tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 08

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 08

byDr Kink©

John could not believe the scene before him. The four female friends of his daughter were really fucking the shit out of her. It was all he could do to keep the camera steady. What prevented him from dropping the camera and joining in on the fun was the knowledge that after the girls finished with his daughter, they were his. He watched Heather's beautiful ass move as she fucked Amanda with her big fake cock. He could not wait until he fucked her doggy style. He wanted to watch that beautiful ass while his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. Of course he also wanted to watch her tits bounce and her facial expressions as he fucked her. He loved redheads with big tits and a shapely ass.

Then his gaze focused on Janice, the small blonde. Even though she had small tits, they were exquisitely shaped. He watched her suck on his daughter's nipples. She really got in to it; she was a hot one. He could imagine her lips wrapped around his cock as he fucked her mouth or her legs wrapped around his back as he drove his cock deep into her pussy.

He then looked at Keesha, Amanda's black friend with the huge tits. He had already fucked her several times, but he was looking forward to doing it again. He also wanted her to work over his cock with her studded tongue. He enjoyed the sensation of that hard metal stud sliding up and down his cock. Keesha was another hot one.

Those three girls were friends of Amanda since high school and some even longer. They all confessed to Amanda first and then to him, that they had huge crushes on him. In fact, most of them told him they masturbated, quite a few times, to the fantasy of him fucking them. They could not wait for the real thing, neither could he.

Then, there was Wendy, the petite Oriental girl, the friend of Keesha. She was a beauty, with long black hair hanging down to her butt and a petite body. She had the smallest tits of any of the girls present, but they were perfect. They had no sag and the nipples were just like John liked them light red in color, small, about the size of a penny and when erect, they stick out prominently. Yes, John was more than happy to make all the young women's fantasies come true. He also thought, thank God for Viagra, he'd have a boner for the next three or four hours.

Then of course there was his pregnant Daughter. She was as hot as his late wife had been and just as horny. He was glad she came to visit him. He wasn't sure what he was going to do when she left. He had been use to a lot of sexual activity when his wife was alive. In the last few years, he had slowed down a great deal and had very little sex. His daughter's visit reminded him that sex was a big part of his life and his identity and rekindled his sex drive. He was not sure what would happen to him when Amanda left and went back home.

John's concentration was broken by Heather and Janice standing in front of him; "John," said Heather, "why don't you take off your clothes and join us. You promised to make our fantasies come true."

"Yeah, Keesha already had her fun with you. We are still waiting. Here let me help you." Saying that, Janice grabbed John's belt and unbuckled it.

Heather began to unbutton his shirt. The other three girls just watched as Heather and Janice stripped John's clothes off. When Janice pulled his shorts down, his hard cock popped into view. A small gasp escaped from Janice's lips.

"I don't believe it," she said as she took his cock in her hand. "I have imagined that this would happen ever since I was fifteen years old. Finally, I have your cock in my hand. I still don't believe it."

"I hope you're not disappointed," said John. "It's hard to live up to a dream you have had for almost ten years. On the other hand, you girls have grown into beautiful young women. I can remember watching the three of you, at Amanda's parties. I always admired your young supple bodies. I never thought I would be able to see all of them, like I am doing today."

The girl's expressions changed and their faces lit up when John told them he had admired them as teenagers. "You mean you thought we were sexy," asked Heather? "You noticed us?"

"Sure," replied John, "You were beautiful and I knew you would grow up to be beautiful, sexy women."

"Enough talk," interrupted Amanda. "I thought you girls wanted to jump my father's bones, not talk with him. I'm ready to tape," she said picking up the camera. "Now, who is first? Keesha already had fucked Dad, so who is next?"

John looked over at the two naked women, standing there, deciding which one of them would get to fuck him first. He could not lose, regardless of which one got to go first, the other one would be next. He was looking at two knockouts wondering which one would he fuck first. Janice had her back to John, so he was looking directly at Heather. God she was sexy, in fact he always had a weakness for her, ever since Amanda became friendly with her. The first time he saw her was when he picked up Amanda after cheerleading practice. Heather was waiting with Amanda when he drove up. She was stunning even then, tall, her long red hair blowing in the breeze. Her figure wasn't evident then since she had on sweats, but latter John saw she was well endowed. At Amanda's swimming parties, her suits always showed a good deal of cleavage and of course her long sexy legs. More than once John had developed a hard on just looking at Heather. His gaze was just centering on Janice's ass when he saw Heather approaching.

