nostrils.

"I assure you, I have no intention of giving my husband up," I replied. "And I'm secure enough and realistic enough to know that I'll only wreck things for myself and Eric, if I make demands or try to interfere with his relationship with you. But, Devon, I'm going to do my best to insure that he never leaves this house with an erection meant for you. And I want you to know that, when you wrap your lips around his firmness, it's me you'll be tasting."

"You really are a worthy rival, Janey. I'm definitely looking forward to having your face in my ass." Almost without thinking, we had begun to rub and press our slick pussies together. Devon still wore her panties and half-slip, but I was reduced to stockings, which had definitely seen better days.

When she noticed me responding to our little tribaduel with deeper breaths, she asked breathily, "Shall we settle things then?"

"The sooner, the better," I hissed, and we moved apart and got to our knees. Simultaneously, we closed the distance, and I felt a stinging slap to my left cheek. I slapped her cheek in return, and we traded face-slaps for another six or seven turns, until she snatched at my breasts with both sets of fingers, pulling the nipples. I snatched back at hers, and the exchanges continued, each of us rewarding the other with little yelps of pain and irritation. With every turn, the nipple-pulls and squeals were a little more pronounced, and I finally covered my breasts with my hands in frustration.

Devon sprang at me, and we toppled again to the floor, rolling over several times, as we struggled to gain the upper hand. I grabbed at her slip and managed to get it down to mid-thigh. When she tried to roll away from me on her back, her slip came down past her knees; and, as she reached down in a vain effort to retrieve it, I climbed on top of her and slid into a schoolyard pin. We tussled with our arms, and she got a good handful of my hair and went for my nipples, again, trying to force me off.

I retaliated by pulling at her own exposed nipples, and she instinctively let go of my hair and tried to cover. Pulling her hands down by her wrists, I slid forward, again, and managed to get my thighs over both of her arms.

Now she was helpless beneath me, with her legs flailing behind me and her chin, tucked into my wet, pungent crotch. Suddenly, I knew the reason for that not-using-your-legs-in-the-subordinate-position-to dislodge-your-adversary rule. It made for a safe and satisfying pin. Catching my breath, I asked Eric to get a close-up of Devon's face. When the big screen captured her distressed expression, I said breathily, in my best Marilyn Monroe imitation, "Time for her close-up, Mr. DeMille." Cupping the back of her head gently with my hands, I pulled her face slowly and sensuously into my slick, fragrant pussy.

Devon moaned and gave me a very gratifying "eeeewwwwww," as I covered her face with my slime.

I was careful to give her a few breaths between these "facials," but, after several turns, I could see that she was completely demoralized and had begun to cry.

"Devon, you can say 'stop', you know," I offered.

"I'm not going to give you that satisfaction," she spluttered, "so do your worst."

"With pleasure," I countered and reached back to rip her panties off. This turned out to be a fatal mistake, however, since her panties were a little stronger than I had guessed; and I unbalanced myself, as they came free. Devon needed only a second to slide down, her face wiping my ass as she popped out behind me and rolled to the side.

I sprang back, trying to maintain some control, but managed only to grab her ankles. We were feet-to-face, and she grabbed my ankles, as well. We each tried to roll the other onto her back, but, this time, it was Devon who prevailed. As she threw a leg over me, I could see her ass scooting up to my breasts. I tried wriggling out, but she grabbed my wrists and held my arms down firmly, until, one at a time, she pulled them under her legs, pinning me as surely as she had just been pinned.

I don't think I had, at that exact moment, completely appreciated my predicament, as we gasped for air and rested briefly; but it dawned on me with horror, as I saw her lift her slick bottom slowly over my breasts and bring it down with my chin cushioned between her ass cheeks. Her slimy face appeared over her shoulder, as she looked back at me with a grin.

"I suppose you know what comes next," she taunted. "And, Janey, remember . . . I didn't yell 'stop,' right away, so you should let me have some fun, too. Fair is fair."

With that, her ass hovered over me for a few seconds and then plunged downward onto my face. Immediately, I was covered with her juices, and I worried about breathing, but she very considerately gave me time to get air between each sitting. Each time her pink pucker of an asshole descended, I held my breath, but her scent was overwhelming—both sickening and arousing—and I tried not to gag. Then, she began to alternate, pussy and ass, and I could hold back the tears no longer.

"Tell you what, Janey, I'm a sporting gal. Shall we agree that the first to come is the loser?" She leaned down and gave me a long slow stroke with her tongue, and, in spite of myself, I vibrated with pleasure and frustration. In what must have been the intended irony, I pushed my face into her crotch and probed with my tongue, but her clitoris was an elusive prize, and I succeeded only in producing more slime, which formed strands between my face and her ass.

Meanwhile, she was licking me with purpose, and my breath was coming in ragged gasps, again. When my back finally arched involuntarily in an unbelievably powerful orgasm, I squealed with passion and outrage.

Moments later, I whispered, exhausted, "Stop . . . Stop, Devon . . . You win."

My alpha rival sweetly kissed my pussy, wriggled her bottom on my face one last time, and climbed off.

Still breathing hard, I glanced at Eric, who was smiling his approval. Then I glanced at the big screen and saw what I looked like. Oh, my god! My face was glistening with Devon's sweat and fragrant juices; my lipstick was smeared all over my mouth and chin; and my hair was matted with slime.

As a consolation, Devon did not look much better, and she smiled at me from where she was seated on the floor, next to Eric.

"Janey," she said, "that was the most fun I've had in a long while. Since Eric was married to Amy, in fact. She promptly got up, walked over to me, and politely pulled me to my feet. Maybe it was the thought of how I must look to my husband or maybe it was just the idea of another woman's having degraded me so thoroughly in front of him, but I could not keep myself from bursting into tears. I covered my face with my hands and, after a few seconds, felt Devon's arms comforting me, pulling me into her. "It's okay, it's okay," she said soothingly. "This was just the first time, and I know we'll have lots of decisions to settle in the future. You'll have plenty of chances to re-establish yourself, Janey."

After a few more minutes of Devon's taking care of me—and my trying to compose myself—Eric brought us fresh drinks, and we all sat on the floor. It wasn't easy, watching my rival give my husband a very satisfying blowjob; but, on the other hand, she'd given me two orgasms, and who was I to be stingy?

"Remember our deal," Devon said, leading Eric to our bedroom. "You can have him back in a little while, but I want you to send him to me clean and eager, from now on. At least until our next catspat."

When Devon waltzed out of our house, half an hour later in my best Anne Paley dress and Tumi heels, I knew she would be the alpha female until we fought again and I won. Hmmm, I thought: Wonder what she's doing next week.

The End

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