tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAm I Who I Think I Am? Ch. 02

Am I Who I Think I Am? Ch. 02


Well,I can't lay here all day and dream! I feel so good, so loved, so ravished. My smile is touching the pillow on both sides! I'm laying here daydreaming about my deflowering this morning. Inside me lives my lover's DNA, looking for a life to create. (Nice try little spermies, but you won't find it there!) I can still feel the gentle purring of my boy pussy from last night. Somehow it really feels different. Somehow I really feel different. Somehow I know my life has changed.

Well, it's time to get my butt out bed and get ready to go shopping with Gary. He wants me to dress totally girly today. I really need to carefully figure this out. Wow, what have I stumbled into!

Well, I drew myself a nice hot bath in the master bath which I will label "ours" now. I reshaved everywhere and gently dried myself off applied some lotion to my body and stood in front of the mirror, thinking. I'm really lucky to have a lot of my mother's features. I have slender arms and shoulders due to my complete indifference to athletics. My butt is a little wide for a guy, but that's ok with me! I actually have a little bust line if I use my imagination. It's a good thing I don't have a more masculine chest like Gary, or my boobs would be 4" apart. Talk about cleavage!

I feel so heavenly being wanted. I've never felt the need to please anyone else but myself since I don't know when. I've never been a "we" before!

I carefully shaped and thinned my eyebrows, giving them a nice little arch at the upper corners, got rid of the wayward hairs that take away the sharpness that looks so pretty. I curled my eyelashes and added mascara to lengthen them like before. (that really made a difference!) I outlined my eyelids with bluish gray, and then added a lighter highlight on the upper lids, and flesh tones below... very fetching I think! A little blush on the cheeks, followed by some peach lipstick.

As I look at my hair I decide I'll stick with the curly style that I wore when I met Gary, but I'll poof it up a bit and roll the bangs with my curling iron to look more feminine. He seemed to like it yesterday, he'll love it with a few new touches. I'll do a peach color for my fingernails and toenails. I'll add some yellow racing stripes to my toenails. I think Gary really likes my feet! I certainly don't want to discourage him!

Well, lets see... I'll wear my white shorts and off white button-up sweater. I've got a white bra with a B cup that I can partly fill with me, so I'll add that with some padding in the bottoms to push "me" up and out a little. (I really have quite a bit of boobies for no hormone help. Thanks mom!). Ok, this seems to be working, so far. I'll try my orange flowered sandals and my new toe rings, especially the one with the anklet Gary bought me. I also have a set of thin gold and silver bracelets to match my belt and earrings. Thankfully, I have the small feminine hands of my mother. Some dangly earrings should do the trick. I'm surprised I have accumulated so much "stuff" in my adventures.

Well now. What kind of undies shall I wear. I didn't get much of a clue from Gary yesterday as to what he likes me in, since they wound up on the floor so quickly, so I need to experiment. White shorts are pretty see through, so I better go with the thong. I hope we don't walk too much. The rubbing of it on my boypussy will start getting to me! All I'll be able to think about is sex with Gary! Hmmm...an appealing thought!

Well shit, a shot of perfume and here goes...

I walk out of the bedroom to find Gary sitting at the kitchen table eating a croissant.

"Hi sweetie! You look wonderful!" As he gets up and gives me hug and a peck on the lips. (Geeze, is this guy hard all of the time?)

"Thank You, lover." I cooed.

As he starts kissing my neck (and turning me on again), I ask him cutely "Honey, weren't we going somewhere?" (before it is too late!)

"Yea, let's go to the mall. I'd like to help you shop, if you don't mind?"

Oh great. I hope I remembered everything. I'm scared to death. I've never been this "out" before! My prior experiences have all been unisex, androgynous, semi-feminine styles. Typical of my half-way lifestyle up until I met Gary who seems to be providing me with a powerful incentive to please him. It's a feeling I've never felt until now. I've never before felt a serious need to please anyone before and now I'm tripping all over myself to look good and please Gary. I wonder why I've changed?

We hop into his car and away we go, his hand on top of mine most of the way, and on my thigh the rest. And a little higher when the big trucks go by, giving them a well deserved thrill! If they only knew...

First stop at the mall is Macy's. Gary guides me to the make-up counter. He asks the girl if she would experiment a little with my make-up and do an "update". The girl smiles coyly at me.

"How are you today, miss. May I help you?"

I'm petrified. She knows!

Gary jumps in and says, "We're both really fine. My wife was wondering if you would experiment with her make up, maybe help her find another style. Would you do that?"

