tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 05

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 05

byDr Kink©

John woke up several times during the night. Each time he would feel tits or asses or a combination of both pressing against him from each side, he was in heaven. He even fought going back to sleep just so he could enjoy the sensation of soft female body parts pressed against him. He was awakened out of a deep sleep by the morning light shinning in the bedroom window. He looked over at the clock and saw it was eight o'clock. Since he was the first one awake, he laid there waiting for the two naked women to open their eyes. After about ten minutes, he decided to wake them up. His daughter had her back to him, so he concentrated on Keesha, who was lying on her back. He shifted his position and leaned over her. Gently he brought his lips to her breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He angled his head so he could watch her face while he sucked her nipple. As he increased the pressure on her nipple, her facial expressions began to change. He wondered what she was thinking as he continued to suck. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked down at him. A big smile came over her.

"Damn, that is a nice way to wake up, beats the hell out of an alarm clock going off," she said. "Don't stop, I am just getting into it. Suck on the other nipple."

John looked over at Amanda, still sleeping, "What about her?" He said to Keesha.

Keesha replied, with a mischievous smile, "Let her wait her turn. You got me aroused; now you are going to have to take care of me. Besides, if she awakes before either of us come, we'll include her. Now suck my other tit and play with my pussy."

John switched boobs and took the other erect nipple into his mouth. When his hand reached Keesha's pussy, he found it already quite wet. He looked up at Keesha who said, "See how you affect me. I can't get enough of you."

John worked one then two fingers into her pussy, after a few minutes he added a third. That seemed to really get Keesha heated up. She pulled John on top of him and guided his cock to her waiting hole, with one push; he slid into her, rather easily.

"Be gentle," she asked of him, "my pussy is a little tender from all the fucking we did yesterday. I haven't had a workout like that in a long time."

So John did what was asked of him. He continued at his pace which seemed to be acceptable to Keesha. Soon, however, she wrapped her legs around his waist and urged him to go faster. Her exact words were "Fuck me John, fuck me harder, and ram that white piece of meat deep in my black pussy."

John obeyed Keesha's wishes and increased the tempo of his fucking. This caused the bed to move and shake which woke up Amanda. "Hey you two, you started without me." Amanda said to them.

"Sorry honey," replied John. "Why don't you join us?"

Amanda rolled over to Keesha and John and immediately took one of Keesha's nipples in her mouth and sucked it. Then she reached between Keesha's legs and rubbed her clit while her father continued to fuck Keesha.

"Damn fine way to wake up," said John. "I forgot how much I missed a good morning fuck. These two days made me remember how good it felt."

God, that feels good," moaned Keesha. "Amanda bite my nipples...harder.... Yes,...oh...yes..."She pulled John's head down to her other tit. "Suck It!!...bite me...oh..Shit...that...feels...soooo...oh...so...fucking...so...good... Pinch...my...clit... Damn yes...oh...yeeessss...Here...I...come...shit...so..good..."

That triggered John and he shot load after load into Keesha. "Shit...damn...Fuck...coming..." and John collapsed on the bed.

Amanda waited patiently for the two spent lovers, lying aside of her, to be able to make love again. She decided the first one to show life would be hers. She waited and was rewarded with Keesha rolling over and looking at her and said. "Sorry, we started with out you, but you know, lust waits for no one."

Amanda moved to her ebony friend and they embraced. Soon their lips found each other and their tongues intertwined. Both young women grabbed one of their tits and held it up to their lover's lips, offering their nipple to be sucked and bit.

John could only watch; he was still too wiped out from his orgasm. He looked on as his pregnant daughter looked at her black friend and said, "I want to taste my daddy's come, let me lick your pussy that he just filled."

Keesha just smiled and lay on her back. She motioned for Amanda to lie on top of her and positioned her so they both could enjoy each other's pussy. John watched as the two girls licked and sucked each other.

The more John watched the hornier, he got. He could not believe his sex drive, especially after the last two days. He was sporting a woody. "Who wants something more than a tongue in her pussy," asked John?

Amanda lifted her head up from Keesha's pussy, "I do, and it's my turn anyway. You already fucked Keesha this morning."

