tagGroup SexAm I A Good Neighbour?

Am I A Good Neighbour?


It was another hot summer day. A Saturday to be more specific and as I do on every Saturday morning, I made coffee, put on a pair of tennis shorts and went out to look for the paper.

The usual joggers were walking up and down the street swinging their arms as if that were going to do anything to help them lose weight.

For some reason they prefer my street because there's generally little or no traffic early in the morning. And as always they were mostly singles, mostly women, and mostly in need of some sort of exercise.

I had seen most of them at one time or another and they would give the usual, panted, "Good Morning," or a friendly wave as they moved slowly by. Oh every so often a more athletic type would be really running.

They were the women who had beautiful shapes and really didn't need to work out, but for appearance sake, always seemed to think working up a sweat was a necessary part of jogging.

My neighbors and I really never got close. I mean we were friendly and would stop occasionally to exchange a brief comment about what was going on in the neighborhood or to just give a friendly Hi, but not much more.

On one side was a family of four but I rarely saw the daughter or mother, just the husband and the boy. Mostly because they did most of the outside work a home needs.

My other neighbors, the ones on the other side of my house, never seemed to be around. He mowed his lawn sometime during the week so I rarely saw him, and only once or twice did I see his wife, and then only from a distance.

I did hear a lot though. They seemed to be always arguing about something and he would go out in a huff and drive off in his pickup. Then things would be quiet for a day or two until the next flair up.

That particular morning I had taken my mower out, filled it with gas, and was half way thru cutting the grass when I caught a glimpse of someone in the driveway next door.

I looked that way and saw her. The phantom wife. Not stopping my mower I waved as I passed by, and she waived back while standing there leaning against her car watching me.

Her husband was apparently out, because the pickup was gone. Finishing my last cut, I turned off the mower and straightened up.

My neighbor was now standing about ten feet away with two cans of beer in her hand. Walking up to me she handed one to me and began.

"Hi. I thought it was about time we met. I'm Tiffany and your?"

"Mark Tiegue." I answered. "Pleased to meet you. And thanks for the cold one."

She smiled and went on. "Can I ask you a question? I mean your opinion on something? I know if I asked one of my friends they wouldn't be honest, but you don't know me so I figured you'd give me a truthful answer."

"Sure," I offered, "shoot."

"Do you think I'm attractive? I mean really. Do you think I'm too thin or plump? Do I have a good figure? You know, am I the sort of girl that...well you find sexy?"

I didn't have to think twice. Hell yes she was attractive. But no man in his right mind would say anything but your beautiful, so I sort of stammered it out. "Yes Tiffany I think your very attractive."

"No she went on, I mean am I the kind of girl that you would want to date and.....Well you know, take to bed?"

"Sure, I guess so. Yeah I think so. Why?"

"Len and I just split. It's been coming for a long time and well, he's always downing me. You know, telling me I'm rotten in bed, and that I'm a nympho and all sort of things that really hurt. Personal things. Like I make too much noise when we make love or that I ....spend too much time alone masturbating... Things like that."

I was at a loss for words. I finally got up the courage to mumble. "I wouldn't know. You have to know a person really well to be able to judge things like that. I don't think I ever met a nympho so I wouldn't know about that, but everything else your telling me sounds a bit like he's a just being spiteful."

"Would you come over to my place and chat with me for a bit? I need an honest opinion and standing out here in your front lawn isn't the best place for this sort of discussion."

At first I hesitated. I didn't want to get caught in her house having some sort of intimate chat with a guys wife.

She must have seen me hesitate so she went on. "Don't worry about Len. We signed the papers yesterday and he's cleared out. He's under a restraining order too and hell, he's already moved in with his new girl friend. It's perfectly safe. And I don't bite."

She smiled before adding, "Well not very hard anyway."

Putting the mower away and closing the garage door I followed her to the back of her house and we sat down under one of those hugh umbrella thing next to her pool. She left briefly, only to return with a new cold six pack.

One other thing to be noted, she had somehow managed to get into a bathing suit, a very skimpy bathing suit.

"Since you could only tell me what you thought without seeing all of me, I thought you might get a more...well complete view if I changed into something a bit more revealing."