"Sure. I'd love to!" she replies.

I'm thinking, did I hear him say "Wife"? Well, that's interesting.

She sits me in a chair a little off the beaten path and starts getting her stuff ready. Gary was near by hovering uneasily.

"Sir" she replied to Gary, "This will take a little while, and we could use a little little more privacy if you wouldn't mind."

The look on Gary's face was priceless! I winked at him as he moved away to busy himself elsewhere! You go girl!

"Hi there again, my name is Ann. What's yours?" she asked.

"Chris" I replied.

"Have you been married long?"

"Just a couple of months"

"OK, practically newlyweds!"

"Well, I going to make you even more beautiful than you are now! Your hubby will love it!"

She starts by scrubbing my face with cold cream to remove my other make up, and then applies a light layer of foundation. "You seem to have a little coarse hair on your face that can be dealt with if you want." she replies.

"Oh, oh". Im thinking. "Busted!"

"You should consider some hormone treatments to help with that, plus they will add to your bosom, too. We can't all be Pam Anderson, I guess. I've got sources if you need some help with that." she says cheerfully.

How in the world did she know that? Oh, she's looking down and can see inside my bra. Chripes! Well, she seems friendly enough. I guess this is the secret "girl - stuff" I've heard about. Hmmm, interesting.

She decided to move me into lighter makeup, with lighter eyeliner and lighter blush. She explained that my dark eyeliner made my eyes seem deeper in my face, and a lighter color would be better. She chose another peach shade of lipstick only a more shimmery variety, then she outlined my lips with a brush with a darker shade of peach. (That tickles!) She complimented me on my eyelashes, said they were sexy! Lightening me up she said was a good idea now that I was married and didn't have as much to prove as before.

I wonder what she meant by that?

She showed me myself in a mirror, and I was shocked an my new appearance! I looked younger and more "middle class" sexy, if you get my drift. When she asked my if I liked it I blushed and told her I loved it, and she put each item she used in a bag for me.

She whispered in my ear, "Just let him pay for it. Most men don't ask too many questions about stuff like this. But I'd be out shopping when he gets the bill!" she giggled.

Wise beyond her years, she was. Gary picked it up an paid for it without even glancing at the price: $88.00!

"Bye sweetie, hope to see you again soon!" Ann replied. "Oh, I almost forgot. Here's my card if you would like some help with what we talked about." Gary stood there observing, blankly. I never knew us girls talked in code. Interesting.

Gary and I continued wandering around the store looking at cutsie lingerie. I'd steal glances at myself in whatever mirror I could find. He would hold stuff up against me and I'd blush and giggle, my boy-clittie began to join in the fun as we wondered around in the women's department.

"Here, how about trying on this skirt and blouse together?"

It was a plaid Brittany Spears type Catholic school mid-thigh skirt and white blouse that tied at the bottom just like in the video! I'm thinking, "This will be just fine at home for play time!" Yea, right.

Gary takes me by the hand and guides me into the dressing room and quickly closes the door with both of us inside.

"Gary" I squeaked, "Were going to get in trouble!"

"Shhhh!" As he pulls me toward him and carefully kisses my fresh, expertly applied lipstick. He starts lifting up my sweater to remove it, so I start cooperating and begin unbuttoning my shorts.

Gary starts to roll down my thong, and I freeze!

"Hush, sweetie" he whispers. "You are starting to show!"

He quickly puts his magnificent lips on my rising little clittie, capturing me in freeze-frame, and just like before, he is sucking only on the helmet part... I begin to lose myself in ecstasy. In seconds, I'm panting, getting flushed, red as a beet! I'm leaning against the wall of the enclosure...Oh God...He licks the underside slowly, as we carefully moves his lips and tongue over the head. Oh my God, it feels heavenly! I'm having goosebumps over my entire body, inside and out!

My head begins to spin, my heart is beating 1000 beats a minute, I'm sweating... "Uh, uh, uh" I mew, "Ahhha...ahhha..." I whisper as get tickles the underside of the helmet with his tongue. My toes are curled up and my hands are clenched into tiny fists as I feel waves of wondrous agony washing over me from my head to my toes as I bite my lip trying not to scream! I try to hold back but I rapidly lose myself and release my seed in a slow, steady stream into Gary's mouth with nary a pulse to betray my fading maleness! He holds my clittie in his mouth as I slowly regain my senses. Then he moves up and kisses me, and I open up my mouth and receive his gift.

