John knew as soon as he saw the arm come out the window that it was her. He'd driven through this same coffee shop since the first day it was built. On the day Amanda was hired, he noticed her. Now, three cars removed from the window, he recognized the skin, the way she held her hand, and the way she pulled her arm back in with the money.

He waited. The arm returned with a drink. The line inched forward. This time he saw her arm and her shoulder. She wore a dark blue top. When he was one car back, he finally saw just a fleeting glimpse of her face.

Then it was his turn.

Every morning he felt the same anticipation. On days she didn't work, he was disappointed nearly to the point of depression. But when he knew she was there—like today—his heart raced. The car came to a stop at the window. He grabbed his money and turned toward the window.

Her oval-shaped face glowed along with her smile, the perfect skin shining back at him. As always, her black hair was pulled back tight, hanging in a single pony tail to the middle of her shoulders.

"Hi, John," she said cheerfully.

"Hi, Amanda," he said, reaching out with the exact change, as he almost always did.

He watched her graceful motions. He watched the prominent cheekbones in her pastel face as she smiled. He looked into her dark eyes as she reached out with his drink.

"Thanks. See you tomorrow," he said.

"Have a great day," she answered.

He drove away. Happy.

He often wondered about her age. He settled on twenty three for some reason. She seemed older than a college kid, but not much. She moved and talked and acted more mature. Would that make him, fifty seven, her father's age? Older than her father?

For whatever reason, John thought of her as single. Oh, sure. She didn't wear any rings, but that didn't mean much these days and perhaps she didn't wear them at work, thus avoiding having to worry about a stone accidentally not coming back inside the window.

Or perhaps he simply wished she was single, for the sake of his daydreams. Yes, John daydreamed about Amanda all the time.

A widower, John had lots of time alone to fantasize about pretty, young girls. But it was only Amanda he thought about. His picture of her was not complete until the Saturday he entered the shop, rather than drive through. She was at her usual spot in the window. John's first glance was at the firm, round ass tightly contained in her jeans. When she turned, he looked up at her breasts. Under the apron and shirt it was hard to discern, but they appeared nothing more than adequate and firm.

They acknowledged each other as he ordered and waited. She floated quickly from the window to the cash register to the counter with her drinks. It was from that moment on that John fantasized about no other woman.

Amanda was an introvert in every sense of the word. The death of her father when she was very young was a shock. But being the oldest child, she found herself having to work all through high school and during the first couple years most kids her age were in college. She had no social life to speak of.

The first time she experimented with an old video camera her mother had, Amanda was hooked. It became a means of expressing herself. Ideas that otherwise would have been hidden behind Amanda's shy exterior were easily stated on video.

When her family could finally afford college, assisted by grants and other financial aid, Amanda quickly enrolled in cinematography. She loved the older professors and the attention they devoted to her. It was the type of caring she never got from her father.

Also, she found the two or three year age difference between herself and most of the guys in her classes made a huge difference in maturity. She wanted a man, not a boy.

The daily drive-through and weekend visits continued. On an otherwise average Monday, John checked his mail after work and found the normal junk, plus a small manila folder with just 'John' in the center and 'Amanda' where the return address would go. No postage had been used.

He took the mail inside and opened the folder. It contained a single CD with no label. Thoroughly confused, John sat at his computer and inserted the CD into a drive. Then, he sat back and waited.

The video began with Amanda walking through the living room of an apartment or condo. The camera was stationary and she stayed within frame the entire time. John watched her undo her pony tail and shake out her beautiful, black hair. She ran her hands through it, allowing the natural, unkempt style to fall into place. She kicked off her shoes and untucked the shirt that hugged her luscious body.

With no apron on, he got a better silhouette view of her breasts. His opinion of them went up a notch. She walked towards the hallway, her ass swaying with every step she took.

The video jumped to Amanda in her bedroom. It was a modern room with very little clutter. Wall hangings were scarce and the dresser contained few objects on top. The bed was small with a multi-patterned quilt.

