tagSci-Fi & FantasyAltered Ch. 01

Altered Ch. 01


*All character engaged in sexual activity are over the age of 18, in case it's not obvious or mentioned.

*Thanks to Alwaysready64 for his help editing this because we become blind to our own mistakes.

I will warn beforehand if a chapter has any special erotic categories in them that fall outside of the story's assigned category. This is a long story intended to span many chapters, if you are looking for a quick fix this probably won't be for you.


My name is Anthony Nathan Thompson. I go by Nathan, and my friends call me Nate. Really annoying friends call me Ant. I'm a pretty good-looking guy; blonde haired, blue eyed and extremely fit from years of martial arts training. I'm 6'3 and 210 lbs. of solid muscle.

I guess I am running away from my problems. You see, my dad is a two timing, abusive, controlling jackass who happened to work for a genetics research firm; and colluded with some researchers to use me as a human guinea pig. My body has been altered possibly at the genetic level. I don't know what all they did, and I have been left figuring out what's been done through trial and error.

My father is a big guy (6'5 and 280 lbs.), he has green eyes and thinning brown hair, and he is average looking at best. I got my build from my father and my looks from my mother. My father started out working for an insurance firm and when he got his CPA he started working in a bioengineering firm (AdvantTech) as an accountant.

I try not to judge people by just the bad things they have done, and to his credit he wasn't all bad. He made sure I stayed active and forced me to take martial arts since I was preschool aged. He was a good provider for me and my mother, and we had a nice enough house in a nice area.

I looked up to my father until I was six when I realized that he was hurting my mother. My father abused my mother infrequently, however when he did, he beat her mercilessly. Often there was no rhyme or reason for it, if he got stressed at work or the market took a dip then he took it out on her. One time he slammed her into a wall after throwing her across the room because she cooked the steak well-done not medium-rare.

I was eight the first time I called the police on him. I anonymously gave the DA pictures I took to help prosecute him. However, he had a good lawyer and the charges were reduced to misdemeanors after a plea agreement. He was forced to attend anger management for a year, had to pay some fines and do some community service. Needless to say, we weren't the best of friends after that. He stopped hitting my mother for a couple of years, but even then, you could see the anger seeping out of him. After a while he started back up with the verbal abuse which lead to physical abuse once more. Over the years it became harder to stop him because he got better at hiding it and made sure to leave no marks for the police. My mother was a typical abuse victim and often defended him and wouldn't testify against him so it went on for much longer than it should.

When I was fourteen, he got drunk at Christmas and became bolder and more blatant and he started slapping mom around. I got between them to stop him despite the size difference (I was barely 5'10 back then and 170 lbs. soaking wet). He tried to grab me in order to throw me out of the way but with my years of training in kickboxing, Judo, and Brazilian Jiujitsu, I was agile and quick to react and I easily avoided him. My father was in the Navy in Vietnam; he was no slouch. If he got in a good hit, I was afraid it would be over so I gave him a round-house to the head (which I think just pissed him off) and he responded like an angry bull and charged at me. I used his weight and momentum against him and flipped him into the coffee table, then followed that up by grappling him in what normally would be a submission choke (during training) but I didn't allow him to tap out. The cops were called out because my mother was worried my father might kill me but when they found us I was kicking the shit out of him despite his lack of consciousness. My father separated from my mother after the altercation, but he stayed in the house until I was 16 when they finally divorced.

One of the side effects of my genetic alterations is that I only need thirty minutes to two hours sleep a night. I am, for a lack of a better word, hyper-horny. I consider myself a good guy but I feel like I'm losing control sometimes, especially my sex life. I'm not talking about dealing with normal teenage sexual frustration. Consider your normal teenage libido times ten, then add to that fact that the women I come in close proximity to, seem very willing to accommodate my urges.

The thing is, I don't know what effect a fluid exchange would have on them or if I might get carried away and hurt them. I tried masturbation but it's not satisfying. as I would fully recover in a couple of minutes and be just as frustrated. The doctors prescribed me drugs that didn't work, then I saw a psychiatrist who had me work on mind strengthening techniques and more drugs that didn't work.