Yeah she was really built. Probably a thirty four C and a waist that I could surely have held with two hands and had my fingers meet. But really what was most revealing was the tiny bikini that barely covered her pussy.

She had to be shaven because the damn thing didn't leave anything to the imagination. I tried not to stare at her bikini when she pirouetted and sat down across from me.

"Change your mind? I mean am I too skinny or small on top like he tells me?"

Clearing my throat I just looked into her face and blurted out. "He's either blind or just doesn't like women. Your perfect so far as I can tell."

"Thanks I needed that. I really did. Now about the other part. Len isn't much in bed. I mean, well hell he's done before I'm really warmed up and he gets pissed off when I tell him to keep going."

She drew a breath before going on. "He thinks I'm sick or something because I want to finish too and he's really not much of a lover to begin with. So when he catches me, you know, taking care of what he couldn't, he thinks I'm a pervert or something. What do you think?"

I fumbled for words and finally managed a low, "I don't really know. It seems like a perfectly normal thing to do under the circumstances."

She smiled and went on. " Actually he was the pervert. He even had cuffs fixed on the corners of our bed so he could do this bondage thing but that didn't even help."

She paused as if something came to mind before going on. "You know I've watched you thru my bedroom window sometimes and I kinda wondered what it would be like to have a real good looking guy appreciate me. Ya know. Crawl all over me and do things. Things like... well eating my pussy or kissing me all over and doin all that sort of sexy stuff."

She lowered her head as if embarrassed but went on.

Would you do those things with me if you were horny and wanted to...you know, fuck me?"

Three beers had put my mouth in gear. I stared at her sparkling eyes and began to answer.

"Possibly, I don't know. Good sex is two people making each other go crazy. It's not just one person taking and the other person giving. I just think you have to find someone who's what you want and go for it.

"Well , I've watched you thru my window and seen you showering and sometimes caught a glimpse of you nude, and I always let my imagination fill in those things I couldn't actually see, so I had to imagine how you would look with your cock hard."

She looked away and continued. And...And those are the times I used my rabbit and imagined you were screwing me. Those were the times when Len sometimes heard me and would come in just as I was in the middle of something fantastic. It was humiliating and he would stomp out with that disgusted look on his face."

I sat for a moment, making a mental note to keep my curtains drawn and wondered where this conversation was going.

She went on. "And lots of times I would watch you working outside and sort of fanaticizing all sorts of things. It's pure hell being married to a prude especially one who keeps telling me that I'm worthless. He wouldn't do anything that I wanted."

Pausing for a second she went on. "No foreplay, never would go down on me. And if he couldn't get it up he blamed me. Hell he couldn't get off unless he jerked himself and even then he bitched if I didn't open my mouth wide enough or he would complain about the way I tried sucking him off."

I was getting edgy. Between the temperature being around ninety and all her intimate confessions, added to the fact that I had had too much to drink she was pouring her heart out and I was getting a little loopy and horny.

She stood up and looked down at me. "Ya know what I think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna skinny dip."

Unfastening the little bows at each hip she dropped her bottoms. Reaching behind her she set her bra free and now stood in front of me with a cute smile on her face and nothing else on. Then wiggling her hips, she asked.

You like it? I'm clean shaven and all tight and well packaged. All I need is someone to use it. Not that I'm begging, but damn it honey I've always wondered what that beautiful cock of yours looked like when it was ready for a real woman. Wanna find out? I know I do. Really! Nothing crazy, but let's just sort of mess around a bit and see what happens. You up to that?"

Before I could say no, maybe, or yeah, she was kneeling at my feet pulling my shorts off. Standing wasn't my smartest move either, because that way she was able to drag my shorts down to my ankles and everything fell out. I was already shirtless and only my shoes needed to be kicked off. I was up for skinny dipping but not much else.

Rushing to the pool I jumped in. Seconds later she hit the water and we treaded for a couple of minutes. Finally I moved to the side and putting my elbows on the edge, continued to tread water. She came up beside me and gasped in my ear.

"God its cold. Look at my nipples. Hard as pencil erasers and sensitive as hell. Wanna suck them?"

