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Altitude Fun


'Excited Baby?' I said to Ashley.

'Excited about arriving but not about the long flight' she replied.

'At least it's overnight so we can sleep hopefully' I pointed out.

'As long as there are no screaming babies'. She said as she frowned at a baby nearby.

Ashley and I were just boarding a long haul flight to Australia, for a hard earned trip away together. She looked stunning in a pair of blue jeans that perfectly showed off her great legs and amazing arse, whilst on top she wore a simple top that clung to her breasts just teasing me with a glimpse of them under her jacket. I couldn't believe I was so lucky to be going away with this sexy girl!! I couldn't wait to arrive in Australia to do all manner of naughty things to her in our hotel room.

Luckily the flight had a few empty seats and we managed to get three seats between the two of us which meant we could stretch out somewhat.

After we finished our meal the cabin crew announced that the main lights would be shut off to allow people to sleep if they wanted.

'I'm gonna try and get some sleep ok baby?' she said to me.

'Sure, I'm gonna finish watching this movie then I might join she. Lie back against me if it's more comfortable.' I shifted myself into a position where she could lie comfortably on me and use me as a pillow.

She quickly fell asleep as I finished watching my film. I wasn't really that tired so contemplated starting to watch another one, when she shifted in her sleep. As she turned over, her hand that she was using as a pillow came to rest against the crotch of my pants. I checked to see if she was awake and being cheeky, but she was still fast asleep – it was just coincidence.

From my angle I could see under the blanket and down the cleavage of her top. I could see the swell of her breast as it disappeared down into her bra, and this view combined with the hand on my crotch was very quickly turning me on.

After a minute of back and forth decision making the feelings in my cock were too strong to ignore and I decided to have some fun with her. I had a quick look around and most people were asleep with just a few people watching the tv's in the backs of their chairs. I slid down in my seat so that I was almost lying down next to her, and she snuggled up against me. I kissed her lightly on the lips and she didn't wake up, so I planted soft kisses all over her face and then started to kiss her neck. She sighed softly and sleepily whispered 'what are you doing baby?'

I whispered back 'You're so sexy I couldn't resist you, plus you turned me on by accident before.'

I explained about how her hand had fell to my crotch and how the angle she was lying at had given me a great view down her shirt. As I got to the end of that she grabbed my head and we started kissing deeply as she pressed her body up against me.

I slid my hand along her back and down to feel her gorgeous arse, and then roamed back up her back, which elicited a quiet moan from her. I roamed all over before unhooking her bra, to free her sexy breasts. I adjusted the blanket over us to make sure what we were doing couldn't be seen, providing we didn't move too much, and then slipped her bra out and dropped it on the floor.

As I moved my hand around to feel her breast, we heard someone walking along the aisle, and quickly pretended to be asleep.

'It's so naughty thinking that we could get caught,' she whispered, 'God it makes me want you so bad though.'

With that we resumed kissing as I again felt around to her breast. I slowly rubbed all around her breasts, avoiding her nipples until she begged me to rub them. I slowly began to rub her nipples, which were already rock hard, as she closed her eyes in pleasure and let out a light gasp.

'Oh god Ben, it feels like I could come just from getting my nipples rubbed!! They are so sensitive right now!! Fuck I'm so turned on Ben, my panties are soaked, I'm so wet for you.' she whispered in my ear, as I continued to play with her nipples.

She reached down to my jeans and felt how hard I was and gave me a cheeky grin. She undid the button and then slowly zipped down my pants and then reached inside and pulled out my rock hard cock.

'Mmmmmm someone else is turned on as well!' she whispered as she expertly stroked my hard cock.

'Fuck Ash that's so good baby, oh god I want you. I really wanna be inside she right now!!'

I reached my hand down and began to rub her pussy through her jeans. She wasn't wrong about being turned on!! I could feel her wetness through the jeans! She gasped as I rubbed harder and I knew that I had to make her come.

I undid the button on her jeans and wiggled them down enough to give me a bit of access. Now under the blanket her soaking wet pussy was only covered by a pair of lacy panties.

'Let me take care of you first.' I whispered as our arms were getting tangled trying to pleasure each other. She nodded eagerly and let go of my hard cock, giving it a goodbye stroke and a wink to me.