I gave up on the psychiatrist after a while but I did some further research on extreme willpower strengthening. Essentially, you recite a mantra while performing a "stressful" (painful or life-threatening) activity, then increase the duration of the activity thereby mastering your mind over your body. The thing is, in order for it to work, there needs to be a temptation of an easy way out. In essence you are choosing to do the hard and painful thing over the easy non-painful thing in order to force a path of most resistance.

I chose underwater swimming as my mental training. Essentially, I swam underwater for long periods of time while reciting my mantra in order to see how long I could go without coming up for air. I would do it until I couldn't take the pain anymore and I would repeat it until I got longer times under the water. Now, when I want to have an "unbreakable will", I recite my mantra in my mind and by association it gives me the same strength of will in other things. My mantra was a war song that sung of the horrors of WWII by U2 called "A Sort of homecoming". It helped me fight my altered state's control over me, but I needed to get stronger.

I had my first sexual experience with an older friend of my mom when I first turned 18 back in February. She was in town for a conference and she snuck me her hotel key while visiting my mother. She wasn't much to look at but she didn't live anywhere near us and was more than willing to teach me a thing or two. I learned the proper way to go down on a woman and we even tried most of the Kama Sutra positions. One thing I learned was that sex actually takes some of the edge off of my hyper-horniness in a way that masturbation never did.

Although I seem I attract every girl I see, I'm afraid of what I'll do to them. I'm also afraid that a girlfriend will find out about me, after all 'loose lips sinking ships'. I have yet to find a girl I trust with my secrets. The only sex I was willing to have until I found 'the one' was discreet and casual. I usually looked for older women in their 30's that were only interested in sex and nothing else. Mexico looked attractive because even if I didn't find a girl to be with there were legal prostitutes I could visit that wouldn't ask any questions and I could use to get some peace of mind.


It was the end of June and I decided to visit my grandfather in Mexico. I hadn't seen him in years because I was on probation. I used to visit him every summer. I'm 18 and legally an adult and, although I am immune to the effects of alcohol, it doesn't hurt that the drinking age in Mexico is 18 because it tends to attract girls my age looking to party. Also, nobody of consequence knew me there except my grandfather. I just needed a place to think and where I could do what I needed to do without judgement.

I was very wealthy but no one knew although my parents might have suspected. I had a trust fund that I inherited from my father's parents when I was two. The will specified that I would receive all of their estate and that all assets would be sold and put in a trust that I wouldn't have access to until I was 21. My father was disinherited for reasons I don't know. The will specified that my parents would not have access to my trust but my parent did know that it was close to a million to start. My grandparents' financial planner was assigned to manage the account until I could take possession of the trust on my 21st birthday (once again a stipulation of the will).

Dave, my financial planner, was very aggressive as well as wise with my money. When the internet bubble in 2002 hit, he had already liquidated everything and was buying when everyone else was selling. When the real estate crash of 2008 hit he once again was ready to invest and bought tons of foreclosures for half their worth, banks were eager to dump the properties and my portfolio grew. He then got risky and became a venture capitalist and invested in 10 start-ups. Nine went bankrupt within the first two years but the tenth was bought out for over 2 billion dollars. As administrator of my trust he was allowed to get a fraction of the portfolio's net worth (0.05%) each year as fees for management so he was motivated to grow it as much as he could. I was lucky in that he was an honest guy and never tried to rip me off. I was glad my grandparents picked him because I heard some horror stories of embezzlement that aren't supposed to happen in a trust but greedy people always find a way to get at your money when they want it bad enough.

When I turned 18 he informed me that since I was the beneficiary of the trust I was allowed to receive interest and dividend payments from the trust once I was 18. He had been setting aside this money, (which he also grew for me), and turned over access to it which was in a private investment account. There wasn't much interest-bearing investment nor dividends except in years when he liquidated, however this money over time also grew into just under 5 million dollars. The total trust including real estate holdings were estimated to be 980 million. He mentioned that as an adult I could chose a different administrator however full access to my account would still not be available until I turned 21 as per the terms of the will. I trusted Dave as my grandparents trusted him especially since he proved himself so successfully over the years. I let him know I was doubling his fees to 0.1% (which is almost 1 million per year).