I'd be lying if I said no, so I just stared at them and swallowed. She slid her hand down my side and across my hip and grabbed my cock. Cold water was the only thing that prevented me from swelling up in the warm palm of her hand.

"Come on , lets get out and dry off."

Heaving herself up she sat at the edge of the pool but when I started to climb out she moved to the front of me and sitting on the very edge of the pool, parted her legs and draped one over each of my shoulders.

My mouth and face were a fraction of an inch from her slit and I had to fight the urge to move those few inches forward.

"Come on honey, its all warmed up and really ready for your warm wet lips to give me a kiss. Come on, kiss me there. I'm so fucking horny that I just wont let you go without a kiss."

I put my hands on top of her thighs and brought my mouth to her pussy. She reached down between her legs and parted her labia. Too close to see, I let my lips and tongue search for her clit and... finding it, I began to suck.

She grabbed my hair and thrust forward almost slipping off the edge and pushing me down in the water.

"Yeahhh, oh god that feels so good. Like that. Suck it baby. That's what I need. Oh god you're good. I need it Mark. Don't stop. I'm almost there."

She had her thighs clamped tight against my head and her pussy began throbbing. It felt almost as if it were kissing me. Then she took a deep breath and let out a low moan.

"Oh god it's so fucking good. I'm fucking your mouth with my pussy and it's so damn intense. Yeah, I'm creaming for you honey. God your good! Eat my juicy pussy and stick your tongue in deep! Oooohhhh Yeahhh!"

Moments later she laid back on the pool deck and stared up, moaning.

"Oh god. That felt so good. Ya know that's the first time I ever came like that. I mean being eaten. It never happened before. Sometimes I'd get close but I never finished until now. You are really something special."

By now I had heaved myself up and out of the pool. I stood over her looking down and bending over, offered her my hand.

Before sitting down again, I had put my shorts back on and Tiffany had wiggled back into her bathing suit. Looking across the small table she reached out and took my hand.

"I know it's a dumb question, but, Was I good for you? I mean did you find it exciting to do that to me?"

I nodded yes and she went on..

"Would you like me to repay you for that wonderful moment? I mean I'd really get off on going down and sucking your cock if you'd let me. I still haven't seen you when your hard yet and I'd really like to show you how much I liked what you just did to me."

"Actually Tiffany the offer sounds fantastic, but I really have some other things to take care of. Shopping and the bank, things like that. Maybe some other time. OK?"

She really looked hurt. Pouting for a moment, she suggested, "maybe this evening I could stop over and fix you a dinner or something and then we could see where things go, you know. Anything you want. I love being surprised and giving surprises."

I wasn't too happy with the idea. Things were moving too fast but making up lies about having things to do this evening wasn't exactly what I'm good at, so I nodded yes and picking up my shoes left for home.

I pulled into my driveway around four thirty. I opened the garage door and began bringing the groceries in. As I was putting them away, I heard a soft, Ahem, behind me. It was Tiffany.

She had one of those large wicker picnic baskets in her arms and moving to the counter, slid it on.

"Supper," she explained. I've been thinking about you all afternoon, and when I wasn't playing with myself, I was preparing a delicious dinner for us. I wanted you to see that I'm not just a nympho like my ex says. I can do other things too. I hope you like raw shell fish. Oysters to be more specific."

I admitted that I did but than the implication sunk in and I actually blushed.

Folding her arms, she leaned back against the counter and with a pensive look on her face commented. "Your so different. Your not critical and not pushy like he was. Everything about you is a surprise. With him it was always the same. Nothing ever changed. It was always the same, and you know, he was never able to do what you did to me this afternoon. You know... make me cum like that."

Taking a deep breath she went on. "I want to show you that I'm imaginative. You know, I want to do things that maybe you never have done before. Now lets get things put away and I'll set the table."

I was actually glad for the change in conversation, almost relieved in a way.

Over dinner we chatted about anything and everything but she kept bringing the subject back to sex. Oh she was subtle... sure, but always hinting at it or asking me about what I like. And quite frankly I never really thought much about myself but mostly about how my partner was reacting. And I told her that.