"Ohhh...honey!" I moan with the last of my breath as Gary holds me close.

As Gary holds me, he give me a final kiss and a smile. "Shall we?"

"Do we have to?" I whine.

I put on the skirt and blouse and knot it in front per Brittany style, give him a wink and Gary opens the door and I model it outside for him, giving myself a little twirl.

Teasingly I flip up the rear of the skirt to flash Gary my thong undies, and "Do'h!".

The clerk, Mrs. Bitchmore, is looking over her '60's glasses at me like I'm some kind of specimen. "It looks good on you, dear" she croaks.

Gary says, "We'll take it, and she'd like to wear it home."

"She would?" I'm thinking.

I guess the loss of part of one's self is part of being in love. It must be part of nature's plan. I find myself having nothing to say when Gary makes a decision for me. I just go along, sweetly, as if I don't have a thought in my head about anything but Gary. It seems all of my choices in life have flowed over to Gary, as I follow his lead like a love-struck puppy!

"Gary, I need to go to the bathroom!"

"Ok, I know where one is, but come here, I need to tell you something."

"When you go in buy a Tampax, OK?" he whispers into my ear.

"What?" I ask.

"Just trust me." He says.

I hover by the rest room for a few seconds hoping no one goes in. When I felt the coast was clear, I went in and slipped into the stall.

"What a strange feeling" I'm thinking as I lift up my skirt and pull down my panties and get into "the zone"... Ahaaa, this peeing sitting down is ok! So much less concentration required. It gives me time to think about Gary and my pussy and how far we have come in such a short time. I reflect on what brought up together and how magical our relationship has been so far. This little respite also gave me a little time to relive our lovemaking and how special it made me feel! Before I met Gary, I'd be a little down after a climax, but that's not happening this time. I can hardly wait to get home for more!

When I was done I got out and found the Tampax machine and put in my quarters and stuck it in the hem of my skirt,

"Finally!" Gary says. "I thought you fell in!"

"Whatever" I reply, absently.

"Did you buy what I asked you to get?"

"Yes, dear." I replied dutifully as I handed it to him and he slipped it into his pocket. I wonder what that was about?

Next we wandered over to Sears, into the nylons and things. "I would like to see some of these seamed nylons on you, ok baby?" as he finds some black ones that will go with my short Catholic school skirt.

"Ok honey, if you want me to!" I replied.

He pays for them, and the girl asks me if I'd like a Sears charge card and save 15%. "Sure" I replied. Then I realized I can't fill it out right now. Can I? The hell with it, give me a pen! Naw, I'll do it another time when I'm alone. I'm with Gary today and besides, I don't want her hitting on him while I'm busy filling the thing out!

"Keep your cute little sales clerk eyes straight ahead, bitch!" I'm thinking to myself.

I asked the sales girl if I could put them on here and she smiled and gave me the key to the dressing room. Gary followed me like a little boy with his mother in to this "Unfamiliar Territory". I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff!

We find a stall with a full length door, and he kind of slips me and him into it, and starts kissing me again! My heart is throbbing again with the all of this attention from my guy. As we embrace, Gary quickly starts to roll down my thong and begins rubbing my ass, making my stomach start fluttering again! Soon his finger is rubbing over my clenched little pussy as it begins to betray me with a mind of it's own. As he gently rubs my slot, it begins twitching against his finger.

He turns me around and starts rubbing his manhood up and down the crack of my boy-pussy, lubing it up with saliva and his usual copious amounts of pre cum.

"Gary, no!" I whisper!

"It's ok sweetie, it's just you and me!" He says as I begin to feel the head rubbing searching up and down my boy pussy looking for the "soft spot", as he massages my naked hips and works his hands under my bra to caress my rock hard nipples.

"Oh honey, I love you so much!" He coos, knowing I'm melting into his touch and have zero self control when he lays the love talk on me!

He gently, and purposefully finds my entrance and gently pushes in and out a little at a time, remembering that this morning was my first time. Then slowly a little more in gently, a little more out, in again farther this time! I feel his pubic hair tickling up against me.

"Oh my God! He's all the way in!" I'm thinking as I giggle inside!