No one knew I would be a billionaire in a few years and I wanted it to stay that way. So, I never told anyone, and I took great strives to keep it secret. Dave signed a confidentiality agreement which had stiff penalties attached if my wealth were leaked due to him or his office. But, he proved to be really good and I had great confidence in him.

My money wasn't the problem I was running from. I felt trapped at home and I had a feeling I was constantly being watched. I chose Mexico because it was harder to track me there and I figured Mexico would give me another perspective. Hell, it couldn't hurt to do a little partying either after all I was young, dumb, and really full of cum.


"George! Buddy!" I cried.

"What's up?" he probed suspiciously, knowing I wouldn't call him and talk to him that way unless I wanted something from him.

"Want to go down to Ensenada with me?" I cajoled. "I know we only talked about it half-assed before with no definite plans but I'm going with or without you. You in?"

"Man! What about us finding summer jobs and shit?"

"Common man, we're only eighteen once and I just inherited a little bit of money and I really need my best friend with me. As far as money goes, I got your back. Besides it's Mexico, the beers are cheap and we could stretch our party dollar farther out there. We could camp out at El Faro Beach, it's only $15 dollars a night and I'll take care of the expenses, so what do you say?"

"Hell yeah! Let's do it."

We went over some plans, I packed up my stuff and headed over to his house to pick him up in my Wrangler 4X4. The wrangler had a diesel engine that I rebuilt myself in my spare time. I left my mom a note letting her know I would be gone for maybe a month and that I would try to call her whenever I could. Off we went down the 405 to the San Diego Tijuana border crossing.

"What's up Nate, why so glum?" George interrogated. "You should be excited, it's party time!"

"I just have a lot on my mind."

"Dude, we've been best friends our whole lives, you know I'm not going to just let it drop. When are you going to spit out what's bothering you?" he asked. "If you hold it in too long, it will eat a hole through your stomach."

"Ha, ha, if you only knew how impossible that would be."

"What are you talking about, man?"

"I trust you but you need to swear you will never under any circumstances, even if you THINK someone would know... that you won't ever mention this to anyone..." I said with the most serious tone I could muster.

"You know I can keep a secret, I never told anyone what happened with you and your dad did I?"

"No..." I said, hesitating, "OK, I'll tell you but you still need to swear."

"Fine, I swear I'll never repeat this to anyone. Now what's up?"

"I think my dad injected me with some experimental shit when I was eight."


"Yeah, I hacked into his work VPN [Virtual Private Network] ..." I started to say but he didn't understand. "I got a keylogging device off the internet and installed it into his keyboard and was able to login to his work remotely and from there I had access to his email. There was an email in his archives dated when I was eight that talked about the injections he gave me," I recited, "I have been enhanced."

"Enhanced? How?"

"I don't know what all they did to me but when I turned 13 I started developing a lot of abilities. Like, I have never been sick. Even that time the whole class got food poisoning on that field trip to the Grand Canyon, I was the only one not affected and yet I ate the same shit they did."

"That doesn't make..." he tried to get out.

"I know. Let me finish. I heal super-fast. I got stabbed one time by a kid who accidentally fell into me when I was 14, and my wound sealed shut as soon as the knife was pulled out. I got in trouble for faking an injury and scaring everyone. I knew I got stabbed because it hurt like hell so later I tried cutting myself and saw my wounds sealed shut seconds after the blood started to come out. After I healed, you'd never know I was ever cut except for the missing hair on my arm where I cut myself and the trickle of blood still on the knife."

I didn't want to tell him everything yet, I felt I'd ease him into it besides the hyper-horniness was embarrassing.

"Wow, dude, you're shitting me."

"No, I'm not and I'll prove it."

