tagBDSMAlyson, Her Master and The Room

Alyson, Her Master and The Room


Alyson screamed. The scream was a mixture of pain and relief, pain caused by the whip which had just left its mark across her bare and unprotected breasts and relief from the sexual frustration which her master/lover, and wielder of the whip, had forced her to undergo for the last half an hour. She stood in the centre of a room, her arms stretched tautly above her head, secured by the wide leather straps round her wrists which were attached to an arrangement of pulleys hung from a hook in the ceiling. Similar straps encircled her ankles and these were attached to a bar some two and a half feet long to force her legs wide apart.

For clothing she wore a pair of sling back stiletto heeled shoes, a wide studded leather collar around her neck forced her head up, and a leather strap around her slim waist was attached to another strap which ran down between her legs, parting her pussy lips before running up the crevice of her buttocks to where it rejoined the waist strap. It was this that was the prime cause of her frustration holding, as it did, firmly in place a busily humming vibrator embedded deeply in her cunt and a very large butt plug which was equally deeply inserted into her rear hole.

Only one hour before she had opened the front door of the house which she shared with her husband Graham, on the table in the hallway was a small envelope addressed simply 'Alyson'. She had seen such before and opened it with feelings of excitement and trepidation which soon turned to mild sexual arousal as she read its contents.

'Slave, you will go immediately to the Room, undress, put on your straps and insert the toys you find with them, then kneel and wait. It was signed simply 'Master'.

The butterfly feeling in her stomach grew as she went along the corridor to the Room and taking a key from her hand bag opened the locked door. She walked into an almost square room perhaps fifteen feet across. The floor was of bare polished boards with a single rug of oriental design in the middle. The ceiling was about 10 feet high with a system of ropes and pulleys hanging from a hook in its centre. One wall had a large wooden St Andrews cross bolted to it with eye bolts at the ends of each limb both top and bottom. A long wooden board was fastened to another wall about four feet from the floor and an array of hooks held an assortment of whips, crops, canes, paddles and other instruments of correction. Other items of furniture included a sturdy bench some six feet long and three feet high covered in black leather and a curious stool with a high back and a large dildo sticking straight up from the seat.

Alyson wasted no time in taking in the room's bizarre contents, she had seen them many times before, and went straight to the bench and looked at the items lying there. She smiled and began to undress as instructed. She first removed her blouse, and then after wriggling out of her tight jeans she stood clad in bra and pants and ran her hands back through her luxurious mane of blonde hair. She struck a pose before one of the four mirrors in the room and then took off her bra slowly almost coyly before dropping it to the floor and cupping her breasts in her hands. She toyed with her nipples between finger and thumb, teasing them erect and stretching them until they stood proudly from each firm breast.

Her hands moved down her rib cage and glided across the gentle curves of her belly before she extended one hand across the silken smoothness of her panties and gently began to rub at the lips of her pussy through the fabric. For a few brief moments she toyed with herself in this fashion adding to her feeling of sexual excitement before slipping her hands under the sides of her panties and slid them down her thighs.

Now completely naked she inspected herself in the mirror hoping that the sight would please her master. She was proud of her large firm breasts and tight well rounded buttocks, her legs were slim. I must hurry, she thought, rousing herself from her slightly smug inspection . Going to the bench she picked up the pair of black hold up stockings and took them from their wrapper. She pushed her left foot into one and smoothed it up her thigh before doing the same with the right leg. Selecting a pair of broad leather straps she fastened them firmly round her ankles, taking care to insure that the steel rings attached to them were to the back, next came a similar pair of straps for her wrists and she thrilled at the feel of the soft leather as it fitted snugly around each wrist. She struggled to fit the heavy leather collar which was some four inches deep with intricate metal stud work, the collar forced her chin up and always gave her problems but after a few moments she had the two straps through the buckles and the collar was in place. A pair of black sling back shoes with four inch heels enhanced her five foot five inches and she once again gave herself an admiring glance in the mirror at the way the bondage straps and shoes seemed to increase her nudity.

