Alyson's Slutty Hotel Meeting


I reached out for Rob's cock, this was the first time I had touched it. It was so hard. I licked it clean as he had ordered me and loved the taste and texture of his cum on my tongue and lips, then I pushed the skin back right over the head and then coated it with the lipstick. He said, 'Put some more on.'

I smothered the head again and then wiped the lipgloss all over it. I had never done this before or even thought about doing it but I have to admit it was very arousing. I wanted to suck it and make it hard again..

Fiona said, 'Come here Alyson.'

Alyson went to her and Fiona clipped a vibrating nipple clamp onto one of her erect nipples. As the clamp closed on the nipple Alyson winced at the sudden pinching of it but it soon subsided and then Fiona did the same with the other one and turned them on. Alyson immediately adored the feeling as they buzzed against her nipples making them even harder and larger.

She then ordered Alyson, 'Kneel in front of Roger and he's going to fuck your mouth and your gloved fingers will fuck his arse hole. Don't swallow his cum, just keep it in your mouth as I have another use for it afterwards'

She moved forward and knelt in front of Roger and took his cock deep inside her mouth and clamped her lips tightly round the head and Roger started slowly fucking in and out of her mouth. Her gloved hand went behind him and found his arse hole, slowly but surely she eased it inside him. Fiona took Alyson's thong from Roger who was still smelling it and with her legs wide apart started pushing it inside Alyson's soaking wet pussy until just a little was poking out.

Roger was frantically fucking Alyson's latex covered face and Fiona stood behind her and held her head still as she watched her husband's thick cock fuck in and out of Alyson's mouth.

Roger was just about to cum and Fiona held Alyson's head still and he pumped his white hot seed deep into the slut's mouth. Alyson managed to keep her mouth closed and kept all the spunk in there.

Fiona now lay on the bed with her legs apart and said,' Right slut, lick my cunt, let Roger's cum run all over my cunt and lick it into my clit.'

Alyson lay down between Fiona's legs and opened her mouth and let Roger's cum run out over her lips and over her cunt. Alyson loved the wetness of Fiona's pussy and with all the cum really soaked it. Fiona pulled Alyson's head tight against her mound and ground herself against her. Meanwhile Roger had pulled Alyson's cum soaked thong out of her cunt and was sniffing it and rubbing his cock.

Fiona's orgasm was very quickly upon her as Alyson found her clit and sucked it. She rolled off and Roger replaced her and kissed his wife's cum soaked pussy.

It was time for a break and to recover, but not for long. Fiona took Alyson's hood off and then picked up her double headed strap on dildo and eased one end of the dildo deep inside her pussy and then strapped it round her thighs leaving the two rubber cocks sticking in front of her. One of them was about 8 inches long and very thick and the other a little shorter and thinner.

She said, 'OK slut, on all fours on the bed with your arse in the air.'

Alyson did as she was told and knelt on the bed with her arse in the air. Fiona poured some baby oil into the plastic syringe and as Roger eased Alyson's arse cheeks apart slowly syringed a lot of baby oil into her arse. Alyson loved the feeling as it seeped further into her.

Roger now sat at the top of the bed and started sniffing Alyson's thong again. It was soaking wet from her last orgasm and smelt wonderful. Alyson leaned forward and started sucking him while Fiona got behind her. She held the larger of the two cocks and eased it into Alyson's cunt and pushed forward until the shorter one was at the opening of her arse. Then again with a gentle push her arse opened up and the dildo slipped inside. Immediately Alyson loved the feel of both her holes being filled. In fact with a cock in her mouth she had a full set.

Fiona started fucking her and Alyson was in heaven as she was fucked in both her cunt and arse and as Fiona pushed she was getting fucked too by the dildo in her. Roger was loving Alyson sucking him and smelling her thong at the same time. He reached forward and played with her nipples too. Alyson was the first to cum and almost seemed to ejaculate her cum out of her as Fiona fucked both her holes. As Fiona hadn't cum she kept up the fucking movements and it wasn't long before Alyson was cumming again. Somehow she managed to suck Roger even harder and soon took another mouthful of cum in her mouth. This time she kept it in her mouth and savoured the texture and taste before swallowing it all.

Now Alyson lay still and let Fiona carry on fucking her and have the huge orgasm she so badly needed. They all collapsed on the bed. Alyson was sore, tired and exhausted but also very satisfied.

She glances across at Graham and saw that his stomach and legs too were covered in cum as he had pleasured himself while watching his slutty wife.

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