"No! That's ok. I know you wouldn't lie to me about something like that," he reassured, turning somber. "So, you're like Wolverine?"

"Ha! I don't know about that, I doubt it's the same. I definitely don't have an 'adamantium' skeleton with claws. Some of it isn't natural either."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I have been genetically altered, all of my DNA has been 'perfected'. Not only that but I have tiny self-replicating organic nanobots all throughout my body. I'm not a mutant, but I suppose I kind of am a cyborg. Anyway, I don't think I'm immortal just hard to kill," I declared, pausing for effect.

"How do you know you have nanobots inside you?"

"I know, because after I found out I had these abilities, I suspected my father had something to do with it so I went through his paperwork at home and I 'Scooby-Dooed' for clues. I found some files in his safe (and don't ask how I got into his safe either). A lot of the files had reference numbers on them and most of them referenced a special project number 847. They were accounting paperwork so they didn't say much. From there, I did a search in his emails and database and cross referenced any data with the number 847 associated with it and viola. It turns out there was a project where some researchers were doing experiments on rats and apes that gave them super healing abilities, it even reversed aged them if they were old!"

"Wow, you serious?"

"Yep, the worst part of it was that a lot of the files were destroyed in an apparent cover up, from what I could tell from a lot of the internal chatter some rogue researchers were trying to do human trials on unwitting subjects. The company board found out and there was a massive firing and a lot of people went to jail. They never did find any of the test subjects as far as I know... at least from what I could glean from my father's email archives."

"Are you in danger?"

"I don't know yet, I kind of doubt it. I suspect that they don't know about me either way. My father was cheating on my mom and apparently had a girlfriend who was a researcher working on project 847. Their email correspondence went back to the day she started working there 10 years ago when I was eight. So, I'm guessing he was convinced - or she was convinced - to allow him to perform the test on me. I remember my father injecting me with some 'vitamins' back then so I am leaping to a conclusion."

"Holy shit, why would your dad do that to you?"

"I don't know, maybe arrogance. He said I had health problems when I was little - I supposedly had a heart arrhythmia and asthma, but I don't remember experiencing any symptoms. I had a full checkup done a few years ago and there are no signs of me having had either. I have a feeling that he doesn't even know that it was successful because I don't think it 'kicked-in' for years.

"He gave me a series of four shots. According to what I could find of the project, that wasn't deleted, one of the serums had something to do with DNA alteration; I'm guessing it was designed to give me the best physical traits possible. The second was actually full of the nanobots, which are coded to work with specific markers, so I'm guessing they laid dormant in me until my DNA was altered. I am also guessing that the DNA alterations didn't take effect until I hit puberty. Maybe my growth spurts and increased hormones must have acted like a catalyst. They must have been expecting immediate results and since it didn't kick in for five years, I think they wrote it off as a failed experiment."

"Wow, that's both bogus and awesome... but what did the other 2 injections do?"

"I don't know, like I said most of the digital data was destroyed. The two serums were talked about in the correspondences referring to project 847, so I'm just assuming that's what he injected me with. Unless I can get access to their backup tapes or some hard-copies or even talk to one of the researchers, I'll never know. The thing is, most of the researchers' names were redacted and my father's girlfriend died in a car accident a couple years ago, not to mention the fact that my father hates me and won't talk to me. Anyway, that's why I'm off to Mexico, to take my mind off of it for a while and maybe come up with a plan of attack."

We both were silent for about 30 minutes while we crossed the border into Tijuana.

"So, do you have any other powers?" George queried.

"I don't have any powers," I snapped a little annoyed.

"You know what I mean... side effects etc."

"A few... can we talk about it later? I want to get my mind off of it and the more we talk about it the more I think about it."

"Sure, no problem" he comforted, and suddenly chuckled and mumbled, "Man, that's so cool... I mean... you know what I mean."

"Yeah well, it's not all it's cracked up to be, believe me, it's been more of a curse than cool. It's like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the guy gets his wish and everyone on earth dies, so now he had time to read all the books he wanted in peace."

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