It was painless, thank you God! He begins to gently fuck my little pussy as I try to match his rythm in these close quarers! My hands are on the changing bench and I'm trying not to let my head go "thump, thump, thump" against the changing room wall! I grip Gary's dick with my pussy muscles as he pushes and pulls in and out, working for his prize. I see the hair standing up on my arms, and I feel waves of tingles wash over me from the top of my head all the way to my toes! My skin is tingling so much I feel like I'm being tickled all over! Gary moves his hands to my nipples and gently rolls them in his fingers, as I feel his warm breath on my neck. Gary is working himself in and out of my pussy with renewed vigor, as his breathing gets more and more desparate. It's way too soon that I feel his breathing change into desparate panting! I feel him getting larger and harder still, and then finally begin pulsing and delivering his precious seed into my body! Still slowly stroking in and out, he begins to soften as I squeeze my pussy trying to keep his manhood in my body and squeeze out the last drop of his essence.

Sadly, he softens and I begin to slowly lose my grip on my lover as he gently slips away. I'm so satisfied, and so filled, yet I feel like crying...

"Here honey, let me put this in" he says as he wets the Tampax in his mouth and slides it gently into my loose, wet, freshly fucked pussy! "Damn, that was too quick" I was thinking...

Gary helps me get re-assembled, and we casually sneak out of the dressing room. My cheeks are on fire - I'm kidding no one! My treasure has just been royally plundered by Gary's one eyed pirate!

"Gary, can we go home now?" I whine.

"Sure baby, but lets check you out first." Gary looks me over and has me adjust the seams on my stockings so they are straight. He moves my skirt over so it lines up, adjusts my blouse and then adjusts the knot so it is a little higher on my midriff. He points to the big wall mirror so I can see myself, and then takes me in his arms and gives me a kiss and a loving hug. My eyes begin to run with tears and I sob softly, Gary whispers in my ear "Have I told you I love you today, sweetie?"...

And we leave the store hand in hand!

Chapter 2

Finally! Home at last.

"Gary, would you like a sandwich, honey?"

"Ok, If you'll join me"

We gobble up our sandwiches and Gary announces that it is nap time, and not a minute too soon. I'm beat.

I take off my nylons, skirt and blouse and join Gary on the bed with only my bra and panties on. I put my arm over Gary and snuggle close to his back. He turns around and leans over and nuzzles and kisses my ear, as his hand begins rubbing my nipples through my bra.

"Let's take this off, shall we?" As he reaches under me and unhooks my bra.

He begins to massage my boobies and roll the nipples in his fingers, and then gently begins to suckle on them, moaning gently. Soon my heart is beating rapidly, and my hips begin to undulate anticipating the through fucking to come. Too soon, too soon...

"Ummm, I love your boobies sweetheart." as he kisses and suckles at them.

I need a break!

"Gary" I whisper, "The girl at the make up place said there is a way to make them bigger if you want me to. She has a friend that can get some pills that will help."

"No baby, that stuff is all snake oil and a waste of money."

"No, not this stuff. She says it's the real deal!"

"Really? Why do you want bigger boobs?"

"I want them because you like them. I know you do. I see you looking at other girls sometimes."

"I'm not sure that is a good idea."

"Please Gary, can't I try it for a little while just to see? Pleeeease?"

"How long is a little while? And what's wrong with going to a doctor?"

"I don't want to go all the way, just "test the waters" a little. You still want me to get hard, don't you sweetie? If I go to a doctor, I won't get hard anymore."

"If you're serious about this, fine. I'll let you try it for three months, but promise me you will stop if I tell you too or if you start feeling something you shouldn't. That shit isn't M & M's!"

"Thank you, sweetie! I'll be careful!" as I give Gary a big jucy kiss as I crawl on top of him!

Quickly, I unbutton his boxers and frantically pull them down and off. Gary's eye's are full of laughter and surprise as I pull my thong off and toss it on the floor! I'm a wanton boy-woman!

Damn, he's hard as a rock already! What did I do to deserve a man like this? I move my head down and engulf his cock and begin sucking and tonguing his penis. I move myself up and begin to impale my self on his rod... "Oh, shit! The tampax!"

"Gary, stay right there and don't move, please!" I plead.

I go into the bathroom and remove the cork, and lube myself up with lotion, stretching my pussy a little for insurance.

"Christ, I'm thinking to myself, this girl stuff is so freaking complicated!"

I slither back into bed right into Gary's arms, and begin kissing him. I kiss my way down begin sucking his cock again, and move back up again into position, and slide his cock back into my eagerly waiting pussy. I lift myself up and down on his cock, matching his rythm as he begins his motion. He reaches up and plays with my nipples, driving me to the edge. The gentle slope of his penis rubbing my prostate and driving me crazier with sensations! It's going to happen this time! It has to!

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