I began to rub her pussy in earnest, just teasing her by rubbing her through her panties until they were absolutely soaked. She was trying to stay quiet as she gasped in pleasure while she pressed up against me. I pulled her panties to one side and slid one finger slowly up the length of her pussy and circled her clit. She let out an audible moan and then pressed her face hard up against my neck.

I brought my finger up to my mouth to taste her juices and as always she was wonderful.

'Fuck you're so sexy Ben, please make me come, my pussy is on fire.' she whispered in my ear, as she begged me to make her come.

I slid my finger back down into the wetness of her pussy and slid two fingers inside her, causing her to gasp out loud and press her pussy into my fingers. I slid them out and began to circle her clit softly, alternating between softer and harder rubbing. She was breathing heavily as she tried not to move too much to avoid being caught. I carried on rubbing her clit, and every so often I plunged two fingers inside her increasingly wet pussy, each time causing a gasp of pleasure to escape her. She was so turned on that she didn't take too long to get to the edge of sher orgasm.

'Oh fuck Ben, fuck, that's so fucking good baby!! God she know how to pleasure me!!!' she whispered as I continued to circle her clit.

'Fuck I'm getting so fucking close...I'm gonna come so hard!! Fuck...oh fuck babe.' she was panting now as she got close to her orgasm.

'Ben put your cock up against my pussy as I come! I want you to feel my wetness on your cock when I come!!' she managed to gasp out as she approached her orgasm.

I wished that I was at the right angle to slide my cock inside her, but feeling her wetness as she came on my cock would be the next best thing. I was still rock hard and shifted slightly so that I would be ready for it when she came.

'Fuck Ben, here it comes!! Oh fuck...shit...oh god...o my fucking god!! OH GOD BEN!! OH FUCK!! OH MY GOD!! OHH FUCK BEN I'M COMING!! OHHHHHHH FUCK!! OHHH BEN!! OHH YEA!! OH FUCK BEN!! OH BEN I'M FUCKING COMING!!! SO FUCKING HARD!!! OH GOD BEN!! Oh fuck...shit that was amazing Ben. I came so hard!!' she managed to complete almost all of this in a loud whisper, as she pressed up against my neck. So I'm sure someone heard but I didn't care.

As she was coming I placed my hard cock along the length of her pussy as I felt her hot juices from her orgasm coating my cock. I desperately wanted to be inside her, as her coming on my hard cock had made me even harder.

Although still coming down from sher own orgasm, she grabbed hold of my hard cock, which was wet from her coming on it and began stroking it with great skill. I stopped her quickly...

'Ash I can't come anywhere though...'

'Don't worry, just come on me and we can clean it up with the blanket and use the spare one.' she whispered as she grinned mischievously.

'God Ash, you're amazing. I'm not gonna be able to hold on for too long...I'm too turned on.'

She continued to stroke me as she pulled sher shirt up and over her head so she was totally naked on her top half.

'Fuck Ash you're so amazingly sexy baby. You're gonna make me come so hard!!'

'Ben I want your hot come all over me baby. Please give it to me!!'


As she stroked my hard cock, the first two spurts exploded over her breasts and then the next couple hit her stomach and then she aimed my cock down and the rest of my come coated her pussy.

'Wow Ben, that was a lot of come!! You must have really wanted me!!' she winked as she whispered to me.

I looked at her naked top half and saw her coated in loads of my white sticky cum.

'Wow you're right Ash, I did come a lot!! Time to get this naughty girl cleaned up!!' I said as I reached for the spare blanket.

'Hold on babe I wanna taste you.' She said as she got some come off her breasts and then licked it off her fingers.

'Ash, have I ever told she that she are the sexiest girlfriend in the world!!' I said.

She giggled, 'All the time.'

I put the spare blanket over us as we used the first blanket to clean ourselves up and get ourselves redressed. We dropped the first blanket on the floor and left it to be taken away at the end of the flight.

'Do you think she'll let me sleep this time?' she said as she winked at me.

'I think that's enough excitement for one flight.' I said as I laughed back.

Just before we lay down to sleep I had a quick look around to see if anyone had heard. Everyone was asleep. As I scanned the room the second time I met the eyes of the stewardess, who was the only person not asleep. She winked and gave me the thumbs up....I guess we weren't as quiet as I thought.

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