She just smiled, and as she cleared the table, I made drinks. I heard her doing the dishes, then a few moments of silence, before she returned to the living room.

She held a small clutch like purse in her hand and she had taken off all her clothes. Now she wore just a little apron, a French maids bonnet, and nothing else.

From the front she was adorable. Her lips were full and pouty but what was most fascinating were her breasts. Proud and perky, they stood out almost as if she were still a teenager. At the pool I hadn't really dared stare, but now I had time to admire her without feeling embarrassed.

Her aureoles were about the size of silver dollars and slightly darker than her nipples. Those were centered within the dark pink circles and were protruding like small thimbles and were tantalizingly inviting.

Small bumps were scattered profusely around her nipples and covered her aureoles. Looking up at her face, I thought that quite possibly she had darkened her eyes with mascara. She was truly something to behold.

Slowly turning, she exposed her back side and a very tight little butt that was beautifully sculpted and supple. Flawless in every way and fortunately she was not a tattoo freak.

Her legs were long and well shaped and her thighs were perfectly proportioned to her body. Her skin was peaches and cream, I mean absolutely flawless.

In all, a very tempting package and when she moved her head, her shoulder length auburn hair seemed to shine with flashes of deep roan red in the dimming light.

" Are you pleased? Do you want me? Say yes...Oh god Mark I've had you on my mind all afternoon. Please don't say no. I want to be with you tonight. I want you to have me. I want you to rape me if you would. I want to be your willing slut. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I have so much to give and after this afternoon, I know your going to make me crazy. Just say yes and hold me, Please?"

I stood and took it as an invitation to hold her. She seemed to need someone to wrap their arms around her, and truthfully, I was more than willing. I just wanted to squeeze her and assure her that she was a perfect woman and not the person her ex wanted her to believe. But something was wrong.

When you comfort someone they generally aren't nude. And they don't start to squiggle in your arms the way she did. She was hungry. And as I wrapped my arms around her waist, she slid her hands from around my neck and let them slide down.

She slid her hands between us and I thought she was going for her breasts, but no, she was ripping at the buttons of my shirt.

Several tugs and my shirt was opened and pulling it out of my jeans, she spread my shirt open and pressed her warm breasts up against my chest.

Now her hand moved down and my jeans were unzipped and pushed down. As soon as they were below my knees her right hand clutched my cock and her left hand moved up to the nape of my neck. She was holding my mouth to hers.

Her tongue darted in and she let out a low moan. "Mmmmmmm."

With the limited space between our hot bodies she began to slowly stroke my cock, and now I began to respond. She moved my growing shaft up so it now was trapped between her abdomen and my abs. She continued to knead and work her hand up and down as she continued to softly sob into my mouth.

"Yeah, Oh god yeah, you feel so good. Oh shit I want it babeee, I want it bad. Make me feel good like before. For the love of god, do it to me again. Eat me! Fuck me! Screw me, anyway you can, but make me cum. I need to cum Mark.

At that point I was beyond control. I picked her lithe body up and carried her down the hallway to my bed. On the way she abandoned her little apron and her little bonnet tilted to the side of her head.

Her dark eyes stared into my face an she leaned forward and bit my lower lip just before I laid her down.

I suppose that old habits are the best because I began to pet her. Touching, kissing and stroking her willing body. She began to breath hard and writhe on the bed.

I kissed her closed eyelids then her forehead. Her cheek and the soft place where her shoulder and neck met. She just moaned and thrust her wet vulva firmly against my thigh and began to slowly oscillate, humping slowly.

Long moments later I was stroking the nape of her neck and kissing my way down her throat when she let out a long gasp.

"Oh god. Oh my god. I think I'm going to cum. Don't stop. Keep touching me like that! Oh shit, I'm gonna fucking cum on your leg honey. Yeah oh yeah."

Maybe it was because I was anxious. Or maybe because I wanted her to let go, but I moved my lips quickly to her swollen nipples and with the palm of my hand I cupped her breast and lifting her nipple to my mouth.

Swirling my tongue around the puffy aureole of first one than the other, she suddenly went ridged, arched her back and cried out.

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