So John got behind his daughter, positioned his cock and with one push was inside of her well lubricated pussy. John started to fuck his daughter while Keesha alternated between licking Amanda's clit and John's cock and balls. The sensation of John's cock sliding up and down Keesha's studded tongue heated John up quickly. Even though he had come ten or fifteen minutes earlier; in the matter of minutes, he was coming in his daughter's pussy. That seemed to trigger Keesha who was licking his balls when he came. Soon after she came Amanda followed. The three of them lay on the bed resting.

"You two girls can get showers and I'll make breakfast, "said John. "I love cooking for my girls." John went to the kitchen while the girls headed for the shower. Soon they were all sitting at the kitchen table enjoying breakfast.

"Amanda," asked Keesha, "who else are you going to contact. I have not seen many of from our crowd since I went away to college; I kind of lost touch with them."

"I contacted Janice and Heather before I came here. They told me they would be interested in getting together. All I have to do is call them and set up date. Why, are you interested in joining us?"

"Sure, it should be fun. I would like to get at Heather's red-haired pussy again. As I remember, she was a hottie. If you are interested in someone new to join us, there is an Asian girl that works with me who loves to get into some girl-girl action. She is petite, but great body and really knows how to get a girl off"

John spoke up. "Are you excluding me from this get-together? I thought these girls had a crush on me. Don't forget, I have Viagra now. I can handle all these beautiful and sexy women."

Amanda laughed. "Dad, I would not leave you out. After all, we'll probably have our party here. Amanda turned to look at her friend. "Keesha, that sounds like fun, a new girl. When do both of you have off so I can schedule a date?"

"I told my mother I would eat with my family tonight, but I am off tomorrow and so is Wendy. She has the same schedule as me. If you can have the party tomorrow, I can be here and I'll call Wendy and see if she is available. Call me as soon as everything is arranged. I better being going, I have a lot of things to do before I go to my mother's. Thanks for everything, I had a great time." Keesha turned to John and handed him a business card, "John here are my phone numbers. Call me anytime you want to get together. I mean that." She got up from the table and gave Amanda a big hug and kiss. She turned to John, "remember what I said, anytime." She hugged him and gave him a very sensual kiss. "That is a little something to keep me in your thoughts." Keesha got her things and left.

Amanda and John returned top the kitchen table and finished their cup of coffee. "Amanda, you have not finished telling me how you got Bill and his mother together."

"Oh that's right," she replied, "Where did I stop?"

"You stopped right when Katie modeled the green negligee for her son. He got all hot and bothered and his mother felt his boner when she hugged him. That's where you stopped," commented John.

"Right, now I remember. Well, Katie went to her room after that and went to sleep. Bill and I went to our room and I pressured Bill to tell me what he thought of his mother. He was amazed and confused. He thought she was a very beautiful woman, something he had not noticed before. He could not get over how much she had changed. I had told him of how I had gotten his mother to experience the joys of sex, already. Now I had to convince him, it was his turn to teach her. I told him of Katie's desire to be with a man, now that she had a new attitude about sex. I mentioned some names of men we knew who could take Katie to bed. But Bill reacted the same way I did; he dismissed each man I suggested. He had many reasons, but it was basically they weren't good enough for his mother. According to him, she needed someone special for her. Someone who would take his time and make sure that Katie had the best possible experience, she had come so far for some guy to screw her up."

"After talking for an hour or so, I suggested that he be his mother's teacher. He looked at me like I was crazy, how could I suggest such a thing. I pointed out, that he was sexually aroused by his mother and had gotten a hard-on looking at her modeling her green nightgown. Plus, after I told him of my sexual escapades with his mother, he ravished me. So obviously he was attracted to her. He told me he would think about it, then he made mad passionate love to me for the second night in a row."

"The next day, Katie stayed home with me again while Bill went to work. He called me in the morning and told me after thinking about it, he would do it, if his mother agreed to it. So now I had to work on Katie. Actually, it was much easier than I thought it would be. After she thought about it for a few hours, she agreed also. She told me she always thought of Bill as the man around the house and not her son. I arranged for them to have an evening alone with each other as I went to the movies."