"I get to go first," she said. Then Heather turned to the others standing around, "I want this video-taped. I want my fantasy on tape so I can watch it again and again." She moved to John and they embraced. He loved the feeling of her big bare breasts pressing against his chest. They began to kiss. As their tongues explored each other's mouth, their hands caressed each other's body. John grabbed Heather and slowly, but gently laid her down on the mat. He kissed her eyes and ears. Then his lips made their way to her neck and throat. After his kisses left her face, his lips made their way to her beautiful tits. He kissed the valley between them and then the skin underneath them. John kissed all over her breasts but avoiding her nipples, teasing her. Finally he took a light pink, erect nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like he was a baby.

"Damn, you are as good as I thought you would be," Heather said to John. "You don't know how many times I have imagined you doing this to me. This is the part in my fantasy where my hand goes between my legs."

John replied, "Here let me do that for you." His hand moved down her stomach and came to rest on her moist, hot pussy. His fingers moved into her slit and then two fingers moved inside of her. He couldn't believe how wet she was, then again she had just had that long session working on Amanda, with the other girls.

"Oh John, that feels so good, don't stop," she said to him.

John continued pumping two fingers in and out of her love canal; He increased the attention he was giving to her nipples. His bites were more forceful and for a longer period of time. He added a third finger to her opening and his thumb found her clit and began to rub it.

"Fuck John, you' know what to do to me. Damn, it feels good, so good. Faster, I need it faster and harder. I'm close. Don't stop. Shit. EEEEEYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO," and Heather came.

John held her in his arms until she opened her eyes and said, "that was a nice one. Now I want one with you deep inside of me. I have wanted a long time to feel your hard cock in me.

"So do I," answered John. What position have you imagined?"

"All positions, but the one I imagine the most is me on my back and my legs over your shoulders and you fucking me with that big cock of yours."

That sounds like fun, but let's work into that position. " said John. He got on top oh her, put the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy and with one push; his balls were hitting her ass. As his cock was plugging in and out of her hot pussy, her legs went around his waist. The more he fucked her, the higher her legs moved. He grabbed them one at a time and placed them on his shoulders. This pulled her ass off the mat and allowed him to penetrate deep inside of her. The harder he fucked her the more excited she got. Finally he got his knees off the mat and was on his toes. His entire weight was now behind his cock be shoved into her hot, wet love hole.

Within a matter of minutes, Heather was close to an orgasm again. "Fuck me....harder..." she yelled. Slam your cock into me..... harder.... Waited...soooo long for .... This.....sooooo goooddddddddd.... Finally......you...... Amanda's dad.... Fucking.....me......good......cock...feels ....hard.....deeper......oh....so.. deep.....better.....than.....dream....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FFFFFUUUUCCCCCkkkkkkk....uuuu....cccc... kkk!

John could feel her vaginal muscles contract around his cock and then relax. This happened three or four times after she stopped yelling. At first, it really grabbed his cock, but the last one, he barely felt. Then it was gone. He had fucked another one of Amanda's friends. When Amanda said she was coming to visit him, he never dreamed anything like that would come true.

Heather opened her eyes and looked into John's eyes. Her legs were still over his shoulders and his still hard cock was inside of her. "Thank you John, that was as good as my fantasy." She looked over at the girls that were watching them fuck. "I hope you got that on film. I would hate to have to do that again." Everyone laughed at her remark, including herself. "John, you haven't come, I have to make you come or my dream isn't fulfilled. Can I get another fantasy with you come true? Let me lie own and you tit fuck me. When you are ready to come, let me know, I want you to cum all over my face. God, I love that." Then looking over at Amanda , who had the camera, "I want a close up of my face with your Dad's cum on it."

John waited for Heather to lie down, then he straddled her body. "Get me some oil," John asked. "Put some in between her tits." Janice squirted a small amount of oil to the place where John indicated he wanted it. John placed his cock between heather's tits and pushing her tits together, he rammed his cock in the valley. Heather had very large tits bigger than any one else except for Keesha and of course Amanda, but she had pregnancy to that for her large ones. John didn't have to jam her tits together, just hold them in place. This allowed him to grabbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. While he tit-fucked her, he worked on her nipples.