The last three items on the bench had caused her to smile earlier and she picked up one of them. It was a butt plug, moulded of heavy latex some six inches long, from a rounded tip it flared out after about four inches until it was at least two inches in diameter and then tapered in about one inch before ending in a round base some two inches across, inset in the base was a metal ring. It was always a surprise to her that she could accommodate this fearsome spear, for to her that was just what it resembled; an enormous black spear with which she was about to impale herself.

A tube of KY jelly had been left on the bench, 'how thoughtful you are Roger' she murmured to herself and began to coat the tip of the plug with the gel. Leaving the plug standing on the bench she coated the tip of her right index finger with the gel and standing with one foot on the floor and the other raised on one of the bench supports she slowly eased her finger into the tight puckered ring of her anus, teasing herself and slowly forcing her finger past the tensed ring of muscle. With her finger still thrust deeply into herself she picked up the plug and using her finger as a guide pushed the tip into her stretched hole and then withdrawing her finger she began to ease the plug in deeper and deeper. She gasped as the plug stretched her sphincter muscle until it seemed that she would tear apart but it, as always, stretched a little more until with a gasp of relief she felt it slip past the shoulder and into place with the base plate tight against the outside of her hole.

She stood for a moment feeling the weight of the plug inside her bowel and adjusting to the difference it made to her perceptions of herself. Once the plug was in place she was no longer Alyson but Slave; the straps and collar started the process but once the plug was inserted she knew that she had relinquished control of her life to her Master.

The second of the three items was a large vibrator and she raised it to her lips and licked it hungrily for several seconds before putting it to the lips of her pussy and switching it on. She moaned gently as she parted the puffy lips. Each gentle thrust of the vibrator pushed it deeper and caused her to sway and moan with pleasure.

'I mustn't come yet' was the thought that crossed her mind as waves of pleasure passed through her. Finally the humming device was almost completely inside her and she paused to gather her wits before picking up the final item that, to her, completely symbolised the transition from happily married woman to female slave. This symbol was a leather strap some two inches wide with a studded design spelling the word 'SLAVE' she buckled it round her waist and then threaded the thin strap that hung from the centre of the belt in the middle of her back through the ring in the base of the plug and the other ring in the base of the vibrator.

Finally she buckled the end of this strap through the buckle on the belt by her navel and snapped shut the small padlock, her enslavement was complete. She walked to the centre of the room under the hoist and gave herself a final approving look in the mirrors before kneeling down with her legs spread wide, buttocks raised in the air, forehead pressed to the rug and hands out in front of her a picture of total submission. As she knelt her mind was a whirl of sexual messages, some physical caused by the butt plug and the vibrator others mental as she remembered past occasions in this room. The wool smell from the carpet evoked particularly strong memories and she indulged herself in a bout of sexual reverie which brought her almost to the point of orgasm as the vibrator continued to do its mischievous work on her by now dripping pussy. So far was she gone down the road to orgasm that she did not hear the door being gently opened, or the quiet approach of her master who stood smiling down at his preoccupied slave.

Roger was about six feet tall, slightly overweight with a full head of hair which was greying slightly. He was also a little older then her. As she looked up and saw him he was wearing only a pair of tight leather trousers. His eyes were smiling as he took in the delights awaiting him as his slave crouched on all fours prepared exactly as instructed. Alyson was almost too good to be true he thought, but still he could always find something to criticise.

'Sorry to disturb you my dear.'

Alyson jerked at the sound of his voice and he reached down between her thighs grasping her pussy lips and kneading them together, squeezing the vibrator in further and trapping the thin strap between the lips. She lifted her head and moaned with pleasure.

'Put your head down,' he snapped and used his free hand to slap her left breast.