Amanda strode to the center of the frame, at the foot of the bed, and put her hands on the bottom of her shirt. With a quick pull, the top was over her head and she tossed it onto the bed. She wore a plain white bra. She turned to provide a full view of her breasts. But nothing about her movements indicated it was done for the camera. It was as if the camera was not there. She never looked at it; never changed expressions.

She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. With a barely detectable wiggle of her hips, she pushed the pants down. She bent at the waist and John's eyes traveled quickly from her breasts to the curve of her ass. The matching white panties rode low on her hips and hid very little when she stood back up at a slight angle to the camera.

Amanda spun and began walking toward the dresser. Her hands easily unhooked her bra and she removed it while she walked. Not even a hint of her bare breasts was visible to John, and he checked the mirror on the dresser. Nothing.

She stopped and put her thumbs inside the top of her panties. She began to push them down. Immediately, the video jumped to Amanda in the bathroom.

She was sliding open the glass shower door. The camera showed her from the very top of the ass up, naked. She stepped behind the door and closed it.

John stared at the outline of Amanda's body, nearly all of it visible now that she had moved a couple more feet away from the camera. Only a ghostlike image of her survived through the thick glass, but he could follow her motions as she washed her hair and used a sponge with body wash to do the rest. She lingered at her breasts and between her legs, resting a foot on the ledge as she washed.

Every now and then, if she brushed up against the glass, a sharper image emerged. But John never got the benefit of a clear view.

After what otherwise was a routine shower, Amanda moved to the back of the shower and began to slide open the door.

The scene moved once again to her bedroom. Amanda sat on the end of the bed. All John saw was her head and bare shoulders. She spoke:

"Hi, John. I hope you aren't mad that I followed you home one Saturday. I wanted to know where to leave this CD. Hope you liked it. If you would like to see another one, write 'Yes' on one of the bills you hand me at the coffee shop. I'll deliver the next CD the same way. Bye for now."

She ended the video with a kiss.

John leaned back in his chair, caught his breath, and felt his cock straining against his underwear. After a few seconds, he popped the CD out, and then pushed the disk back in. He watched the video again. And again.

A million thoughts went through his head that night. The video could very well have been shot without anybody's assistance and with basic editing skills, he concluded. Amanda purposely chose not to expose ANY private body parts. It was an artful tease.

The question was: Why? Why him? Why a fifty seven year old man with gray hair at the temples who she never said more than a sentence to at any one time?

John opened the laptop computer on the bed next to him. He inserted the CD and began to masturbate. Midway through the second viewing, while Amanda was unhooking her bra, John unloaded the first of many streams of cum inside his boxers.


The next morning, before leaving the house, John wrote 'Yes!' on a dollar bill. There was only one car in line in front of him at the coffee shop and he had little time to calm his nerves before seeing Amanda. He pulled out his wallet and made sure the marked bill was on top when it came time to pay.

"Hi, John."

"Hi, Amanda."

She took the money and instantly grinned wider than normal. As she handed out the drink, she said, "I hope you enjoy it."

"Oh, I'm sure I will. Thanks, Amanda."

He drove off, wondering how he would make it through the day knowing what might be in the mailbox when he got home. Unfortunately, the mail did not contain any gifts from the beautiful girl and John felt a deeper despair than when Amanda wasn't at work. To compound matters, she WASN'T at work the next morning.

John acted like an addict in withdrawal. He couldn't concentrate at work and wondered if, in fact, she got the message on the bill. He'd have to think of a way to bring it up the next time he saw her.

There was no need. In the mail that evening was another folder. He practically ran to the computer once he had the CD out.

His hands shook as he pushed the drive shut. Soon, the video began.

Amanda sat on the edge of the bed. Her entire body was visible, and she wore a short robe. It was tied loosely at the waist, allowing a tempting view inside the top without revealing her breasts. One leg hung over the edge and the other was on the bed, bent at the knee. The robe was strategically placed to show plenty of thigh, but no more.

"Hi, John. I'm SO glad you agreed to another video. I really enjoy seeing you every day. I hope you feel the same about me. Did you like the last CD? I'm not normally a tease like that, but I needed to know if you wanted to continue with more videos or not. That was a definitive 'Yes' you gave me, so it must be OK."