Heather stuck out her tongue so that every time John's cock was near her face, the head went onto the tongue and into her mouth. After John was tit-fucking her for a few minutes, Heather reached down with both hands and played with her cunt. One hand stayed there and played with her clit, while the other coated with her juices found John's ass. As he continued to pound her tits, her lubricated finger played with his asshole. Seeing that John enjoyed what she was doing, she inserted one finger in his asshole as far as it would go. That stimulated John and he began to fuck her tits faster and pinch her nipples harder.

Within a minute or two of Heather sticking her finger in John's asshole and John's increased attention to Heather, they were both ready to come. John yelled first, "Here I come," and he pulled his cock out from between her tits. He aimed the head at her face and started stroking his cock.

Heather opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She began frigging herself almost violently. The first shot of hot cum hit her cheek and the second one landed on her tongue,. The sensation of hot cum landing on her pushed her over the edge and she came too.

"Fuck John, spray some more on me..... Damn....... Feels....so....fuckin......goooddd" yelled Heather.

"Here take this," John yelled as another blob of cum landed on her nose. Oh....Fuck.....Shit...... cock sucker......"

They both lay there spent. The people around them clapped.

"Awesome," said Janice.

"What a fucking sight, makes me horny," moaned Keesha.

Wendy said, "Wow, I need someone's fingers in me, mine are tired. I couldn't watch that without coming myself." Keesha went over and to lend a hand to her friend.

"Way to go Dad and Heather, you two are something else," said Amanda.

John and Heather just looked up at the people surrounding them and smiled. They didn't have the strength to do anything else.

John rolled over and looked at Heather, "I hope I didn't disappoint you. Fantasies are hard to live up to, although you have taken care of mine rather nicely."

Heather spoke, "It was even better than I have imagined, John. Thank you so very much," she leaned over and gave John a kiss on the lips. "Amanda, I hope you got all of that because this tape is going to keep me very hot on some lonely evenings. I can hardly wait to see it."

"Girls," said John, "I will have the tapes duplicated for you. Don't forget there is also the fixed camera getting the wide shot. When I get finish, the tape should look almost professional. While I'm talking about the tapes, how do you want them? Do you want only copies of you involved or do you want everything?

Everyone in the room answered together, "Everything, we want it all."

"Alright, but just remember we are all friends here, we don't want any of this showing up on the internet." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Finally Janice spoke up, "it's my time, and I'm next." She looked down at John's cock, "you're still hard?" She said with some surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, thank God for Viagra," John answered. "We should have had this back when I was into swapping. It would have made it so much easier and much more fun. Some of the older guys would take a long time to get hard again and that put some stress on the younger guys. What is your pleasure, err I guess I should say fantasy," John asked Janice.

"I have always imagined getting you into a sixty-nine with me sucking and licking your cock to my hearts content; then, I sit on your cock and bounce up and down for all I'm worth. You don't know how many times I pictured this in my mind," said Janice with a lecherous smile on her face.

"We do," answered Heather, Keesha and Amanda. "We all had those fantasies," answered Keesha.

John remembered the first time he saw Janice, she was fourteen or fifteen years old. Amanda had become a cheerleader so John went to her football game to watch her cheer. He noticed Janice because she was so tiny and looked so young. He spent most of the time watching Amanda, but something about Janice caught his fancy. Janice hung out with Amanda, occasionally, so John got to see her in regular clothes, she still looked tiny and young, but had a very beautifully proportional shaped body. Amanda's first cheerleading pool party was something to behold, ten to twelve bikini clad teenage girls running around and sunbathing. During the first party, Janice wore a very sexy bathing suit, whose top was a little large for Janice's small chest of that time. Every time she bent down, her down would fall away from her body giving John an unobstructed view of her small titties. The were smaller then the rest of the girls but they were beautifully shaped and her nipple always seemed to be hard. Yes, thought John that was the day he developed an appreciation of the beauty and sexiness of Janice. Now he was going to make love to the girl that got him hot ten years ago.