The slave gasped and quickly pushed her forehead back onto the rug. Rogerl continued to squeeze her sex, the sensation was driving her wild but each time she approached orgasm he appeared to sense it and slapped her swinging tits or arse. He was standing behind her between her wide spread calves, hand between her thighs, squeezing her pussy lips with one hand and toying with her stiff nipples with the other hand. After each blow to breast or cheek he would switch hands and thus torment the other nipple. The sensations from her breasts, pussy and arse combined into one, each blow sending her nearer to orgasm, the only restraint was her promise to herself not to let him make her come before he did. She concentrated on the pattern of the rug and tried desperately to ignore the demands of her by now sodden pussy and the messages her nipples were sending. At the very moment when she was about to let go he released her and stepped round to stand in front of her.

'Kneel up,' he commanded.

Shakily she pulled her shoulders back and knelt upright, the muscles in her thighs shaking from her near orgasm. He towered over her but she was only interested in the bulge in the front of his trousers. She looked up at him and ran her tongue around her lips watching intently and waiting for his next move. It came as no surprise when he quickly unzipped his trousers and wriggled deftly free of them to stand naked before her with some eight inches of cock jutting upwards to his navel.

'Please me Slave,' he commanded and stepped forward so that his erect cock was only an inch from her face.

Alyson reached up and cupped his balls in her hands feeling pleased with this turn of events. She began to lick his balls, trailing her tongue from the very base of the sac up towards his straining cock before sucking first one and then the other ball into her mouth. His sharp intake of breath made her smile inwardly, she might be the slave but at this moment she was in charge. To emphasise this control she licked her right fore finger and then slowly eased it into his back passage, this was rewarded with a gasp of surprise and she resumed her attentions to his balls. Even though she was doing exactly as commanded and providing her master with sexual pleasure she felt in command and began to lick her way slowly up his cock whilst gently easing her finger up and down his arsehole. It was this feeling of power over him that made cocksucking such a pleasure for her and she put all her considerable experience to use.

Licking her lips she kissed the swollen tip of his cock, pushing the tip of her tongue into the slit and tasting the salt of the small bead of precum weeping from it. She licked the head as though it were an ice cream and then encircled the base of his cock with the thumb and fore finger of her left hand squeezing its girth constricting the channel on the underside of his cock. Her mouth engulfed him and she let her teeth graze the edges of the helmet before sucking in deeply and taking over half of him into her mouth. She gazed up into his brown eyes and noticed the almost glazed expression and the tremors across the flat plain of his belly as his muscles spasmed.

Such was her concentration on her task that she had forgotten the vibrator and plug as she licked and sucked, raising her head and then pushing down again, each downward thrust forcing more of his cock into her mouth before slowly raising her head again and allowing her lips to travel the full length of his tool. She teased him by allowing his cock to slip from her lips then circling it with her tongue and at the same time thrusting her probing finger deeper into his hole. He was very close to orgasm now and she increased the pressure of finger and thumb around his cock before once again swallowing it almost to his balls and raking her teeth along i's length. He moaned and she felt him grasp her head with his hands trying to control her movement but she moved subtly to keep her control, holding him with her mouth and licking his cock tip at the same time.

'Now,' she thought. She released her grip around his cock and cupped his balls in her hand digging the tips of her nails into his scrotum and at the same time speeding the movement of her head frantically fucking his cock with her mouth. His balls contracted in her hand, she felt the spunk surge up his shaft and then jet forcefully to the back of her throat. She hungrily sucked at his cock, milking him dry and enjoying her moment of triumph. Rogerl almost collapsed onto her, resting his full weight on her shoulders and causing her to sit back on her haunches.

Slowly the strength came back to his legs and he straightened up. He wiped his cock through her hair and then grasping the hair at the back of her head he forced her head back, their eyes met and she felt a shiver of anticipation run down her spine.

'Now I must start your punishment, do you know why you must be punished?'

'No Master.' she answered.

'Because you are a vain and lustful little slut,' came the reply.

'Me Master?' She looked up at him feigning innocence.

'You slave. I've something to show you.'