Amanda continued her story. "I came home from the movies earlier than expected. I entered the house through the back door and silently went through the kitchen. I heard voices coming from the family room. The closer I got, the more I realized they were the noises of people making love. I stopped at the entrance to the family room and peeked in on them. There was Katie, on her back, legs wrapped around her son's waist while Bill was shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. Katie's yelling for Bill to fuck her harder and Bill's got his face buried in Katie's tits. While I watched, Katie had a tremendous orgasm, much more intense than the ones she had with me. Bill took his cock out of his mother's pussy and came over her tits and belly; then collapsed along side of her. Just then Katie looked up and saw me standing in the doorway, she smiled and motioned for me to come and join them. I licked my husband sperm off of her tits and belly, then Katie and Bill helped me off with my clothes, We had our first threesome."

"Katie thanked both of us for helping her see that sex is something to be enjoyed. She thanked me for loaning her my husband and she hoped she could find a lover as skilled as her son to satisfy her. She hoped to find one soon, since after waiting this long, she did not want to miss out on her sex life. I told her, she could use Bill anytime she wanted as long as I got satisfied too. We all hugged each other and kissed each other. Katie usually spends three or four night a week sleeping with us at our house or hers."

"So, is that why you seduced me, because Bill was sleeping with his mother," asked John?

"Daddy, I wanted to sleep with you ever since I learned about sex, when I was twelve, I told you that. I guess since Katie and Bill are screwing each other, I don't feel guilty about us fucking. You are helping me to live out my fantasies and keep me satisfied, not a small task. I love you for that. Now, let's get dressed and go shopping," said Amanda.

"Shopping again! You just went shopping yesterday with Keesha."

"Daddy, that was for clothes, this is for the party with all the girls. I only brought some of my toys with me. We need to hit some X-rated stores for some things. Please go with me, I don't like going into those shops alone."

"Sure, I'll go. In fact the shop that your mother and I used is still in business. Let's go there."

So Amanda and John got dressed and headed down to the local X-rated store. Everything you needed for an orgy could be purchased there. John was surprised to find out that the same man owned the store after all these years. He gave John an approving look when he entered the store with Amanda. John decided to let the guy think that Amanda was his woman and she was carrying his child. It was much easier than trying to explain why he was with his daughter shopping for orgy materials. They got everything Amanda wanted and some things John suggested. Since they were out they decided to have lunch and go for a walk in the park. It was a beautiful Fall day. On the ride home Amanda played with her father's dick and gave him a blowjob while he was driving. He stopped her before he had an orgasm. He didn't want to have an accident. When they got home they fucked and Amanda had three orgasms while John only came once.

After they were finished having sex, they sat in the family room and talked. "Do you and Bill have phone sex often," asked John.

"We have had phone sex ever since we have been married. If Bill was at work, he would lock his door, call me and we would get each other off. Since I have become pregnant, it has increased, it's almost ever day. Didn't Mom and you have phone sex?"

"Yes we did, especially after she got pregnant and permanently horny. Have you ever involved other people in your phone sex? That way, it's not just you masturbating yourself to an orgasm?'

"No, we haven't, not until last night. What do you have in mind? Did you and Mom include other people in your phone sex? Oh, this sounds so kinky."

So John discussed his plan with his daughter. She liked it very much and called her husband on his cell phone to arrange things for that evening. Amanda also got in contact with Janice and Heather. They were both able to get free for an afternoon orgy. Janice was already off and Heather was going to call in sick. Amanda called Keesha and told her of the plans for tomorrow. Keesha said she would be there and she thought Wendy, her Asian friend, could be there.

John took Amanda down to the basement. "Amanda, I haven't shown you the playground your mother and I built." He took her over to a wall of shelves, unlocked it and slid it over. John turned on a light and Amanda saw a room the size of the family room, about one-quarter of the basement.

"This was always here?" said a shocked Amanda. "I never knew this was here." Amanda stepped inside and looked around. There were large mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Stacked up, in a pile along one wall, were mats, like the ones used in gymnastics. There was a television set in an entertainment center and many video tapes in the cabinet. Most appeared to be bought, they had pictures on the cases. Others appeared to be home made, VCR tapes with hand written labels. It was dusty, but other than that it looked good.