John held out his arms to Janice. She looked like a teenager in his arms, she was so tiny, especially compared to her other three friends. The two of them kissed and hugged for a few minutes, then they broke the embrace and laid down on he floor. Janice, being on top, swiveled her body so that John's cock was now staring her in the face. She looked at it carefully. Seeing his cock this close really turned her on. She quickly opened her mouth and quickly inhaled his cock.

Damn, that felt good, he thought, his cock in her hot mouth. He loved the sensation when his cock first enters a woman's mouth; it feels so erotic. One minute its cool and dry, the next it's warm and moist. John enjoyed the feeling of Janice working on his cock, then he looked up and saw her sexy, young almost bald pussy right in front of him. It was already moist from all the activity that had taken place so far today. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and ran it from bottom to top, pausing at her clit for a few seconds. Then he pulled his tongue back into his mouth so he could sample her juices. All women tasted different, it amazed John. He did not know if was in his mind or if it was true, but the younger ones seemed to taste sweeter. John enjoyed these planned sexcapades, the hygiene on everyone was perfect, and since they all knew they were going to have sex. He turned his attention back to the moist, hot pussy in front of him.

He stuck his tongue inside of Janice's pussy, as far as he could and then he wiggled it around, inside of her. Withdrawing it, he traced her inner lips. He brought his lips to kiss and suck them, first one side then the other.

Janice was really doing a first class job sucking John's dick. For a petite girl she could swallow cock. She enjoyed the feeling of having a cock deep in her throat; it turned her on and got her hot and saucy. Some girls she knew, just went through the motion of sucking their man's cock. Not Janice, she loved sucking cock, even more than having it in her pussy. Janice did not forget John's balls, she paid attention to them also. While one hand was on his cock, guiding it in and out of mouth, the other hand was playing with them. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked her way down to John's balls, There she kissed and gently sucked on one ball then the other. She even touched the tip of her tongue to John's asshole. She knew most men liked that and she definitely wanted to please the man in her fantasies for so many years. She was giving John the best blowjob of her life.

Damn, thought John, this girl knows how to suck cock. He stopped licking her pussy and enjoyed the sensations he felt in his body, caused by her expert mouth. John, like most men, loved blowjobs, unfortunately most women do not share the same enthusiasm that Janice and a few other women display. John's late wife did as, did their daughter, Amanda and now Janice. Yes, he would put her blowjob up there with some of the best he had ever received.

Janice went back to sucking John's cock. She debated whether or not to make him come with her mouth. She was one of the few girls who loved men to cum in her mouth. A lot of her friends, during girl talk, would tell how disgusting it is to taste cum, much less swallow it. They would look at her, like she was a freak, when she said she enjoyed tasting and swallowing a man's hot cum. John said he was on Viagra. From what Janice knew of Viagra, John would be erect for the next few hours regardless on how often he came. That meant she could taste his cum and still ride his hard cock. She would get the best of both worlds and John would enjoy it twice as much.

Janice used all of her secrets on how to pleasure a man. She nibbled at the underside of the head of his cock. She ran her tongue around the head of it. She inserted the tip of her tongue into his pee hole. Finally, she took all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. It was difficult to do without gagging, but Janice was determined this would be perfect, after all she had waited ten years for this to happen. As she played with John's balls, she felt them tightening. She knew he would be cuming very soon. She took most of his cock out of her mouth until only the head was visible, then she began to jack his cock.

"Shit, here I cum," groaned John, as he hips rose off the mat. The first spurt hit the roof of her mouth; it tasted slightly salty. She opened her mouth wide and the last two globs of cum landed on her tongue. She held her tongue out so that the other four girls could see it was covered in John's hot semen. Her eyes met Wendy's. There was something in her stare that turned Janice on. She stood up and beckoned Wendy to her. She took Wendy in her arms and Stuck out her cum coated tongue to share with Wendy. Amanda, who had the video camera, got a close up of her father's cum being shared by the two women. Wendy responding like a cum slut, pressing her tongue into Janice's mouth try to get a better taste of John's cum. Their bodies were pressed tight against each other. Since they were similar in size, tits pressed against tits, bellies against bellies and pussies against pussies. The other people in the room just stared at their embrace. It was one of many erotic scenes they had witnessed today, but it still excited everyone.

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