She put her hand on the inside of her raised thigh, gently stroking it just above her unseen pussy.

"Sometimes I come home and I think about you, John. I wonder what it would be like to have a good looking, mature man like you around. It would be so sexy to get in my robe and help you unwind from your long day. I get excited thinking about you, John."

With that, Amanda fell backwards onto the bed. Her hand held the robe in place over her pussy. The top half of the robe lie flat against her body, revealing everything except what John wanted to see.

"Almost every day I get home and I lie here, just like this, thinking about us together. I imagine you getting undressed while I wait for you."

Amanda's hand began a slow, but undeniable, journey up and down her pussy on top of the robe. Her legs spread apart another few inches. Her other hand slid inside her robe at breast level.

"That first vision of your cock, starting to harden at the thought of what we might do, is so wonderful. You finally get naked and I stare at your body, wanting it so badly."

John's cock was, in fact, starting to harden at the thought; the thought of what Amanda might do in the video. He prayed she wouldn't tease him this time. He opened his pants and stroked himself through his underwear as the video continued.

Amanda's hand rested on her breast, massaging it quite clearly although covered by the robe.

"Are you naked right now, John? I think it would be neat if you were. Go ahead. Get naked and I'll wait for you."

John's heart pounded as Amanda played with her tit and pussy, revealing nothing more but not having to. John's mind was filling in the blanks. It took him less than two minutes to get naked and sit back in his chair. His erection was all but complete.

Amanda looked up at the camera. "Ahhh, that's better. That's the way I want to see you."

She rolled onto her side, turning in such a way that she still faced the camera, although not directly. She pulled one leg over the other. Her hand was still there. It seemed obvious, now, that nothing was between her hand and her pussy and more of her breasts were showing.

"I think a man your age would be wonderful in bed, John. I bet you know what a woman wants, and needs. I bet you wouldn't rush sex. You might even ask me what I want. That would be awesome, having a guy ask me what I want in bed. You know what I'd say, John?"

He was now as hard as a rock. He stroked himself deliberately, not knowing how long Amanda might carry on. He caught himself almost answering her, realizing at the last second it was a video.

"I'd say I wanted you to come over and take off my robe. It would be great to watch you lean over me, reaching for the center of the robe."

As she spoke, Amanda rolled onto her back and untied the loose knot. At the same time John's eyes got their first peek at her body, the camera angle switched and he was viewing her from the side.

"Your hands would lightly pull back the robe, John, and you would look down at me."

She pulled the robe apart. But still, to John's dismay, Amanda refused to uncover the nipples on her gently sloping breasts. She made up for it by allowing his first glimpse at the small patch of dark hair above her pussy. Overall, the subtle curves of her body became more evident and John's masturbation became a little more fervent.

"You would touch me."

Amanda ran her hands up the inside of her thighs, past her pussy, over her hips, and onto her stomach.

The camera angle changed again. Amanda's hands were on her stomach, still, but John was looking down her body as if he stood behind her head. Amanda moved her hands to her cleavage. Her palms were lifted and only her fingers slid between her breasts. Then she skimmed her fingers across the tops of her breasts and pulled back the robe.

She did not let go until her entire body, except her shoulders and arms, were uncovered. She lie still for a moment with her arms at her side and her legs slightly spread. John scanned every inch of her, methodically rubbing his cock. Then Amanda lifted both legs, bent at the knees, and put her feet on the bed.

The camera jumped to the foot of the bed. The girl's bent legs prevented a view of her pussy, but not the rest of her luscious body.

"Your touches have made me really horny, John, and I want you to make love to me. I ask you to take off my robe."

Amanda straightened her legs over the end of the bed. Now, for the first time, John could see the youthful 'vee' between her legs. She held them closely together as she leaned up and then stood, close to the camera but still far enough away that he could see her from head to knees.

She stared straight into the lens and let her robe fall from her shoulders and down her arms. It fell out of sight and she was naked.

"It feels so good to be naked with you so close to me. Now, show me how much you want me, John."