As Amanda continued to look around the room, she saw one wooden chair in the corner. She went over to look at the strange chair and noticed that in the middle of the seat was a dildo sticking straight up. Anyone sitting on the chair would be impaled on it. She looked over at her father; with a puzzled look on her face.

"This was your mother's and my playroom. We entertained people when you were away at grandmother's house or you had a sleep over at one of your friend's house. We had some rather kinky habits. Look over in the corner," Amanda looked to where he was pointing. "See the swing attached to the ceiling?" Amanda nodded her head. "The middle is cut out, so that someone can fuck the person in the swing from underneath. If the person puts her legs up, you can twirl the swing. Your mother loved that one."

"I have not been in here in three or four years. I still was part of the swinging group after your mother's death, for a few years. Then, since I was single, I lost touch with many of the people in the group. It was made for couples and I was the odd one, I was single. There aren't too many dates you can take to a swinging party."

If you like we could clean up this place and you could have your party here. The mirrors are quite sexy and the mats feel a lot better than carpet, we'll cover them with sheets. If you want, you could tape the girls-get-together for Bill. I'll help you get everything setup before I leave."

"You're not going to leave, Daddy, are you?" Amanda explained. "I told the girls you would be here and they could accomplish their teenage fantasy of having sex with you. They were both very excited. You will stay won't you?"

"Sure honey, I just thought you wanted it to be just girls. Hell why would I pass up the opportunity to have sex with four beautiful girls."

"Five, Daddy," added Amanda, "Don't forget Keesha is bringing her oriental friend, Wendy, which makes five. I can hardly wait. I'll ask the girls if they would not mind being taped. I know Bill and Katie would love to see all of us fucking and sucking each other."

"Thank God for Viagra," said John. He started straightening up the things in the room, "We have a couple of hours to kill before the phone sex with Bill. We should start cleaning this place up. Let me go get the vacuum cleaner, spray cleaner, paper towels and some air freshener. I'll be right back." John left the room and headed upstairs.

Amanda looked around the room, seeing what was in it. There were big eye bolts fastened to the wall and ceiling. She walked over to a closet and opened the door. Inside were shelves with all kinds of sexual paraphernalia. She looked closely and saw dildos, anal beads, riding crops, short piece of rope, handcuffs, blindfolds and many other things. My parents were really kinky, she thought.

She walked over to the TV and shelves of VCR tapes. She picked up one and looked at the title. Suburban Orgies and it had about ten couples involved in all kinds of sexual positions in a picture on the cover of the tape. She looked at more, Anal Train, Aunt Peg Does Everyone, Taboo, and many others. Then she picked up the tapes with the hand written labels. The first one was just a date, Jan. 18, 1983; another one said The Tuesday's Group. The she picked one up that surprised her, written on the label was Alice's 30th Birthday Party. This must be an X-Rated party, Amanda thought. The next one she picked up was John's birthday surprise. There were about twelve or fifteen homemade tapes in the library. She was so interested in them; she didn't hear her father come into the room.

"Well, it looks like you found the film library. Your mother was very proud of those; she enjoyed watching them as much as she did making them. I told you she had a very active libido, more than anyone else I knew, until you got pregnant. We would put you to bed, and then we would come down here and watch part of a film. We could never get through a whole tape; we would end up fucking before it was over. After she died, I would come down, put the tape in the VCR and make believe she was still alive. I would jerk off imagining it was her hand on my dick. It made me feel like she was still here, then later; it was just fun to watch her in action. That woman could fuck."

Amanda went over and hugged her father. Daddy, I would like to watch one film with you and you could pretend I'm mom. You could even call me Alice."

Thanks honey, but I am at peace with myself over her death. I'll watch them with you, if you would like, but it will be you I'm fucking. I know that's what your mother would have wanted. My only regret it that she isn't here now to keep you satisfied. You two would have fucked each other like machines. You would have been good for each other. However, if you want to see your mother at her best, the tape you have in yourhand, her 30th birthday was incredible, she was never better. In a birthday celebration, the guest of honor gets to pick how they want to have sex with everyone. Our rules were; if you had a birthday, you could set the agenda and your mother out did anyone else. If you want to watch a tape of hers, that's the one I would recommend."

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