He crossed the room and removed a black cloth which was covering a TV and video recorder on a stand. She had noticed it briefly when she had first entered the room but such was her hurry to complete her preparations she hadn't given it a second thought. She also noticed the cable running from it to a tiny TV camera high on the wall in one corner. With growing realisation and resignation she watched as he pressed the video controls. She heard the hiss of the tape rewinding and the click as it stopped. Roger switched on the TV and started the tape. She watched herself enter the room and strip. Her preening in front of the mirrors and playing with her breasts was all faithfully recorded. At the point where she sucked the vibrator and inserted it she was looking straight at the camera and there was no mistaking her arousal.

'Have I made my point?' he asked.

He had, she conceded to herself, but as she was to be punished anyway she might as well make a game of it.

'Roger you're a beast. That's so unfair using hidden cameras and spying on me.'

He picked up her use of his name and her calling him a beast.

'You are forgetting yourself slave such disrespect alone earns you a whipping. You can argue with me but you are vain and lustful how else would I have known how you would behave in front of the camera?'

'I was only checking to see if I was pleasing to you Master.'

Even as she said it she knew that her behaviour with the vibrator gave the lie to her protestations. He'd won, game set and match. She lowered her head to the carpet in order that he wouldn't see her secret smile of triumph. This was going to be a good session!

'Stand up.'

She struggled to her feet feeling once again the vibrator and the plug.

'Spread your legs.'

She forced her legs wide apart with some difficulty balanced, as she was, on four inch heels. He went behind her and she watched in the mirror as he attached the long steel bar to her ankle straps thus enforcing her spread-eagled position. He reached above her head and pulled down the bottom pulley of the hoist and then quickly attached the clips of her wrist cuffs to the hook on its base. Hauling on the rope her master raised her hands above her head until her arms were stretched taut above her. She looked at her helpless form in the mirror and felt the familiar waves of pleasure sweep her as she appreciated her total vulnerability, it never failed to excite her as the full nature of her submission to the approaching pain was reinforced by the pleasure messages being sent through her body from her cunt as the vibrator continued to stimulate her. Roger had gone to the rack on the wall and returned holding a whip with nine 18 inch long tails, he reached in front of her and held it for her inspection.

'To warm you up,' he said.

She shivered in anticipation. He thrust the handle of the whip sideways against her lips and she opened her mouth to grasp the handle with her teeth. She felt him against her back and his hands slid down her side onto her wide spread thighs his thumbs just brushing her pubic mound. He caressed the inside of her thighs, his hands moving slowly upwards towards the puffy lips of her overstimulated sex. She forced herself back against him and felt his cock begin to stir in the crack of her arse cheeks. His hands moved up again and she watched and felt him take her breasts in his hands the finger and thumb of each hand finding each nipple and he teased them into two erect rubber bullets.

She continued to grind herself against him, the waves of near orgasm radiating out from the very core of her body which was pierced with the vibrator and plug. Alyson fought to keep control as Roger's right hand relinquished her breast and slid down to squeeze her cunt. With his other hand he removed the whip from her mouth and used the handle of it to force her head round until her lips met his and his tongue forced them open to invade her mouth. This open mouthed kiss went on, it seemed to her for an age, whilst his hand squeezed her pussy, taking her to the very point of orgasm.

He stepped back, the whip hissed through the air and fire burnt across her right breast forcing a scream from her. The whip hissed again and her left breast felt the impact and the pain, she screamed again and jerked against her bonds. She watched in the mirror as he swung again and the next stroke cut across her right breast just below the nipple and a further stroke lashed the same spot on the left tit. This time she merely grunted and he continued to alternate the strokes from one by now reddened breast to another, varying each stroke until both were an angry red.

He stopped and stepping forward thrust the whip handle between her lips again, his cock was hard again now, she knew it would be, the sight of her writhing under the whip strokes and hearing her cries of pain always aroused him. He pressed against her back, caressing her burning tits and nuzzling her neck before planting a string of kisses on her neck and ears. His hands covered her breasts and he tugged hard on her nipples forcing her to arch her back as he stepped in front of her and bent to take her right nipple between his lips, sucking it gently at first then harder before biting it. The pain was intense and she cried out for him to stop but he merely transferred his attentions to the left teat and began to massage her cunt lips with one hand forcing her attention back to the vibrator still buried deep within her.

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