He was going to have to stop masturbating soon or risk cumming before the end of the video. He watched, with his cock twitching in his lap.

Amanda leisurely rotated until her beautiful ass faced the camera. Then she got back onto the bed, making sure her ass and pussy were in full view for a few seconds before rolling gracefully onto her back. John had just been given a full look at the most beautiful woman he'd ever known.

The camera angle changed again to an amazing shot, looking almost straight down onto her body, showing everything from mid-thigh to the top of her head. It truly gave John a sense of preparing to lower his body onto hers for sex.

"John, I want you now. Please put that big cock of yours between my legs so I can feel you enter me."

He had to stroke himself again out of pure lust.

Amanda put one hand on her tit and the other between her legs. John watched one hand play with a nipple and the other with her pussy.

"That's it. Right there."

Amanda's eyes were closed. A single finger was ready to plunge into her cunt.

"Yes. Yesssss! Oh God, John. Deeper!"

Her finger disappeared inside her body. When it couldn't go any farther, she began to slide it in and out. Her lips parted and her head tilted back. She squeezed her nipple and pulled on it, until finally a moan could be heard. Amanda then settled into a steady masturbation that John matched stroke for stroke.

In his fifty seven years, John had never watched a woman make herself cum. He gazed at every inch of her body, not knowing what to fix his eyes on. He wanted to see it all. Her face reddened the longer she played with herself; her nipples hardened at her touch; her hips rose and fell as if she was fucking her hand; and, her legs crept wider apart with each passing minute.

The previous tease video she delivered had taught him to expect the unexpected from Amanda. He thought he'd scream out loud if the video ended without an orgasm from her.

But the squeals were more likely to come from her. She moaned louder and rubbed her clit. Amanda pressed down on her breast with her palm and rolled the nipple between her fingers. Her hair flapped as her head shook from one side to the other in preparation for her climax.

"John! Fuck me! Fuck me until I cum!"

She started to writhe a little more on the bed, occasionally lifting her ass off the quilt and applying renewed pressure to her clit or driving her finger deeper into her cunt. All the while, she moaned and cried out for more.

"You feel so good," she said more calmly at one point. "You're so big, John. So thick. I can feel you pulse inside me."

John was the one feeling the pulse. His cock ached in his palm, needing to unload. A drop of precum jumped onto his stomach as he shook his cock, followed by several more drops of the sticky fluid.

"Harder, John. I'm close! Oh God! I'm so close!"

Amanda was frantically rubbing herself. Her body shook under the force of the hand between her legs. Her breasts rolled on her chest.

"Oh fuck. Now! Now, John! Yessssss!"

Amanda's lower body rose from the bed and she began to cum. Cries of pleasure blared out of the computer speakers as the girl's orgasm grew stronger and stronger. Her face contorted with each wave that swept over. Still, she kept rubbing her clit and pulling on her nipples.

She repeatedly called out John's name.

He couldn't stop the sudden and forceful shot of cum that flew from his cock and landed on his chest. Then, multiple streams of white fluid began to accumulate around his navel as he came again and again. Amanda begged for him to fuck her, and John grunted more cum out of his cock.

He imagined himself inside her, feeling her squeeze him with her cunt. He came some more. He dreamed of sucking on her tits, and he came some more.

Finally, when he could focus on the monitor again, both of them were done.

Amanda smiled, running her hand through her hair. She looked up at the camera.

"Wow. That was fucking amazing. You are so good."

She sat up on the bed, still looking into the camera lens.

"I'd like to spend some time alone with you, John. If you think you want to do that, please let me know. Hand me a note at the coffee shop with a time and place and I'll be there. I get off work at noon on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be wherever you tell me to be. I'd love to see you. Bye."

The video ended.


John spent considerable time dissecting Amanda's request. Was it alright to suggest his house? Did she prefer they get a room? Would she be more comfortable at her place? Did she live alone? Did she mean they should meet in public?

His initial choice was the one he went with. He wrote, 'My place. 2 PM Saturday', on a piece of note paper. At least he didn't have to give directions.

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