tagRomanceAlways Shower First

Always Shower First


She lay down upon the bed placing the covers over her naked body. I turned off the light and placed my glasses upon the nightstand. Though I do have poor vision, moving around one's house in the dark is done by instinct.

I imagined in my head the picture of her voluptuous body looking up as my shadow stood over her. She was heaven on earth.

I went over to the bathroom and shaved. My angel always wanted her man clean-shaven before going down on her. I respected her wishes. As I gazed into the mirror at myself I thought how lucky a guy I was. It was me who had this naked goddess just a few feet away. I was the luckiest guy on earth. The electric razor removed the whiskers from my face and the aftershave lotion she bought especially for me I applied generously. Everything I could do that could add one ounce to her hotness was a worthwhile investment of my time and energy.

My next stop was the shower. I turned the shower facet on waiting mere seconds for the warm water to come out upon my hand. As I entered into the shower I would clean myself good of my days perspiration to make my cock palatable for her lovely lips. Once again I respected her wishes for to not do so would be a terrible sin.

The soap lather stroked my already rigid cock. While cleansing myself I thought deep of the never-ending oral sex foreplay we'd perform over and over on one another. A dream I would turn into a reality in mere minutes from now as I would rip off those sheets and look down upon her smiling face. I cleaned my cock and left the shower.

A quick towel drying and I put on the boxer shorts another gift she had given me. Though at first I would jump out of the shower naked, in time we began to savior the intimate moments we had together. The build up was part of the sexual process for her. She always enjoyed seeing me in my boxers as this gave her a reason to imagine what was bellow. Though we men and women are different I have learned to respect the differences and play her subtle build up game. After all when she climaxed I felt a surge of pride of doing something good.

I moved in the darkness to the bed whereupon lie the love of my life. I pulled off the blankets and looked down at her. Her eyes were wide open as she looked upwards. She was the loveliest angel I had ever set eyes upon.

I kissed her lips and they felt surprising cold. Perhaps she just had some ice cream I thought. My lover tonight had decided to take the passive approach. Leave me in charge to do with her as I pleased. It was her way of playing hard to get.

I kissed down her neckline and teased around her nipples. She exercised total control keeping oh so still as I kissed her nipples with a slow steady pace. I knew in my heart what she could not resist as I kissed downwards towards her lovely shaved pussy. I opened her legs as she offered no resistance and worked my tongue exploring her deep. Though I expected her to wrap my hands on the back of my head forcing me to eat her out deeper, tonight she did not. My angel was in total control and this just got me hornier.

As I kept sucking and licking on my lover's pussy I heard not a sound, purr, groan or moan. Perhaps my technique was off I thought. I changed positions and mounted her in the 69 position. As I continued to lick her pussy I felt my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I was wondering why she wasn't latching on to my cock sucking me deep. Though my mind started to wonder I knew that I needed to climax. I would finish inside her lovely mouth even if she didn't have an orgasm herself. It was her idea after all to play passive.

I gave it all I had as I ejaculated into her lovely mouth. As I rested by her side with a hand massaging her breast I marveled of how good it was. I sat up and looked at her face as my sperm dribbled out her mouth and down her face. Such a sexy thought flashed through my head.

A second later after putting on my glasses I had noticed that my lover had stopped breathing and was dead. Damn blanket!

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